Why did Mutharika reshuffle Malawi Cabinet?

The President has just reshuffled the Cabinet, and I feel it is the duty of every citizen to get interested in reshuffles when they happen, especially in times of governance crises of the kind our government is going through.

Jappie Mhango takes his oath

Jappie Mhango takes his oath

The President has the exclusive right enshrined in the constitution of our republic to reshuffle the cabinet at will, without owing anybody a singular explanation. We can therefore not expect government to explain the reshuffle even when we feel it falls short of a real reshuffle that we would expect in these hard times. However, the same supreme law of our land does not prevent us from asking why he reshuffled the Cabinet and expressing our views about it.

Therefore, while proudly embracing my democratic right to publicly express my views on the reshuffle, I declare that this reshuffle is another failure of government to address our challenges:

You see, though a Cabinet reshuffle is at the prerogative of our Presidents, so much that they can even reshuffle at their own pleasure, the reshuffles must be relevant and aimed at addressing every of the challenges of government and the people of Malawi. And though at times and often so, to remedy the President’s own leadership conveniences, but never must a President reshuffle Cabinet for political expedience, at the expense of the public’s welfare.

The reshuffle should have clearly demonstrated how government is re-positioning itself, in a much aggressive and strategic manner, to tackle the general failure of government. But this reshuffle lacks boldness, because it has left nearly the whole cabinet intact, and even the three Ministers that have been shifted from one ministry to another, do not really inspire confidence of performing in their new portfolios. Actually, one is left to wonder which one of the many challenges of government, does the shifts of Ministers really resolve here.

All I am saying is that Malawi is going through a worrisome aggregate failure of government departments, institutions and agencies, and one would expect a major reshuffle, that would define a new direction and approach. I strongly feel that when a nation is on the verge of collapsing, not out of political instability that threatens leadership, but through technocratic and decision making failure, then the leadership can cast the net wider and beyond Party politics to hire new talent and skill; after all, there are about 16 Million Malawians, locally and abroad.

Otherwise, one might get tempted to conclude that the reshuffle has nothing to do with seeking redress for the challenges that government is experiencing, but it is yet another stunt to fool Malawians into thinking that the government is doing something about the endless suffering of Malawians.

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26 thoughts on “Why did Mutharika reshuffle Malawi Cabinet?”

  1. mankhaule mlamu baaba says:

    iwenso n’ngalu ati, niwe president kt ukanene za reshuffle

  2. Chopwicho says:

    Kodi mafuna kutiuza chiyani a Lyson……..ngati mulibe zolemba ndibwino kukhala chete kufuna potchukira eti……

  3. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Ophiri, criticism is not disrespect….get that right you worshippers of humans!!!!

  4. ochewa says:

    May God almighty guide our president and its vice on transforming malawi positively

  5. trouble says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk koma kumeneko

  6. ophiri says:

    its better to respect our leaders despite their shortfalls sitima imaphweka akamayendetsa wina .I wil stand to pray for my country and the leaders thats my duty a a christian citizen of mother malawi.

  7. ditto says:

    Sometimes its better to just shut up than say non sensible things…….YES the cabinet has been reshuffled but as you said yourself no one can question the president for reasons. So until you have valid reasons on this topic please dont waste our time with useless points

  8. Njolinjo says:

    Kodi Jean Kalilani angasinthe police? Stupid!

  9. chefourpence says:

    An empty article! Full of hate, disdain for APM and cleuless criticism. If NyasaTimes were a TV station, it would have done better to fill this gap with a music video.

  10. Chimani. Game says:

    May be ndilembe in Chichewa so that this fool can understand.iwe president dzikolakilephera

  11. samuel Nyapala says:

    Sibande you havent written anything in this whole article. I thought you would divulge /suggest a tangible reason for the reshuffle but lo you havent. You have just filled this page with words which have no reasons. Ukanangokhala phee basi.

  12. Patriot says:


  13. Palibe nkhani apa Sibande it’s only that your editor doesn’t have anything to report that’s why he/she has given you this platform to bring this useless & senseless story.

