10 Malawi heroes in 2015 shortlisted by Nyasa Times

Nyasa Times has shortlisted 10 influential Malawians who were nominated by its readers for the prestigious ‘Person of the Year’ Award to be recognised as top heroes in 2015.

Rex Bwanausi

Rex Bwanausi

The list.

Rex Bwanausi:

He is an ophthalmologist at Chikwawa district hospital. He has served the position for years, working hard to get many people affected by eye problems to doctors and personally operating people with trachoma.

His video done by Sight Savers has hit 5 million. Why? Rex works with almost nonexistent resources. He has a motor cycle. He lives 15km away from the hospital. He returns to his family every night late. But this amazing health worker goes 60km away at Nkumaniza or 47km away at Chapananga, sometimes using his fuel or sometimes borrowing money to go and find patients with eye challenges.

Chikwawa has highest trachoma and cataract cases in Malawi. Rex’s passion is on children as he says, for adults they may have few years of productivity, but for children is a life time of blindness. The man everyone calls adotolo amaso, represents hard working Malawian spirit, patience and love.

Each year he wishes to go to school and upgrade, but he postpones it to next year to treat more people first. Thousands of people in Chikwawa had regained sight, some after 6 years of losing it. He is an angel among those very poor and in need.

Rachel Sibande:

Sibande: Mhub CEO

Sibande: Mhub CEO

Rachel Sibande represents a new generation of young Malawian women. She is a 29 year old tech genius who is pioneering technological solutions to Malawian problems. She gave a talk at TEDxLilongwe in 2013 in which she showed how women in rural areas of Malawi are harnessing technology to transform their livelihoods through optimisation of agricultural market information.

Rachel is highly trained in very rare computer science fields of information theory, coding and cryptography. She is a fellow of the Young Africans Leadership Initiative (YALI), introduced by US president Barack Obama, and is the brains behind mHub.

MHub is a new technology incubator space where Malawian technopreneurs are nurtured and supported to develop technology start-ups. She was the lead technology expert in an elections monitoring project for the May 2014 elections that brought together 18 civil society organisations under the Malawi Electoral
Support Network.

This technology enabled 300,000 Malawians to verify their voter identities through their phones, and handled 88,000 messages from 4,500 polling stations across the country.

Rachel is taking this rare knowledge of 21st century technology to girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, training them to learn how to code and do lots of other very useful thing.

James Mitengo:

Teacher James Mitengo

Teacher James Mitengo

The teaching profession is going through its worst period, in Malawi and in many countries around the world, including wealthy, developed countries such as the United States and the United
Kingdom. Morale is at its lowest and many teachers are leaving. Not with Malawian teacher James Mitengo.

This Standard 4 teacher at Mpeni Primary School in Thyolo district is doing what very few teachers are capable of: searching for solutions to problems in Malawian education.

“He is always on the lookout for new opportunities, and has used them to connect his school with schools in other parts of the world,” said education expert and academic Dr Steve Sharra one of the people who nominated Mitengo.

Mitengo has sourced computers and Internet connectivity for his rural school in Thyolo, and has established computer lessons for his Standard 4 pupils.

Mlombw: From a beggar to a billionaire

Mlombw: From a beggar to a billionaire

He has attracted the attention of other teachers in the UK and the US, and has visited Scotland and England a number of times now where he has introduced the idea of Teaching and Learning
Using Locally Available Resources (TALULAR) to teachers there.

This is an idea that he popularised in Thyolo and surrounding districts. He is promoting international education both for his students and students in other parts of the world.

Mike Mlombwa:

The Malawian who has built his business on back of hard work. Mike is a very unique model of Malawi businesses; he has not lost voice on speaking for indigenous businesses. He has passion and wish to see his fellow countrymen grow.

Trading as Countrywide, Mike has survived hostile political, business and social environments. He has seen business in all Malawian season. It makes him businessman of the year, as his perseverance reflects the ability of Malawians to run business and that with determination we can succeed.

He continues to inspire a new generation of business people. His continued representation as alternative voice to local business’s that includes taking on powerful banks and politicians.

Reporter Chimjeka: Told of a criminal gang which has drawn up a list of people targetted

Reporter Chimjeka: Told of a criminal gang which has drawn up a list of people targetted

Mlombwa is a reality of what needs to be done in Malawi for many to come out of poverty.

Rebecca Chimjeka:

It has become inconceivable to think of Malawi’s democracy without thinking of the Malawian media. Malawi’s political class has never appreciated the fundamental aspects of democracy, but thanks to the Malawian media, some of their chicanery and shenanigans are laid bare by the Malawian media.

