10 killed in Karonga road accident involving Siku truck

Ten people have died in a road accident while three others are battling for their lives at Karonga district hospital when the truck they were travelling in overturned at Tenethe area which is along Chitipa M1 road in the northern border district of Malawi on Thursday night.

Rivason: Dangerous driving

Rivason: Dangerous driving

Karonga Police Spokes Person Enock Rivasoni confirmed that a driver and eight passengers died on the spot and one is receiving treatment at Mzuzu Central hospital.

According to Rivasoni, the driver Mathews Kaliwa 63 of Mvula village Traditional Authority Kanyenda in Nkhotakota district was driving a Siku Transport truck registration number SA 7996 horse and trailer SA6773 which carried metal bars with 13 passengers, failed to negotiate a bend and overturned two times.

“It was on Thursday night when a Siku Truck which carried metal bars including people on top overturned two times….as a result the driver and other eight people died on the spot while other four were rushed to our main district hospital and officials there quickly referred one of them to Mzuzu central hospital where he died upon arrival,” said Rivasoni.

“Some of the dead bodies have been identified while others are still at our hospital waiting for their relatives,” he added.

In a related development. on Tuesday one person died and 11 others suffered critical injuries in a minibus accident which occurred at Mlale area in Karonga along M1 road.

It is believed the acident was caused by dangerous driving.

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40 thoughts on “10 killed in Karonga road accident involving Siku truck”

  1. Noel Misomali says:

    Am crying for my father in-law( Mr Kaliwa), you go so early Dad! may your soul REST IN PEACE

  2. EMMANUELSON says:


  3. madson says:

    bolani wapolisiyo wangotupa sanavulare kwambiri

  4. redeemed says:

    I guess its time people reclaim their power, mind you, this is their lives at risk. If you are passengers in a minibus and you feel that your safeft is being compromised by either the ddriver or the gtraffic officer, why not take the initiative to call the driver into order else demand a reimbursements as your life is the most precious thing you could ever have. Quite often we hesr people subquent to the accident acusing the driver of reckless driving, but never about their action to d efuse the situation. Remember, driving a minibus is one of the lowest occupation on earth no wonder most drivers are reckless due to hopeless aspirations.

  5. Fazeera Mpoya says:

    May their soul rest in peace, God knows the best than we do

  6. Oliver Twist says:

    It seems we still have transport problems when it comes to Chitipa road.I remember the old days of UTM/Satagecoach, people would sleep 4days @ Karonga Boma to just get up to Chitipa by bus. My fellow studets from this part can agree with me. Now with the new road, can someone come up with a proper transport solution to avoid scenes like these to happen again. I LOVE THE PEOPLE of Chitipa. So patient! Almost 40yrs of Independence but with no proper road infrastructure.

  7. Traffic police is one of the most corrupt departments in Malawi ,cry The Beloved Country During Kamuzu’s Days It Was God Fearing Nation,pano Ndife ‘a KHAKHAKHA OKHAOKA’

  8. Mwamfunsa says:

    The problem z dat,many malawians r joining others carriers just fo money not coz they onto to assist the citizenz. They r in the wrong boat n they nid to disembark as soon as posbl if to serve more lives. They hav links with mafiaz and other robberz to cheat the country, ths z realy detrimental and jeopardise the nation.

  9. hashim says:

    siku trans ndichoncho thz has to be hapned each and avry year in Mw for tru thrz…. smsthn undground ufiti asiku trans

  10. Harry says:

    There is no proper control on the road,drivers just do what they want….

  11. MULHAKHO says:

    Rest in intenal peace

  12. mama b says:


  13. We have traffic police in most roads but sadly they are simply looking for cash for both themselves and masters ! They are not concerned about controlling accidents on the road believe me. Not at all. I was on a coach from Lusaka to Chipata the other day and the coach was cruising fast saddenly we saw a traffic vehicle trailing us and stopped us. The Policeman came ON the bus and warned the driver to slow down ‘ mwatenga wanthu osatu vimanga musanthamange chonchi ayi please a driver’ he walked out and let us proceed. I was very impressed because 1. you could feel his concern about speeding. 2. He did not call the driver aside (pobisika) and demand cash as our policement do they call drivers aside purely to find a private place reason – munali ndi zingati. Stupid our traffic Police officers.

  14. Hoitty says:

    There was a timw when minibuses were banned from travelling more than one district. Now we see minibus travelling between BT and LL. They were called mdulamoyo for a reason and the ban reduced accidents

  15. ngongoliwa says:

    RIP. Was this his first trip up north or driving a big truck? Or there are other factors not mentioned in the article?

