Women leaders are ‘risk takers’ -Joyce Banda speaks at UN

Malawi’s former President Joyce Banda says women leaders are “risk takers; they are honest; and that they care about the people they serve”.

Former Malawi president Joyce Banda was a panellist at UN fora on women

Former Malawi president Joyce Banda was a panellist at UN fora on women

Banda on the panel

Banda on the panel

“Women appoint fellow women and focus on big projects as well as on small social projects that touch women’s lives,” former President Banda said when she was a panellist at the UN Headquarters in New York, the United States of America (USA).

The panel discussion was held UN, where women from around the globe are meeting at the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

CWS takes place every year around the International Women’s Day.

Countries around the world have just commemorated the annual World Women Day, which falls on March 8. The day was punctuated by various activities as women took the opportunity to celebrate ‘Beijing’ after 20 years.

As a panellist, former President Banda’s presentation centred on the advantages of women leadership with regard to Beijing agreements. It touched on three parameters—women participation in leadership, educating girls and economic empowerment.

She also discussed the five pillars that she feels every female leader should pay attention to such as the generation of income (business) particularly for rural women, education for the girl child, maternal health – HIV/Aids, leadership and women’s rights.

Said Banda: “The world must create space for young leaders. Young leaders should keep the fire burning as their empowerment is work in progress and there is still a lot to be done.

“They must take over from us. Fellow women must be appointed to senior positions and they must be willing to take risks take risks. They must be inclusive on issues of national importance and allow men to be part of the discussion because you need them for implementation.”

Organized by the London School of Economics, the meeting gives women a rare opportunity to share experiences; highlight their achievements; and take stock of their failures.

It also afforded them the latitude to highlight some of the challenges they are likely to encounter in implementing the Beijing Plan of Action and map the way forward from the lessons drawn.

The meeting also discussed women in leadership, especially in public office. The meeting was entitled ‘CSW Above the Parapet – Women in Public Office – Learning from Women who reached the top’.

The recommendations from this meeting will feed into the Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

In the light of CSW focus on the Beijing Platform for Action, including current challenges for its implementation and the achievement of gender equality and women’s empowerment, the meeting shared emerging lessons and heard from women about their own journeys.

The London School of Economics launched the Above the Parapet project last October to capture the experiences of senior women, who have shaped public life. It aims to identify the contexts and individual factors that shape women’s journeys into senior life in several fields.

In 2012, Banda became the first female Head of State in Malawi and Southern Africa and second in Africa after President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia.

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104 thoughts on “Women leaders are ‘risk takers’ -Joyce Banda speaks at UN”

  1. Chigayo says:

    Next presidential election people from outside malawi will vote for you because that’s where your heart is,however maula prison waiting for you Peter anagonako because of you.

  2. Witness says:

    This woman is a devil .Iam a woman who is in business and if there is a ime i suffered its her time.She loves women who worships her not us who work hard.Who voted for you RISK TAKER?I voted for Bingu and then Peter wamva?Zogwelazo.Get your own vote mama.

  3. Mwandiputa Dala says:

    Mukasowa nkhani mungoti ziii basi#

  4. Jihad John says:

    JB, Senzani, Getrude Muthalika ku NAC, etc. Risk takers indeed

  5. Phwado says:

    Just come back home mama,your “freedom corner” is waiting for you here!Kkkkkk!

  6. sabiti says:

    DPP you on the drivers seat whatelse do u want from JB, you are the archtectures of cashgate 92billion wat are u doing about it?

  7. Phodogoma says:

    Women leders are risk takers indeed. So you were a risk take a leader of Malawi by creating CASHGATE. You gave birth to cashgate and that child is still giving pains and general sufferings to innocent Malawians. You are a very bad woman who stole our money without initiating any development. Please JB come back and defend yourself in the court of law. You a woman crook of the world. How long it may take, you will know the roll of INTERPOL globally. You will fly to Malawi in a wingless and chairtless plane one day by INTERPOL. The world has to know the truth about you shameless Jazbel. After all you left this country as a president when all the donors faced their backs to Malawi in terms of budgetary support because of you a risk taker indeed.

