Wanderers conquer BB in Malawi Carlsberg Cup final

After playing second fiddle to their bitter rivals Big Bullets in recent memory, Mighty Be Forward Wanderers had the last laugh on Saturday, August 29, 2015 when they conquered their sworn enemies 2-1 in the final of the K30 million Carlsberg Cup competition played before a mammoth crowd at Civo Stadium in Lilongwe.

Wongani Kaipa clearing the ball..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Wongani Kaipa clearing the ball..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Isaac Kaliati posses the ball...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Isaac Kaliati posses the ball…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Nomads players on cloud nine with their gs Mike Butao...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Nomads players on cloud nine with their gs Mike Butao…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Nomads are back in town....Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Nomads are back in town….Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Nomads players on cloud nine with their gs Mike Butao...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Nomads players on cloud nine with their gs Mike Butao…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Malawi Vice President Saulosi Chilima holds the trophy...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Malawi Vice President Saulosi Chilima holds the trophy…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Luka Milanzi on cloud nine...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Luka Milanzi on cloud nine…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Fischer Kondowe tussling with Victor Nyirenda...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Fischer Kondowe tussling with Victor Nyirenda…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

High jump in the air...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

High jump in the air…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

BB attack Nomads' goal, Pic Alex Mwazalumo.

BB attack Nomads’ goal, Pic Alex Mwazalumo.

Dejected Bullets players...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Dejected Bullets players…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Champions Mighty Be Forward Wanderers celebrate after the game, Pic Alex Mwazalumo

Champions Mighty Be Forward Wanderers celebrate after the game, Pic Alex Mwazalumo

Meeting their arch-rivals in a cup final for the first time since the two sides’ Carlsberg Cup final was abandoned in 2003 due to violence that broke out after a disallowed golden goal for Wanderers, the Nomads came with a mission to prove they were the rightful candidates for the cup during that ill-feted final.

Nomads celebrate the opener, Pic Alex Mwazalumo

Nomads celebrate the opener, Pic Alex Mwazalumo

They played with determination, forcing the ‘People’s team’ on the back foot from the very early moments.

As the saying goes: Knock and the door shall open, the door opened for the Nomads after just a quarter of an hour when Lilongwe based Fifa referee Patrick ‘Leo’ Ngoleka awarded them a penalty after striker Luka Milanzi was tripped down by defender Miracle Gabeya as he tried to open fire from the box.

From the penalty spot, veteran striker Victor Nyirenda sent Bullets’ goalkeeper Owen Chaima the wrong foot to put his side in front.

A spate of fouls committed by Wanderers players in the course of the game led to Bullets coming back into the game in first half added time as Jaffali Chande nodded home a dangerous free kick by Yamikani Fodya, who has established himself as Bullets’ free kick specialist.

Came the last half, Bullets took control of the proceedings, forcing the Wanderers’ bench to introduce hard working midfielder Rafik Mussa for ineffective Alfred Junior Manyozo. The coming in of Mussa brought stability in Wanderers’ midfield and the game became a balanced affair.

With Mussa doing the donkey work on the centre of the pitch, attacking midfielder Kondwani Kumwenda got a chance to pop into Bullets’ danger zone and unleash agony in the Bullets’ empire midway into the last half. The midfielder ghosted into the box to connect home a Ten Sumani cross.

Jacob Ngwira came on for Milanzi as the Nomads took a tight grip on their slender lead. Bullets also made their changes, bringing in Diverson Mlozi for Mussa Manyenje and Jelesi Lufeyo for Eneya Banda after Fischer Kondowe had made way for McFallen Ngwira at the start of the send half.

Bullets’ had an injury time penalty appeal by Mlozi rejected by Ngoleka and the writing was on the wall for the red and white camp.

Wanderers’ coach Elia Kananji, who won the Carlsberg Cup with Bullets last year was over the moon after the final whistle.

“It’s rare to win a cup in two consecutive seasons with two different teams and I thank God for what He has done for us.

“I also thank the boys for playing with determination and implementing what we did during training,” said Kananji.

Kananji, while admitting it was a tough game, gave credit to his team for the good work.

“It was a contribution from everyone from the Wanderers family. We were united and our collective efforts won us the cup. The fans were wonderful too,” said Kananji.

Bullets vice general secretary Kelvin Moyo, who spoke for the side after the whistle accepted the defeat and congratulated Wanderers for their victory.

“It’s painful to lose to our arch-rivals but congratulations to Wanderers. It was their day to day,” he said.

However, Bullets team manager Raheem Ishamel blamed the referee for the loss.

“We have been ‘robbed’ of victory by the referee. That was a clear penalty,” said Ishmael.

Amongst the huge crowd that witnessed the final was State Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima, who presented the cup to Wanderers.

