Woman brutally murdered, eyes removed : Malawi security lapse

Malawi Police have intensified a hunt for criminals who have murdered woman and removed both her eyes in Balaka.

Balaka police publicists sub inspector Joseph Sauka says the body of the deceased who is yet to be identified was found in the early hours of Tuesday at Kabango village in the area of Traditional Authority Sawali in the district.

“It was in a pool of blood with both her hands tied and eyes removed,” he said.

He says on the day of the incident, the deceased who is of about 28 years of age, brown in complexion, wore a long skirt with black and white flowers, green blouse, brown with green flowers silk and had shot hairs.

Post-mortem conducted at Balaka District Hospital revealed that death was caused due to manual strangulation and severe bleeding.

Meanwhile, the body of the deceased is being kept at Balaka District Hospital mortuary and Police is appealing to the general public to report to Balaka Police if they are missing a female relative.

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93 thoughts on “Woman brutally murdered, eyes removed : Malawi security lapse”

  1. KuLiwondewonde says:

    Ndikwao kwa machimo kumeneku/sodom.

  2. Eliam k says:

    You cant control murder,since its committed with malice aforethought the remedy is polce to investigate and apprehend the culprits

  3. mmpwitikizi says:

    This shows that Leadership is different from being a proffesor

  4. Zovetsa chisoni and this sleepy IG kumanena kuti umbanda wachepa what does he mean? anthu akufa siku ndi siku.

  5. mkwende says:

    Enough is enough the police has let us down because these issues of murder are becoming the older of the day. I think mob justice should take its course if we are to have a secure nation.

  6. mwamtoma says:

    poor security in this moya gvt!

  7. ibrahim makwati says:

    comment NO 79 aman named mkhutamasese your comment is verry wrong if u want to say samething u mast tolk in agood ways please contro ur mind

  8. Nyani Galakunzwani says:

    nkhani zophana zachuluka ku Balaka. Kodi tinene kuti a polisi ku Balaka sadziwako kapena amaopako?

  9. Ambolozio says:

    The great thugs are cops (police).

  10. Lwitiko says:

    DPP chitetezo, this is it at its best

  11. Kweni PK says:

    DPP Boma!!! kupha too much boma limeri

  12. nkunthamasese says:

    Balaka is full of moslems and we all know moslems thru out the world kill innocent people in the name of their Allah. bok haram, talibans, islamic state, the jihadists the list goes on. Why? answer! They don’t know JESUS CHRIST.

  13. Wapa Liwonde says:

    The Police in Malawi are not very sophiscated enough to handle such macabre cases.Solving such crimes needs very well equipped and modernised police otherwise these thugs will keep on gouging peoples eyes for their various Mutis(Mankhwala).Ndimavuto a zachuma pa Malawi some people r ready to commit such horrible crimes as quick way to get rich.Its an area where people believes much in getting rich thru such things.Its time the Dna system was incorporated in our investigative system.The archaic police system will not match with the modern trends of these merciless murderers looking for a quick buck.These murderers shud never see a daylight in our lifetime.They all need to rot in jails and die a slow painful death.They r not human beings but mere animals.

  14. Kod tidziti vuto ndichiyan? The warm heart of africa where u gone?

  15. Mapuyamurupare says:

    I think the IG of Police is sleeping.
    How can he allocate so many police men to traffic section.
    more than CID. Plain dressed police men are need to deal with
    thugs / criminals. Not too many officers along the roads only
    to be there for corrupt practices with mini bus drivers and other road users.

    For Example in Blantyre, from Midima Court round-about to Limbe market you find about
    four to five teams of traffic police officers of about four to six each. Other teams are just
    standing on the road side waiting to receive cash from corrupt minibus drivers who pretty well know that their vehicles have overloaded / exceeded capacity.

    Why not sending some Police officers for patrols deep in townships and villages just to increase visibility of the law enforcers in our communities.

    Jack up Mr IG of the Malawi Police.

  16. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Koma ndiye ku Balaka zaonjeza. Kwenikweni ndi chiani? Lord, have mercy and expose these killers.

  17. SOTHINI says:


  18. Lamzey02 says:

    koma Boma la Balaka mwanyanya ndizonyasa bwanji.

  19. aristotle says:

    may her soul RIP. Malawi munatani Kodi ?politicising everything,shame on you!

  20. Mayani boys man k says:

    Malawi police what is your work? Many pple killed within these 7months , the work of dpp government speaks for them, ooh our allah hear our cry, we had amistake during elections.may her soul rest in piece.

