Works on Masauko Chipembere Highway to start March 1

Motorists and other road users in Malawi’s commercial capital Blantyre should expect improved flow of traffic on Masauko-Chipembere Highway once the Phase III rehabilitation works are completed.

Nandolo: Work has delayed

Nandolo: Work has delayed

Phase 1 of Masauko Chipembere Highway

Phase 1 of Masauko Chipembere Highway

Blantyre City Council Chief Executive Officer Ted Nandolo told the second ordinary Council meeting on Monday that actual ground work on the road would commence by March 1, 2015.

“The Highway will soon be complete and people should be assured that from 1st March equipment and workers will be on the road to start their work,” said Nandolo.

Nandolo assured people that preparatory works are underway and soon equipment will be ready to continue with the project.

Phase III of the project would see the duo carriage on the Highway being extended from Sachas roundabout, at Yinnakis, to Illovo roundabout in Limbe.

The project is being funded by Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Japanese contractor started his work in November.

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22 thoughts on “Works on Masauko Chipembere Highway to start March 1”

  1. njomba says:

    sick minds working ahead

  2. mtima wa nyani says:

    kodi mose muja a bwana mukanika kukoza mseu wa 3 mls kkkkkkkkkk mmesa mukanakoza timacita 50 yerars muja, clock tower , arch yacitsamunda, kozani ma zebra crossing anthu oyenda pasi taculuka , ma lobotsi osamika ngati pa third floor olo pa phili, mmatenga cheap labor kutinamiza kuti mwakoza ndi dzindalama mmenemo angopaka phula pamwamba mawa pano dzuwa likadza kuyamba kunyenenyeka, cheap, and roadgate -no strategies.

  3. Patriot says:

    Ma minibus onse pa kapenga….bye bye pamodzi ndi ma pick pockets nonse…chokaniponi apa kkkkkkkk

  4. prinquo says:

    tiganizilenkoni ma trafic lights mu blantyre muno palibe pomwe zikugwira bwino ntchito

  5. Dont show our dunderheadness here,indeed Bingu started it,but logistical and political malaise backtracked it.Fingerpointing will take us nowhere,the road passes through a very busy segment of the commercial city,so thorough consultations and planning has to be contextualized before anything else.Multiparty democracy,is misunderstood as decontinuing all major projects initiated by the previous regime,thats what exactly happened to discredit the then outgoing regime.Donors too have different approach towards a particular party leading the govt at what particular time.So dont just say how long and at what length of time,these are consequential projects.

  6. ujeni says:

    This road was supposed to be closed only a month or two and all work completed but with our stupid work ethics and mentality add politicisation of projects multiply by stealing it has taken 3 years and counting. That is exactly what you expect from the poorest country on earth

  7. wadabwa says:

    Back to the traffic jams that are gonna be caused by stupid contractors u give these jobs who fail to deliver! Hope this time it is properly planned so traffic flows smoothly not taking 3 hours just for 1km. The city council should make proper plans for ppl not to be inconveinienced.

  8. malawi the poorest country in the world says:

    hahaha!!!! “duo” carriage…perhaps you mean dual carriageway?
    #noeditorinsight! lol

  9. Professional Journalist says:

    How can a 15 km road take 3 years? This is a sick country.

  10. Dead Aid says:

    This project started before Bingu kicked the bucket and we’re still talking about it 3 years later! How many KMs is this road? In serious countries they finish such roads within 2 months. Zoona 15 km taking 3 years? How can we develop like that? Yet people are just phwiii, just because it’s their tribes men ruling. Mxiii!

  11. nakuwawa nsalu says:

    bisnowate is a confussed politician who thinks he is smart he wants to be running council secretariat and he is forgetting that the secretariat only implement what the council that bisnowate is A member the question to him is that how many projects have you approved that the secretariat has failed to implement and how many bylaws have you changed . you want to be cheating malawians who doesnt know how councils operate you are a member of the council and if you say the council is failing then you are the one that is failing

    1. bongozozo says:

      Misplaced comment…

  12. wakumalawi says:

    honestly I think limbe needs a by pass that’s all, from chigumula straight to BT from bangwe via kachele straight to chileka round about

  13. ujeni says:

    You call that street, Highway? No wonder we are poorest in the universe.

  14. gwaladi says:

    Yewo was Dada within wa mayor BT woyee


  16. bongozozo says:

    Mzuzu already has a dual carriage way from Mapale to Mzuzu Hotel round about. Wozza Mzuzu woza! Or is it duo?

  17. chikhwalingwa says:

    Nandolo, what plans do u have for the road from midima rd, passed Limbe police, all the way to STD bank? Then there is this fallen tree at old Blantyre court near Oppotunity Bank ()

  18. popapo says:

    This is good for our city BUT I fail to understand that the road between Blantyre and Zomba is single lane in this millennium ! Our neighbours Zambia it is dual lanes almost every where. Recently a lady called

  19. Michel says:

    this is good Blantyre woyeeeee,koma please let this dual carriage way go as far as midima round about please govt extend the loan or lets look for more money from government to finance this stretch from Illovo round about to Midima road round about.

  20. CONCERNED says:

    Who is responsible maintenance robots in Blantyre city as it is almost half a year since they are not the responsible people waiting for fatal accident to occur that you will wake from your sleeping to know the importance of these. or waiting also for donors. I think we can do better.

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