Zulu quits as PP deputy secretary general, joins MCP

George Zulu has resigned as deputy secretary general of the opposition Peoples Party (PP) and withdrawn his membership from the party.

Zulu dumps  PP

Zulu dumps PP

Zulu who was elected by the party’s politbulo to deputize Ibrahim Matola is said to have since joined Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

In his interview with the local media, Zulu accused the PP of nepotism.

He alleged that PP favours people from the southern and northern regions to fill top positions leaving out those from central region.

PP Publicity Secretary, Ken Msonda said they haven’t received his letter of resignation.

”In the absence of that information we reserve our coment,” said Msonda.

Msonda however said it is every citizen’s  constitutional right of association.

”PP is very democratic; we respect people’s rights. Suffice to say in PP we are a family and loss of any member is regrettable. We wish him well,” added Msonda.

Zulu claimed to have handed his resignation to the party’s president Joyce Banda who happens to be outside the country.

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103 thoughts on “Zulu quits as PP deputy secretary general, joins MCP”

  1. RoyK says:

    power-hungry man will always be a rolling stone. musiye tukumutukumu

  2. innocent msiska says:

    Vuto lanu bambo zulu ndimaziwa kuti gule simungasiye.mbalame zofana nthenga zimawulukira limozi.ndinu omasuka kavineni bwino gule wanuzikomo bambo.

  3. Kapalamua E says:

    Welcome Zulu!! Mcp is in your blood. My advice is avoid being emotional otherwise mupweteketsa abale anu. Auzeni anzanu abwerere msanga bwanji wuyimbira mmanja gule wa eniake.

  4. Thug Killer says:

    nepotism mwayiona liti? Best and satisfactory reason would be the running away of your leader from the country following her theft revelation period

  5. CHonde Bambo Zulu, bwerani ku chipani chanu cha PP chomwe inu munatisimikizira pamaaso pa Amayi kuti simudzawasiya, simudzawataya kapena kuwathawa koma kuti mudzaima nawo nganga mpaka mmanda. Nanga lero zataninso. Pitani inu ndi a Msonda muzikafuula kuti ” Pipipipi! Odii ukoooo! Amayi adutse! muwayitanenso Amayi kuti abwereke kumene akubisalako. Kodi si aja ankatiuza kuti dziko lino ndi anthu ake iwo amalikonda ndipo sangachoke mdziko muno kusiya anthu awo akulira? Abwereko basi ngati ankanendadi kuchokera pansi pa mtima.

  6. Edson Matera says:

    its not time to comment on political issues….Mulungu dalisani Malawi wathuyi.
    keep it peaceful and stable. Holly ghost fire kwa oyipayo…

  7. Chidikuliku matoNgu says:

    Good bye Zulu boy sorry you have gone with a thin wallet and don’t think chakwera will offer you a fat wallet. You’ve been a fat chancer! Maybe try your luck with Edgar Lungu next door!

  8. yuona says:

    Mbalame yabwerera kuchisa. Tiyeni tikonzeso dzikoli abale. Zipani zones zomwe zayendetsa dzikoli kuyambira 1994 zaononga momvetsa chisoni. M’Malawi wanzeru zoongoka ayenera kubwerera ku MCP.

  9. deadend says:

    How can one be opportunistic for leaving one opposition party to to another? If he had gone to the ruling party, that argument would have made sense. A malawi lekani talking trash all the time about people. If you are worth any salt, why dont you join the politics yourselves to do better? Welcome back to MPC bwana Zulu.

  10. deadend says:

    Good Decision George Zulu. MCP needs to regroup and close down the central region from the other parties and the time to get started is now. I know George was one of those who pushed for leadership change in MCP after 2009 and he left because he was expelled. Welcome back home to the mighty MCP – we need your energy in the Tambala party.

  11. mr chimbwititi says:

    mwachita bwino azulu. ansondowo ndioipa kosaneneka.ali ndi uchabe wambili ndiye ndibwino kuwasiila.kom ngati munab na cashgate, tikusatani konko.

  12. alukosyo says:

    Shame politicians ndinu amene mukuononga Dziko lino. mmene simusinthira dzina lanu ndi mmene mukanachitira pa ndale osamangosinthasintha ngati bilimankhwe

  13. Atcheya says:

    Pp yatha ngati makatani.Kodi Ndale zapamalawi ndizamasewera?

