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Zimbabwe yauya

They will all rot in hell.

Fake Petros
The most sure way of protecting oneself from prosecution and wrong arm of the law if one is a freud gangster, thug, money launderer like Chapondaminga (keeping stacks and stacks of stolen money in the bedroom); then just join DPP and support president Mutharika. Forget his public rhetoric he is TIRED of corruption. If you are lucky you will be even rewarded and dine with Peter at the end of year party at the state house. The party is organised using public resources by MBC celebrating who has really achieved well in stealing among Mulhakhos gurus and sympathisers.. So don’t… Read more »

Birds of the feather flock together.

Listen and Love
So once a suspect to a crime aligns himself or becomes friends with powers that be they become immuned from prosecution? Is this truly the kind of justice system Malawians want and cherish for their country. Is selective justice, justice at all? I wonder why azungu use a perfectly balanced scale or a blind folded woman wielding a sword to represent justice. Our justice system is suffocated to death or the sword bearer has his hand twisted to spare and shield criminals who drum up political support to gangsters masquerading as champions of progress and democracy in Malawi. When true… Read more »
Prof. Mathanyula

They have taken uladi mbava mussa not the people in his constituency. We’ll see if indeed he’s still popular let him win the 2019 parliament seat. Mbava zachabechabe. Tikukuonanaitu.


Malawi fighting corruption.

Yahya Yahya Jammeh

If this man wins the 2019 Parliamentary race, ask me.

Kanthiti Mzandu

Change GOAL ameneyo


Zitsiru zaanthu

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Ndiye kuti aMussa anachitadi katangala. God will give Malawians their own Magufuli.