Walter calls fan’s death a murder as Malawi FA seek justice: Pictorial

There were emotional tributes at College of Medicine in Blantyre on Friday when the body of late soccer fan Geoffrey Mwale who died in the wee hours of the day, was being taken to his home village Chiwengo in the area of Traditional Authority Chilowamatambe in Kasungu where he will be buried on Sunday.

Fam President Nyamilandu in his eulogy....Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Fam President Nyamilandu in his eulogy….Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

An uncle to the deceased making his speech...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

An uncle to the deceased  speaking…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Mother to the deceased in tears...Photo Jeromy KadewereMother to the deceased in tears...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Mother to the deceased in tears…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Sad moments....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Sad moments….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Fam President Walter Nyamilandu consoling Godfrey's father...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Fam President Walter Nyamilandu consoling Godfrey’s father…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Sombre faces.....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Sombre faces…..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Grief for football officials Sulom Treasurer Tiya Somba Banda ( centre) Nyamilandu (left) Suzgho Ngwira and Daud Suleman ... d faces....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Grief for football officials Sulom Treasurer Tiya Somba Banda ( centre) Nyamilandu (left) Suzgho Ngwira and Daud Suleman … d faces….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

The casket carrying Godfrey Mwale  before its departure....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

The casket carrying Godfrey Mwale before its departure….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Mwale, who has been lying unconscious at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre since May 10, succumbed to serious head injuries he sustained during the incident that occurred after a league match between  Malawi Defense Force side Red Lions and Surestream at Kamuzu Stadium.

Among those who paid their last homage in sombre faces included, Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president Walter Nyamilandu, George Jana from Sports Council, James Chuma, Malawi national team players, Sulom officials like Tiya Somba Banda, Daudi Suleman and senior police officers.

There was wailing when the family, led by Geoffrey’s mother and father viewed the body.

In his eulogy, FAM President Walter Nyamilandu asked for justice to prevail, saying in a strong tone that no one is above the law and described Geoffrey’s death as murder.

“We are ashamed, embarrassed because of a few misguided fans who have put the image of our football at stake,” said Nyamilandu, conspicuously shocked.

“ I am appealing to senior security officers and government to help us on this matter because a young man has lost his life in a brutal way,” said FAM president.

Nyamilandu also said it is high time people regard football as entertainment not a “war zone”.

“Geoffrey went to the stadium to watch football but it is unfortunate that today we are escorting him to his final resting place because of a few people, who ganged up on him,” said Nyamilandu.

He also urged  the general public to desist from violence during football match emphasizing the nation cannot afford to be losing people in such a way.

“We at FAM value life and a loss of loved one brings unbearable pain. We stand tall and united in grief with the Mwale family. We share in their pain and sorrow, “Nyamilandu said.

“As FAM, we will be doing football and the soul of Godfrey Mwale no favours if we do not condemn in strongest terms the acts of barbarism, violence and hooliganism still existing in our game though, sporadically. Any form of violence or hooliganism threaten the very core foundations on whose the spirit of the game was built on thus; entertainment, warmth, togetherness and fair-play. Based on the pillars above, the loss of life at football matches in unnecessary,` he said.

Mwale has become a second soccer fan to lose life to violence at a domestic football match within a space of just over a year. Lemiyasi Josita died in similar circumstances during a game between Mighty Wanderers and Silver Strikers at Balaka Stadium in December 2013.

An uncle to the deceased Joseph Mwale, who came all the way from Kasungu shed tears before paying his tribute.

Mpira ku Malawi wasanduka imfa lero [Football has turned into fertile ground for death in Malawi]. As family members our plea to Fam and government is that we want justice to prevail because Geoffrey has died a young man). He was not a violent boy yet some people had the guts to beat him up before he breathed his last,” he said, amid tears from a section of women, who thronged College of Medicine mortuary.

Stanley Mwale, father of late Geoffrey has already indicated that after the burial of his son he will lodge a wrongful death charges against MDF.

Super League of Malawi (Sulom) treasurer Tiya Somba-Banda, who acts as the body’s spokesperson, said the continued deaths due to football violence are painting a bad picture about Malawi soccer.

Sulom vice-president Daud Suleman said the body saddened by the death of Mwale and called for concerted efforts to fight violence and hooliganism.