  14. chinsinsi says:

    selfish politicians who are after benefits

  15. George you were already replaced by Chilapondwa as deputy secretary general by the polit buro so just get lost and kapitilize kukwera na hule

  16. nabanda says:

    Mwasankha bwino a zulu

  17. kyroc says:

    If my memory serves me well then I recall that very recent, MCP in its shadow cabinet,was criticised of favouring the people from central region. now somebody with sounding vocabulary help me to differentaite what the party was accused of from nepotism. At least Mr. Zulu should give a tangible fact that holds water than this abracadabra. This is indeed the yeast of the politicians and beware of it. Even though PP will never bounce back into government,there still need to be some gurus who stick to the party for a strong opposition and sustainable multi party democracy

  18. Mark chikweni says:


  19. Pa Easy says:

    Resigning to join another opposition party? I don’t think u will retain ur lost seat, yambani ulimi basi amwene. You lost focus poyamba pomwe zingodyani za u MP wa akazi anu basi.

  20. Petro John says:

    Nonsense Zulu

  21. william says:

    Most of these so called politicians are baloons we ordinery malawians should have NO confidence in them.

  22. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Ma ARV athamangira ku ubongo

  23. Mike Ndau says:


  24. shop says:

    Don’t trust Malawi politicians, they don’t deserve to be praised as our mothers do. They are selling our country to foreigners because of behaviours like the one Mr. Zulu has shown. Foreigners have capitalised this weakness since we got independence. Go to major cities of our country how many Malawians own big houses, shops, offices etc. And how many Malawians do big businesses with our government or the so called government organisations? Unless you become a politician or close to politicians. And you expect our politicians to be smart, I doubt!

  25. The Patriot says:

    Bwana Zulu,akulu akale adati”ukayenda siya phazi ukasiya mulomo udzakutsata!”. Mudzawakumbukila mau amanewa ndithu!

  26. This man is a political prostitute. When PP comes back into govt he will rejoin it.

    1. powder says:

      pp will not govern again bambo!

  27. Chawanangwa Mlori says:

    Bwana Zulu, Learn to appreciate . In this world what goes around comes around.
    I never knew there was a politician called Zulu until you were picked by JB. Be a politician
    worthy of salt don’t insult your mentors. It is not always that someone is assisted by home boys. Look the population of the people of central Region. Every politician deserve recognition. Be diplomatic in dealing with fellow politicians or political systems because you do not know. LET ME END HERE Bwana.

    1. Dyson c says:

      Wise piece of advice to Zulu. Big up mlori

  28. phunda says:

    Welcome back home. Koma paja mumafuna mipando, ku MCP mipando inatha komanso muli ku PP munkati Chakwera munthana Naye!! Zija zopondereza anzanu zit here ku PP konko.

  29. Mtimawanyerere says:

    The resignation by Deputy Secretary General of PP ( Mr. George Zulu) was long overdue because it was expected. I say this because Mr. Zulu is one of the sophisticated mercenaries, implants, with clear mandates to hinder growth of PP in central region and other regions. The unfortunate thing is that JB never saw this and he trusted the man who went on destroying the party by recommending certain people be removed and I\m speaking as a victim of that.
    Lets look at the following facts; 1. He claim to have left PP on the nepotism, and re-joining MCP the party that only care about Central Region (Chewa), does it make sense? 2. He was Deputy Secretary General of the PP, what else did he want, Matola’s position? 3. The past General Elections, Mr. Zulu did not contest because he was afraid that he would win with PP ticket and it will not reflect well for him to cross the floor to MCP. 4. PP has fabulous structures in all four regions, may be with exception to Southern region, what does MCP has in other regions? If its about issues of nepotism, then why not join UDF or DPP, the answer is simple, Zulu is synonymous to Nepotism.
    At the end of the day, a lot of people have suffered in central and other regions politically in the hands of George Zulu and if he decided to quit PP, he should do it quietly, otherwise he is good redunce.

    1. MMALAWI says:

      When did the Central Region become the home of Chewas only? Maybe I am wrong but I know Ngonis of Ntcheu, Dedza, Mchinji and Dowa as well as Yaos of Dedza and Salima and Tumbukas of Kasungu. Have all these people become Chewas?

  30. Nanyonyo says:

    Akagwele kang’wing’wi ameneyu

  31. Nyau imayenera kubwelera kudambwe. Zulu, chipani chako ndichimenecho, chakupha, chanyakula,chang’ona, chamagazi, chaagologolo,akang’wing’wi….kkkkachinajessie,achinalazarous.kkkkk.

