Govt targets Dedza MP Lunguzi for political battle – Muluzi

Minister of Lands and Housing Atupele Muluzi has said government officials will soon visit Dedza east to ask traditional leaders if indeed they do not need the subsidised malata and cement programme following MP Juliana Lunguzi’s request for its suspension.

Atupele Muluzi: We will ask people of Dedza East if they dont want Malata and Cement subisidy

Atupele Muluzi: We will ask people of Dedza East if they dont want Malata and Cement subisidydec

Lungzi: Abolish Malata subsidy

Lungzi: Abolish Malata subsidy

Muluzi told the state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) that it was surprising that the Dedza East legislator is seeking the suspension of the programme which he said is benefitting the poorest of the poor in all constituencies and government wants to find out from the people in the area whether the views of their MP Lunguzi represents their wishes.

This was after Lunguzi urged the government in parliament to seriously consider suspending the programme in view of the economic turmoil the country is facing and relocate the K7 billion financial resources to the education sector, one of the worst hit due to severe budget cuts.

Lunguzi said: “The government can shelve this programme now. Malawi is at economic crossroads. Instead, let the government subsidise production so that people can build houses on their own. The beautiful houses we are seeing now were built by people themselves not the government.”

Lunguzi said during debate on the subject that was brought in the House by Mzimba Sosola MP Jacob Hara.

“I know this is a political issue but we should stop politicising development programmes. Poor students are failing to pay secondary school fees, they are failing to pay college fees and yet we are subsidising the malata and cement. We are joking. Your children are in private schools because you can afford but people in my constituency cannot afford,” she said.

The World Bank, other donors and economists are also urging the government to stop the subsidy programmes which they say is a drain on public coffers in these harsh economic times.

Forensic audit

Rumphi East MP Kamlepo Kalua asked for a thorough forensic audit report which he said should be presented in the House.

This was after it was revealed that parliament approved K14 billion for the malata and cement programme for last year and this year yet the government is struggling to build 80 houses in each constituency as promised y the government last year.

Muluzi promised that the audit reports would be made available.

He said there were some delays due to teething problems but assured the House that by next year, the government would construct over 15000 houses through the programme and that it translates to 160 houses per constituency.

Responding to Lunguzi, Muluzi said students cannot have very good education if they live in deplorable conditions.

He said the target of the programme is the poor people who aspire to live in decent houses but cannot afford due to grinding poverty.

The minister said the government was ready to withdraw the programme from Dedza east if the MP insists, saying she could not appreciate the programme because she came from a wealthy family.

The MP is daughter to Mac William Lunguzi the last inspector general of police in one party Malawi Congress Party led government.

Muluzi also said the programme has created 35000 jobs.

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I support Juliana Lunguzi because she is a Lunguzi, and I don’t support Atupele Muluzi because he is a Muluzi and he does not come from a wealthy family.


States Men always thinks about next Generation,( Julian)
Politicians always thinks about next Elections.(Atupele)


#114 you dont know William Mlunguzu, just shut up your dirty mouth,mano osatsukawo, mkamwa monunkhamo!ufufuze bwino bwino za bambo ake mtsikana ameneyo wanva?


Anthuwa ndi akuba. Aona kuti kuba kudzera cashgate system sizitheka that y they have introduced this idea to steal money for their own benefit and their parties. otger deal for these people is masaf. its main aim

is steal money

bodza labwino
juliana has good facts on the ground but you are too fast slow down abit. Poverty and richness work hand in hand. If poverty is completely scrapped then definitely Jesus is coming today. Don’t forget that for you to be called educated there is someone who’s illiterate therefore people who are in authority cast their net to explore means of helping anyone whether rich or poor .There bursaries that can help people get assistance from the only thing that you have to do is to guide your constituents what to do or even yourself giving a hand in so doing… Read more »

She is totally right abolish thise shit program now people don’t listen to thise idiot UDF fool

Resident president.

she is right,mzipatala zathu mulibe mankhwala ngakhale panado yemwe akusowa.patients are having a single meal per day nthawi zina phala kumene.use the resources to revamp the ailing health sector.anthu akamwalila azakhale m’nyumbazo ndani.


Guys let us face the truth – ppptics or no politics, Lunguzi absolutely right. The subsidies that we have, the Malaya subsidy inclusive make political and not economic sense. Of we need to develop, let us concentrate our resources in production. If you do not agree with her, you not patriotic to Malawi

The Most Concerned

Mwana wa Malamu Mac William Lunguzi who was killed by the MCP, and now she z the MP for the same blood party. Just wait and see, u wil be buried right next to ur father in front of Hus house.

Fathi Shehaab

Govt shud help a community not individuals. Juliana is right k7b good cash to help education or health sector.
Create enabling environment and malawians will build their own hse plus we will produce our own food with same little rains

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