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Stupid minister.


We need the draft bills to be made available for public comment in a bid to enhance public participation in the enactment of bills….these concern all of us not MPs only…


Clear testimony that this government is not for the people. Malawians, let’s not the legacy of Kamuzu era of suffering in silence continue to rule our minds 20 years after democracy. Why do we continue to allow few selfish indiduals to mess with things that affect all of us. This country can hardly move forward in this kind of situation.


good development as gossiping will stop once passed

Blessed Banda

Mbava izi ndi zamantha kwabasi. Crooked bunch of people.


Leader of the house(government) mwana Nsena Kasaila says no bill of information and Minister of information Japie Mhango mwana Mtumbuka says no bill of information.
You see now, its Tumbukas and Senas who are not willing to pass the information bill into law.Hahaha I am enjoying the vibe.
The Lomwes are very clever putting others on hot front lines iye ali phee. So squeeze Mhango and Kasaila for failing to table the bill.

Zathu zomwe

Ine ndinava ngati akufuna akaione akomiti akuparliament for further sicruitnised then will be in parliement khangati anatelotu dzanalija pa zodiak i think telaza akhoza kukhala mboni yanga


Govt should table the bill it will not change anything the way it is crafted. Why attract bad comments on a simple issue. Just read the UK act you will discover that govt still controls access to information. The same is true with USA. Govts will always choose what information to releases. So Jappie pse table the bill musatitopese ife.

Eye Witness

A Kasaila asena simukuwapindulira for not behaving like one. Siiwe mulomwe behave like Nsena weniweni…no nepotism, no jealous, no pretence we are always on point.

ben phiri

We want access to information bill plus other bills