  32. Nyau imayenera kubwelera kudambwe. Zulu, chipani chako ndichimenecho, chakupha,chanyakula,chang’ona, chamagazi,cha agologolo,akang’wing

  33. Brajoe,munatseka office ya jb kani? M’maesa tikumanva spokesperson wawo akumayankha nkhani za amai?

  34. Mark chikweni says:

    Welcom Zulu to the countrie’s mother party.

  35. Kachasu says:

    Nepotism mwayiona liti? Munali m’boma simumayiona?mu mcp mulibe? M’malawi mukufunika andale atsopano osati adyelawa ongofuna kudzilemeletsa.

  36. Phiri says:

    Don’t talk evil you political dobadobas when you quit your previous political parties, you are there not to serve interest of people but to feed your bellies and your families so some of us we are tired of your lies, we need people who are patriotism to serve our country for better Malawi.

  37. mtila zomba says:

    from capsising boat to another capsised boat.kekeke

  38. sothini says:

    Just tell ur fellow Malawians, u `ve constructively resigned. It`s not true u handed the letter, JB is not around. Another follow-up enquiry, cud be: why didnt u resign within two year tenure PP was in power???

  39. Nyapapi says:

    Anatha asanayambe uyu! Stupid greedy one term MP!

  40. Nyalugwe says:

    That’s the way to go Zulu. MCP is the only party that can unite Malawi. Look it has the VP and speaker from the North. UDF is swallowed by DPP coz Tcheya akufuna milandu yake kuti ithe. Issues of nepotism are in UDF and DPP mark my word. The most nepotistic region is South. Since 1994 they ve never voted for MCP nor AFORD. Gwanda had his personal influence. Zulu, most welcome to MCP!!!! Hope are coming with all those behind you.

  41. Kadakwiza says:

    Ndiwatsankho Zulu.

  42. Nyale says:

    It does not make any sense for the deputy general secretary to allude that Joyce Banda favours people from the south…. kkkkkkkkkkkk

  43. Mama says:

    What u ve done Mr Zulu is childish and promoting more division in this country. Because u r chewa and u think u belong to MCP. This tells pple that MCP is for Chewas and is prone to favour chewas as you are looking for those favours u r likely to be favoured. If I was Dr Chakwera, I will definately not wellcome him. He is an opportunist.


  45. carold kamphambale says:

    a zulu nikukudziwani in person inu zomwe munachita but pokusungilani ulemu we wish u wel naneso nalowa mcp yomweyo

  46. Mphwache says:

    I don’t understand it at all. The PP favours only people from the South ant the North, but this guy who had a high profile position is from the Centre, how come?

  47. christian says:

    Politicians behaives like masapota aganyu nde osadabwa, waganyu saluza.kkkkk musova.

  48. marin says:

    Mr. Zulu is freeman and he can join. Or dump any party at anytime. However, he does not have the right of tarnishing the good image of other people or partiies.
    By andumile mwenye

  49. akatswiri says:

    George why did you join the pp,as far as i know you my good freind your party is MCP you let us down please repent or els you might end badly, i wish you all the best in Mighty MCP.

  50. Nyamakumutu says:

    Azuku bodza ili MCP nde chiyani. You say they don’t want people from the centre in the top position and you were just one of those in top position. What about the MCP you are talking about. How many people from other two region in the shadow Cabinate they released. You have other hopes but what you should know is that come 2019 MCP will lose again. Mpakana pamene adzayike a new generation leader like Mwana Lunguzi bola musamuphenso ngati babayache

  51. Deputy Secretary General and not yet satisfied?Greed!asshole Zulu!

  52. Livulezi river says:

    If it was house building project, ndikanati azikangoperekera matope ku MCP ko asakamange nawo!! Akakhala anthu aku mpoto amaphatika ku chipani kuti akadyeko! Forget about party ideologies!! Anyway, that’s politics paja a Tcheya ananena kale kuti” munthu suchoka mu nseu wa Tara ndi kukayenda mu tchire, kuti waya, waya!” A Tcheya anali ndi zambiri zomwe ndinaphunzira monga; 1. A Malawi sitichedwa kuiwala. 2. Zipani zina zidzatha ngati makatani, ndi zina zambiri!!! POP( politics of poverty), Malawi style!!! Malawi woyeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Mai Joyce Banda woyeee!! Dr Lazarus Chakwera woyeeeeeee!!!!!!! Prof. Peter Mutharika woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ife tonse????? Bomaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  53. Alungwana says:

    Thats a good news to MCP!