  8. Chrispine Salanje says:

    mama JB we love you

  9. Mweneku Muzi says:

    So what does Malawi benefit from that……shupiti

  10. Harry Chidyaonga says:

    za ziiiii amai amai chani? abweretu nanga akuthawa chani??? president bulutu bulutu.

  11. gule wamkulu says:

    Number 1, 2 , 6 and others of that thinking spectrum. you are fools. Just leave JB alone. sakukhala kunyumba kwanu. She is a rare breed of International recognition. She will rule Malawi posachedwa. you will see and you will see.

  12. moto mwikho says:

    Even by African Srandards it is a shame for a President to reduce herself to a destitute and be blind to the fact that she is not fooling the world, it is the world that is using her, preparing self erving speeches for her. The comments on this forum are a true measure of how ignorant most Malawians are.

  13. Onasiwelo says:

    The DPP people will never see anything good from madam JB not even a single thing why, they are all possessed with anger, greedy, nepotism and stealing, one thing is clear here, when you old kahuna died aka Daniel Phiri died you did not believe that he has die, why you were thinking he is more than a human being, forgeting he stole the party from udf after failing miserably in 1999 elections. When he was dying this country was in a mess, people were suffering no fuel, no forex no sugar no cement no freedom of expression nothing but dpp cadets and pangas come a mai in just a one month things started changing so if you say a mai this amai that please remember how she found this country and how she left it. If you think apm is better than her good and fine but we are yet to see.

  14. joyce banda is a successfull malawian leader who has set an example of successful power women.

  15. Muhiye Mwana says:

    Mayi JB, moni! Kodi mubwera liti? Mphamvuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Kwa ife!!!!!!!!

  16. Kuchekuche says:

    Do you know kuti muma meeting otelewa amachita kulemba makalata kupempha kuti aka bite attend. Ndiye anthu Aja amatha ku mulola munthu olo kumukana.. So here it just shows kuti mzimayi uyu anamwaza makalata ambili kuti aziyitanidwa mumisinkhano yoteleyi.. It’s like when the want a Doctrate kuti mphwepa zilandile ceremonial Doctrate amapempha kuti zitelo. Ndiye Mayi uyu amwaza makalata mbweee.. Amene amazitsata Atha kundivomeleza

  17. Mwama Du says:

    The rest of the world sees you shining! But this myiopic camp sees you doomed. FOR ME IT Z CONGRATULATION MADAM JB!

  18. ğyu says:

    Pliz women are,honest and serve? Look at ur own trackrecord and the cashgate that came with it

  19. ian says:

    kodi monse muja sakufuna kubwera kumudzi why? kugula status? kkkkkkkk

  20. Clement says:

    Gambatula you raised a point and that is that. She was the president by accident

  21. nyapapi says:

    A great talker is a great liar ulamuliro wachizimayi siwabwino ayi a Joice Banda akanakhala kuti akulamulabe akanalamula kuti azibambo azivala madilesi amafunanso kuti police ithe pasakhalenso police shame to you

  22. fidelis says:

    woe to those in the House of Exile……….looking like a fish out of water…………..wondering what’s the matter…..if you live by begging….you will die begging…and so it came to pass… that the Son of Man would have to die……it was written on the Wall….loooong time ago….Mama your time came and went………………..the end is nigh…..clutching at straws……………

  23. Joseph Gambatula says:

    Amai abodza awa.She is just looking for sympathy.Women are honest?My foot.Which women?Trezza Senzani and other cashgate thieves?Leave us alone.We have left her on the shelf.Giving lectures in the US will not change the scenario of povos in Malawi.She should come home and explain how such billions of kwachas were being looted by her greedy cohorts.Some of us are fed up with these useless accolades from the US and other countries while Malawians are living in abject poverty because of her incompetent system.She was just an accidental president after a lunatic senile president died of cardiac arrest.Give us a rest from this crap.Amayiwa asatitopetse ife.Ntchito kunali kubwebweta mumisonkhano zinthu zopanda pache.Im not a sexist.People should be given positions on competency level not just because somebody is a woman.