“This is the time that we should all come together, bang heads and find the way to deal with this problem from the grassroots,” he said. “We are creating tears and fear and that is not what football is all about”, lamented Suleman.

Youth Development and Sports Minister Grace Chiumia has described the loss of a second life to violence as a big shame for Malawi football.

Chiumia wants more to be done to tackle the problem.

“The fine handed to Red Lions is too little to stop football hooliganism and as government we want to see justice take place. Elsewhere if a team behaves the way Red Lions did then it is banned,” she said.

The violence

Mwale suffered acute hematoma as a result of head trauma and swelling of the brain, according to Dr Patrick Kamalo.

Trouble flared after Red Lions players assaulted referee Borniface Chipinga following the final whistle, angry with him for a penalty he awarded to Surestream in the dying minutes. The game ended 2-2.

Surestream fans responded by smashing Red Lions’ team bus and soldiers were called to the scene from a nearby army base.

Super League of Malawi (Sulom) fined Red Lions US$8,280 and suspended eight of their players and a team doctor involved in the assault of referee for six and 12 months respectively.

However no criminal case was opened for the assault of Mwale and now following his death the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has in a statement called for an investigation.

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66 thoughts on “Walter calls fan’s death a murder as Malawi FA seek justice: Pictorial”

  1. Boko says:

    You kill one solder they kill 100 policemen and their relations right: How many police men are they killing in the guise of armed roberries, caused car accidents, foot fan and many more to come

  2. amina says:

    Ninkuuzeni 52: iwe ndiwe munthu wa moyo. Tsoka kwa iwe ndithu. Even if you dont like a person you cant say those words. Ngati uli ndi mzimu pliz withdraw that statement you have just posted. Ngati suulapa iwe waku gehena ndithu. Shame on you.

  3. Kulibe kantu says:

    Let us go the South African way. Revenge. That is one thing I like about South Africans. If you do something wrong to them, they will not leave you

  4. Kulibe kantu says:

    We do not have a president in Malawi. The commander in chief is quiet. Yet his junior did this. Where are you Mr President?

  5. Kulibe kantu says:

    Dammy, your comments are baseless. There is not justification for any team to beat up match officials or soccer fans because of poor offciation. if the referees are poor then they should be punished.

    You also seem to be a very young person. These army teams started violence a long time ago. It is not new. These teams must just be banned. SULOM should do it NOW and NOW.

  6. Kulibe kantu says:

    Nyamilandu, what you have done is what we leadership. There is not word from government. What a shame!

  7. Malawian says:

    Murderers are you going to get a medals for that brutal killing of a football fan? May that will be your first medals you cowards. Calling yourself soldiers? Soldiers do not kill unarmed football fan. I said it before and i say it again if you war hungry go fight isis or taliban.

  8. golo says:

    Red Lions and all army teams should be banished from all forms of football related activities. Most teams complain that when they are playing army teams they are always intimidated.Why cant we deal with this issue once and for all. Bad officiation cannot be the excuse for violence in this modern era. Play fair even when match officials are against you.Thats the way it is happening all over the world.Why cant you take a bad decision by a match official on the chin/ its part of the game for wrong decision to be made by the match officials, We have seen it elsewhere happening but nobody beats up a match official let alone start violence as a result.Its happening in Malawi only. I suppose army teams are supposed to be the most disciplined because of the high level of discipline they are taught as soldiers and that also obeying orders and commands and so why cant they obey an order from a match official? .

  9. Dammy says:

    Let me agree with Mbewe that Honorable minister of sports,Walter nyamilandu,Bottomani,punishing team with millions of kwachas which can nt even buy back the lost soul is not a solution.Just take a look at this,last year we lost Josita ,fines to teams were given include pasavute.This year SULOM sat down and revised up the punishments to team,look here we lose another citizen.Which means SULOM is njust dealing with effects not the real problem itself.If FAM and SULOM is reading this comment know that the results of the game are always evidence as the game progresses.You send officials to football games without themselves having their terms of reference.SULOM of FAM official at game of foot ball now must have responsibility of being in control of the game,if referee is incompetent,they must be advised or exchanged to avoid bad results of it all. Mosakubisilani a FAM ndi SULOM,football in Malawi ikuonongedwa ndi ma referee not matimu.Game ya RED lions and surestream imachita kuonekeratu kuti ikuonongedwa ndi ref. If you dont implement this,one thing will happen,the death of soccer itself in Malawi.