  54. Livulezi river says:

    I may be seen as regionalistic & tribalistic, but this is the truth on the ground. Though people deny, they just do that to blindfold others. The truth of the matter is that ndale za kwathu kuno munthu wa nzeru amasapota chipani cha chigawo chake no matter how bad that party is!!! I feel pity for John Kapito who always criticize the DPP! Sangatengepo phunziro kwa anthu a ku mpoto the way they supported PP! Reason? Richard Banda!!

  55. Agulupu says:

    Poor Zulu. Central region pple, very seifish. Let him rot there. Nepotism is deep rooted in MCP who doesn’t know that? Greedy greedy!

  56. zoshola says:

    koma zolowa MCP ndiye zopusazo.Akhale ku PP komweko.Aggie Mkusa atiso walowa MCP.Plz akaneni anyani amenewa. mkazi wa Zulu adasokoneza zisankho kwa mkanda.anthuwa akufuna u MP adziwa kuti ku Mchinji zipani zina njee.Akagwere uko

  57. MZOZODO says:

    Wabwera sugar mtape zulu

  58. mcp your hands are full of blood like Nazi party

  59. Humphrey says:

    Welcome decision for freedom right

  60. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Has rejoined MCP.

  61. Momo sam says:

    Amalawi musavutike ndi kulemba dzizungu zitali zitali ndi anthu andale awa,thats what they do muona ambiri atuluka,nepotism is in all malawian parties.

  62. richard bwanali says:

    Let him go who is zulu in pp power hungrey basi.

  63. Munthuwazeru says:

    Bolo musationongere chipani chanthuchi.

  64. brajoe says:

    Kkkkkk which Joyce Banda did he hand the letter. Confused fella and cant stay out of politics

  65. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    It’s issues like this that demand a resolute statement from MCP. We need a statement from the “eloquent” spokesperson, Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula. The party needs to address this issue in the South, if they are to elect even a single MP in 2019. And good luck with that!
    The issue may seem microscopic, but it has the potential of becoming galactic; thereby again thwarting MCP’s chances. Only to the pleasure of the competition, like UDF and DPP.
    Or is the party afraid of a “hot potato” issue; that more exposure will only bring back to light the party’s historical notoriety of lacking in democratic dispensation?

  66. Willie says:

    Let him that’s what politicians do

  67. nankhoma says:

    What is Rachel’s next move? Pajatu amayambitsa ndatatewa. Banja ili ndi Chichewa version of Chihana and Loveness Gondwe.

  68. Wakumudzi says:

    Another fortune seeker.when did you know about nepotism in the party?Was ‘afana’ from the north or south? Inu kazingoyendayendani baasiii.

  69. Votsek ana agule inu mkakhala kuti mulamula mkadachoka? Muli ngati amzanu oyimbila nyau chigwilizano chiphwenene chisamba.

  70. Captain Romeo says:

    PP is dead and buried, and its leader is on the run. Mtumbukas have destroyed the party . Any party in Malawi can’t survive if you put trust in these people, look at Aford, Rainball Party, Nasaf, Umodzi Party, Mgode, MDP, the list is endless

  71. mwachita bwino kuchoka ndi uhule wanuwo,,,,izi za ndalezi zili ngati mpira,sumasiya kusapota timu yako chifukwa yaluza game kapena cup.a kongelesi mulandileni koma adzathawanso zikathina ameneyu

  72. Frazer Khoza says:

    That’s matured person supposed to do Mr Zulu.

  73. Paul Macmillan says:

    That’s Ken Msonda Peoples Party Publicity Secretary I know. Very matured politically.
    I remember what he said when Sidik Mia and Khumbo Kachali resigned as PP Vice Presidents and when Paul Maulidi was fired as Acting Secretary General.

    Ken Msonda is different from other party spokespersons who speaks bad about their members when they leave the party.
    Keep it up Ken, that’s being matured politically.

  74. Nyapapi says:

    Ife kuno ku MCP sitikumufunanso he is a stupid fool who lost his seat coz of greed. His wife anali minister wa PP pano they are all jobless ndiye atinyanse?

  75. Eckson Kaime says:

    Mmene amathera ma curtains kkkkkk

  76. Achisale Kumangoni says:

    Our Politicians please learn not to divide our country. This George Zulu has been with PP for a long time. When did he come to realize that PP is nepotistic? If PP was still in power I doubt if he could have resigned on those stupid grounds. This is pitiful. Our Politicians are dividing the once one Malawi with the aim of accomplishing their goals. All parties led by DPP have managed to create gulfs between tribes in Malawi. What a pity!!!!!

  77. wazindikira popeza pp sikulamulira? mwaona chani ku mcp?