Before the final match, fans were entertained by sky divers, who landed on the on the pitch from the sky. There were also martial arts displays by Malawi Defence Force soldiers.

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105 thoughts on “Wanderers conquer BB in Malawi Carlsberg Cup final”

  1. clever lonje says:

    Manoma kuli wawawa

  2. Paul Eldah says:

    Kkk atopa ndipo nyerere zatsikira ku super league konko.

  3. SADRIDO says:

    Would you please Beforward Mighty Wanderers Fans create whatsApp number where we should be able to share experiences and some piece of advice pertaining to our beloved TEAM. We should also give advice to our technical team how to conquer our enemies. Give quick response more especially you, the Technical Team including our beloved coach, Kananji. Manoma woyeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Titsetsa tizikho tonse amatibera amaliwongo.

  4. Vincent says:

    Malawians lets learn to say good when others have done better than castigating each other.That can not take any where

  5. UNECA says:

    Padalibe penalty anthunu ndi omwe simumaona ref and referee assistant penalty osayiona kumaiona inu mulila mutopa chikho chapita kale.

  6. Eduardo says:

    BB is d team of all Nations, find out a numbe r of Mozambicans, Zambians, Zimbabweans attended d mutc for d sake of BB remember u NOMA supporters zitsulu a akwatibwi a BB pa bed , No CAF entry to 4 d Cup

  7. malongo says:

    kodi mukulawa kugoletsa BB mukuchita kutukwana.ine ndilibe team chifukwa ndalama zao sindimadya nawo.

  8. It’s nice to see that people behaved yesterday, I hope we should have more games between Big bullets & Wanders in Lilongwe

  9. machonisa says:

    Noma siluza finals, i told u. League titenganso chifukwa sitikuwonanso opponent wamphamvu woti nkulimbana ndi Noma. BB ndinu mafana kwambiri. Nomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Wysn chipolonga says:

    Zabwino zonse manoma pitilizani musaimire pompo, sikuti ngati zili chomwecho ndiye muyambe kuluza ayi, chasala kuti muwine ndi superlige ndiye tiziwa kuti mwafikapo.

  11. Masautso kampira says:

    Zoona taluzadi

  12. edwin says:

    Anatibera chikho chowinawina. Komanso tikatengana kuchoka Bt kubwera kano aways timawamenya. Noms mo fire.

  13. the referee did not rob you.you poorly played.
    this is what swatziland will see.

  14. thekweni says:

    But the stadium was painted red.bullets supporters are not zitsiru.

  15. joe says:

    We should thank the Almighty God people were talking all sorts of things but He was on our side Ambuye Mukule

  16. pax says:

    BB Tasiyadala tikumana kumusiku mwachulusa mwano.

  17. evance mangani-mozambique says:

    It was not our day. Although zei have won nothing’ll change us,we r BIG. (È veis veis)ali etse ali ndi thawi yake.

  18. McCaiphus says:

    God bless manoma

  19. Mulukunuwa maluku says:

    Bravo nyerere neba asamale second round kuli ntchito

  20. kanyani kumutengo says:

    manje team ya ziko lonse ibwele ku lilongwe sanctuary kuli coach

  21. Teams says:

    The game provided a rare opportunity for coach Kananji to effect revenge on Bullets for dumping him and congratulations Elia and the boys for assisting the coach to execute this revenge. On the other hand Lilongwe was painted red on match day as the pictures on the stands can testify. Nyerere please do better next time in terms of turning out for the game in team colours.

  22. Comred Brigadier says:

    Ndi masewero a mpiratu awa nde tisamanenane ma zoba mwava you Church rats

  23. magetsi says:

    aliyense wosapota bibi bullets ndi chitsiru!

  24. We have to thank god for the victory NOOMAA Woyeeeeeeee

  25. Muhilima says:

    Ma Noma takunyadilani pitirizani Mahule si team yoopsa ayi chabe kuti mankhwala awo adatikhwimira ifeyo koma pano ndiye mankhwalawo asuluka tiye nawoni Fisher ndiye si player ayi

  26. hisbolla says:

    It was a good balanced game, only that there’s always one winner.

  27. Özdinho says:

    Kings of Cups in Malawi

  28. Zoona zativuta ife ma ule. Congrats aneba. Boola akuvotereni Std Bank Fam. Tibweza nafe. Eeeeeh

  29. Nyerere says:

    Inu nonse a Bullets ndinu abwampini mwakhalila phwala ulendo uno munya muona simunati. Wait for second round mu phwisa kuti mpwiiiiiiii. Tapeza mankhwala m’banga ma player onse a Bullets atuluka phudzi lovuta kwambiri mpaka mupepese ku banja la Nyerere. Goal keeper wanu uja ndiye ndimkaladitu and this Chiukepo is another useless dude failing trials in SA ife wathu Sulumba anaiphula

  30. Mahalamunyo says:

    Maule ndinu zitsiru zedi mumaona ngati mungawini uchitsiru basi mburi zokhazokha anthu onukha mkamwa. Ife ANOMA ndife osamba amakobidi osati zimasapota za Kanyimbi bullets. Tazionereni zikhope zanuzo ngati tonkhwetonkhwe.

