Walter’s bid to extend his FA Malawi rule gets regional bodies endorsement: Pledges to introduce Charity Shield

Three regional football bodies have expressed unanimous support for the re-election of Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president candidate Walter Nyamilandu for a fourth term.

Walter Nyamilandu: Fourth term bid as FA Malawi president

Walter Nyamilandu: Fourth term bid as FA Malawi president

Humba: Team Walter

Humba: Team Walter


Nyamilandu (c) at the manifesto launch

Nyamilandu (c) at the manifesto launch

Nyamilandu, who has been at the helm of FAM for 12 years, will compete against Wilkins Mijiga and Willy Yabwanya Phiri in December 12 polls.

But Southern Region Football Association (SRFA), Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) and Central Region Football Association (CRFA) have endorsed Nyamilandu to extend his term and pledged to vote for him at Sunbird Nkopola lakeshore resort in Mangochi.

Speaking soon after Nyamilandu unveiled his fourth term manifesto at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe on Saturday, three regions chairpersons said they are behind Nyamilandu who they say is the only candidate to develop the game of football among the three candidates they called “visitors of the game”.

Raphael Humba, who is the chairperson for SRFA, said his committee will give all their 6 votes to Nyamilandu.

He said the other candidates have not met the committee to canvass for votes.

Humba has since pledged to give Nyamilandu 26 votes with 18 votes from three regions and eight from other affiliates bodies.

NRFA chairperson Lameck Khonje said it’s not time to give the FAM leadership to “strangers” who have never played or administered football at any level, as that will not develop the sport.

On his part chairperson for CRFA Austin Ajawa challenged that the two aspiring candidates that no one will get maximum votes of 6, saying they are not fit for the post.

Nyamilandu said he was inspired by the affiliates to seek renewal of his mandate.

“You gave me the confidence to lead during the planting season, we had a healthy seed, and we have sustained a healthy crop and now it’s harvest time,” he said when he launched his manifesto.

He said his administration has already laid structures and foundation to transform the game of football, hence the next four years will be harvest time to realise goals already set.

Nyamilandu pledged to introduce Chifundo Charity Shield as an inaugural event for the proceeding season.

The shield modelled on the English FA Community Charity Shield features the most immediate champions and holders of a selected national Cup.

Proceeds from the match will be given to charity for support towards any under privileged members of the society.

FAM will sponsor the event by meeting administration expenses of the shield and by providing prize money towards the participating teams.

This would be a noble of way of ensuring that football gives back to the community, according to Nyamilandu.Manifesto walter

Nyamilandu promised that Chiwembe Lodge, bar, gym and restaurant will be outsourced to enhance efficiency and professionalism to increase profits for the running of the game.

He also plans to sell Surestream Stadium to use the money as capital to set viable businesses.

“I challenge you that I am the right person for the job having acquired vast experience and relevant knowledge in football administration in the time that I have been in office. This puts me in good stead to devise lasting solutions and to keep football family united more than anyone else while we come up with a succinct succession plan for the next leader.

“Being the captain that has safely guided the ship on a voyage that was faced with storms and choppy waters, it will only be right and proper to usher me into office so that I can take you safely to where the hidden treasure lies. I know the map and I have the compass direction to lead you in the right direction,” said Nyamilandu.

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37 thoughts on “Walter’s bid to extend his FA Malawi rule gets regional bodies endorsement: Pledges to introduce Charity Shield”

  1. Kk says:

    Kawawa Walter! You definitely have the compass to lead us to the hidden treasure! Proud of you headboy and my Econ classmate!

  2. Fam seat its not 4 Northern or centrial its fo Malawi look in his leadership 4 these past years, what did he do to developping our game of football or any sports in our beautiful Malawi noting only money londering.let me ask u how much he gave u for bucking him shame on u with ur stupidness kavinene Gule wankulu inu akumpoto zikavinani Bvimbuza mwanva we realy tired of being bunch of loses.luk b4 he came to this seat were school tounaments but nw is no more jst talk afew players that came from school tournaments. Kamwendo,Ng’ambi,Grant lungu n etc

  3. maganizo says:

    koma ndi wamuyaya, mlendo ndi amene amabwera ndi kalumo kokutwa. Chibanzi chikugwira ntchito malawian football cannot develop 12yrs umatanikuchita umazilemeretsa give chance to young blood please.

  4. Mkwapu says:

    U want to elect someone who is on the way to jail for stealing millions of illovo money?

  5. Mwalusya kuvotera wamama winu....kkkk says:

    12 Years its enough let move forward with another guy.Tatopa naye ife ameneyo. Constituition yanu muisinthe any soccer lover should vote why only committees…. bastard

  6. John jere says:

    Say no to strangers!Walter is football.enawa they don’t qualify guys!mukona tidzakuyankhulani coz Ernest akuwononga team inu osamuyankhula. How do you just come and leave captain of team kamwendo inu osayankhulapo?

  7. ngerengere says:

    Humba is a JCE holder and manager at illovo dep balaka with support from water what else can you expect from him.if water is kicked out at illovo humba is jobless

  8. Khwethemu says:

    Za uchitsiru. The Regional bodies know kuti akabwera wina agwidwa ndi corruption. Nde nkhani yake. Awerukepo basi

  9. Afanaze says:

    Honestly Malawi soccer by 20/20 will be 10 years behind and trust me we wont even be ready for Quatar. This is the choice the 36 regional puppets are making at the expense of over 10 million soccer fans.

