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James mkoko

Mayi Kaliati mukunena zoona anthu amenewa sakutithandiza ife anthu akumizi Chonde azibwela ngati satelo achotseni msanga zithu zidanaonongeke!!!!!!


You are more Noisier than those NGOs…so shut yourself up!!!


Mutulutse forensic report apa. Dou you want to divert our minds? Galu Kaliati, mfiti, nkhumba, khoswe, nkhono


Shut down these stupid NGOs also known as ‘Reverend’ Sembereka, Timothy Mtambo, Gift Trapence, Martha Kwataine (at first I thought she was intelligent and principled), Kubalasa and the wanna be NGO known as Jessie Kabwila.


Proverbs 21:14
The mouth of a strange woman (jezibel) is a deep pit the one denounced by YAH falls in there.

1 John 8
The one doing sin is of the devil because the devil has sinned from the beginning for this purpose the son of YAH was manifested to destroy the works of the devil.

John 8:34
Truely, truely everyone doing sin is a servant of Satan.


Better stealing ngos than government ministries that steal from its own people. Shame on u kaliat. Does registering makes the noisy ngos silent?


ya close them especially those that are bringing comfusion to this nation because they just oppose anything for sake of opposing inorder to get sm favour or cash from donors which they also cashgate NGO’s also needs to be traced hw they use their money coz ndalama zina zimwe akumatenga akutiwonongela dziko lathu labwinoli


kaliyati ungokhala chete wayambiranso u big mouth uja asiye ma NGO.Mukukanika kuyendetsa boma apa.

Honestly there is sense in what DPP wants to do on non registered NGOs. I am one of the critics of DPP but on this one let me back them. Many of you are wondering why the budget lines of many departments have been scaled down? Its because the NGOs are factored in. For instance is for example Balaka District hospital plans to buy condoms worthy $1,000,000 and UNFPA Plans to assist Balaka with Condoms worthy the same value, the budget line on government is scraped off because UNFPA has covered it. So there is a need to monitor these… Read more »
edda mwalweni

Hon Minister,yambani mwakonza banja lanu.