  24. Kyu says:

    Zonse amayankhula kumeneko sizachilendo ndizinthu zoti ena anayankhulapo kale. Let this Mandasi lady come up with her own new idea and bring it to Africa to change lives. Basi chifukwa choti ali pakati pa Azungu Ndiye ife tizinjenjemera. Musatichimwise

  25. In just two years JB appoimted several women to key positions but what does she get back in return? Total betrayal. Today despite losing elections she is still fighting for the good of malawians wow you are somwthing else Mai Banda. Keep it up”

  26. Jb is no longer president but she still feels duty bound to spearhead the plight of malawian women. She still thinks about the good of of girls. You are an amazing leader Amai ambuye akudaliseni.

  27. Koma Amalawi? What the hell is wrong with us?? Why do we embrace mediocrity? Apm is just taking whisky yet we demand no action from him? We must feel ashamed of ourselves. Joyce Banda please come back and lead the revolution. Malawians need you than ever before.

  28. Khoswe says:

    Ine palibe chimene ndimaona po pa JB mwina ndili ndi vuto kapena poti nane ndakhalisa Kuno ku London. I just take her as somebody dull, with archaic thinking etc may be sindimuziwa bwino otherwise analamulira mwa chimidzimidzi and it was like the country was going backwards. Atakhala mfumu Ya mmudzi I will agree koma president aaaaa she is far away from it

  29. Malawians we enjoy having leaders with no clear agenda. Its now close to one year can somebody show me what APM has achieved for the country?? Kapena tiziti akupanga ma plan? Lets respect our leaders. Joyce Banda deserves all due respect. She is only leader who has interest of malawiasn at heart. Real malawians shall never forget you JB. Since you left your shoes have been too big to be filled.

  30. You can despise JB the way you want but fact of the matter is that there shall never be a selfless leader like Amai. Within short period of time she did change the course of Malawi. From a failed
    state that lacked basic things ssuch as sugar, fuel, human rights, forex into a country of plenty. We shall always remain regretful Madam. May God bless you abundantly.

  31. Pitilizani mai athu JB. Ansanje, kapena zingerengere, apa ndiye sikulira kwake !

  32. Chatty Man says:

    Well done mama!

  33. Robert kambuwi says:

    Amalawi safuna munthu wabwino koma amafuna makape. pitilizani mai JB. zikupangileni umboni

    1. Patriot says:

      Women leaders zimakhala MBAVA zoopsa kuposa amuna mapeto ake zimathawa

  34. Indeed a big changer of Malawi from a God-fearing into a donor-fearing nation! In the guise of championing women cum human rights these heartless mothers have been and still are fighting for the legalization of lesbianism(homosexuality) and abortion(killing of unborn babies).Search and read the Maputo Protocal towhich Malawi is signatory and the psychology behind the much claimed Reproductive Health,Safe Motherhood and Women Empowerment issues.Unfortunately the world(today) and Malawi in particular lack selfless, honest and patriotic leaders who speak the truth and not mere rhetoric.

  35. Patriot says:

    Kuli Nankhumwa ko kikikikiki

  36. ngozo says:

    Thats great

  37. Joyce Banda you are very special woman. You have proved your greatness by choosing to stay out of dpp govts way. Today they have lost direction. Apm is clueless he doesnt know where to start from. Keep the fire burning JB. The best president ever.

    1. Patriot says:

      Calibre Ya anthu amene amakonda JB ndimaiziwa nditchuleeeeee!!!!!!!!!
      Ngati iweyo timabulutubulutu eeeeeee


  39. Andy says:

    Mubwela liti Mai?

  40. one malawi one people says:

    u can kill, steal, plunder, kukhwima and hav all powers in the world (blindfolding everyone, aliyense nkumakuona wangwiro) but ur powers cannot surplus GOD’S. with ur underground connections, u can cheat the whole world and look innocent but u CAN’T CHEAT GOD….ONE DAY TRUTH WILL COME OUT….dziko lizadziwa chilungamo.

  41. BigMan says:

    Cashgate is indeed risky business Madame former president, look how it has sent you into exile.

  42. Marcus says:

    mumakwana amayi asyeni alomwewa aziuwa kuno

  43. Nkhombokombo says:

    Keep the fire burning? Chompweteka chimwawe!