  21. Andrew Nswala says:

    Oh! God My Lord, Help Malawi, Bless Malawi, The Situation We Are Is Too Dangerous. We Need Your Special Hand Please. The Country Is Now Fully Covered With Demonic Ministers

  22. Lwitiko says:

    Peter MUST ANNOUNCE THE SHHOT TO KILL POLICY we are tired of these maffias who are respected more by the law than innocent people.

    Lawyers to hell with your Rights

  23. masoapatali says:

    The problem is almost every policeman is trying his best to be a traffic police officer to steal from motorists instead of ensuring security in the neighborhoods. Angodzadzana mmisewu kubera anthu basi. When they are at their offices in the police stations, it is all about corruption. In Malawi the worst thieves and thugs are policemen and am not surprised by this level of insecurity

  24. Massive says:


  25. jb says:

    ni mavuto aya. justice must prevail.

  26. Onasiwelo says:

    Ntchito za manja za dpp and apm zayamba kuonekela GOD will punish you

  27. King Zude says:

    Typical of DPP government,kumangopha anthu basi.

  28. sidington mhone says:

    Inhuman, brutal, satanic.OK she has gone u will go also.May her soul rest in peace.

  29. mr malawi says:

    where Malawi is going to? chonchi anthu amenewa akagwidwa tinva awatulusa pa belo kapena 5 years imprisonment; mai malawi.

  30. a says:

    iwe 59 do you mean you dönt the df of this cald dpp and the dpp we had during munthu wamkulu bingu ?zinthu zikamaonöngeka we point at readers becouse tinavota kuti atiteteze ndizina zambiri. Nanenso ndinavotela mkulu ameneyu koma na izi ndiye ndidza fodya he must change to the better nt rubbish lk vis . Mulungu sangandilange koma alanga amene mukusekelela zopusanu

    1. tonde says:

      Chizungucho bwanji?

      1. Frazer Mkawa says:

        Lets all ask God for intervention.This is because if God says yes nobody can say No.

  31. jimbo says:

    What is it with Balaka and district? So many horrid crimes are frequently reported to occur there. It is not a city with a large population and yet the serious crimes committed there are so frequent.

  32. osuma says:

    55 sukudziwa chomwe ukunena; iwe sukudziwa pali gulu lina limene limangosokoneza zikachitika ndikumaombera m’manja. DPP yakuputa chiani pamene thus general public concern, how to deal with these problems. Remember mercies trumphs over judgement. Iwe ndi mwamodzi akukutuma kuti uchita zosokoneza; ukamufunse Undule ali potani pano! God will deal with you.

  33. UNDERWEAR says:

    These are the results of cheating between lovers. One with total love and trust would surely kill his husband or wife if found cheating.

  34. Chechamba says:

    Kodi Balaka bwanji??? Zipitani ku school ziachawa inu, you want to get rich when you ran away from school, mbutuma inu shupiti!!!!!! We are tired hearing of Balaka this today, Balaka tomorrow. Mwina ndi Ung’ono-ung’ono ndi bamboo ake nanga we are surprised with Muluzi’s constant visits kwa Peter. U want kukhwimira udindo so that Atupepele should be president? Wauponda Atupele is shit too we have now known his true colors. He is Birimankhwe womangosanduka and he can NEVER rule Malawi, msana wake.

    1. zingayambe kuyiwalika says:

      @ 57 , kaya ukuti chechamba
      What has Atupele and his father got to do with this issue , especially in balaka ? Iwe sukulu unapita ndi yakuti ? Poti ukulepera ndikulemba chingeredzi chombveka ? Mind u atupeleyo sangafanane ndiponso sadzafanana ndi manyi adzibambo ali kwanuko. Please give us a break ! Dont portray ur shallow level of thinking on this forum. Ukufuna ndi dzidzukulu dzanga dzomwe dzidziwe kuti ndiwe ‘nkumba’ ya munthu

  35. mr Phiri says:

    Lord have mercy on us, chikuchitika ndi chani ku Malawi kuno….inu okuphanu ndikuuzeni…don’t ever try to kill my relative and don’t ever try that…..muzanya….am telling u…yesani…..Mr President, can u bring the shoot to kill back? coz its getting worse now pliz….

  36. a says:


  37. ujeni says:

    Zonse zikuchitikazi ndi amai anagwa nacho chisankho aja, akutuma anthu kuti azipanga zimenezo, pambuyo anthu aziti dziko silikuyenda. Mulungu achita nanu, muti phee muone.

  38. nkhedu says:

    eeishh. koma nanga potha chaka?

  39. NKhutukumve says:

    The devil is really alive and well


  41. dzikolathu says:

    My appeal to the Government, security should not be compromised. Let the Govt. come up with proper security measures for the general public or for the common people.

