FA Malawi presidential aspirant Yabwanya hints on manifesto: Jets in Sunday

Aspiring president of the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Willy Yabwanya Phiri says he will transform Malawi soccer into a force to be reckoned with it by ensuring infrastructure and grass root talent development.

Yabwanya: FAM presidential hopeful
Yabwanya: FAM presidential hopeful

In his manifesto titled ‘A road map to redefine Malawi’s Football Destiny’ Yabwanya says his vision is to transform Malawi football into a force to be reckoned with it.

Yabwanya, who is expected to jet in the country on Sunday from Canada where he is residing, said the success of any national team or its clubs depends on the production of talented youth players coming through the ranks hence, he will re-introduce under 15, 16, 17 and 18 to 23 development levels throughout Malawi.

“Malawi needs change in football leadership and how FAM governs our game. I am committed to advance our football transformation through infrastructure and grass root soccer development.

“ I will promote a culture of accountability and transparency to regain trust and credibility to the satisfaction of all our stakeholders,” said Yabwanya.

He said he will manage the FAM economic affairs with integrity and boost its revenue and distribute the funds more fairly and consistently to all aspect of football development.

A marketing graduate also said he will encourage debate, allow different views and embrace constructive criticism, in a way of rebuilding and developing Malawi football.

“I am a firm believer of long term soccer grass root development and I will extensively embark on that. A vote for Team Yabwanya is a vote for Real Change,” he said.

He however, was quick in his manifesto to state that for this to be successful there is also need for coaches’ education and training to be paramount if the country is to produce players of exceptional quality to play professionally.

For instance, he said he has made arrangements for former Arsenal youth development coach and Australian football federation coaches to come train Malawian coaches on how to develop grassroots soccer.

He said he will introduce district coaching coordinators in all districts mandated to scout talented young players and develop them into specific programs.

Yabwanya said Football Education Programs – Two Halves to be run at a number of primary and secondary schools, this will be championed by district coaching coordinators.

He will also create school leagues in order to provide opportunities to play at a grassroots level in all 28 districts.

In womens football, he said the game has become the largest growing Sports globally and further investment should form a core part of strategic plan.

Therefore, Yabwanya said he will focus on growing and developing the women’s and girls’ game in Malawi’s 28 districts, where talented players will be identified and selected to play district tournaments.

The emphasis will be on skill development rather than the results, with the aim of encouraging lifelong participation.

“Therefore if elected as FAM President, I will develop and Establish women’s soccer at grassroots level. I will introduce Malawi Women’s Player Pathway (MWPP),” he said.

Yabwanya said the pathway will be built around the principles of Long-Term Player Development (LTPD).

He said it is sad that while the women’s game is growing rapidly around the world, Malawi lacks development in women’s soccer, despite the fact that the country has players of Tabitha Chawinga calibre who play at the highest level in the European Leagues and scores over 40 goals in a season.

He said Tabitha’s success in Europe is clear indication that if given support Malawi women’s Soccer Team would be world beaters just like their sisters in netball (the Malawi Queens.

Yabwanya will face off with the current Fam President Walter Nyamilandu and marketer Wilkins Mijiga in presidential race.

Fam goes to polls on December 12 in Mangochi.


Willy Yabwanya Phiri, ( born May 24th 1973) is a Marketing graduate with London chamber of commerce and Industry (LCCI). He is also an Automotive Industry Technician and a graduate of MERSETA, Johannesburg (South Africa), Computer Science, Varsity College (South Africa) and ICAR North America certification (Vancouver, Canada). Worked as an mAutobody Technician at Hugo’s Panel Shop, (2000 to 2008) Pietermaritzburg (South Africa). Currently he is a Technician at Fixauto Abbotsford East, British Columbia , Canada (2008 to present.)

Having been at the centre of football development in Karonga district for the past 7years as CEO, Owner and Sponsor of YABWANYA FC and Karonga United.

Who has he endorsed to work with?

I will be honoured to work with these two accomplished Sports administrators ( Tiya Somba Banda as Vice Presidents, and ( Pikawo Ngalamira) for the 2nd Vice Presidency.

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5 years ago

koma walter watikwana tione zina aphiriwo akukwana. It sound grt tangonganizani munthu kuchoka Kwa America kubwera kuno kuzaimila president wa fam imagine gayz kubwera kokhako ndichisimikizo kuti athandiza dziko

big fan
5 years ago

mmm…let who the cap fit wear it

Mulepula vimbwete
Mulepula vimbwete
5 years ago

Basi apa nde walter waiphula straight guyz

5 years ago

Let’s go for Mijiga guys,yabwanya sounds very weak and more over he is coming only 4 election

5 years ago

mmmm zamvekaaa…. komabe Takukanaaaaaa… kagwere

5 years ago

Nayeso ngopepela zowona munthu ungachoke ku canada chifukwa cha upresident wa Fam ndimavuto ali kumalawi kuno vuto sinyamilandu koma dziko ndilosauka buget yomwe fam imalandila siyokwanila kutukula wasewelo. Paja peter asanakhale president amati inendiye wabwino kumasi uyuzikumuvutayu.?

rough kwasambala
rough kwasambala
5 years ago

Water water wota pls leave us in peace

5 years ago

Yabwanya yemweyo kkkkkkk.

Matey U .Mopiiya
Matey U .Mopiiya
5 years ago

We want someone who operates from Malawi not someone running the show by remote control .I don’t think Yabwanya is serious he justs wants to delegate and in the process abdicating his role as FAM president ,a big NO for Yabwanya he is a time waster and doesn’t wish the football fraternity well.They are capable Malawians who can do the job not Yabwanya

5 years ago

Now it is clearer that Mijiga will win. The CV of yabwanya is weak. He did several meaningless short courses at miniature colleges abroad. While Mijiga has a very clean CV and qualification. Akakhala nkhalamba nyamilandu ndiye akagwere uko. Watikwana.

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