The one face that represents that canny ability to reveal to Malawians the mischief that the political
class are up to is Rebecca Chimjeka.

The Nation Publications Limited news analyst and former Nyasa Times investigative reporter has exposed some of the innards of how cashgate happened, and how it is still going on today.

She has penetrated high-placed corruption in the timber business implicating top government officials, and has opened up the underbelly of the politics that is holding back construction of the cancer centre.

Mwai Kumwenda: Malawi netball export

Mwai Kumwenda: Malawi netball export

Rebecca Chimjeka is the paragon of investigative journalism in Malawi today.


This is an institution that continues to empower thousands of Malawians. It also identified markets including exports for Malawian produce. NASFAM has grown into more than a cooperative; it is an institution that reflects determination of ordinary Malawians to change their lives.

In a country where institutions have run down or politicised, NASFAM resilience to various factors indicate a model of good cooperative governance and structure that enforces transparency. NASFAM members rarely are boggled down by loans like village banks that are reaping off the poorest.

 Mwai Kumwenda:

Malawi’s only netball export to New Zealand, Mwai Kumwenda is named for her phenomenal contribution to sports, especially for being named best player at the world cup in Australia. Nyasa Times wish the Malawi Queens actually won the trophy some day. Despite their collective failure to win the cup, Mwai’s individual brilliance shines through.

Prophet Bushiri the Major 1

Prophet Bushiri the Major 1

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri:

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a prolific young prophet whom God has raised in Malawi now based in South Africa, but his voice reaches almost all the nations of the world through his international crusades and his own television channel, the Prophetic Channel.

Although it is difficult to follow up on all the possessions of ‘Major 1’ Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, we have it on reliable authority that he could very well be one of the youngest, if not the youngest, richest men of God in recent times. He possesses two private jets and it is also said that he runs several big businesses outside Malawi, including a profitable diamond business.

Bushiri pays school fees for and sustains over 70 high school and university students, some of them outside Malawi. He also financially assists many men of God and less privileged people. Talking about international ministration, the Major Prophet is always given VIP treatment in countries he goes to. He is always provided with full time police escort in many countries including South Sudan, Zambia and is given access to talk to top Government officials.

Mayor for Blantye Noel Chalamanda

Mayor for Blantye Noel Chalamanda

Mayor Noel Chalamanda:

Mayor of the City of Blantyre, Noel Chalamanda, is recognised for investing all his energy in trying to make Blantyre a better place.

During the investor’s conference, Chalamanda won a lot of deals for Blantyre, and it is expected that he is actively following them up to ensure that the development projects he envisages are implemented in the city.

Timothy Mtambo:



Human rights campaigner Timothy Mtambo is recognised for being consistent in human rights activism, fearlessly. While most of the activists have gone under – enjoying the scones that have silences them – Mtambo remains amongst few activist standing.

He has been a vocal and active rights campaigner.

  • Zeroes: Can Nyasa Times readers use the comment box below and name your zeros in the year 2015
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73 thoughts on “10 Malawi heroes in 2015 shortlisted by Nyasa Times”

  1. Mapwevupwevu says:


  2. Bob says:

    Nicholas Dausi

  3. Chaundira says:

    Thank you for noticing the man at Chikwawa district hospital. This proves that he is doing some commendable work and deserves recognition. However, inu a Nyasa times simudafufuze udindo weni weni wa munthu uyu. The Ministry may be comfortable with that position and they may think that they have misplaced a specialist to a district hospital. That position at the moment is for someone at a Central Hospital. His real position should be exposed so that the Clinical and Human resource departments of the Ministry should also propose his recognition through promotion. Thank you for making our man as one of the heroes of the year.


    You have completely missed my man of the year PRINCE KAPONDAMGAGA The C.E.O. of Farmers Union Of Malawi he deserve the recognition too zokondera basi xxiiii

  5. Busy brains says:

    James Mitengo the teacher deserve special recognition . Just imagine a village teacher achieving all that feat! Congrats aphunzitsiiiii !!!!!!!!!

  6. Busy brains says:

    Note, Bright Mhango of BNL on my earlier post follows in the heroes category.

  7. Busy brains says:

    The only deserving people here are Bwanausi, Mlombwa & Chimjeka. The lest is trash. If I were to add my list, I would mention Dr Mtambo the high court judge, Mary Kachale the DPP. In terms of institutions then Marist Secondary & Mary Mount secondary would feature. As for zeros, a good list would be made from ESCOM , Bt water board, traffic police , road traffic directorate & immigration dept. NB : Osaiwala Bright Mhango of BNL who managed to buy a drivers license even if he doesn’t know how to drive a car plus buying a health passport certificate without undergoing tests.