  42. Jokujoku says:

    Balaka has 0.01% of theft and robbery and nothing more other than brutality murderers and rapists. Check and verify in radioswald ,electronic and print media and u can agree. They are filthy people

  43. Mbanangwa says:

    What do we make out of all this? Economy has hit hard Malawians and those who go to witch finders to decide their fortune, they are cheated with rituals to help them get rich quickly. However, is that a good way to make somebody depart from this life so untimely? I cry my beloved country! This poor lady did not deserve this, oooooh, not at all. Ku Balaka mwatani? Nkhani zonyasa chonchi chiyambirenicho! Chikhala kuti ndi ku Mpoto bwenzi pano tikuti ATUMBUKA.

  44. saulosi Chilima says:

    Very bad!!! Somebody said it that Peter is a satanist and ushering him into power will make Malawians cry day and night. Every satast becomes extremely happy when he sees blood shed. At the place I thought this guy was just kidding but now am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Peter is a blood sucker (vampire). Malawians have complained several times about security lapse in the country but the has always kept his mouth plastered. My question is if the president fails to address security issues like these who then will help us? God have mercy.

  45. steve ngulube says:

    these is so bad amwene

  46. kadamanja says:

    Balaka Balaka bwanji kodi a Malawi? zinthu izi zikupita kuti? Loti Zonzi ntchito yanu ndi kumwa tea ndi Pitala? Pliz government do something. kukhalila kuphedwa ndi kuphana? This too much. Rip.

  47. Prophet says:

    Balaka! Balaka! Balaka! Ndichani chikuvuta Balaka.Wagwidwa ndi chiwanda choipa Balaka.Timupemphelele Balaka osaiwala Luchenza yemwe wagwidwanso ndi chiwanda cha uhule kwa azimayi oyaluka apabanja.Balaka tasintha iwe.

  48. Khalamule says:

    Horror!! is this what we wanted,I mean those who are alleged to have voted this party into power. Disgrace!!

  49. Chifundo says:

    Very pathetic, Good God what’s going on.

  50. wokwiya says:

    Amenewa akagwidwa muwachotse maso

  51. chemboma says:


  52. boko harram says:

    I hope it must be the same People who voted this stupid dpp satanics party into the power. Very sad To see president keep ignore this crisis. Gorverment are ruled by dogs, every day we hear same story like we are in somalia. Oooooosorry My be loved motherland

  53. vindere says:

    Achawa nanunso mwanyanya ndi mabusiness. Mpaka kuyamba kugulisa maso a anthu.I bet you were in collaboration with Lomwes. You want to start eyegate.

  54. Kapando boy says:

    That is inhuman

  55. Star says:

    Zayambikaso zakale zija,dziko la umphawi security njee where a we going,seriously masten aja timawanyoza but atleast he was trying pa umayi wawo smth that a man is failing to do…kweeeeeeeeeee!

  56. BBC says:

    Malawi wa lero. NO FURTHER COMMENTS.

  57. Anch says:

    Who is to blame at this insecurity in the country. As a citizen of this country am deeply concerned with such inhuman act which has happened. Let’s unit and fight for our rights.

  58. sipe says:

    chitetezo, chitetezo diphiphi kuphwanyikaphwanyika mkamwa basi, chosatha ndi kulankhula komwe ndiye chingabweretse chitetezo?????????? nde bolanso masteni omwe aja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Mapiyamulupali says:


  60. kagonanitu says:

    May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

    I don’t believe is this happening in Northern Malawi? What are we looking for? Check situations when did this happen and who was the President. Much is again happening now in days unlike the past two years. CHECK.
    May the GOOD LORD assist us to desist from such actions as a nation.

  61. Chazama says:

    Does this government have any leader? Killing has become the order of the day. Totally nooooo security. Its such a government that people can do whatever they want without fearing law, yet the law enforcers are there and the commander in chief of the law is there. Anthu aziphana ngati nkhuku, kuwotchedwa ndi moto ngati kanyenya. People are testing your strength mr.big man. wake up!!!!!!
    We thot as a man you will do better than a woman but alas! Malawi is gone, please wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Gona n'kuphe sali patali says:

    Alomwe ndi boma lanu kudayananso bwanji kodi? Mesa boma lanu ndi chitetezo paja!

  63. Ngo says:

    ‘Cry Our Beloved Country’ Let us all join hands in fighting this security lapse. We the community have a role to play….we stay with these criminals. Let us report suspicious people to Police. The Police…please be professional. And let the country know your challenges so together we can find solutions to solve this problem.

  64. peter says:

    Boma la m;bale wa Bingu????? Boma la peter????? Boma La Mutharika????? Boma Boma ………. Boma limelo???????????