  31. SOOTH SAYER says:

    Ine ndinaanena kuti iwo awina league 1st round tiwonetsana Carlsberg. mtsinje wa tinkanena unakathera musi izi. Bwanji mukanangokhala ku Blantyre mnthuni.

  32. banda abudul says:

    Ma supporter a bullets amagulitsa ma memory card a nyimbo kale ntownmu.kkkk

  33. Chasowa says:

    abale, pano venda wa NDIX sakuneneleleka

  34. Nalo Banda says:

    A GS fire! Ma GS achinyamata a strategy, timakunyadilani! Manoma woyeeeee!!!!

  35. UNECA says:

    Mumuwuze peter mponda kuti aziyamikirako ma team ena osamangoti palibe yamenya bwino.

  36. Kambanizithe says:


  37. Twaha of ZA says:

    Long at last WS managed to revenge
    ….GOD is not a bullet fan He is for us all….wamkaka tikumwabe mpaka adzatimenyenso

  38. rough masambara says:

    kungoti chiukepo ndi ramadhan anpita ku chelsea ku ma trials and referee waakanila penalty. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk a team manager a bullets ake mbatata yeni yeni. Ingovomelezani basi paja mumati simuluza season ino mwaziona zayambikatu

  39. Atonga says:

    Ana achepa a bullets.anachulutsa zokambakamba.BRAVO NYERERE

  40. Eni manoma says:

    manoma ndi no. 1 big up my boyz!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Big papa says:

    asageza achepa, ndipo sangaiphule pamaso pa nyerere.

  42. amnzeru aku mmawa says:

    Muviniletu apa! Standard Bank simumenya nawo, ku bank kuli voter apathy. Zitsiru. Nyoooo!

  43. Mbwiye wapata says:

    Kodi malirowa ndiwoyika liti nanga akaikidwa kuti? Zimenezo ndiye nyerere sizimachedza ndi ana osakhwima pamchombo mwachepa saizi yakana

  44. Juma Gibson says:

    Linda madzi apite ndipo uziti ndadala; Bullets has learn manners; aphunzila chikhalidwe! Noma woyeeeeeeee!

  45. Samu says:

    Neba zamuvuta…wangomyata basi

  46. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Kumwetsana madzi wokolopere othira mchere! BB fans jst start to support Man City kuti mupukute misozi. Iam telling u!

  47. Limbikani Kamphanje says:

    Zosatheka ndi anthu zimatheka ndi Ambuye.

  48. nicholas says:

    Kapena munalora kupita ku dressing room? Pepani. Mukhonza kuonanso nokha kuti bwana vice presidentiwo avala ma colours otai kuti mudziwe kuti team yodziwika pa Malawi pano ndi itiyo. Ndadyamsima ya utaka koma imandilowa kukhosi ngati ya therere chili chimwemwe,CONGRATS GUYS!!!

  49. PRAG says:

    Pepa neba! It happens! All days are not Sundays…..

  50. betere galu says:

    Ndinadziwa ine kopezeka Nyamilandu Bullets chake palibe kukanidwa penalty

  51. DPP Guru says:

    Nyanga za Billy Tewesa lamulo lake la singanga ndi loti BB isalowe mu dressing room. Tsopano in a cup final where Saulosi Chilima was there one cant avoid dressing room. Hence BB loss. Kuyesera kuzigwetsa looking for a penalty koma kulepheleka. Dzanja likalemba.

  52. Asasamba ogulitsa usipa wa flesh m’mapulotiwa achosedwa chimbenene.

  53. Kawonga says:

    Mwatimvetsa kukoma, be forward, be wise and win the cup ,

  54. Mkuta Madzi says:

    Kodi ndi mmene mpira wathera eti? Ndimadabwatu ine kuti dzulo madzulo kunali bata kogula usipa. Zakhala bwino. Nthawi zina tizisankhako matemba mwa kachetechete

  55. Nyerere yaikulu Mutu says:

    Neba unatokota kwambiri. Tionetse Cup watengayo. Ife amanoma timasewera mpira wa pa ground osati zako zosokosazo iyayi. Zikomo Ambuye

  56. opportunist says:

    Minus Referee favouritesm Wondrous could have been forced into penalties .Why refusing a clear people’s team penalty

  57. Emmanuel says:

    All the best to the nomads

  58. chikandamoyo says:

