3 court staff nabbed for stealing Malawi judges’ computers

Police in Malawi’s commercial capital, Blantyre have arrested three support staff of the Blantyre High Court for allegedly dismantling and stealing various accessories from computers that were mounted and being used by judges in court rooms.

Divala: No constructive breaking

Divala: No constructive breaking

The items, including CPUs, hardware mother boards, memory chips, heat sinks and hard drives, are suspected to have been stolen  when the High court premises were sealed following the protracted industrial strike judicial support staff stage demanding salary increment.

The suspects, currently in police custody at Blantyre Police Station, have been identified as Elliot Mahewe, aged 52, from Chiwotcha village, Traditional Authority Mkalo in Chiradzulu district, 36 year-old Weston Muyiwa of Ndawona village in Traditional Authority Nsambwe in Thyolo district and Felistine Mzandiwandira from Gambatila village, Traditional Authority Chakhumbira in Ntcheu district.

Site visit, according to Blantyre Police Publicist Elizabeth Divala, showed that there was “no constructive breaking”.

“They are suspected to have used duplicate keys to have access to the court rooms where they stole CPUs, hard drives, memory chips, mother boards.

“They removed those items from 15 computers that were being used by Judges like Healy Potani, Sylvester Kalembera, Rowland Mvundala, among others,” said Divala.

She said they will answer “breaking  into a building and committing felony therein” according to Section 311 of the Penal Code.

The suspects were also the custodians of the keys for the court rooms and other offices at the High Court Building.

“The two month long industrial strike led to the sealing of the offices, and suspects took advantage of the situation as most their fellow staffs resorted to staying put at their respective homes,” said Divala.

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30 thoughts on “3 court staff nabbed for stealing Malawi judges’ computers”

  1. Davie Duwe says:

    These people might have been sent by somebody, shame!!! They deserve punishment if iwas a judge ndikadauza akakhale ku prison for 20 years.

  2. tuvitwana says:

    Alomwe what u know is kuba basi? Shame.

  3. Dr. Mango says:

    Please, do not call each other ‘Alomwe, Atumbuka or Ayao’ because we are all Malawians. If you can not then just call us by our tribe. We are the Ngonis sitimva kanthu. Timangoti ‘Wawa’. Other tribes amakwiya when called by their tribal name.

  4. Mwendanato says:


  5. Mfwethu says:

    I don’t think these are the thieves. That 52 year old man I dont think he would know how to remove a motherboard. There is something fishy here, police investigate further omwe aba zinthunzi ndi ma judge omwewo.

  6. Achimidzimidzi says:

    These 3 men were not on strike because they were still keeping office keys.

    Osaba ma file bwanji? Did they have screw drivers or it was by breaking.

  7. Hebrews says:

    Three quarters of the companies listed on Baker Tilly’s report for cash gate belongs to the Tumbuka’s but haters still keep on talking about Lomwes. Now let us wait and see how many Tumbukas /Lomwes will be convicted!

    1. Achimidzimidzi says:

      Out of topic and context.

  8. Gule Wa Mkulu says:

    This very unfortunate. Total lack of discipline by staff and being unpatriotic to your country. We need someone to instill discipline in people at every level of our society. There moral decay in Malawi and people fear nothing. Mpala kuba Ku high court? This is very sad.

  9. Jebison Slindine Nyoni says:

    Ahlomwe atakate tsopano. DPP woyeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  10. Khozombwe says:

    Lamulo ligwire ntchito akanyaude kundende zaka 10 aliyense uyo wazaka 52 adzatuluka ali
    Ndi zaka 62 aphunzitseni achiyamata makhalidwe abwino osati kuwalimbikitsa kuba.

  11. Kanyimbi says:

    When the government comes forward to seal the offices when members of staff are striking, people blame the government. Now if the hard drives are stolen, will the judges remember all the information for the cases they were handling? Another concern goes to “Ujeni” Thieves are found in every tribe.If you remember this week Nyasatimes reported that two men and a woman were caught in Mzimba because of stealing soya belonging to poor farmers.

  12. Anaba ndi a Police the tiime the courts were sealed. TRUE!

  13. prosper mbemba says:

    munthu wazaka 52 kuba motherboard nde kayatu

  14. Citizen banda says:

    Inu tiyeni tonse tizingoba basi kuti tilemele

  15. aphiri says:

    Achina mapuya.kkkkk

  16. At 52 and about to retire you do this? No it is a shame.

  17. First Lady says:

    Alhomwe kuba anatengwe mbuyewawo Bingu

  18. Chitseko says:

    Kunalibe mlonda?

  19. Chipupa says:

    Amalawi zi ma desktop nkumapita naxo kwa? eish

  20. Kabova Gama says:

    alomwe umbava mudzasiya liti kodi? mpumulo wa mbava munamanga kale what else do you want?

  21. Fathi Alshdhaab says:

    where were these cimputers never seen them in courtrooms being used.they always useanyal dics pens etc..i hav been the 13times frm 2012-2014… bodza ilo!!!

  22. Kanyalufefe(hunter) says:

    Keeping keys to the courtroom does not make you liable to what is missing there. Mapeto ake umboni uvutatu apa mpaka macompesation due to infamation

  23. Faya says:


  24. Moya says:

    Thug Nation

  25. titus Scoti says:

    Iwe “Ujeni” ndiwe wabodza, you mean onse a cashgate aja ndi Alomwe? Munakhala bwanji anthu inu? Mtundu uli onse kuli anthu akuba basi it is a question of character and not tribal.

  26. Taelos says:

    Net them they are rude & arrogant

  27. lewis chitanda says:

    Very bad

  28. kaukonde says:

    Mlenga Mvula was the master of all this as we kept hearing him on radios encouraging others not to work. these people are fond of receiving bribes and the two months period was long for them hence they resorted to stealing. check exibits and stationery as well.

  29. ujeni says:

    Zovuta, complete anarchy. But truth be told, why is every crime commited a Lhomwe somehow must be involved.

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