  65. A rotten nation.Pastors,Sheikhs and Priests have a job and half to bring back our lost glory.Malawi used to be known as a God fearing nation.Can we proudly say this now.I doubt

  66. Nyangabira says:

    Amalawi,chitetezo chathu chili kuti?Tiziopa kuyenda ziko lathu lomwe?APM chitanipo kanthu.

  67. Kau says:

    Mwatani kodi Amalawi?

  68. snaiper says:

    But what’s going on now, do u mean we are back in 1997’s and 2004’s where people are killed like chicken when minbus are well know with the name of MDULA MOYO, all these disappear 4 ten years. Indeed peter is not Binge(from the mouth of mr president),
    not a politician bt patrialtic citizen

  69. wobeba wanga says:

    Very bad. May God assist us

  70. TRUCK says:

    Zikawenga zopha anthu chonchi muzizenga Life imprisonment kuti mbava zina zitengerepo phunziro no Bail.

  71. Mlomwe says:

    May her soul rest in peace and those involved caught and face justice.Alomwe kukwima basi sukulu ayi.Zitsiru.

  72. dada says:

    watson balaka?.this is 2mch please obey

  73. Plebian says:

    Nthawi ya UDF yafikanso yomwe azimayi ku Chiradzulu amaphedwa. Pano pali mgwirizano wa DPP ndi UDF. Kaya zanu izo mwachulukana kwambiri uko ku kumwera iyo ndi njira imodzi yochepeketsa chiwerengero chanu koma mukuchepetsa mavoti. Condolence to the bereaved family. The killers must be killed too.

  74. zopusa zuipa ezi says:

    abale kubalaka chikuchika ndichiyani balaka balaka mwenzi uliuse zachitika kubalaka okondedwa kufunika mapemphelo uku wakula ndi ufiti mukungompha anthu osalakwa chifukwa chiyani zanyanya pamalawi kusowa uzimzimu mulungu akukathani ndithu sakusiyani kuti muzingochita zoipa.

  75. Paul senzani says:


  76. steve.jnr says:

    boma likulephera ntchitotu apa, before anything else every government must provide security for its people and their property. Koma daily nkhani zake zomwezi, ngati akumabeledwa ma VP ndi ma ministers how are ordinary citizens like us supposed to feel safe!

  77. ilera says:

    At this moment I would say the government is misplacing priorities. The lapse of security is a concern to the nation and government should not sit idle while innocent people are being killed and their property stolen. This is the time for Peter to act decisively on this if the nation is to move ahead. This disturbance will not help us concentrate on mapping the path to restoring our economy.

  78. Ma says:

    Kodi akuyendesa Boma ndi amai paja? Useless professor, he has no idea on how to govern.

  79. Truth says:

    Paja timati ng’ombe ya yikazi sikokoka ngolo.

  80. Chichi says:

    Why this on this earth of Malawi? Lord have mercy on us.

  81. Pastor nyalapa says:

    Daily we are hearing only sad news from balaka whats wrong with balaka kwachuluka ogulitsa ziwalo?

  82. Mr Missing says:

    Ntchito za manja a Muthalika zikumuchitila umboni. There is nothing to write home about Loti Dzonzi except lapse of security in malawi. This man is just a waste of time and resources.

  83. Angel of Doom says:

    It does not take a genius to know that such barbaric acts have nothing to do with lapse in security.

    Acts like these happen everywhere, these are acts of depraved individuals, they do not become depraved because they suddenly realise there is a lapse of security.

    Do you want to tell this country that a lapse of security causes people to kill each other? if that is the case why does this not happen in full view of everyone, why is it done in the dark?

    I will tell you why it is done in the dark, this is because there are dark forces at work, nothing to do with lapse of security. Even if everybody in the country agreed to lookout, people will still be killed. The police can not be expected to guard villages, but rather to try their best to apprehend the perpetrators, but unless one is a fool or and idiot would one not realize that in a country like Malawi, that can only happen if they have tip offs.

    Do Malawians tip off the police? that is a question that each one can answer for themselves.

    Yes people will do things that they believe they can get away with, but murder?

  84. matchaya says:

    why all this God push the world so that we can know you God. what are the government saying in all these. how many people within a week, are these chickens or people pls police try to do something we are tired of this life style.

  85. kaliwaka says:

    many police but nothing remove unprofitable roadblock send them in the villages,always artificial death causer animal with two legs,my father in heaven would u send ur angels to save us from brutal death which is terrify our life

  86. chishimba says:

    Abale ko dziko lathu likunka kuti every week you hear kwakuti wina waphedwa,police where are you,R I P

  87. GRACE says:


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