‘We are not gays’ Mugabe shouts in UN speech

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe interrupted a talk on economic development at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly to blurt out “we are not gays.”

Mugabe used the United Nations podium on Monday evening to attack homosexuality in front of the General Assembly.

Mugabe used the United Nations podium on Monday evening to attack homosexuality in front of the General Assembly.

His comments came as he was busy urging nations to invest in the African continent and said that while he was in favour of human rights he would not allow gay marriage.

He said: “We equally reject attempts to prescribe new rights that are contrary to our norms, values, traditions and beliefs.

“We are not gays. Cooperation and respect for each other will advance the cause of human rights worldwide. Confrontation, vilification, and double-standards will not.”

It the past he has called homosexuals “worse than pigs and dogs”.

The 91 year Zimbabwe leader added: “Nowhere does the charter abrogate the right to some to sit in judgment over others, in carrying out this universal obligation. In that regard, we reject the politicization of this important issue and the application of double standards to victimize those who dare think and act independently of the self-anointed prefects of our time.”

An audible laughter from the U.N. audience is said to have been heard after the son of Africa roared on the issue he has always minced no words on.

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111 thoughts on “‘We are not gays’ Mugabe shouts in UN speech”

  1. chisomo says:

    Wen Obama addressed the African Union as the first American President this year I was excited. I thought that African leaders had an opportunity to tell America and the West how Africans cherish our traditions culture and values. What it means to be African and how we view democracy in light of our own culture. Is democracy here to replace those values beliefs and culture? Since in a democracy the majority rules why is it that sex preferences are included in the rights of the minorities? Is this not a ploy to impose other people s way of life onto other people in the guise of democratic rights? To my surprise he was given a podium to castigate dictators when he himself does not respect the sovereignty of developing countries by forcing states to embrace sin calling it human dignity for all people. Dignity? Today He should know Africa is not a dumping ground for immoral behavior. Africans are saying no. Mugabe has spoken so too has Muthalika.

  2. Jamison Lungu says:

    Listen to the whole speech. I found it laughable that people are falling for the colonisers’ mentality of vilifying our comrade leader over an issue we consider undebatable. What about the issue of UN reforms? Our comrade talked about the need to be inclusive in selection process of the Secretary General. He also touched on the nervy subject of inclusion in the UN Security Council. I am really disturbed that these issues could not be highlighted above a nonissue of gay sex. #ColonizedMinds.

  3. Alungwana says:

    Shame on America, shame on Britain.

  4. Viva comrade Mugabe I salute you—-how I wish your brother in principles was still around (Gadaff)

  5. chipembere says:

    True son of Africa

  6. Jarsn Phiko says:

    In short, Ife Mulungu anatilengela akazi kuti tizikwatila ndikumagona nawo, osati amuna azathu kapena akazi azawo. God in his imagination made good things osati nyasi zanuzo ai. Tisiyeni ife tizikwatila akazi tizibala wana. Mwamuna mzathu tidzabeleka naye. izi nzopusa zenizeni, zankutu, zawana zosafulika, asatana inu.

  7. chisomo says:

    Now let this issue die. Bring to Africa technology and expertise that will revive our continent. If not keep your aid and let us live in dignity.

  8. Jarsn Phiko says:

    Mugabe is a true leader, with charisma and sense of judgement. I wish we had gotten closer to this man’s state of mind. A leader should make sound decisions and not making decisions based on feed-me character. Rights or no rights, we do not need to be gays in our land. The whites should not force us to rebel against God in that manner. This is sodom and gomorrah. If they us to have their money in exchange for these silly ideologies, we say to hell with their money. After all we have suffered alot already.

    It is better to live close to God than living close to the whites and face doom in the end. Chonde tisiyeni tizidya thelele lathu la chidulo limene anthu amakhala nalo zaka zana ali ndi moyo. Those propagating this matter should leave and go to America and enjoy themselves there. Tisiyeni ndi umphawi wathu kuno kwathu matchona inu.

  9. bigman munthuwaMulungu says:

    I salute you comrade, God wul punish you America n your gay simpathizers. hw I hate this issue. zopusa kuno NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  10. Highly Favoured says:

    The true son of Africa Comrade Mugabe,, you are the leader for the entire Africa, , unfortunately, you have no deputy.

