NAC commissions study on Malawi men developing breasts

The National Aids Commission (Nac) says it will institute scientific research on the reported cases of men developing breasts in the eastern district of Mangochi due to the highly rated new regimen of life prolonging Anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs.

Malawi switched from the old Stavudine (D4 T) based ARVs to the new WHO recommended Tenofovir based regimen 5A last year, which was hailed to have had lesser side effects.

But it was revealed that about 20 men have developed female-like breasts as result of new ARV regimen side effects. The cases have been reported in the district of Mangochi and the issue has also been reported in Machinga district.

NAC board Chairperson, Marah Kubweza-Banda said the Commission would institute scientific research to establish if indeed the new ARV regimen was behind the developing of breasts in men.

The phased out regimen 1A had many side effects like hump back,central obesity, inflammatory pancreas and mixed up body salts among others.

In July 2012, the Malawi Government signed a MK 64. 7 billion HIV grant from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria to complete the drug transition for all Malawians beginning in mid-2013.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and government recommend Tenafovir-based regiment in HIV management because it is more
efficient and has reduced side effects.

WHO guidelines for treatment of HIV infection in adults and adolescents were changed in 2009 as a way of improving treatment
effectiveness and reduce risk of toxicities for individuals residing in resource-limited and highly affected regions including Malawi.

Ministry of Health last year described the new ARV regimen as friendly with people taking one pill per day unlike in the old treatment where they take the drug twice a day.

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kodi ku Malawi kuno ndiye koyeserera mankwala eti ndi mulungu yekhatu angatichotsere mavuto amenewa tiyeni abale anga tiwapempherere anzathuwa.

Livulezi river

Ex- NAC nurse @ 1.1.1 , you are right!! These things reminds me of a certain gentleman called Timothy Bonyonga! This guy is being rated highly now & then by the media as sexual reproductive expert! My foot!!! This Timothy Bonyonga guy is not all that people think & believe about him. The truth of the matter is that he was once @ Banja La Mtsogolo as a medical assistant. His main duty there was to circumcise men! Zambiri zimene amakamba ndi zongoganiza kapena ndinene kuti zongopeka without facts!!


Masiku otsirirza awa. Dziko lalepherekapo basi


Nkhani ukupita ku ma Gay. Anthu awa long at last shall diagnosed HIV negative to promote sodomy. they are using us , mistreating , bullying & jupardizing malawians. Ndiye poti madotolo achimalawi komanso malawi Beaural of standards sadziwa kuyeza amangolandira zinthu nkumaziyamikira – ayiiii ndimmene tithere amalawi. amene sanakatenge kachiromboka angoyesesa kuti asakatenge. abale athu mukumwa ma ARV funsani bwino bwino pali anthu ene amadziwa natural remedies pogwiritsa ntchito zakudya zathu zimene timadziziwa ngakhale pena kuzinyoza. God 4give them


timwe zimenezi

Sidney Hills
Please note that the answer to HIV/AIDS lies within individual states. America is no answer to this problem. The Regimen is designed to recolonise Africa through epidemics by giving free medication which in turn ends to be costly at the expense of common people. Remember why would pharmaceutical companies invest in medication wealth billions for free? You will never get the right treatment for AIDS from a Westerner other than poison to exterminate our beloved sisters and brothers. Wake up Malawi! If someone wants to help you advise them to give you the technology that can aid to develop your… Read more »
Austin Mussa

Mulungu atichitire CHIFUNDO

Why didnt you reseach if stavudine indeed caused peripheral neuropathy and other side effects?I guess the answer could be because the literature was clear that those are side effects of the drug , most people on ART were showing the side effects and research proved that.Why wasting time to research on such a thing that is well and clearly documented that one of the side effects of 5A is Gynaecomacia and most of the affected are the ones taking ART as reported .Research has already been done on this unless you want to confirm findings .After all most reseaches done… Read more »

Is this not gynaecomastia or they mean the same?
This also implies imbalance between androgens and ESTROGEN…….let the medical experts do proper research. there is also need to check if it is really enlargement of the breast tissue or something else?


No. 1 please check articles published about peripheral neuropathy, lipodystrophy and mitochondrial toxicities in relation to stavudine in Malawi.

Ex NAC nurse
His point is that people with clinical research competencies should do the research not visits by graduates of agroforestry or education of social media employed at NAC through back door means which will most likely be the case. These people would not tell the forest from the trees when it comes to biomedical research. Its true NAC is fully of inept and unqualified people. Go to Zambia or Uganda, 80% of the key people working at NAC are MDs, with MPH and PhD to boot, at our NAC those with certificates from internet become experts in biomedical research, siphoning money… Read more »

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