  44. Sinthani says:

    What I like in Joyce Banda (assuming ceteris paribus), she has demonstrated beyond doubt what a former president should be involved in. I congratulate for her for showing up an outstanding performance among other women of international reputation. She is not busy positioning his son for any other position of national importance but serving the global. Shame on Atcheya who is still politicking instead of showing up what a former leader should do or contribute to the world.

    1. Kyu says:

      How can she position her son’s who were busy stealing with her. You think this woman is doing this kufuna muzitifusa ife pano wayamba kuondatu maganizo. You think what she is doing is normal. Have you ever seen somebody at her age living her home country for unknown reasons. Mapeto a Kuba mai alibe mtendere uyu musamulimbise mtima. Wakhala akumayankhula kuti amakonda anthu a mmidzi anakakhala kuti alibe vuto bwezi ali Kuno kumapanga za kumudzi.let this devil continue being frustrated in the USA

  45. Federal says:

    Kodi iwe mkazi wa Richard-Kachale Banda usamangonamiza azungu kumeneko. Bwera kuno uzagawe chimanga, ng’ombe ndi abakha ako aja kwa anthu ovutika ndi madzi. Komanso ambiri akufunika udzawamangire timabofobofo tako tija. Ukungodya ma soseji kumeneko basi. Ukuopa chani?

  46. evangelist Mhango says:

    The annointing works for her. Continue being faithful to the almighty God mama former state president ; He is to your side. We pray for you.

  47. musisipala says:

    Madam former keader why should. Be busy attending this and that where u are when people who vote are suffering with floods high inflation etc. Come home and see people than selling urself to foreiners. Azunguwo sazavota. Kodi Richard wabisa. Kwa.abale ake?

  48. Ine Nchewa says:

    Truth has to be told the Late President Bingu too a risk by having a first woman vice President who later because of fate became the Acting President…then Malawians in May 2014 elected a President through a vote ….We wish you well Mama JB in your journey but learn to telll the truth because this is a small World……..Malawians are now in deep trouble because of your OPEN LOCK the cashgate where people who did not provide any service to government were cashing huge some of money willy Nilly…….God is with Malawians as his people….

  49. Yankees says:

    Ama! Dziko lija pano lafika posaukitsitsa mpakana No 1 kusauka padziko lonse lapansi, izi zachitika koma pasadathe ndichaka chomwe kumene titathele zaka ziwiri, eh tikhala koma osauka ma zero point 0000001 kusauka kwake, malume opanda manowakoma akulumabe kwenikweni atakhala ndimano eh? Dzidyani money kumeneko wina asakusokonezeni, wamukhululukira wamatenda a Mnsana uja kuno, Milandu Ija akukanika kumalizitsa akumanga ana, tipemphela kwambili amuweluze ndiuja amachotsa moyoyu.

  50. Jimbo says:

    Does JB have any connection with Malawi these days? She is a wandering minstrel singing beautiful songs around the world, but how does this help her country? Who is footing the bill for her travels and accommodation? Does she ever intend to return to her homeland? She appears to be living in self-imposed exile. What is she afraid of?

  51. jp says:

    I believe she is right guys, during time we had many women in positions than it is today, where can you have a cabinet of just three women? In a country of 52% women? Zinazi tizinena zoona zisanachepo mumbiri ya Malawi kuti Boma tikhale ndi nduna zitatu za amai! She is right, tisamango lankhula bcoz we nelong yo party A, but national issues must be patsogolo,,,,,,, zakuba ndalama zaboma, izo, ndi mabima onse awiri apitawa la DPP first term linaba. La PP, linabanso, kungoti panopa dpp yalero singamange dpp yakale,,,, FISI WAMKULU ANAFUKULA MALIRO, PAMENE FISI WA MNG’ONO, ANADYA MALIROWO, FUNSO NDILAKUTI FISI WAKUBA NDI WUTIYO PA AWIRIWA? Onse ndiakuba

  52. mwiithotho says:

    Mayiyu ndi mbuli and onamiza ngakhale azungu. She tried and failed Malawi by cashgate, kubera ma vote. Inu a Nyasa, Mumatinyasa ndi this noise making woman, super-cheat

  53. sukani says:

    Men are strong than women no matter what.