  11. Bbk says:

    keep it up african leaders,fear only God(jaja) not them

  12. Mtunda says:

    We salute u comrade Mugabe! kudos to u!

  13. gmak says:

    I salute you mugabe. Holy spirit is not a coward spirit. Tell them the truth.

  14. Bahati says:

    Mugabe is Africa’s leader,… no deputy.

  15. Gerald Milinda says:

    Yes We want development not homosexuality in Africa,i am happy with mugebe’s speech.He shows committed towards Africa’s future.

  16. Gerald Milinda says:

    Yes We want development not homosexuality in Africa,i am happy with mugebe’s speech.He shows committed with Africa’s future.

  17. dadaboma says:

    The way people fuck each other is not an issue for Mugabe or the Whites or any govt. Mugabe should stop demonizing gay people. These people are harmless to society, and harmless to themselves. But adulterers are criminals, and get diseases for themselves too. Mugabe should spend his waning effort on adulterers, not gays. Similarly the Whites should not forbid polygamy (Chiwili) because the practice is helpful and not harmful. Both Mugabe and the Whites should not dictate how people should live in the confines of their bedrooms, as long as they offend nobody. There is nothing to salute Mugabe for; this man is an idiot for misplacing priorities – Zimbabwe needs emancipation from economic misery not from gays.

    1. mtubzitubzu kumputa mkunkhudza says:

      This massage is going to you dadaboma. If you are one of the gays then you are dashing to hell, don’t you listen to yourself right?. We are not chanting to mugabe but his speech, Nobody is homeless unless he/she is lazy or crippled. May be I missed your point. Are you saying that we need to be astray by these nasty idiots to earn our daily bread? Is that what you saying? I am voting no no no for homosexual oh yes!! Am saying no

  18. chisomo says:

    Dodo what, Homosexuality is demeaning. It is unproductive and not hygienic coz the rectum holds dirty, is not meant for that therefore it is not natural. If yr father was gay you could not have been born or if your mother was a lesbian you could not have been here writing nonsensical article s but praise God they were not they married man and woman and dodosinner was born. Secondly God uses the union of the family to populate the planet. No wonder He calls this dirty an abomination. So please rethink your abnormal ways repent and start afresh.

  19. chisomo says:

    Malawi should better be poor than embrace this abomination. God bless you our President s

  20. George says:

    Thank you Mugabe for telling them the truth they should respect our continent, culture and values being poor is not a reason to be

  21. koma says:

    Bravo Mugabe!!!! may God bless!! you kulakalaka ukanakhala mtsogoleri wathu wa ku malawi.

  22. mbi says:

    Is Obama gay? he should lead by example not just forcing other people’s kids to be gay. Marry a man Obama and then talk to us

  23. Wakumudzi says:

    Bwampini wamvatu,,,,, panga focus pa zinthu zothandiza dziko not zokwatana amuna okhaokha….akanakhala kuti bambo ako amakwatana amuna okhaokha bwezi ulipo iwe kape

  24. Lillcool says:

    Bravo!!!! Mugabe long live

  25. cnkhuto says:

    Agalu a malawi. Why didn’t you congraturate Bingu when he said no to gayzim. U waited until Mugabe told the UN assembly? Why r we not proud of our own things and ideas. Bingu fought a good fight but we never supported him until his death. We era cripled in our mind. Shave them, we need pure ones not rotten with politics. Today we are lazy because of westerners. Chakera in his every speech accussess Muthalika of nit bringing back donors for budget support. What’s wrong with this short sight. Malawi will continue surviving whether dinors are there or not. We shall fight to the end and claim our victory. We will not allow English people and their governments fool us. Stupid.

  26. stanley says:

    guite strong and mature speech

  27. KAMBWE says:

    wish to hear Mutharika saying the same sentence oneday…I cant wait….

  28. Good samaritan says:

    Mugabe must not be left alone rebuking gays. Do these people know that gaying is a grave sin ? Its a collective decision and every leader need to borrow a leaf from this brave son of Africa. We are proud of you Robert. ………umadza mkwiyo wa Yehova pa ana akusamvera.

  29. mweyeye 1 says:

    We need strong leaders like him Mugabe

  30. Let Us Pray says:

    At last!!! someone has stood up and silence the homosexual devils. God bless You Mugabe.