  10. chindaxi says:

    Can someone get in injunction please!!!! To stop the voting:::::

  11. Thanduxolo says:

    A Humba, it seems you owe your existence to Nyamilandu. Once he loses that’ll be the end of your football life. Paja nkhope yanu imafanana ndi ya Blade Nzimande (South African Higher Education Minister)

  12. Bwalabwanya says:

    Wilkins Mijiga do yo expect while you have losers in your team? Henry Chibowa, Enerst Maganga all are failures in football circle. how many times did Henry “kaka” Chibowa lose to walter Nyamilandu? koma abale dzikoli mpaka Henry Chibowa Wayamba kutapa (kutola nkhobwe) kwa Amijiga. advanced level ya ashadie..Bwana Mijiga ndiinu nokha ndapanga research muwina basi. chibowa ameneyo.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  13. TEAM WALTER says:

    Ngangangaa pambuyo pa bwana nyamilandu..

  14. kanchanda in rsa says:

    if walter is good y all this years he has failed to uplift the game of football all malawians must be given a chance to vote not the corrupt bodies only agalu.

  15. Supporters of football and players too are not allowed to vote for FAM president. What kind of constitution is this? And only 36 stupit regional or club officials vote. Isn’t this barbaric? Fam is run using tax payers government money. Why should we taxpayers be sidelined when it comes to voting for these so called fam presidents? Iwe walter ife tatopa nawe choka!

  16. mzake says:

    that is politics . let people choose from their own choices.

  17. Wawa says:

    It’s time to change the rules of the game now. FAM president should not be voted by regional bodies. These bodies have shown bias towards Nyamilandu. It’s time The whole Malawi nation gets involved in running the sport. Supporters of the game shod be given the mandate to vote for the right person. The whole Malawi nation can not be held at ransom by 36 people who call themselves Regional bodies. Time for is Now.

  18. MCHEMO says:


  19. willybetha says:

    Walter is the best destroyer of malawi football bereave me.the welfare of players Samantha example ilipo mufunse bullets komaso nd wa katangale koopsa.bola mijiga basi.

  20. Mafulufute says:

    Za ugalu! The three regional bodies have aleady shown their blind loyalty to Walter so why is he still going to the regions? Answer=To pay them up-front for their guaranteed votes!

  21. Fear of and resistance to change by stakeholders themselves
    Receipts of bribes by electorate which corrupts their thinking abilities
    The issue my pockets first and national development
    The thinking of I am the best

    The four are killing Malawi

  22. chiwa kogoya says:

    We just want a new face we have done with walter! kodi kulibe ena anzeru kuposa Walter? plz we want a change ok!

  23. Kaudzu says:

    I didnt like the way Zodiak conducted its debate by restricting other contestants from attacking Walter leadership. The very reason they want to replace him is that he has failed.

  24. sub wa bullets says:

    Poor Malawi,how CAN we allow 36 people to vote for almost 10 million football followers? Zikundiwawa saname

  25. Green Grass says:

    Why couldn’t the Regional bodies keep their choice of candidate to themselves until voting day rather than take it all out to the media like this? Ian inclined to agree with those arguing that these affiliates benefit something from Walter’s leadership and hence fear any change. That said Walter in my view came out best during the debate as the other two dwelt much on personal attacks at the expense of answering the questions.

  26. Zanako says:

    Walter you are a very greedy useless creature why do you think you are the best ? You have bribed the voter s . if the votes will not take you out Malawi football is finished . we are tired of you

  27. George phiri says:

    Even Joseph Blatter was telling people the same thing. If Walter dies today no one will be Fam president? Kamuzu gave us the impression that there is no Malawi without him but we are still existing today minus him. People who dont want to quit have something to hide. Am not against Walter but against people who think they are the only capable human beings. Actually its voters who make these silly mistakes. Lets hope the day he quits he does not end up in jail

  28. Kumamvetsa says:

    A baby born 12 years ago can play soccer today national schools team.
    Even most countries around the world have term limits.
    But in Malawi, there’s the culture of “Kamuzu knows better” which is killing our creativity. It destroyed our independent thinking abilities.
    So Walter knows best! Nobody is good enough. Shame on us.

  29. Mjomba Yusuf Jonas says:

    WALTER is right man continuing the step he has started, changing can’t pull up our dirty socks unless we sit down and reflect our errors and find a solution for killing them in order to have good FAM we never have before. Walter is a self starter and a millionaire who can’t need any single tambala from corruption – zachinyengo but these incoming images will just spoil the fam by planting FAM-GATE..


    1. loka says:

      the whole malawi its walter who knows how a ball looks like no wonder we havent met intrenational standards cos of walter what can he deliver now that he did do in the last twelve years let him go

  30. Peter says:

    There is too much corruption in football administration in Malawi. No wonder those who have benefitted from corrupt dealings will seek to safeguard their positions for fear of the unknown.

  31. mphatso says:

    I thought there is the so called democracy in football but alas poor affiliates who are clueless still want dictator Walter.Try new faces.i thought constitution allows for a vote of no confidence if the leader doesn’t perfom otherwise then its a trash constitution.nonse ovotera walter muli ngatio congress party

    1. wa green card says:

      Munayamba ndikulankhula zanzeru but mwatchula congressmo mwaononga

  32. Katchende ka walter says:

    These chairmen are not reading minds of we supporters. Voting nyamilandu wil invite chaos at stadiums

  33. Chikatere says:

    How can one person dictate for others as far as election is concerned. People even differ the way they vote even in the family cycles

  34. Shem says:

    What did Walter not have the time to do in 12 years? We are talking about 144 months in office or 4,420 days in office. Is that not more than enough for a leader to show what he is worth? Brainwashed and bribed affiliates can make him win again, but the damage to Walter’s integrity will be huge. Succession planning already failed. It shouldn’t be a campaign promise yet again.

  35. Seadoff says:

    Walter can you plz shut up!why didn’t you do all these,in the past 12yrs? You seem to have lost your senses!!!!! there is no more chance 4 u GET LOST!!

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