2 Malawi polls Commissioners hold two public offices: Mutharika says ‘they are not breaking any law’

Two Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) commissioners are holding two public offices in essence getting two public salaries a month from the same government account number one and an expert says the situation is confusing but should be rectified.

Commissioner Mrs Jean Mathanga: Enjoying two public offices

Commissioner Mrs Jean Mathanga: Enjoying two public offices

Commissioner for Elections Jean Mathanga is also chairman of  power utility provider Escom whilst another commissioner Moffat Banda is also chairman of Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

President Peter Mutharika has however backed the situation, saying they are not breaking the law, according Dr. Bright Molande as his Director of Communications at the State House.

But political and social commentator Blessings Chinsinga says although this is not in conflict with the law, this can cause conflict of interest.

“The job at MEC was conceived as a part time job, the commissioners sre at liberty to pick up other job, do their own things but the way things are now, the commissioners need to be at MEC offices full time if we are to have fair and credible elections,” said Chinsinga.

He said its high time the MEC policy was reviewed and make the commissioners work full time if they are to deliver a credible election.

The MEC commissioners get huge monthly allowances from MEC so too when they are out of their duty station.

Namathanga and Moffat Banda, blue eyed boys of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party also get huge allowances when they sit on their respective board meetibngs or perform duties of their respective parastatals.

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9 thoughts on “2 Malawi polls Commissioners hold two public offices: Mutharika says ‘they are not breaking any law’”

  1. Mika Kumbire says:

    You are right “Be Humane” Nyasa seems to be bent on misinformation in favour of certain people these days. During Kamuzu multiplicity of Board positions was being used as a cost cutting measure. For example at ADMARC – Chairman was Barron – He used to buy his own airtickets, and was also using his own transport and paying his own accommodation while in Blantyre, He never used to accept the sitting allowances. Governor of Reserve Bank was not receiving allowances by virtue of being head of another public institution. ADC Chilembwe was not getting allowances by virtue of being chairman of Accountancy Board and Malawi College of Accountancy. Only Bisani who was an MP was getting sitting allowances. It is during multiparty democracy that being a Board Member became money making business. ADMARC and others like MHC, ESCOM started providing housing, and even company cars to chairmen of statutory corporations. Chairmen started moving from the village to the City. This is why at the moment being a Member of the Board is such big business and it has now become a big burden on the Statutory Corporations who are even not performing that well these days!! So to agree with Chinsinga there is need for change. Most of the Statutory Corporations could even do well without these Boards.

    1. Central says:

      Kamuzu was using the old Constitution, now we are using the revised one!! Why do you want the current govt to use Kamuzu time constitution? Why was it revised? You are senseless……………!!

  2. Tadala Themba says:

    Kodi anthu atha mdziko muno kapena iwowa ndi ma katakwa kuposa onse oti zomwe amapangazo anzawo sangathe

  3. Karrim says:

    By saying, “they now get two public salaries a month”, are Board members salaried? If so, why should we be concerned now when all along we have had several public servants as Board members for the various parastatals (others on more than one Board: ST, by virtue of his position, is a very good example….

    1. Zinziri says:

      Wina atayankha ine sindidziphaaaaaah!!!!!

    2. opposition says:

      These civil servants do not get paid for being on parastatal boards. They are only re-imbursed expenses. Therefore, Namathanga and Banda should not get sitting allowances on their respective boards.

  4. Governing by trial and error KKKKKKKK

  5. be humane says:

    Nyasa, the untold part of this story, is it only these two who get huge allowances or its every commissioner? Let’s see where the problem is. That Scenario is not at MEC only. Do they get salary or honorarium? paja Nyasa nthawi zina zinthuzi zimakuvutani. You get salary on one job and honorarium on the other. Enlighten us. The way forward is what that political analyst said. Musadane nawo anthuwa kuti ndi a DPP becuase MEC Commissioners are selected also from parties meaning ma Commissioner a MCP Chipani chanu alikonso. So party affiliation here is not an issue. What is it that you wanted us readers to get from this story?

    1. Tsetse says:

      Who told you Nyasatimes is for MCP – just because they stand for the truth and the poor? That they stand against the crooks of DPP? You can not be at the MEC and also be controlling a public broadcaster – running on tax-payers / my tax money! Also know that this MEC is full of DPP unlike the one Joyce Banda put in place – the crroks just want to reap us all over – the poorest country they are failing even to lead

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