  10. Victor says:

    Shame MAY HIS SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE.My condolence to the Mwale Family

  11. bob says:

    MDF idziwe kuti palibe amene ali pamwamba pa malamulo. The law is slowly catching up with all those who many thought were above the Law. Ask yourself about Odillo and others who have since been charged
    If you are a soldier, it does not mean you are above the Law. I think the Chancellor college Law Dept should teach all soldiers element of Law

  12. ninkuuzeni says:


    u r full of shit & ndiwenso amene unaphwanya nawo bus ya MDF,,
    munya not a soldier but neighbour to him,,amandisangalatsa poti akuba savutitsa coz amaopa nsilikaliyu

    kodi anthu amafa onsewa munamva munthu akuyamika kuti imfa yosangalatsa?aliyense amalira coz of his or her own rizons

    i dont see rizons yoti anthu muzihauka yet G. MWALE wapanga yekha chisankho chokufa..

    inu mundiuza kuti pofera amalambula? ofa lero safa mawa,mchimene ndimadziwa..


  13. Hoitty says:

    Namboya nde watchukatu ndi comment yako

  14. MDF ndiye kuti chani? Za utsilu basi kodi dziko limeneli ndi chifukwa chani zikuchuluka zinyakanyaka? Mkwiyo umenewo ochokera kwa Namalenga ngakhale ku Brazil,Argentina,Nigeria asilikali alipo koma sitinamve kuti jombo yaponda munthu ku ground or pang’ono . Choncho ndiye mumadabwa kuti bwanji mabvuto akuchuluka ku Nyasaland? Kaya zimenezo angayankhe ndi a commander in chief ..kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  15. Paul Vida says:

    Chomwe mumaziwa ndi kuzipopa ma kape ma soldier opanda nyota. Anzanu akulimbana ndi ISIS, Boko Halamu inu basi busy kumenya ma civilian. Tithana nanu stupid fucken sojaz.

  16. mike kamanga says:

    Amene anatengapo mbali yakummenya mbale wathuyu kufikila wamwalira banja lake liri pa moto.

  17. burnettie says:

    kunalibe mwayi kumutumiza kuzipatala zakunja?i know kwathu kuno from 10th up to death kumathandizidwa ndi ma pain killers komanso tizimva they should be brought to book boza chisoni kumatenda nkhani kumaliro msilikali ndindani?

  18. mbewe says:

    punish referees for messi.g the game despite one losong life. We might use every adject demonising soldiers we will need them one day for them to assist in settling dispute. Lets have sober minds in dealing with these issues.Voilence can be contained once theres good officiation.

  19. Penjaninge says:

    Ndilibe chonena..misozi yanga indichitira umboni..mmodzi amutsatira mnyamatayu pasanafike 2016 akampepesere kumwambako,stupid

  20. Banet says:

    Dzomvetsa chisoni RIP GEOF MWALE

  21. Namisako. says:

    No more recruitment of army officers! Akusowa chochita,kupha basi.Nkhondo yake mutazamenye inu itiyo?Kuno ku Malawi kuli chani chakuti anthu nkufuna kumenyanilanako,kwinako zomveka.Mmalo molemba asilikali a army, lembani a police ambiri ngakhale nawonso ayamba uchitsiru apa ndi yapo komabe bola.Army yathu matama for nothing,ndi ulemu chabe timakupatsani,do not abuse this gesture.

    1. Banet says:

      Wandilankhura zomwe ndimati ndinene

  22. Moses Makoko says:

    MDF soldiers must be taken off the super league! Akukanika kulanda nyanja koma kupha nzika zomwe anayenera kuteteza! Zopusa!