  78. Demo says:

    Point of correction Mr Zulu, PP favours mtumbukas and mdyombas. Northerners and people from Eastern Region like Matolas’ , Bisikas’, Makandes’ Msosas’ not Southerners. Learn to differentiate between South and East

  79. Bwenzi says:

    Utsala wekha Msonda mu Pp. Chipani cha cashgate

  80. achanguti says:

    ndale za ziiiii ndiye mwaona nokha kuti chipani cha anthu apakati ndi mcp simunalakwise ayi nayo pp sinalakwise bulutu ndi Mr Zulu

  81. Mhesha says:

    Kodi mukuti mwini chipanichi ali kuti??? A kufuna atsale Msonda basi??? By the way JB is even dazzling the whitesshelves. he UK or USA as to why should an ex public top politician from an extremely poor third world country can manage to live in the US for
    months!!! Where is she getting the funds as New York is extremely expensive??? So why denying involvement with Lutepo and Cashgate? Shame.
    As for Zulu u ve just noticed that there is no money any more. The nepotism song original record is in the MCP’s shelves. Have u forgotten the chasing of Southerners and Northerners from Central Region due to barefoot nepotism???

    1. MMALAWI says:

      Hmmm! The way I understood it was each one had to go to a region of their origin whether it was North, Centre or South. It was a pathetic decision but no region was sacred in those transfers

  82. Madududu says:


  83. ayi takana ku mcp sikothawira mukayambana muzipani zanuzo

  84. odhala says:

    yeah, that’s a very wise decision Mr. Zulu. U r welcome to MCP. It’s true zipani zakummwera they favor their pple. Akufuna azisokoneza ngakhalenso kumafumu. Akutuma ana awo kumalowelera nkhani zamafumu ndicholinga choti asokoneze. Muchenjere inu anthu aku Lumbadzi maka mmudzi mwa GVH Kulamula. Anthu amenewa akupangana zoipa kwambiri. Inu a DPP ngati ndinudi chipani chadziko nkhani ndi imeneyi muchitepo kanthu. Anthu anu akulimbana ndi eni mudzi.

  85. machendy says:

    zayambika za kasintha-sintha zija. wayiona lero nepotism yo?

  86. wa Kuda says:

    Inde chokaniko uko bwelerani ku nyumba. Uwauze tsono ozako onse waja obwelerenso ku MCP. Muuzeninso Chilapondwa ndi Kayembe abwereko uko. Muwasiyeko o Majoni okha sitiwafuna ku MCP. Tsono muyambire ku Branch mwamva?

  87. Leo Mtukwanika Mtotela says:

    Ine zisandikhudze nawo zangokuthelani ndalama za Cashgate

  88. ppachievers says:

    The truth is that Joyce Banda was the one who loved George Zulu too much, she gave him everything in order for him to win as an MP but he failed miserably, infact Zulu’s wife Rachel Mazombwe Zulu was given a ministerial position because of the relationship between Joyce Banda and George Zulu, Rachel Zulu is a staunch MCP stalwart. It was just a matter of time for the family to go back to MCP. Its a matter of time when all those who were imposed by Joice Banda r going to leave the PP. People like Mazombwe, Chris Daza, Matola, even Khumbo Kachale were all imposed by Joisi Banda

  89. Pali anthu ambiri omwe mwachibadwidwe chawo ndi a MCP. Anali a MCP ndi a MCP ndipo adzakhala a MCP olo mutawapatsa udindo waukulu bwanji Ku chipani china komano ndi a MCP,anthuwa amapezeka zigawo zonse za dziko la Malawi.

  90. Auze says:

    Bwana Zulu, How about your wife Hon Mazombwe Zulu? Is she coming with you to MCP? Kapena ukwati watha? Otherwise you are right kuti whenever there is a vacancy of SG you are sidelined. Last time they gave the post to Maulidi and now it is Matola. But why didn’t you join DPP or UDF if you are also not nepotistic?

  91. America says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkk pp yanyamukadi eeeeeeeee kkkkkkkkkk musala zumela yekha

  92. katalangwe says:

    Thanks Mr ZULU you have chosen a right direction choona mwachidziwa man Kwachaaaaaaaa

  93. katalangwe says:


  94. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Kubwera kumeneko, a Zulu. Koma musaiwaleko nthiti yanu ku pp ko.

  95. ujeni says:

    By joining MCP his home village party tell us that he also practices nepotism, why did he not join UDF?

    1. MMALAWI says:

      Does UDF still exist? How can you join a non existent party?

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