2 CSO crucial ultimatums on Mutharika expire

President Peter Mutharika faces unspecified action after Friday, November 27 when two crucial civil society organisations issued ultimatums to him expire.

Bamusi: No raw deal

Bamusi: No raw deal

In one of the ultimatums, the civil society groups want the President to step down because they claim he has failed to steer the country out of economic turmoil and that he has been extravagant with public resources citing his 106 entourage to the UN which included his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadres and some chiefs irrelevant to the general assembly.

They also accuse him of being insensitive to the Malawi economic situation and extravagant through the chartering of presidential jets.

Billy Mayaya, one of the CSO leaders who signed the ultimatum told Madziko radio station the CSOs would meet to decide the next course of action if the President fails to respond by Friday.

“I cannot say what we will do, we will have to meet and make a decision,” he told the radio station this week.

Mutharika, who chairs cabinet meetings, also faces another ultimatum, to have the Access Information Bill tabled in parliament by Friday, November 27.

Citizen Alliance, an umbrella body of some of the vocal civil right groups handed down the ultimatum, threatening an unspecified action if the demand was not met.

The alliance says it is tired with lies, contradictions, misinformation and false promises on the bill.

Minister of Information Jappie Mhango, who had assured the nation that the bill would be tabled in parliament said the cabinet had sent it back to the cabinet’s legal committee, claiming there were inconsistencies in the bill, a claim trashed by media watchdog Misa-Malawi chairman Thom Khanje.

And the powerful media owners in Malawi argue that the draft bill was scrutinised carefully by experts and fear the government is bent to doctor it to suit its own agenda as it has done with the communications bill.

Presidential advisor on civil society groups and non government organisations Mabvuto Bamusi on Friday came out fire fighting, urging CSOs and the media to be patient, claiming President Mutharika and his administration want the bill passed in parliament.

He said the government does not want to give Malawians a raw deal.

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18 thoughts on “2 CSO crucial ultimatums on Mutharika expire”

  1. Winston msowoya says:

    Bravo commentators.We shall be there without doubts patriotic Malawians.It is absolutely correct that by catapulting the two evils into power on merits of ethnicity,Malawians have committed very grave crime against their own human decorum.Muluzi’s first term administration was not that bad,but his second term was a mixture of corruption and lack of vision that led him to campaign for Bingu,a fellow Southerner sidelining experienced and brilliant late Aleke Kadonapani Banda and a rising star Chimunthu Banda.However,JB was not that bad taking into account her short period in the helm.So the genesis of our current predicament,is the excursionist type of leadership we have voted into power motivated by Muluzi’s opportunistic and misguided judgement.However,we must learn from the past political blunders when Kanyama and Masauko invited a fallacious messiah (Banda) to lead us in our struggle for our independence.Yes,we haven’t learnt a lesson after this shameful and tragic scenario.However,we must nor cry over split milk,let us be united in the coming national elections and completely vanquish this deadly Lomwe conspiracy once and for all.

  2. It shows that other people they just comment without base. They are like mental disturbed people who hate every policeman, Jesus, every president, bishops, reverends and any other popular person. They just rushing in news paper and any other media to comment for what they can not afford if they can be given a chance. President is trying its best to change this country into the betterment of the people but unsteady of helping him it is a talk of today. What do you him to do so that you can see that he is doing fine. Mukufuna kuti asegure manati ndiye muyambe kuba ndalama. Chifukwa chakuti simukuba ma project anu aima ndiye mukulira chifukwa akupanani ndiye patafune inupo mungoyankhula ngati anthu opanda mitu. munya muona mulira mpakana 2024. pamene mumamubera joice uja ndiye mumasangalala kuti tamuveka chipewa. nonse munali zii koma pano mwayamba kumayankhula ngati anzeru. takuonelerani cholinga chanu ndipo mukwiya mpakana muthawa dziko liri lanulomwe chifukwa ndi Gudo Gondwe, Chilima, Peter simupeza polowera kuti mukabe ndipo simunati muonda ndi timabungwe tanuto

  3. choka phiri says:

    You made him. It was even better with JB. Why complaning. The man has NO idea how tog rulle a nation. He wanted so badly to be a president that He gave up green Card Who will do that. Green, thief ord power hungry.

  4. The Patriot says:

    The Mutharika brand which was chosen by the Muluzi brand has done nothing for this country! Verily verily I say unto you all, that Malawi was a better place before the Mutharikas entered the scene. It will be as such until the Mutharika brand keaves the scene. After a Mutharika left the throne in 2012, things changed for the better. Now Malawians should brace themselves for very tough times until APM leaves Nsanjika!!!

  5. James kotoki says:

    Tired of this nonsense,Muthalika woos investors it’s now over a year since we started hearing this and we don’t see the investors.rubbish

  6. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Anthu akumalawi mituyanu ndiyowola eti, pitala ndi president wabwino? munthu wogwirabwino mutu wache ndithu ku backila muthalika zoona? Will he change the country for the betterment of ordinary malawians, i feel very sorry for malawians in the village.

  7. Prince Edward rsa says:

    We are behind you please push harder this idiot will make malawi like zimbabwe imagine after 5years malawi will be a misery.

  8. m2 says:

    Become objective else you are fast becoming useless features in this society!

  9. m2 says:

    Za ziii! Nde mupanga chani? Dull minds leading CSOs who don’t even know how to engage with issues. Malawi and Malawians are very awake and know what they want. Mayaya or no Mayaya, life goes on. CEDEP kaya kopanda CEDEP, life goes on without mathanyula, so is Mtumbuka Mtambo. Become objective else you are fast becoming useless features in this society!

  10. Khemuche says:

    CSOs are a laughing stock. No tangible agenda at all but simply good at derailing development. Do you know how German-Jews stabed-in-the-back of the country Germany for Germany to loose the first world war in 1918? Likewise, Malawian-Tumbukas stab-in-the-back of the country Malawi for Malawi to loose focus and world support which are needed so much for development. Atumbuka ndianthu opanda khalidwe, osakonda dziko lawo just like Jews in Germany. Watch tumbukas out with a mature mind and you will see the back-stabing I am talking about. They steal at capital hill like no other. They employ only themselves. And later pretend to be human rights adevocates to fool the world. Shupit !!!

  11. Patriot says:

    Ma Cadets Luther Mambala and Mabvuto Bamusi akudikira kuti muwapatse date azakhonse Counter Demonstration tsikulo kuti azachite present ma SDG goals.

  12. Mbuya says:

    Ma CSOs anali kale…pano all are partisan…..Atumbuka Vs Alomwe….mukathana muzatiuza mitundu yoipainu…agalu achabechabe..

  13. bigman de apostle says:

    CSO shus learn to take things seriously

  14. joker says:

    Manoma woyeeee…Sulumba..kuzagoletsa pano timve uthenga kuchokera kwa ma soponsers athu.. Boom

  15. California King says:

    Everyone is aware that we didn’t choose this. Robot to lead us.But MEC. U c now what he’s doing Shame on u

  16. Ndatopa ine says:

    Indeed tiyeni nazoni

  17. XXXXXXXXXXXX says:

    Please lets desist from these ultimatums which we have no mechanism to enforce. We are turning the country into a micky mouse club house. Lets be serious with what we want to achieve lest we are not taken seriously next time we open our mouth.

  18. Boloyi says:

    CSOs Kwabisala Anachipati Ambiri, Awanso Sugar Akasowa Pa Nyumba Ku Mseu Samati Apita liti.

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