12 years jail for Admarc robber

First Grade Magistrate Court in Salima has sentenced to 12 years jail term to Julius Kumbande for robbing Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) K504, 995.00 at gun point.

Kumbande pleaded guilty to all the counts levelled against him while his accomplices denied the charges.

Morgan Kabango, prosecuting, told the court that Julius Kumbande alongside his accomplices stormed Katelera ADMARC at night where they managed to overpower the guards and injure the clerk in process.

Kabango said Kumbande holed out a cash chest containing K504, 995.00 and run away with it.

According to Kabango, Salima Police arrested the suspects in their own homes following the tips offs from the general public.

The Police also managed to confiscate a gun from one of the suspect but there was no casualties to all sides since police did not opened fire at them.

Salima Police Publicist Sub Inspector Gift Chitowe said the robbery took place on 21st July.

Malawi has seen rise in criminal activities since taking over of government by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in May this year.

President Peter  Mutharika recently said he has intelligence information that there is underworld criminal gang that aims at destabilizing his administration.

Mutharika revealed that his government has bought 50 vehicles in order to wage war with criminals

Just recently the Inspector General of Police Loti Dzonzi  splashed K300,000 rewards to two  Police Officers as a ‘thank you’ for recovering K500 million which was stolen from Standard Bank in the Northern city of Mzuzu earlier in the month of September Police.

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MK504,999.00 jail term 12 years, senzani MK60,000,000.00 3 years. zitsiru za ma judge za ku Malawi

busisiwe dlhomo

wachulukanso ndi umbuli pa nyasaland, cant you differentiate theft and armed robbery??? which one is more serious than the other???? if you want someone to blame, then blame the law of the land of nyasaland not magistrates and judges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eye eye

yees..animal farm…cashgater gets NINE months for theft and three yrs for money laundering…and another plebian steals half a million you get 12 years……kuno ndi kunja kuyanja luchero!


Justice???? Cashgaters worthy billions kwachas 3 yrs ,…..robbers and house bagglers worthy thousands kwachas 12 yrs.Our courts and judges are useless,and not worthy to be called your worship.Very corrupt and inconsiderate to the suffering of Malawians.Cashgater saga will be a test of worthiness of our learned judges.

I know it makes little sense. However, has anyone of you wondering experienced armed robbery. I have in my own home and since then my nights are not always the same. You suffer psychological trauma that affects you for a long time. I say yes the guy deserve a long sentence. The issue should be whether cashgate suspects should get off easily and in that case my answer will be no. However, armed robbery, no matter how small the amount is involved should never be tolerated and should face the strongest arm of the law. Ask anyone who has experienced… Read more »
elvis wycleff

Dziko liyanja anthu achuma……. …no land for a poor man

Reformed Al-Qaeda

Moral of the story: if you want to steal, go for billions not mere thousands. This is why it is STUPID to break into peoples homes and steal peanuts and risk 12 yrs in prison. Professional thieves go for banks and capital hill where they can still billions and get 3 yrs or just walk scotch free – no mob justice; but being protected by the “law”. This is the irony of our justice sytem.
So next time you want to steal, do not risk being burnt alive through mob justice – go for real money in banks and capital hill.

All cashgate cases should be sent to Salima please. If someone can get 12yrs for stealing half a million, imagine what Senzani couldve gotten. And dont tell be that its because this robber used guns and force, Senzani also caused death of a lot of innocent people in hospitals due to lack of medication and the like, and people starved with hunger due to unberable high living costs. If we cant send them to Salima, lets just adopt Shariah laws, Malawi would be so much better. If you steal using your hands like the Admarc thief, chop off their hands,… Read more »

63million =3yrs & mk504ooo=12yrs ameneyo ndiye Malawi wathu

Chikuli boyz

Kkkkkk . Iwe Hanneck Matemba refer all cashgaters to Salima kuti aone chinameta nkhanga mpala, ngati wa half a million twelve yrs nanga Mphiyo hmmmm mwina angampatse hundred years. Ifetu ma magestrates sitiopayi timangogamula basi


And Mk92,000,000,000 zero years.

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