University of Malawi student invents poultry incubator

A third year student at University of Malawi’s Chancellor College in the eastern city of Zomba, Paul Macheso thinks Malawi has the potential of developing economically  through the use of locally available resources  as he invents an incubator aimed at improving poultry farming.

Paul showing off the circuit board of the incubator

Paul showing off the circuit board of the incubator

incubation process

incubation process

Macheso has set a record in his career path as a Bachelors of Education Science majoring in Physics and Electronic with a minor in Mathematics by innovating a working poultry incubator with materials he acquired locally and his knowledge.

While testing his incubator, the youthful and calm Chancellor College intellectual noted that his innovation has a 92% hatch rate.

Macheso who hails from Kanyambwe Village, Traditional Authority Kalolo in Lilongwe believes that this innovation can help the country’s farmers who have a liking of poultry  to improve on their production rate at an affordable cost without drying their coffers with exported incubators  which are costly to purchase and maintain when the country has the expertise .

So far, Macheso is using his incubator to hatch some quills as an appreciation of his own work .

However, Macheso lamented that the young people of his caliber in the country are frustrated when they see their dreams dying a natural death by lack of support by the government and other stakeholders to capitalize on their innovations to reach more people who could benefit from such inventions.

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That is what we need from a person from university. We can’t keep on people who comes from university but have empty head to to help develop their own country through thinking.
Are you still waiting somebody from China to develop something for us???????. Paul, you are the guy to be sponsored by the government, we can see the difference from your fellow students, go ahead!!!!!!!


This is not new alipo ambiri akupanga ma incubators


Learn to give credit yall people.Or if you cant do that chabwino osatukwana.Atleast Paul has done his own thing,what have you accomplished ourselves??Big up Paul,be inspired and motivated through these negative comments and most importantly move on with ya life

Optic Computer

Good improvisation, though for electronics students with the taste for practising, there are loads of electronic circuits on the internet such as temperature regulators, temperature sensors. radio transmitters, cellphone blockers, etc. All what is required is for one is to build one. Perhaps I can reserve the word’ invent’ to guys who do it from scratch.

What he has done is what the country needs, engineers who do, not who just talk.


When a Chewa can stand up, so many boos!!!!! Wait for more please. We only lack a platform and podium. Nyalugwe mchepsa za nzake iye akapha chiwala achita chokoka.

Bryan O'Bryan

One step at a time, you will get there. However, that is not an invention. But with the basic skills you have, you can improve your work and produce something new with appealing results. Instead of taking 21days, it should be taking less than that, and that’s what we call innovation. Big up dude.


Bola neba CHANCO ukuyetsetsa otsati mbuzi za hybrid zili kuno ku Poly. ntchito kudya basi ndi bibida. Sangapangeko ndi zingano yemwe. Mbuzi zenizeni. Yet Poly ndi mkulutu pakubadwa 1964, yet palibe chimene akuchita. Ntchito kuchita ma invent a m’mene angalimbanilane ndi azipani. Ntchito kulimbana ndi traffic basi. Ntchito kukhala akaswiri pa kukonza social weekend yaya.


he has invented yes,but zithera pomwepo..we are Malawians we dont support each other.continue investing and no one takes the credit for it.we will forget within a blink of an eye


what exactly is the innovation/ is it temperature change or a biological mechanism that causes the eggs to hatch in 2 days instead of 21 days? or how does it increase the hatch rate as compared to existing ones? or does it perform the same hatch rate as the existing ones at a cheaper cost? what makes it cheaper- local amterials or what? are the resultant hatchlings of similiar quality? some statistics please before we consider investing in this product please chonde!


Because it is Macheso, then you are saying he has not invented. When a certain munganya weaves a basket bridge across Rukuru, then he has invented. Zanu izo!! Genious Macheso has gone away with it.

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