  16. Rash k says:

    But why with Tsiku transport only? Coz also here in Neno one man died and eight others injured after a three tone lorry reg # SA 2282 Isuzu driven by Mr Teckson Fulaye Pasikali, aged 54, overturned after falling to driveup the hill and started moving backwards. The victims were admitted to Neno district hospital but sustained minor injuries. Meanwhile the driver is in our police custody. This occurred on thurday also the 20/08/2015 at about 1900hrs. Am sgt Kaliati Neno police P.R.O.

    1. Pp says:

      Nanga mseu wa neno ndioyenda anthu kapena mitembo? Sitimangoyendera nanga titani kuno?

  17. commentator says:

    As you go northwards, right from Lilongwe, drivers and bus conductors are unrully and condescending, making you feel small for catching their bus. When you get to Mzuzu, it becomes not just lawless and chaotic but also deeply fruatrating. It has been the same time the times of UTM – the pushing and shoving Mzimba and Rumphi depots was just uunbelievable.

  18. RoyK says:

    Police be on the roads to help reducing such minibus accidents rather than aiming at getting cash

  19. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Anthu enawo ndi antchito a Siku or amatola? If u say dangerous driving, u mean wat? De driver was he sleeping, speeding or eish! Plz use a gud word relating to wat has happened. Latly ilalilahi lajiwuna, wasallam!

  20. BENGO says:

    Very sad

  21. BENGO says:

    This is sad no one expects this what could we do excerpt looking top the LORD for help,………I sympathise with you.

  22. Tili Chenene says:

    I agree with David that minibus drivers are deadly careless

  23. Phwado says:

    RIP but @ 63 years of age the driver must have been retired doing light jobs.kumangomwa tea!

  24. not myname says:

    A Very sad stole but what mechanism can authorities do to reduce such fatal accidents.Pls,try to apply means of controlling an timely death to us road users there.

  25. ochewa says:

    May their souls RIP

  26. MULAMBIA says:

    Karonga central is infested with greedy selfish and jelous politicians don’t expect any change in 2019 elections.

  27. chiyipilawachaje says:

    Karonga minibus drivers are renowned for over speeding, what they forget is that speed thrills but kills

  28. Mayi says:

    Ma minibus amathamanga at very high speed in karonga. They dont care about passengers lives. A police palibe chomwe angapange poletsa mchitidwe othamanga kwambiri ma minibus instead akawayimitsa apolice amangozungulira kuseri kwa minibus kulandila ndalama za ziphuphu. Police officers are so corrupt. It is very sad 4 people to be losing lives like that. Mizimu yawo iwuse mwa mtendere.

  29. patrick banda says:

    Dangerous driving???Reckless driving???

  30. kadamanja says:

    Apolisi ndinu mmapangisa ngozi mu Malwi muno pamodzi ndi Peter Munthalika. Overloading mu minibus, kutsogolo kuyenera kukhala anthu 3 koma kumankhala anthu 5, inu nkumayang’ana chabe. Matola awa, kuwona anthu pa mwamba pa katundu inu kudya ziphuphu basi. Boma ndi inu a traffic tapangani zinyhu zotheka.

  31. mc says:

    mzuzu karonga minbus is anther death trap

  32. Mnkhaniwapachulu says:

    Please traffic police do something very fast Kaonga-Mzuzu road is the most dangerous route to travel by public transport. The severe are so rude than anyother part of this country.I wonder why these drivers are left Scot free. Do we have to be reactive all the time? What’s the purpose of you standing on these roads? I tell U people are being physically & phsycologically being tortured by these drivers by careless driving.

  33. MG 2 says:

    may their soul rest in peace

  34. musolin says:

    The Karonga min busses are driven carelessly….always you find the min bus cruising at high speed… Impound these dangerous drivers and hive them stiff fine. The problem is you Traffic police, you just get the money for personal gain and let them go.

  35. Tondole wa tondole says:

    please police do someting,in short karonga drivers dont know how to drive but they only push and they dont know the limit as pushing has no speed meter.leaving it nthena tikufwa tose ise kuno

  36. Sky Gausi says:

    I wish those who sustained injuries a quick recovery, let those who died RIP.

  37. What aloss! Sorry some of these accidents are avoidable if some measures can be in place ie;to avoid getting into atruct which is already loaded with things whatever also the traffic police,if they can introduce long distance camera speed traps then drivers will stop speeding.

  38. gwede says:

    Why not showing us the pictures of the clashed vehicles?

  39. david says:

    Traffic police do something on minibus overspeeding in Karonga during this hot weather.

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