    Billy Tewesa nyanga! Kudalira mankhwala basi mbale wako Henry ufiti uli thoo mumpingo ku 25 kutamba likuswa mtengo lero zathinatu kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  59. kimono says:

    amayankhula kwambili. Apa nde tawakhazika chete. Olo saulos chilima nayeso ndiwa nyerere. Chi team mbambande

  60. MAPWEVUPWEVU says:


  61. choncho says:

    But why is the vice president putting on wanderers colors? This is unfair. I want the president to fire this childish vice president

  62. nomanoma says:

    Tikonze; Small Bullets osati Big Bullet sinanga 1 Noma 2

  63. IBRAEGO says:


  64. Peter says:

    Ambebuwa apa nde akanatolatu Ndi anzawo Aja
    Wiza Noma

  65. gwepenya says:

    wawa ma palestina wawa! Noma woyee!!!!

  66. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Ndimmene zilili choncho.

  67. UNECA says:

    Ndilibe mawu noma woyeeeeee!

  68. UNECA says:

    Miracle gabeya angamakane ndi luke milazi kodi inu noma mumaiwona kuphweka mwakhaula.

  69. UNECA says:

    Tili ndi sponsor kumawinanso ndalama zambiri noma woyeeeee!!

  70. UNECA says:

    Issac kaliat man of the moment.

  71. UNECA says:

    Koma ndiye taona mmene ena amakwiyira mulomo ngati m’fiti.

  72. UNECA says:

    Neba usachulutse mawu udazolowerera kukupatsa mapenate opusa wakumana ndi ref oidziwa game yothentha kuti ndiyimbire bwanji.

  73. UNECA says:

    Noma ndi deal!!!!!

  74. markc says:

    Eeeee!aMlozi alipobe?

  75. Loyd says:

    Bullets fans don’t worry history repeat itself. Noma woyeeee! Imwani tea wa mandimu, wakwiya ndi mfiti, wakwiya ndi mfiti, wakwiya ndi mfiti!

  76. Havey says:

    Tonse timaseka koma Nyelele zaseka ndikumapeto komwe, mpikisano ndichoncho wina amayenela apambane CONGRANTS anzathu.

    Oyimbila mpila muzikhala achilungamo mwachitaya pamene simunapeleke penalty ku team ya BB chakumapeto pamene pamayenela kutelo,
    choncho sibwino.

  77. RoyK says:

    Ndirande woyeee

  78. Philmon says:

    Point of correction: BB 2 -1 Noma RIP.

  79. masa says:

    Mpila sasewela ndi mlomo, linda madzi apite ndiye udziti ndadala. I hope this is a lesson to you bullets

  80. Mwawachita bwino ana osasambawa.

  81. Gamba says:

    Mwawachita bwino asasamba amenewa!!

  82. UNECA says:

    Kodi chiukepo alipo.

  83. UNECA says:

    Mwakhaula mudazolowera kuwina.

  84. UNECA says:

    Fishar wakalamba si player woti ndikumamudalira tatengani ana ofewa ngati issac kaliat.

  85. UNECA says:

    Noma woyeeeeeeeee!!!

  86. UNECA says:

    Koma zikavuta kumavomereza osamangoti refferee abb mukakhale pansi mukakonze team ikuwina koma siyikumenya mpira wabwino ukuchuluka chiphuphu tsono ukamawina sumaona mavuto apa mukakonze team.

  87. anadimba says:

    mwamuna mnzako mpachulu

  88. time mack says:

    Ref was on your side denying bullets a clear penalty. Am a silver diehard ndangodutsamo

  89. Bondera says:

    Kodi we still have nomads as a team or its be forwarsd

  90. VIDIE says:

    Woza noma ayiziwa Bangwe mawule.

  91. Geff Chimuliwo says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm manoma woyeeeeeeeee

  92. Issa says:

    Congrats boys.

  93. Chatayika says:

    anzanu amakonzekela koma inu phwi mwati nyanga zitithandiza, kkkkk,

  94. Chekhogoroh says:

    Kuli nye ¤30 Kuli nyerere kuma noma kuli nyerereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mwadziziwa !!!!

  95. ToyB wakungidzi James says:

    Mbiri ya kale nong’a miyendo inachita zimbiri unganthamange ndi tiwana tofewa? Nomads yomweyo kuti wa wa wa

  96. fumu says:

    Neba pepa lero kulibe tea. Sugar, mkaka ndi ma samba zonse zatha kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  97. Wado says:

    Mavendor mwasowapotu apa mukumva kuwawa kodi ai pepa neba

  98. riky says:

    well done Noma !! The wise people’s choice

  99. ntingwi says:

    Neba unawonjeza kuzipopa. Waona waphulika ngati chule.

  100. chimango Gregory Mtanga says:


  101. Sam says:

    Zabwino zonse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. GRM says:

    Congratulations!! Tomorrow is another day.

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