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Listen and Love

Mijga, the man you are praising to the skies can sometimes sleep on the job. Look how long it has taken him to leave Lilongwe to inspect this substandard work? He is failing to deliver for fear of his jealous dad who always fear the unknown in his son. Come May next year they will sink together.

Generation of vipers

If Chilima was really for Malawians and not self enrichment, he could have acted on so many scupulous deals going on in the govt, otherwise he is also there for self enrichment so he shpould rather stop acting smart

Shithole Country
The problem is that there is always an informal contract between government officials and the contractor. The contractor once he is paid the money takes a certain percentage back to government officials which they use to build houses and pay fees for their children abroad. Mota-engil is well known for doing this.The Portuguese are very crooked: Do really think that a 4 km high way from City Centre to Area 49 could cost K6.6 billion. That area is already a brown field and there are very few compensations to be paid out to those to be relocated and the structures… Read more »

Word on the street is that the contractor executing the shoddy work is none other than the Minister accompanying the VP!


so many gates in Malawi, people entering empty-handed during the day time, and coming out over-loaded under darkness. shame on you!!!!!!!


well commented. Let other people know that his family members also call him AMERICA. – Reason, ask the family member themselves.

Now that he has been told that the money went to DPP people, if he is a no nonsense person and calls a spade, a spade, let him condemn the DPP for eating the money meant for the works. And as VP, let him ask the auditor general and other government agents to investigate the claims. Secondly, we don’t see him calling a spade a spade when government that he is second in command of violates a lot of principles. Thirdly, a proper plan would have been to send an advance delegation to see if the trip was worth it… Read more »