  8. Weluzgi says:

    These Are True Heroes Rely. Thy Deserve It.

  9. Goff says:


  10. Zeroes says:

    Walter Nyamilandu for clinging to power like sepp blatter after 12 years if not delivering

  11. nandini says:

    A George Kamanga pepani kuti mwalira nthawi yaitali.Dziwani kuti mudakawina inuyo anzanu enanso oluza bwenzi akutukwana anthuwa daily chimodzi-modzi. Limbani mtima mungayambe kufa ndi cardiac arrest chifukwa chokwiya.
    Pepani,pepani, pepani ma nominee anuwo ndi a2014 osati 2015.

  12. George Kamanga says:

    illegitimate president APM, Injustice Maxon Mbendera and Injustice Kenyatta Nyirenda are the best of the best zeroes in 2015

  13. A fellow conman says:

    Obviously the number one zero of the year, chapansi pa mpoto, chidzete, chitsiru, nantumbo, Ndi ARTHUR PETER MUTHARIKA.

  14. A fellow conman says:

    Zero- Bushiri. Fake iPad miracle. Fake walking on air. Fake Angels.

  15. Bingiza says:

    Zero: Arthur Peter Mutharika. He has no focus. Malawians are constantly left in suspense not knowing what the President is doing to address their concerns. What he says is just rhetoric without substance and solutions. Moreover, he does not do what he says.

    Chilima would have made it in the top 10 list. He is the only cabinet official who is making necessary noise.

  16. Namaoda says:

    My vote goes to Rex

  17. opportunist says:

    Rex Bwanausi inspires me alot. I know him personally ,humble and dedicated. He has a great future. God bless u man.

  18. johnM says:

    its a good list

  19. Henry Banda says:

    Clueless Peter Mutharika

  20. Chifundo Kadiwa says:

    Rex Bwanausi is my brother in marriage and indeed he deserve to be recognized. Not only that he is a hard worker who puts the life of the poor first but he is also a role model in our family. He is always there for us whenever we need him.

  21. Khwethemu says:

    My zeros in 2015 n yrs to come; Peter Mutharika, Goodall Gondwe

  22. zandile says:


  23. mapwevupwevu says:

    Zzeros: Walter Nyamilandu, Kasaira, Kapito, Kabwira, Ralph Kasambara, Escom CEO, Lilongwe Mayor, Trapence, jappie mhango

  24. Joseph Samson says:

    I see the authenticity of the list, good work done. It must also noted that the list is just endless as in politics we also have PPs spokes person Ken Nsonda, despite all torture, aligations and unrests the party went through, he has beens the very best spokesperson with sound arguments , evidenced through different conversations he has made with the media through 2015…..

  25. Etta says:

    Rex Bwanausi is really a hero… Keep it up rex!!

  26. True citizen says:

    Hon Kamlepo Kalua is another true of this country

  27. levelheaded says:

    That is your list Nyasatimes but you could make it clear that this list is excluding politicians. My list could go like this;
    1. Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.
    He is the first president to have ruled this country without donor
    aid thereby giving us a picture that if we can correct in some
    areas this country can be self reliant. He solted out some
    Challenges amicably like the judicial strike,civil servant salary
    Strikes which could choke government activities regarding the
    economic crisis we are in.
    2. John Kapito.
    He heads the a voluntary organisation which has been the voice of
    the voiceless in pushing for the rights of consumers in the country
    referring the challenges we have had on electricity and water.
    3. Reneck Matemba.
    2015 has been the year in our history to witness a vibrant anti
    corruption beaureu as regards criminal investigations and
    Conviction. Therefore we can’t talk of this development without
    mentioning this son of this soil.
    4. Brian Banda.
    He is made of the finest brain cells. He can did holes in what
    Comes from the self mouth and alter one to say what he would not
    Expect today. His programme on Times TV has brought some
    revelations on some hidden facts to the society.
    5. Mtakomwa(Mibawa studios)
    This entrepreneur has a very touching story that influence many
    Young people who would like to become owners of companies and
    Uplifting young talent in the country. Mibawa studios is now a
    household name behind the brains of this noble young man.
    6. Patricia Kaliati.
    Beside the much talked none merit cabinet ministers in APM
    Administration, the ministry of disabilities, gender and child
    Welfare has registered some positive developments in the just
    ending year since we got democracy. This Iron lady has taken the
    business unusual approach.
    7. Judge Michael Mtambo.
    He has brought a fresh touch on how judges should put patriotism in
    Vessels by not shaken to the customary approach way to Cases in our
    Courts. For once let’s applause this son of the soil who has
    Inherited the Japanese way of tackling Court cases.