  23. Maclean olira says:

    “zonena zambiri ndilibe kma manja amene atenga nawo gawo pa ifayi ambuye akutsutseni ndipo mubwere poyera mkulapa,,, MAY HIS SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE

  24. mulayila says:

    makape a MDF u r good infantry becoz munazolowela kuyenda wapasi. u lack military tech plus illiteracy what the brutes


  26. Aaron Nsena says:

    May his soul rest in peace,amen

  27. sir bentby says:

    its only in Malawi where soldiers interact with civilians, else where soldiers, only became visible to people when something is wrong and there is acute needs to their services. these humans are inhuman in nature and killing isn’t a problem to them. therefore again plz take them out of this sports league, akayambe yawo and azikaoneraso okhaokha ku baracks ndi azikazi awo. don’t try to tame hyna and sheep in one kraal. when you raise a hyena knowingly, don’t cry when it start killing your goats. (housa proverb)

  28. mavuto athu says:

    mukamafufuza anthu amene anapha geofry mufufuzenso a army amene anapita kwa khamulani kumpemba amene anavulaza anthu a pamaliro wina anafa three days later chifukwa chokuti anthu amakamba nkhani za anthu a army.
    Anamutenga munthu kumuponyera kunja kwampanda kumene kuja ndiye kunali kumuponda munthiti
    nkhani palibe anafufuza koma auzeni apolisi akafufuze

    Anthu amenewa ndi athakati

  29. Malawian says:


  30. Malawian says:


  31. Vincent kammanya says:

    I wish the killing of a fun in BLK last yr could have the same reactions.

  32. Vincent kammanya says:

    Kodi nyanja inalandidwa eti. APM elaborate to the nation about this. Mr Nedson Trouble Jere has the details.

  33. Nedson Trouble Jere says:

    Let all the MDF teams be banned for life in Malawi.Akazi mukulephera kukalanda nyanja komwe Tanzania idalanda koma kumapha anthu omwe mukuwateteza mbuzi.

  34. fredpa says:

    Malawi will soon than latter become aland of slaughter and football will be adealth words to the football fans,it is high time we havent held FAM and SULOM responsible.we can organise ourselves and boycot all TNM games and force FAM to take action.Let us not forget that the one at pain,the one suffering is you and me not SULOM or FAM officials.”Moto umapita komwe kwasala tchile” tomorrow it will be amass killing.How many funerals does FAM want to learn from?.Iwished nyamilandu and his friends could resign because to me they have failed us Dagarous chirambo went due to their negregence,now it is Godfrey?Where was goverment to assist Godfrey to go to south africa poti iwowo olo kaminga kasomba kakawabaya pakhosi amapitanawo kugarden city?.

  35. thinktankmalawi says:

    An army that has never been engaged in any major war,thinks can intimidate unarmed civilians. …shame

  36. DA says:

    this is extremely disgraceful behaviour. What the bloody hell are these idiots doing? What is malawi known for?? do we have famous people? NO. Do we have any actual worthwile natural resources? NO. In fact, we are considered to be the shit of the shit in this world- we are reported to be the poorest country in the world and quite frankly, I often am ashamed to be part of this crumbling failed state. But, what kept me going through all of this is the fact that I knew; despite the poverty, we had THE WARMEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD here in Malawi. The bastards ruin that image of ours. Which tourist will want to go to a shithole where people get killed in stadiums by the ARMY when they can go somewhere else. MR PRESIDENT, I directly appel to you now; close the league, lock some soldiers up and only open it again when Malawians show they can behave- it is sad to have to treat a country’s people like they are babies but if this is how foolish their behaviour is, I believe it is the only way- PEOPLE MUST PAY FOR THIS. It is on BBC news for God’s sake! The only international recognition we ever get is this crap?! Sort yourselves out Malawians- enough enjoying the fruits we grew 10 years ago because we have now lost them- PULL YOUR SOCKS UP, DON’T BE STUPID AND GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!!

  37. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    The whole Tata full of weed smoking thugs beating unarmed young man.Shame indeed.A Youngman has lost his precious life because of a few idiots who have tarnished the good reputation of Malawi army.

  38. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    that’s our disciplined and professional army! Army Commander and Commander-in-Chief, nkhaniyi mwaimva? Mukutipo bwa? ndikuti ngati simuchitapo kanthu nonse, mblol zanu zagagazo!

  39. Mboni says:

    Ubwino wake i know the soldierx hu did this…ndinakuonani pa sports council mukumenyana mwanayu ndipo report yanga ndinalemba kale…ua days in uni4rm r numbered

  40. Bazooka says:

    Has the MDF conducted it’s own investigation on this matter? Looks everyone is unwilling to ask MDF to issue it’s own report. Does this include the Commander in Chief?

