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Chilungamo Chimawawa

tingoyitana Alshababu igwirepo ntchito kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


China developed when they did away with the stupid system called democracy.our stupid judges want more money yet they do little work and play golf. we need to suspend the stupid democracy and let the president guide this country. Those who are ready to work for the offered salaries should come and work and those unwilling should buzz off and start doing their own things. Judges have degrees yet there are people with masters being paid less and feel contented because they are patriotic.

Good citizen

Who is good then Colonists were bad, Kamuzu was bad, Bakili was bad, Bingu was bad, Joyce Banda just two years was voted out because you said she was bad, today barely 6months we are talking, writing that Peter is bad, are we serious Malawians, if this continues Malawi government will never develop. Too much Jealous, why cant we be part of the solution. SHAME ON MALAWI.


Bring isis let’s behead all these crooks before they finish our economy. Kkkkk.


Iwe Nyapapi had it been kuti sukulu yanu ya ulomweyo it’s worthy anything than kudya mpungako ndiye bwenzi mukumakhala ma clueless leaders only surviving on the mercy and little advice of that big mchawa from Kapoloma? To hell ndi sukulu than zopanda ntchito ku mtundu wa Malawi zo. JB mchawa was far much better than your so called Obama’s lecturer. Soon the Babylon will fall once again if you chose to fight the so called brave clan like achawa. Give Malawians the the solution of the current administrative crisis created by the head Nyapapi not zonyoza anzanu apa.

khenzo wa mangochi

wachamba iwe ndikuti woyambawe ukhalira yomweyo yopilira kma mavuto akupitilirabe

John lolesi

Its true. A Petulowa amangolekerera zinthu mpaka zimafika povuta. Anthu a mmakhotiwa akupempha 30% yokha koma ayi ndithu osawapatsa pomwe iwo eni azipatsa ma 367%, 168%, 80%. Palibe chilungamo apa.

Nanyerho Dungu

Pedro is a real nigga in da making! Malawi’s Boko Haram should just concentrate on converting the Tumbukas ahead of federalism. Pedro can withstand the pressure frm strikes. Ali ndi magowero ogonamo pa dziko lose lapansi. Emulekhe mapwiya okurupare!


Criticism criticism criticism, let us be part of the solution, the colonists were bad, Kamuzu bad, Bakili bad, Bingu bad, Joyce banda the only woman president bad, Peter is bad, even if Atupele or Chakwera comes will be bad who will be good, SHAME on MALAWI. Why cant we stop pointing fingers all the time. Lets critique based on FACTS no MOTIVES. God bless Malawi


We are in this mess because of the interventions of the presidents in the past. Let the people responsible of fixing the salary mess do there work without undue influence.