  31. Dikisan says:

    Gabriel Mugabe, You are a true son of Africa. I hope other leaders from Africa will stand up and call spade a spade. We love you. This what we want our leader to speak for their people. True son of Africa Indeed!

  32. dry bone says:

    mwauzidwa in your own language mwava a bwantasa inu

  33. dry bone says:

    mwauzidwa in your own language mwava abwantasa inu

  34. waitha says:

    Nzowona, kodi kuchindana amachindana konyerera zowona? Manyi pompo shupiti. Kuchindana kumakoma mbolo ndi nyini zikamakwechana

  35. Mfumu Kay says:

    Unmatched wisdom comrade.

  36. Nkozombwe says:

    True son of africa wayankhula, calling a spede a spede osati, ‘azungu akuti’!

  37. abit nyonyonyo says:

    even satan wasnt gay thats why he went 4 eve and tel her to try the fruit………… bravo mugabe

  38. the truth says:

    Let those with morals hear the message of the last African prophet Mugabe , its sad that its his last prophetic message to us.first it was Gaddafi ( may his soul rest in peace) later Bingu ( may his soul rest in peace) all were eliminated their economies punished and the general public manuplilated for an uprising thru demos hence the flooding of migrants to their shores.Mugabe nailed it.Its time for those still young to defend God’s morals than to cherish earthy riches like their AID and so called donations.We shld wise-up.

  39. saiton phiri says:

    Mugabe was true on that issue because we as Africans can not encourage gay.

  40. Thomas Chiona says:

    Thats good Comrade Mgabe wachitabwino at the high function like UN true son of africa. Pamberi ndi africa pansi ndi mathanyula. Ena angokhalako phwiii kumangojambulisa ngatiakufuna kupanga album. Ok

  41. Winston msowoya says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly on gay issue,but I also hate you because of the way you treat your fellow Zimbabweans.You joined ZANU PF to fight oppression and indignity meted out to Zimbabweans,but you have entirely ignored that and embark on unprecedented brutal and senseless oppression of your own people.At 91, you must relinquish power and wait to go six feet deep ,otherwise you are no better than colonialists.Where is your friend Hastings Banda? You will go,but the people of Zimbabwe will remain to chart their own destiny.Mugabe,power corrupts,absolute power corrupts absolutely.ALUTA CONTINUA,VENCREMOS.( THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES.)

  42. ochewa says:

    Kamba mngamwala. Ndiye zimene mulungu afuna. Truth and only the true. Mukanakhalako pakanakha michila yokhayokha. Shame gay advocates!

  43. Zatha says:

    Beautiful speech from a beautiful mind. Calling a spade a spade! I like the selection of words, so interesting osati zinazi zakunozi!

  44. Truck says:


  45. Nyau Chinde says:

    Mugabe ameneyo. At 91, he still [treats] Grace. Very energetic man. Mwamuna sakalamba.

  46. Moralist weniweni says:

    The more you depend on the west you will be forced to be gays.Its time Africa weaned itself from the dependency syndrome and the West will stop making decision for it but since most African leaders are selfish and are there for self enrichment,this will not keep on going for them.They know this gay thing is not normal but even Obama himself did it just win the election.He has the beautiful Michelle beside himself.

  47. umuntu says:

    Mugabe the true son of Africa

  48. Chidantere says:

    Africa Need Strong Leaders Like Comrade.There’s Too Much Interference Of The West In Other Countries Affairs Greatly Resulting Into War.

  49. Nyoni phiri says:

    Comulade wathu timakunyadirani, fenkiyu pomuuza pitala kti afilika safuna umve

  50. Njeri says:

    Our poverty should not make us compromise our faith

  51. akupha says:

    Kodi ndichifukwa chiyani azunguwa amakana chiwili koma u Homo akuti eya?

  52. Bandawe says:

    Now you can retire comrade

  53. Bololo says:

    I don’t usually agree with Comrade Mugabe’s stand on most issues but on this one I 100% agree with this guy.

  54. Thus our president, cmde President Robert Mugabe. May you live longer your excellency

  55. Jimuni says:

    Salute!!!!! Tellin it like it is!!!

  56. Brazilian Wax says:

    Just as a matter of not throwing way the baby with bath water Mugabe is a courageous leader BUT he doesnt set good precedence by clinging to poor and causing untold misery to Zimbabweans. Those who have been to Zimbabwe will agree with me but many of us who are distant onlookers would think Mugabe is a great leader while he is not.

