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The Patriot
[email protected] fellow Malawians, lets be patriotic for once! The team has won emphatically and instead of celebrating we are busy punching holes in the team that our heroes have beaten to the pulp. There is something good happening with the National team in general and Ghaba specifically. The pundits actually put Ghaba as one of the top ten players to watch at the Cosafa cup this year and he is delovering the goods. The Namibia coach commented that ” the next team to meet Malawi will be in big trouble” , this was after the goal less draw with Namibia… Read more »

Nothing to celebrate about. There is no way a senior Angolan team was gonna be beaten by this ugly and feeble looking poor Malawian team. Walter Nyamilandu has been the worst administrator in Malawi’s football history. During his time, Malawi has hardly produced a competitive team and the quality of players is rock bottom. The best thing to do with this team is to disband and concentrate on youth development programs. Look at the team’s uniform, it is fit for a high school team.A sane person can not choose Umbro for a national team kit supplier.


Contrats ma flames, mukanamenyedwanso ndi Angola bwezi akutukwanabe, anthu alibe pa bwino, ife tachinya Angola osati ana, koma FIFA rank tikwera kamba kakuwina kumeneku. chilipo ndikupitiliza kulimbikila, komanso malawi anthu akulu analimo 4 okha ndikaona, Goli, Harry Nyirenda, Kamwendo, Msowoya and sailesi, koma ena onse ali ana omwe nafenso timapanga build during under 20 tournament ya 2 years ago by the same coach enesrt Mtawali, ndiye mukufuna ife tidzikonzabe team ya ana mpaka liti. MALAWI SADZATHEKA chifukwa cha umbuli wa jelous.


Well, it is a slight boost in confidence. But but is a shame for your senior team to celebrate scoring past a 15 year old goal keeper. A hat trick versus a goalie born in 2001 and you are over 30. These Angolans must be sarcastic

Che Washala

Imagine playing an under 20 side and having a 15yr old in goals…….there is future in the Angola team than in that Madala Team which will be non existant in 4yrs to come. This tournament looks at developing talent and thats why most nations bring their development squads.

Racist McTumbukaFace

Walter achoke! Katimu kamene kaja osakachinya 10-0?


Congratulations to the flames but i feel like these guys should have scored more than seven goals looking at the fact that Angola was using youngsters.Give them two years and we cant beat them as usual.Malawi plays like a division 3 club.lets wait and see when the faceLesotho