  41. wachilungamo says:

    1 army team in superleague is the answer.

  42. Sokosi says:

    Let them out!

  43. magaula says:

    masavage aku mdf simungatengereko chitsanzo cha blue eagles.who r u to disturb soccer in this malawi.kb inkatchedwa kb raider inasintha chifukwa chani fufuzani.umbuzi mabulutu a kings african riffles

  44. edda mwalweni says:

    My condolences to the bereaved family
    May His Soul Rest In Peace
    Shame on our soldiers

  45. opportunist says:

    How r u feeling after fulfilling your quest of killing pple who went ur football match .I hope those involved on this murder will never have peace. RIP

  46. Arthur wa symon chikaiko says:

    eeeish too bad

  47. ujeni says:

    Iwe Nthandalanda what a stupid idiot you are. How does the two incidences relate?

    The boy who is a civilian was beaten by a group of grown up army thugs. Ban Army teams and compensate the decesed family.

  48. demolisher says:

    how do you feel when you see these heart broken parents?

  49. Onkhoma says:

    Football governing bodies why waiting so long to condemn the barbaric behavior of these people.The soldiers from camp site could not have come had it been the players were controlled at the stadium. These players need to be punished severely as an individual not a player of Red Lions.

  50. MDF Zitsiru says:

    Asilika mwalakwa apa. Mphaka kupha munthu musanamuweruze??

    After all is not your duty to curb voilence during football matches. What is your job description?

    Mukufuna kukhala a Polisi kapena a Group4. Ma Stewards a ku Malawi amenewo.

    By the way who authorised you to take the truck. Mabwana ndi zitsirunso kwambiri.
    They deserve demotion or exit door. I hope your minister is not all that stupid to let you free.

  51. nobel says:

    Let Red Lions be evicted from TNM super league right way.

  52. rudolf phiri says:

    A murder is a murder,
    Let the people who have done this not be allowed to turn our country into a nation of hoodlums, and our football a dangerous activity to get involved in.
    Nyasatimes, why do you keep saying `arguing`? It is urging ( pronounced ejing`i) They are totally different words conveying totally different meanings.

  53. Yaya says:

    Nthandalanda ndiwe opusa zedi galu

  54. CHEJALI says:

    Inu mbutuma za ma soja ndiye mukuva bwanji kumwalila kwa mwanayu uyu Sad story

  55. Ndangodutsamo says:

    Am also grieving with the family of Mr. Mwale. Most of these so called MDF soldiers are standard 8 drop outs if at all tempted JCE. I don’t think so. The discipline which was there before is a thing of the past. I also blame FAM. Where in the world, do we find 10 football teams in the elite league from the defense forces? Infact a suggest one team from the soldiers is enough. As much as we know, a game of football is part of physical fitness but our so called soldiers, have taken football as business forgetting their role of protecting the country. Why not deploy them to assist the police in curbing the crime rate which is very high in our country. FAM should act because this is not the first time these bruits have done in the arena of football. Or else all the MDF team should form their own league.

  56. CHEJALI says:

    Very Sad ndiye inu mbuli za asilikali mukuva bwanji pamenepaaaaa

  57. Kanda Pako Banda says:

    Very shame…the Youngman paid to watch the match only to be killed ?

  58. savimbi says:

    savage za asilikali a ku malawi, ngat mumasowa chochita go to nigeria & help against boko haram. kukonda kulimbana nd ma unarmed civilians…go to nigeria & fight boko haram…ma savage opanda nzeru,mbuli zenizen

  59. Alex says:

    Chilungamo chichitike basi.

  60. titus Scoti says:

    Let’s learn a bitter lesson from this death of an innocent fan. May his soul rest in eternal peace! My condolences to the bereaved family

  61. Malawian says:


  62. nthandalanda says:

    Iwo wawo anawombeledwa ndi apolice Ku Zomba ndiye mumati asabweze. Pajatu amati you kill one soldier they kill 100 policemen. But we didn’t see this, instead we saw two soccer fans dying. VERY SAD. The issue is MALGOVERNANCE!!!!

  63. gig says:

    Uncivilized Malawi defense force, savage soldiers

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