  28. Jimmy Koreia-Mpatsa says:

    Good selection of candidates but incomplete without the name of Dr Leo Masamba, the oncologist who has assisted many cancer patients and often using own resources. He works almost 20 hours a day using scant resources to reach remote areas to visit patients.

  29. Namarokoro says:

    My Zero of the year is: Ms Joyce Mtila Banda. For getting out of Malawi in presence of attending important meetings knowingly that she was running away in case she is interrogated on Cash Gate issues.

  30. BigMan says:

    I agree with most of this list. Apart from Mtambo because he is unfocused and clearly a political noisemaker.

  31. Tina says:

    We thank you all, my special thanks goes to Noel Chalamanda just know you give us hope. But tell us what can happen to eliminate Mosquitos in the City. You can. Thank You Rex Bwanausi, you are a true Hero, Angel at work. You must go back to school to update

  32. Peter says:

    Bwanausi is the real winner here. Osati Mary Phikiso iyayi!!!

  33. Concerned Citizen says:

    When lists miss out people who have put their life in harms way not being honoured, I question the credabliity of the list. If we are talking hero’s, then the Deputy director of ACB Mr Reyneck Matemba should feature.

    What is the definition of hero being used?

  34. Chalume says:

    Congratulations, Nyasatimes, for such a wonderful, impartial and objective line-up!

    You recently featured a story about an unlikely group of Malawians that have hit the international scene with a bang…the Zomba Prison Project. For their nomination at the Grammy’s, they deserve a spot on such a list too! Of course, not everyone can make the list, but it is important we do not forget such too!

    Good job!

  35. Dusty says:

    My zero in 2015 is Peter Muthalika coz he has failed from mending the economy.

  36. Dusty says:

    President Peter Muthalika

  37. Mathanyula Lekani says:

    Bwanausi wins hands down!!! Cudos to this man!!!!

  38. vyakuchitika says:

    APM is among the zeroes. He has hardly inspired as leader of the nation. It’s like we’re groping in darkness not really knowing where we’re going as a sovereign nation. On the contrary, his vice is so determined to make things change for the better in Malawi. I hope things will get better in the year 2016, our leaders must change the way they envision Malawi’s development. May the good Lord have mercy on Malawi.

  39. My www.www says:

    My zeroes this year include APM for failing to run the country. JB for stealing government funds and staying holed up in exile. Lucius Banda just became a zero when the year is coming to an end – he is intolerant and a homophobe who would is spreading gay hate. The mayor of lilongwe is another zero who can’t run the capital city. More zeroes include escom, mbc, Gerald viola, peermont hotel for failing to bring dru hill, Ralph kasambara for being a dirty lawyer– need I continue?

  40. ine wanu says:

    Peter mutharika

  41. Malipeya says:

    I wish if this was based on sectors. We also have Judicial officers who sentenced child abusers longer imprisonment i.e. 17 years etc.

  42. Green Grass says:

    What are Zeroes? kkkkkkkk

  43. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Patricia Kaliati


    “LUTEPO” is missing here

  45. Tonde says:

    Timothy mtambo is the only person who doesn’t deserve to be on that list. Other people deserve to be on that list such as faluweki of the padoko charger

  46. Mapwevupwevu says:


  47. ntha..... says:

    jessie kabwila. she has been approached on numeous times by the DPP to benounce her MCP membership for a ministerial. koma nganganga pambuyo pa ngodya zinai. strong personality

  48. bullz says:

    george chaponda

  49. Maliseche Kwatiwani says:

    Justice Michael Mtambo – the ONLY lawyer in Malawi who taught Raphael Kasambara that :no one is untouchable” and Ralph is the unwilling student

  50. al says:

    Nanga DG acb or deputy DG surely they are as much a part of the fifteen convictions you have credited Mary Kachale with?

  51. munthuson says:

    j. mhango, minister of misinformation tops the list

  52. Fbi genuine says:

    ndasankha peter muthalika pozunza dziko la malawi ndipo polephera kumanga a police awa.Elijah kachikuwo,Barnet Bojongo Mwasinga (actor,mwini filimu) ndi chandema kaya mumachula choncho kaya,wat eva.pokhudzidwa ndi kubedwa kw ndalama zokwana 400million yomwe inapezeka ndi clerk waku accountant general mu account yake mu chaka chamasauso cha 2011.sitikuyiwala ndipo sitidzayiwala olo mutaputa kwa sing’anga.