  54. Yes madam president i do agree. Women leaders take the risk of being ridiculed. Looked down upon and all sorts of despicable things they go through. Madam JB frankly you really done your best to serve both the urban and rural people. You are very special

  55. Arnold dzanjalimodzi says:

    Yes,u did. Your part mamaaa big hand for u

  56. Munyalika says:

    we love u jb mulakho wakanikiratu

  57. nanzikambe says:

    Brilliant woman. Greedy boys stole in her name. Tainted her image thats why you wont get a single connection to her. I wish she never appointed kids to run stuff. Kids with earings and riding big cars with small brains.

    1. Truth says:

      You have no clue of what you are talking about so shut up

  58. Nyasi says:

    And she looks happy .

  59. Namarokoro says:

    Starlet, white people love idiots. They don’t like people who use their brains. Do you know about a slain Thomas Sankara??? Google it…

  60. A Thini says:

    Joyce ndi dhilu amwene osati zinazi, mmalo moti azipanga zithu zooneka ati kumakumbukira kumagwidwa, Mandera anamangidwa zaka zambirimbiri munamva kuti anapangisa msonkhano ukumbukira kumagwidwa kwake? Koma ndi chani kweni kweni?

  61. A Thini says:

    A mayi ife tinangoyesera kuyendako, kupita ku Zambia lero akuti taloza president wawo.

  62. hoveliwa says:

    She got fuel,trust from donors,External cash. She was set up on by Mafias through their blood cuddling project swindled ernomous cash. She was discredited by the same. Osabweranso. They are salivaing for ur fake trial later incaceration.

  63. ngangaube says:

    Nanga what about this shuffling of women around. You did promote women to positions of influence but come Nyapapi he removed them including the first ever female chief secretary,the solicitor general, more than ten women PS’s now Liston comes he removes them. Look at the cabinet configuration all mandevus and now we hear of further removal from cabinet of Obama and Jean Kalilani. I cry for my beloved country Malawi where Ben Phiri is left to run the affairs of state and government busy firing staff willy nilly. Afatu awanso nao aonere mzao Lungu wapita kuchipatala atakomoka

  64. namanozela says:

    indeed it is a gamble. However you showcased that chauvinism isnt essence to leadership.
    Brilliant stuff and rough road

  65. Chikopa says:

    Madm former prisident were you honest to us malawians you touted that mphyiyo was a westle blower , you were selling maize to Tanzania , teach what you preach , pa maliro a mandela munawoza anthu kuti munatenga moyo ngati ya mandela koma mutamuthila zingwe peter kuti amafuna kukulandani boma , kaya mumaona ngati history ya mandela ndi masewela simuchedwa kuiwala madam

    1. Chikopa says:

      Pitala was arrested for just 2dyas but you wail as if he stayed in prison the rest of his life. DPP is a sick party.

    2. Chikopa says:

      Pitala was arrested for just 2dyas but you wail as if he stayed in prison the rest of his life. And it was not a wrongful arrest. The man violated the constitutional order.

      Alomwe ndi makoswe nchimodzimodzi. Chifukwa mukanakhala anthu bwezi mukuyamika kuti despite kupanga zonyansa mtsogoleri wanuyo sanakhaulitsidwe.

  66. Getrude Mutharka says:

    Ine ndiye ndinagwidwa ndikutapa Ku National Aids Commission…….ndinkayesa Boma ndi kutumbwaaaa

  67. Tangokumana says:

    Today Peter Mutharika is falling all over the place!..literally….as he is clueless…..JB the genuine article!

  68. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Malawians who stand for the truth and devoid of jealousy will not hide their pride at what our former President is doing. Her appearances on such foras are helping to positively project our country on the world stage. She played her positive role as a leader of this country and let those who have been given the chance to lead us play their part too without looking back. Leadership is like a reelly race as stated by our former President, Bingu.

  69. Pacharo says:

    Yes, women who are in big positions are risk takers.

  70. johnM says:

    let us not big up mai Banda, these are small meetings for small people. She is just attending these inconsequential meetings so as to gain undue publicity. It is very sad

  71. katakwe says:

    Olimbana ndi JB zimuvuta yekha

  72. Palibe Anzeru says:

    Donors must thank Dr JB…..Barker Tilley Audit!

  73. Sibongire Mutharika says:

    Amayi ntchito zanu zikuyankhulabe….palibenso!

