3 feared dead in Chitipa petrol bomb

At least three people have died in a fire accident suspected to have been a petrol bomb, Nyasa Times has learnt.

Three others, who sustained fatal injuries, were immediately rushed to Chitipa district hospital for treatment.

Chitipa police publicist Sergeant Gladwell Simwaka confirmed the accident.

“It is true,” he said. “Three people are feared dead and three others have been rushed to hospital after they sustained serious injuries in the inferno.”

Simwaka said they were still “investigating” the cause of the fire,

But sources told Nyasa Times that the fire was triggered by smoke that emanated from a cigarette one of the residents in the house was smoking.

“They were about ten jerry canes of petrol and diesel in the house. One of them was smoking a cigarette and the smoke resulted into the petrol bomb,” said our source.

The source added that the inferno, which occurred around Chitipa Boma, affected seven other surrounding houses.

Chitipa is one of the remotest districts in Malawi and people have scanty access to filling stations.

As a result vendors, who usually get fuel from neighbouring Tanzania, keep fuel in their homes.

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22 thoughts on “3 feared dead in Chitipa petrol bomb”

  1. wanangwa says:

    oooooo pepani wakufwirwa pangozi iyo yachitika,nivakukondweska yayi pepanimizimu yawo yiuse mwamutende

  2. Afana says:

    Very sad. Wishing fast recovery to injured one + pepani kwa ananfedwa.

  3. chimwendo says:

    Ubwino wake awotchana atumbuka okha okha mtsrip

  4. Twebakiki Shangununu says:

    It is also a common practice by vendors selling petrol illegally at Kaporo and other places in Karonga.Fuel is slightly cheaper in Tanzania and vendors are a making a killing out of it.Even in LL I have seen minibus drivers buying fuel from vendors put in sobo bottles.Where poverty thrives,people do not look for precaution,it is survival of the fittest.This is common in most places of Malawi.People know the dangers but they care little.They are only driven by profits.

  5. cosmos says:


  6. sincara says:

    I was there in chitipa early this year, one lost his life on the same manner but people do not seem to learn a lesson… As for the filling station, chitipa has one puma filling station a beautiful Judith makondetsa is in charge. However fuel from Tanzania is cheap. Even police fuel there cars from these vendors…

  7. Phinifolo says:

    Chibaba cha fodya abale chawononga moyo wa anthu wosalakwa.

  8. Mhesha says:

    Ignorance may bring unnecessary hate on APM. Petroleum business is the hands of the private sector. Every individual can open fuel station in Chitipa. Don’t expect APM or government to do this. I ve been to CP and I remember Hon Harry Mkandawire used to run that business way back before the good road was constructed. If he closed there could be other reasons but don’t ask government to supply fuel there. For the victims the blame must be squarelyput on the fuel smugglers for failing to take advice.

  9. tsetsefly says:

    I will talk like APM; This business of keeping fuel in homes got to stop. It risky and threaten the safety of Malawians citizens. Petrol flashes at well below the room temperature and any introduction of a source of ignition causes fire. My fellow citizens we have had enough of these incidences. Can we come back to our senses and respect the laws of the land. Condolences to the bereaved family and get well soon to the injured.

  10. mtochi says:

    Very sad

  11. Ozil says:

    Can we call this a petrol bomb? Really??


    May their souls rest in peace! All this is coz of our failed state whose leaderships don,t know how to care for its people,but are busylooting our coffers,which we acquired from the Donors

  13. Chindere says:

    Why investigating when reasons have been told here. Jerry cans of fuel and no filling stations in the district. Investigators, don’t waste your time to do what you have said, rather go to fuel suppliers resident far away from Chitipa to start operating in the district. In short, ask APM to instruct suppliers the was he has done with Min. of Finance to find money to give bawo players seed subsidy that was earlier scrapped off.

  14. wakukaya uyo says:

    Very sorry

  15. bina says:

    Ndingopepesa kumabanja okhuzika ndingoziyi

  16. CHINJOKA says:

    Nanga atani basi mangani ma filling station ambiri

  17. felix ma boy says:

    Why? Our prophets do someyhing on the proble malawi is facing as wat old prophets did

  18. MARTIN MUBISA says:


  19. Titus scot says:

    Very sad indeed! May their souls rest in eternal peace! Otsalafe let us learn a bitter lesson. Let us disseminate this information that petrol is dangerous to all our kinsmen.

  20. CHIONA says:

    Get well soon kwa awo ali nchipatala & kwa otisiya mizimuyawo iuse muntendele .

  21. defender says:

    very sad indeed! at the same time its a lerson

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