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When I see East African Agriculture, I almost cry because it is dominated by livestock production due increased number of animal scientists who transcribe different breeds of animals hence production of varieties of livestock products.

Lets support our government in this Mombera project. Forget about the location, source of money and how much money to start the project. But think of how long will it take to be constructed.

The university will not be only for the northerners but for Malawians across the country. Location and the source of money has no effect to the development of the country but its establishment. As far as Livestock production is concerned in Malawi, this development will help to boost livestock industry in the sense that we as animal scientists and veterinarians will have facilities to do our work. We don’t have enough animal and veterinary science laboratories to conduct research and analysis. And the number of animal scientists and veterinarians will increase giving pressure to government to make sound breeding policies… Read more »
Dickson Kambuku

Most of the development projects in the Northern Region of Malawi are funded by Malawi govt. while in Southern Region are funded by outsiders like China, ADB. Why DPP government constructed MUST in Thyolo with the funding from China, and not from Malawi govt. money? Do not think Northerners see all these political gimmick. One we will pay for them. Mark my words. No wonder northerners agitating for federal system of government. I really sympathize with them.


A Malawi tizaleka liti nsanje? tizaleka liti umbuli? Tizaleka liti kuona zinthu opanda masomphenya, tizaleka liti kunyoza otitsogolera. To start with this is a way to go, MK100 million for a starter not for the whole project, next budget atha kupanga approve a bigger figure mwina ena akufuna kwabwino aona kufunika kwa this project mkuyamba kuthandizapo.


Which part of Mzimab will the university be located?


K100 million for a University? This is a joke just like Mzimba Eswazini, Kafukule road. Projects in the south are well funded, the Limbe Zomba road if finished but while M1 road which serves Chiefs Kampingo Sibande, Chindi, Mtwalo and Inkosi Mpherembe still stands unfinished just partly done less than 15 km covered from Mzimba district, shame. North clapping hands for promises which never comes to pass. It’s painful.

the eye

I think it’s an error it should more than that


100 million kwacha is a big joke to construct a university but two blocks of primary school. This project will follow in the foot steps of Nkhata Bay Hospital. It will take 20 years to complete.


Guys i do not understand ndalama zimakhala za president or zaboma koma ku Malawi handclapping inachuluka……

woyera kamanga

the idea of building university is a welcome one but my only question to debate is

Debate:Do you know how much it cost to sustain a Malawian Graduate..He goes to public university for a subsidiesed fees and even gets allowance and proudly demands a fat salary when employed forgeting the inputs to his/her employers.I suggest we focus more on skills than theory certificates.