  74. nazimbiri says:

    Mayi Uyu alibe mzache,kuimitsa timagalimo mu nseu kwa ka nthawi kochepa isa.

  75. Biti Foloko says:

    If it wasn’t for JB Donor funds would have been heading to Ndata as per 92 billion!

    1. Kyu says:

      So you think Cashgate was revealed coz of her? Bagonani Tulo we sorted her and her boys amene amaba nao that’s how we strategized to finish her politically. Alibe Nafe mau pano go and ask her akakuuza kuti eeeee anandimaliza ndili pa chorus yosolola

  76. NAC says:

    Her Excellency Dr JOYCE Banda…..olo kuberedwa chisankho anaika dziko patsogolo…kupewa Civil War!….Mbendela ulibe umunthu

  77. Starlet says:

    The problem is some people want to criticise everything. You can also see how the azungus love JB. This woman is a genius.

  78. apao says:

    True, women are there to build

  79. opportunist says:

    JB ndichowogolero

  80. Viwi says:

    Amayi ndi mtunda, ndakugomelani

  81. Prado says:

    Malawians are now regretting what they did to JB. Look now your friends are benefiting. Leave her alone plz. God bless you Mama

    1. Truth says:

      Sorry to disappoint u most of us we not regretting we cerebrating coz never like her she is clueless

  82. Chiza says:

    JB is the real deal, bravo mama

  83. Chambo says:

    Koma MAMA uyu zinangochitika kuti sizinakuyendereni koma masomphenya MAMA muli nawo! koma bwerani Mayi wathu mudzamuthandize mchimwene wanu uyu akuti uyu APM,zili kuno.

  84. powder says:

    kodi joyce achievement yake ndi chiani? kumayankhula ngati munthu wanzeru, inu munakhala president kuti anthu anakusankhani? ndani akanasankha mbava like you? pple had no trust in you, musapusise azungu ife sitimakufunani cause you didnt perform! a mare form four like you, ndiumunthu womwe ulibe munthu wamkazi kuba kuposa mwamuna! ukhale wosaba wathawa chani kuno.

  85. Boza twoboo says:

    This lady is one of the great women of this world bravo MAMA JB I LOVE YOU MAMA

  86. Soko says:

    This woman has put herself in self exile. KKKKKKKKKKKKKK Come back home Lady!

  87. MBACHI says:

    Malawians we should learn to appreciate when our friend is doing well. Lets be proud of JB. She is recconized out there.

  88. Nyambitoni says:

    why can’t you come back and implement your ideas at your home village in your capacity as retired head of state? whatever you are saying is just loads of crap. you failed miserably in your short-lived term. easier said than done. your old neighbour from Kabula Hill

    1. Think Tank says:

      DCS below and you, easier to criticise than even suggesting what to do. She is saying what she thinks. People have forgotten what our Constitution says in the event of the president dying in while still a president. It says his/her vice will finish the remaining part of the term. The dead president leaves projects,policies,etc unfinished nor attended to. The vice has to deal with those. Obviously he/she finds something which only the late knew how to deal with. Taking the scenerio between Bingu and Joyce,she had no idea what was going on as they she was pushed out of activities. So when she took over,she had no idea where to start and way forward. But she had to deal with obvious problems of fuel and forex. Two years was not enough for someone who had been pushed but was especting to contest in 2014. Her programme was what she would once voted into power in2014. But fate pushed her into a place where she did not espect so soon. The rest is history. Iam sure Lazarus Chakwera is planning what he would do should he win in 2019. APM had his agenda well cut as he used to say he would continue his brother’s agenda. And he is just doing that.

    2. Namarokoro says:

      Am with u all the way Nyambitoni…

  89. Yazombe says:

    Mayi Banda, nsanje sipindula. Big up! you are doing more that what men are doing even here

  90. dcs says:

    Why should we keep on hearing of this unpatriotic lady who has absconded her country…nanunso a nyasa times…. eish!!

  91. ntex says:

    Nanga iwe unakanika kukhulupirika bwanji lelo suyu uli maskin mumayiko aeni ngati ulibe kwanu tabwera kuno ku malawi ukuwopa chani mbava iwe ulibenso ndi nzelu zomwe

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