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Thats z the way to go. We are proud of u Chalamanda. Change begins south and others copy. We can do alot without governnent and we will do,


Thats not what we need first BCA..solve water problems first. BT is a hell as far as water supply is concerned.

Matey U .Mopiya

Kudos Blantyre Noel Chalamanda ,Mayor of Lilongwe still sleeping ,we need educated and forsighted leaders ,




Other cities mayors are sleeping dogs.

Chalamanda you are my man.

See how the guy is doing , calling for stakeholders meetings to find way forward how to make BT clear .
Tomorrow do not say that why only southern region is developing you see you self that your mayors are sleeping dogs


Long lasting solutions are needed not only for Blantyre but for the whole Malawi. So I am suspicious of the concrete bins. Please learn our friends are doing the same. Everyone talks about Luanda as a model so let us borrow a leaf on what works and put things that will last long – beyond the current mayor. Toilets for the city are an issue really. Let us put things that are cities, town, townships, trading centers and homes will learn from.

isa kanthiti mbewe

Concrete bins are ideal for us Malawians who are fond of vandalising Government properties. There’s no problem with this type of bins because refuse plastic bags will be put inside each bin, and the refuse collectors will just remove the bags that’s all. I wish I were home, malawi, blantyre specifically, the mayor for bt city is serious, keep it up sir!


Blantyre pipo. ..always ahead for good things. ..LL pipo. ..it’s all about gates. ..cash, jet, etc


Is Malawi Blantyre, or everybody should go and live in Blantyre. We want to see these Government owned companies show some impartiality by donating similary K10m to Lilongwe and another K10m to Mzuzu cities respectively

It is very commendable job the Mayor of Blantyre is doing in spearheading the cleaning of Blantyre. But Lilongwe is a problem mainly old town though the government is trying to ask vendors to stop the selling of their items by the road. THE PROBLEM IS ALMOST ALL THOSE PEOPLE CALLED POLICEMEN ( law in forcer) have got businesses in town, once the government ask them to chase this people they fire tear gas and went back to their bosses and claim that the vendors have started violence. Which is not true, the best way is to transfer all old… Read more »
Concrete bins may not be the right answer. How will take out the waste from inside and put in the dump truck, will it be by using hands. Presently the street cleaners are not even provided gloves Concrete bins are usually open type and this will attract a lot of flies and the area surrounding the bin and nearby will cause health problems and stench. Especially in raining season , there will be a lot of water stagnation inside the bin. Look out for some alternate metal bins – tilting type with due consultation with waste management experts. Previous concrete… Read more »
eye eye

Good point BUT….yes BUT…The problem is the safety of the portable lid bins….they will be STOLEN in no time…thats the challenge. Some funny malawians still anything..even dismantling bus stage shelters just to get a sheet of metal! imagine that!