  53. Mapwevupwevu says:

    I read Nyasatimes but I never saw the call for nominations but anyway not a bad list even though it is apparent that half of the nominees were chosen by Nyasatimes!

  54. Fbi genuine says:

    APM for treating Malawians as trash.2, pitala ndi mkazi wake pakuzunza mtundu wa a malawi ndi kulephera kuyambisa mlandu wa mu 2011 wa 400million kwacha womwe unamangisa apolice aku area30 achina Kachikuwo,Barnet bojongo Mwasinga(mwini filimu) ndi chandema kaya amati chandelema wat ever from finance department.Achakwera mukalowa mboma mudzakwizinge onse awa.

  55. Davies Jiva says:

    Davies Jiva, University of Malawi Students Union Secretary General.

    I have nominated myself because I believe that I have been influential in the students realm. UMSU Council has been on the forefront in spuring students welfare.


    Well, you are entitled to produce that list; it’s your right.
    Interesting you say Rachel Sibande …highly trained in very rare computer science fields…”VERY RARE”?… What’s that? Occasionally, in computer coding it’s not the training that counts but inborn talent.

  57. nobel says:

    Juliana Lunguzi deserved it

  58. Mtundu Wanga says:

    Agreed on all but not convinced on NOEL Chalamanda. The article says he won a lot of deals which will do good if implemented. I think he should be recognized only when those deals are implemented. He’s a likeable and hardworking Malawian, but not exceptional. Let’s recognize RESULTS and not good intentions or mere efforts. Remember one APM who went to New York and after blowing million of Kwachas promised that he had actually wooed many investors to come to Malawi? Two years down the line, no results, just hot air.

  59. GRM says:

    From the explanation it is clear Bwanausi and Motengo are true heroes. They impact in rural communities and do not have resources but inspiration only

  60. m3 says:

    Ndavomereza zoti Juliana Lunguzi deserved to be identified for her influential role ku Area kwawo,komanso kulankhula mwachuchuchu despite the odds being against her.Amasowatu Azimayi olimba mtima chonchi.

  61. Zeros says:

    Kodi mukuti Julliana wakwatiwano? Chonde musatero ndizimangilira ine. Chosani Mtambo muikepo Lunguzi pamenepo

  62. My Zeros are Willy Chapondera mayor for Lilongwe. He has failed the city big time.

    Arthur Peter Muthalika- Such a clueless president

  63. Peter says:

    This time bwanji Juliana Kalanda Lunguzi sanatchulidwepo mu top 10. I think she was influential ndithu in 2015

  64. KK says:

    Ma zero a m’mbili ndi Atumbuka. Despite claiming being educated surprisingly they are not featuring much on the list. If we were to talk about Cashgate, the list could have been endless.

  65. Tonny says:

    Zeroes of 2015?
    1. APM- for his pure stupidity really
    2. Bamusi- for using our resources for personal gain and allocating cars to his family
    3. MEC- for mismanagement of funds.
    4. Mbendera- for helping DPP steal elections.
    5. Malawians- for allowing to be used and ruled by idiots and for accepting every single excuse of this gvt’s failures.
    6. NAC- for disbursing funds to the Muntharikas that was meant for people suffering from AIDS.
    7. Malawi parliament- for not holding this gvt to account enough.
    8. Health minister(whatever his/her name is) – for,,, well, no need of explanation there.
    9. Unilever Malawi for giving prisoners expired foods.
    10. Samuel Tembenu- for lying to us about the state of prisons.

    The list is looooong…

  66. Boss Man says:

    NOEL Chalamanda

  67. munya says:

    my zero is APM. on very important issues affecting we ordinary people, he has failed to
    come and tell us how he resolving them. such issues is like of gays, shortage of drugs and underfunding in hospitals .

  68. chizamsoka munthali says:

    The zeroes, Peter, trapence, Goodall, kaliati, jappie, Nankhumwa etc

  69. jen says:

    Koma Zoona Mpaka Bushiri???

  70. Rita Banda says:

    Rachel Sibande, Rebecca Chimjeka and Timothy Mtambo

  71. Mwamuna sakalamba says:

    Paul Mphwiyo, Oswald Lutepo, Ralph Kasambala, Atupele Muluzi, The mayor of Lilongwe city assembly, Ben Phiri, The chief executive of ESCOM, the chief executive of Road traffic, Jappie Mhango, Nicholas Dausi,

  72. Eye Witness says:

    APM. For showing us that he is in Malawi just to enrich himself and that he doesn’t know Malawi if the Hard Talk show is anything to go by.

  73. Remove Timothy Mtambo replace him with Lucius Banda a true son of Malawi with no gay traits

Comments are closed.

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