  57. Amugabe kufuna ku duwa ndi ka history ka bwino. Inu ndi dolo mwafuta ka mistake kamu paliament kaja.

  58. Ma says:

    Nanga peter wanuyo akutinji?

  59. Mfiti idzafanso says:

    I salute you bwana Mugabe! Uku ndiye kubwera.Kodi nanga ife wathu Peter akuti chiyani kumeneko? Ifenso a Malawi zolowetsana amuna okhaokha ngati akazi okoma kulibe takana.Takananso referendamu pa nkhani yopusayi komanso muwauze azungu otalika mphunowo ndalama zawo akhale nazo. Ife tipitiliza kusangalatsa azimai athu ofewa ndi okoma a chimalawi. Long live Mugabe, long live Zimbabwe, long live Malawi and lög live my beloved Africa!

  60. mad chicken says:

    Thus the good characters of the leader.

  61. Issa says:

    Wathuyu Peter Mathanyula mwati alinso konko

  62. Memory mandere says:

    Africa needs leaders lyk Mugabe who can stand against nosense Bravoo comrade

  63. Hosea.lobie says:

    True son of Africa, upholding true values of Africa, dancing to nobody’s tune but the core values, culture and traditions of Africa.

    Sizodikira kuti “tifuse kaye ma citizens (Malawians)” NO!!!!!!!!

    I salute Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe, I label him #The_True_Son_Of_Africa

  64. Just how can sex with a fellow man thru unas be a human right really? My dogs are even better in this regard. I support comrade on his stand.

  65. Great massage mr president tell them chaliya they r doing stupid things

  66. Thom Chunga says:

    I salute you ,one hundred times, for the speech well presented .

  67. dadaboma says:

    Who will benefit from your “not being gay”? None. Who will benefit if you allow those wanting to be gay to have their rights? Many. Your country will be seen to uphold human rights and you’ll not be economically ostracized. So what’s the fuss about Mugabe’s barks? If Mugabe was wiser, he should have barked “we’re not adulterers! We’re not fornicators! We’re not thieves! We’re not murderers!” because these are the ills of society that retard development and bring anguish and conflicts between people. Being “gay” is an innocent practice, it offends no one and hurts no one. Why should Mugabe waste his sapped energy on this? Retrogressive countries are known by their rejection of homosexuality. We’ve more serious issues to worry about in our society. Long live homosexuality.

  68. ujeni says:

    I like this real African. He is up to his words. Not these ‘foreigners’.

  69. Munyane says:

    Traspence and your colleague did u hear the African wisdom ….we are not guys prior

  70. karoda says:

    Mugabe is a true son of Africa

  71. Jonta kim fil says:

    Gayism and resbeunism is an antichrist doctrine abwere poyera asamabisalire m’mabungwe the truth shall expose his where about and the power he holds globally well done .Mugabe

  72. mtaisi says:

    One good reason why Mugabe and mutharika will hate each other.

  73. Wilfred says:

    Tsetsefly are you gay or stupid

  74. Wilfred says:

    Tsetsefly are you stumpid

  75. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    salute APM again fo saying NO to dis nonsense

  76. hosta says:

    I salute you Mr. Robert Gabriel Mgabe you are such a marvelous leader who just tell them the truth..we don’t want sodom and gomorrah in Africa let them leave with there aid. The same God who is the same yesterday, today and forever he will bless us if we shun those evil things

  77. Jelbin mk says:

    Mugabe is right we dont need europeans or Americans to tell us how should we live and more over gay rights are not part and parcel of human rights because human rights are right you dont earn but are entitled to any human being by the virtue of being a human being.

  78. hosta says:

    i salute you Mr. R. Mgabe may God bless you richly these people are supposed to be told the truth like what you have done and God is really happy with that..

  79. Zaire says:

    A mouth of Africa,and a voice of the voiceless.
    Long live Mugabe.

  80. Magay says:

    mugabe ndi deal kuwauza poyera azungu zachamba ma africans ife zamagay ayi osat kuno ku malawi et tivote paliso reason et gay aziphedwa nonse oyang’anira human rights ndinu agalu,manyi ,matunvi panja azungu amakutumani nde mugabe wawathira shit long live mr mugabe God bless you

  81. Omex70 says:

    Mugabe will be remembered for many years once he dies. He is a man and if Africa had at least 5 presidents of this caliber, this stupid advocacy about gay rights would not have been there. Unfortunately many of these so called presidents are cowards. They are yes bwanas.