  14. Okhrana says:

    Chiya utalire ndiwe kuti pyooo nyoo ugwii, ufune usafune pitala ndi pulezident of de republic of MALAWI. Kkkkk kagwe chagada

  15. dadaboma says:

    APM is a clueless Lomwe leader. He can’t lead Malawi to prosperity – never! He will very surely sink this country further and further down into socio-economic abyss. Did you see how poorly he performed at Mzuni graduation today? While all speakers who spoke before him recognized the presence of the two former VPs Malewezi and Kachali at the ceremony, APM only recognized Malewezi. APM is a man driven by anger and vendetta and has no sober and sound mind to think about how to help Malawians. He is a man that must leave life if Malawians have to live. All who voted for APM and DPP are the most stupid people ever to live in this country.

  16. Kapyepye says:

    Kodi a Sibande mumafuna chani kwenikweni, Nsanje idzakuntherani liti? Apanso sindikuonapo chomwe mukufuna kutiuza. I think you dont have the eyes that can see, thats all.

  17. kenkkk says:

    Mhesha and kamps, typical dpp bootlickers and puppets. This has nothing to do with tumbukas or northerners,why any constructive criticism is twisted into tribalism? By the way mhango was already in cabinet despite being a deputy before.

    Yes apm is not obliged to give reasons for the reshuffle but good governance and good professional practice require him to do so. It is just common sense and there is no need to change the law for this.It is all about good governance which apm keeps telling us to aspire but is failing to do so himself.

    Like many other thinking people, this reshuffle puzzles me and can only speculate the reasons which I shall keep to myself.

  18. chiya says:

    Isiyeni mbuzi mutharika ilamulire. pano ayithawa automatic fuel pricing kuopa reactn ya anthu but they r sitting on a time bomb. mulira kuti mayo, tinkaberanji mavoti a chakwera?prezdnt of mulanje,thyolo,phalombe,chiradzulu,nsanje,chikwawa,mwanza-neno and ntheu. sorry.

  19. The Destroyer of Nepotism & Tribalism says:

    It sad that some confused Malawians still post cheat comments attacking Tumbukas. Why can’t we join hands & behave like a family? There’s no tribe, grouping etc that is superior than the other. Am a Chewa but I respect Tumbukas because they were once my good teachers, my bosses at work and even my workmates. To say the truth these guys are educated, dedicated, honest & even hard workers but because of jealousy, we hate them. WAKE UP MY MALAWI!!!!!!!!! KWACHAAA!!!!!!!!!!

  20. This is what we voted for.

  21. Mhesha says:

    Atumbuka…just say thanks and keep quiet as your Livingstonia has chosen to be. You’re always barking at a wrong tree. Change the laws if u feel HE must be compelled in giving you reasons for his Cabinet reshuffle. Mwalephera hijacking PP and failed to raise Aford due to greed and you feel you can call the shots in DPP or APM’S office?

  22. Kalithera says:

    Zikanakhala bwino nduna zonse zikanakhala atumbuka / ambwenumbwenu / ajantcha , ndiye mukanava kuti pamenepo zili makora chomene

  23. stain says:

    Senseless stuff critical at everything, rubbish

  24. Dr Henzie Mussa-Chemical Engineer says:

    Spot on especially Nankhumwa and Atupere. What will their shifts bring change in the service delicery of the government?

    Some ministers are spent forces like Goodall if not Badall Gondwe, Musssa, Kaliati, Chaponda, Kalirani et al. Zoona tinene kuti mwa ena wo career yawo ndikukhala ma miniaters in their life tym? Enawo have been ministers since tym ya Muluzi, the Chief Thief. Mediocrity at its best.

    Peter dont talk of any govt reforms before you and your useless cabinet reform in your brains. You are so clueless. Economy is in shambles. Just look at exchange rates, yet we are still in tobacco selling season? Things will be worse if you implement the infamous decision of privatizing ESCOM. The entities will become too commercial hence energy costs will go high which will also drive productiion costs of goods and services higher. As a result there will be hyper inflation and this country will become un governable through massive demonstrations by disgruntled citizenry

  25. kamps says:

    The writer of this article is Godwin Sibande from the north ,the same person who made alot of noise saying northers are few in csbinet,now thr same sibande doesnt want japple mhango in cabinet,can sibande tell us ,what does he want the president to so?

  26. The real ujeni says:

    Peter Mutharika should have stated the reasons he reshuffled some ministers otherwise this looks like a gimmick just ti be seen to be working or doing something. Peter Mutharika is not even half of Joyce Banda capabilities.

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