Yabwanya disqualified, it’s two horse race for FA Malawi presidency: Mijiga challenging Walter

As countdown to Football Association of Malawi (FAM) elections which will take place on 12th December 2015 at Sunbird Livingstonia in Salima continues, FAM Electoral Committee has disqualified one of the presidential candidate Willy Yabwanya Phiri and two others Paul Mzungu and Hubert Mfune on executive member posts, Nyasa Times can reveal.

FAM President Walter Nyamilandu :  Seeking fourth term

FAM President Walter Nyamilandu : Seeking fourth term

The Electoral Committee which is headed by High Court Judge Dingiswayo Madise met Saturday to scrutinise names of all candidates if they met all requirements stipulated in the FAM constitution and FAM Electoral Code

According to inside source the committee has disqualified Yabwanya Phiri on grounds that he is residing outside FAM’s territory  (Canada) as the constitution says candidates must be residing within FAM territory

Nyasa Times can also reveal that Yabwanya who has been claiming ownership and sponsor of Karonga United is not the owner of the team as the team was founded by one called Mr Mwakhwawa with some people before it joined with vendors from Karonga market and it was called Karonga vendors till 2013 when it earned promotion into TNM Super League.

That is when people from Karonga thought of establishing trustee Committee to look after the welfare of the team. It is at this point when Yabwanya was roped in as a trustee of the team so too with Bishop Simama and Speaker Richard Msowoya.

The committee has also disqualified Paul Mzungu and Hubert Mfune on grounds that they were nominated without sending their profiles (track records) in football as it was also one of the requirement.

It is said the two profiles for them was not sent to the committee by the committees who nominated them as such the Madise led committee couldn’t do anything but to disqualify them

Meanwhile, the final list of candidates is expected to be announced after the period of seven days as the committee has written the three notifying them of their disqualification and give them seven days to appeal to FAM Appeals Committee which is headed by Supreme Court of Appeal Judge Lovemore Chikopa

When contacted for his immediate comment from Canada, Yabwanya said he will fight on as he represents the wishes of Malawians and he will not allow to be barred.

“Am just waiting for official correspondence then I will fight on. They have done that to me because am a big threat to Walter than Mijiga. He knows if I stand I will take him out. But for the sake of Malawi soccer I will fight with all I have got to be allowed to stand”, Yabwanya said

As it is now the full unofficial line up is as follows

Presidential Candidates 

Walter MacMillan Nyamilandu Manda
Wilkins Mijiga
1st Vice President
James  Mwenda
Tiya Somba Banda

2nd Vice President
Othaniel Hara
Pikawo Ngalamira

Executive Members
Rashid Ntelera
Daud Mtanthiko
Flora Mwandira
Masauko Medi
Alfred Gunda
Jabbar Alide

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starling kondowe

walter has done a lot.let him step down and just play advisory role in FAM.


Wota is not a Manda for God’s sake. That man is a Zimbabwean Nyamirandu brought up by a Mr Manda Personnel Manager of Sucoma who married Wota’s mother.


What a credible contender mature very humble with vast knowledge in Marketing not the Sugar Seller who has killed all Sucoma/Illovo football clubs and expects to sustain football in the forth term? Love your country Walter and pave way for your friend.


My appeal to all affiliates, please make sure Wota Nyamilandu Manda must go tione zina abale the more the leadership is the same the more things remain the same ndiye mpira choncho ungapite patsogolo? Humba ndi anzako chepetsani dyera lolandira ziphuphu kuchoka kwa Wota ndi Suzgo Nyirenda zimenezo ndizongopindulira inu ndi mabanja anu osati mpira wapa Malawi ndi a Malawi tonse. God have mercy


Koma ndiye man ili ndi chikhutu komanso dzi mau dzonyasa iyi.

kamfwiyo trig.point

Walter, are you trying to conceal something? leave that position peacefully. mbiri munapanga kale .


Koma nde kayatu! a Yabwanya ndalama zonse mwagawa zija basi disqualified. Kachikwama kandalama kamachita kuyenda ndi madam

Akuluakulu Ndimdambo

Some candidates willjust divide the most needed Votes. Voting from the two remaining candidates. Will produce the best results.


How come Walter is allowed to contest when fifa rules are lear. The president hu has saved for 3 consectibe terms is not eligible to contest for the fourth term. Its not time for Walter to pave wau for other to head FAM. Looking forward to see who is the next FA Boss.

Jazila chigwenembe.-balaka

Someone live in canada and wants to be president.someone lived in america and just came to be a president.this is why they mess up things.

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