  82. Ndea says:

    There will never be a true reader like you Mugabe. Its just these white people when they see greatness in each african leader they always find way to put you down, just way they did with Bingu. Respect to you big man.

  83. Endtime says:

    Africa has spoken we need respect

  84. phelezunje says:

    I respect u Mr president, u really defend ur country,why other leaders in Africa fail to emminet ur ideas on this stance.God should still add some years to u as u really stand for God wish.

  85. matako a pusi says:

    My comrade mugabe this is great and remarkable speach keep it up azunguwa and some misguided Ngos like undule trapence mtambo go to hell. Mugabe is the true son of African

  86. No Retreat No Surrender says:


  87. Sangala. Tinkanena ife says:

    kumeneko nde kubwela Mugabe.

  88. Kate molowa says:

    Mugabe the lil man africa must stand confdent just like him silute sir”

  89. Emmanuel Kafunda says:

    The real African icon! I salute you Mugabe!

  90. Hens master says:

    My hero, mugabe, has spoken once again in defence of our culture, values and beliefs. No to gays.
    Retire my hero and be advisor to African presidents.

  91. Nephitaly Kalonde says:

    Mugabe palibeso mzake.My fellow Africanan lets 2gether Mugabe.The former U.S.A President F.D.R Franklin one day in 1930s said”My fellow American do not fear anything else but fear itself.Ndalama ndizawo madowa.Akutsogoledwa ndi mphavu zakumidima.Pr. A.P.M ndikukhulupiraso kuti he so God Fearing Presidet.Long Live Mugabe!!! GOD BLESS MUGABE.AMEN.

  92. Mashamase says:

    Mathanyula koma Peter, thako mpaka chuku

  93. Austin says:

    I wish Mugabe was our leader. Nyasha bva Mwali bvikuchengeteyi Gogo!

  94. humphreys says:

    Iwish u were a malawian, si zinazi kuopa basi!!

  95. Trapence & Undule says:

    Old men are a source of wisdom. From today onwards, we shall never advance our agenda for gay marriages in the name of minority rights. For the world has heard it all that gays have no space in Africa..kudos to Mugabe.

  96. Wa moyale says:

    Gud gud! We r nt.

  97. mtumbuka1 says:

    I live in England but I agree with Mugabe ..a man is married to a woman and that’s the bottom line.

  98. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Mugabe, you are one in a trillion. We are behind you. America should not force us to go gay. We are human beings and not animals.

  99. ALOSWEA says:

    Real leader talks though in pain

  100. Parallel Market says:

    My respest to H.E. Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe!!! May GOD add 50 more years to your life.

    This is the leader Africa must have. This gay madness is disturbing african values and culture. Gone are the days when Africa can be bullied to become gays for financial aid. I think the world has heard in black and white Africa’s position on homosexuality. My appeal to african countries including Malawi is to start arresting gays and lesbians without mercy. Put them in jail for 14years. This nonsense must end now.

  101. nijo says:

    Palibe mtsogoleri muno muafrica ofanana ndi mkulu uyu amawopa anthu akuda anzake koma agalu akumwera yawa ayi amawuza poyera yera long live mugabe

  102. tsetsefly says:

    Wise words old man. However go and rest. You are too old to govern. After messing up the great Zimbabwe beyond recognition its time to leave the stage to others to dance. Your ability has gone so low that you can no longer revitalize this once vibrant economy.

  103. Hangman Mtambo says:

    What I like about Mugabe is that he doesn’t just shout like mapolitician aku Malawi. Like Kasambara, hate him or love him he will always give you the reasons.

  104. mtubzitubzu kumputa mkunkhudza says:

    We are not gays kkkkkkkkkk hundreds man. Tell dem right now

  105. Denguzman says:

    Gud message koma chakalamba kwambiri.

  106. A President….mwayitha…I Salute…Ife Takana nkhalidwe wonyasa…

  107. Hahaha….that’s Mugabe ‘ my glandpa ‘.;- # I salute him mpaka kale .

  108. opportunist says:

    That’s my man.

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