3 more Malawian trucks burnt in Mozambique

Three more trucks have been burnt in Mozambique just three days after another met the same fate and one truck is missing.

Burnt-out truck

Burnt-out truck

According to eye witnesses, the incident happened this morning at Nyasakara, same area which has witnessed the shooting of Malawians on their way to Mozambique.

A truck driver who was in one of the vehicles stopped at the place said he saw militia men shooting and killing other truck drivers after the road was blocked.

“There were about 10 trucks that stopped because of the adhoc roadblock set up by the militia men. I was behind so when one militia man directed his eyes at me, I raised my hands up as a show of surrender while praying.

“He came shouted something in his language which I did not understand but I fell on the ground and immediately he left me for others after his master called him and this forced me to flee into the bushes,” he said.

He said he crawled into the bushes where he stayed for over 30 minutes and after there was silence, he crawled back to the road, got into his vehicle and returned.

Officials at Mwanza Immigration office said trucks that were destined for Beira are now returning back to Malawi.

Frelimo and Renamo are engaged in skirmishes following last year’s polls which put Frelimo back into power.

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24 thoughts on “3 more Malawian trucks burnt in Mozambique”


  2. Jelbin Makamo says:

    The onus is on Malawi government to engage its Mozambican counterparts in a diplomatic fashion. This is a very crucial matter to be tackled with urgency and intelligence because its a sensitive issue which has a potential of bleaching our national peace.

  3. Makora says:

    I don’t know why you guys abandoned the northern corridor that Kamuzu started. Bakili also came up with Ntwara corridor and you shot it down. Whenever, a development programme concerns the north you shoot it down so what shall you do now, these Mozambique skirmishes are costing life and property. No wonder we are the poorest in the world

  4. Levie says:

    There is power in prayer

  5. True son of Malawi who is a political says:

    Malawi government has to as swiftly on this issue to avoid further loss of life and property and for the sake of our economy

  6. True son of Malawi who is a political says:

    This issue of insecurity over malawi`s life line (Beira) corridor is worrisome. Malawi government should take this issue serious as soon as possible cause it will bring greater problems to Malawi in terms of economy. The security for both transporters and drivers inclusive are vital. Unfortunately our government has a tendency of reacting late to crucial issues of national importance. Should we wait for loss of drivers lives for our government to take drastic measures to address this crucial security problem? This is the time government should have or use alternative safe routes rather than risking the life and property of already poor malawians to transport goods from Mozambique to Malawi. I rest my case.

  7. Chandamale says:

    I am completely dull here we are talking about Frelimo and Renamo which are parties. Where are Mozambique government army and Police. So this means Malawi should again rescue Mozambicans from another wall. Alfonso is very professional and Frelimo fears him any way. Malawi should not come in let Mozambique sort out their internal rangle but we dont use Mozambique lets go to Tanzania.

  8. zondiwe says:

    Renamo is declaring war on us by burning our trucks and fuel for no good reason. This is called economic sabotage. It is up to government to say or do something in the face of such provocation.

  9. maluza says:

    So bad

  10. paul says:

    I think we cannot draw in the army here as that would be an international incident and invasion of another country. think malawi government should recall the Mozambique ambassador for questioning and raise the issue with OAU as well. Once these measures fail to yield positive results, it would be possible to send in the army.

  11. Petre Mathanyula says:

    KU africa kuli vuto lomabera mavoti, this is the end result. Ku Malawi kuno zidzachitikanso. Kubera mavoti kumapangitsa kuti anthu alamulidwe ndi munthu yemwe sankamufuna.

  12. ctv says:

    malawi shud intervn. peter tell dem othewrwise tikhala opanda mafutaso a galimoto

  13. ctv says:

    tikhala opanda mafutaso agalimoto i bliv

    1. pido says:

      Akadakhala Kamuzu ndi Yohane wakadapoita kale. Mumathamangura peace keeping apa zinthu zanu zikuonongeka muli phwiii

  14. kia says:

    Kodi ndi chifukwa chani ma neighbour athu amatichita chipongwe ife mkumangosekerera. Mwina ndife zitsirutu eti? A army amagwira ntchito yanji?.Ndakwiya kwambiri?

  15. gringo says:

    malawi army where are you

    1. Political Decision says:

      The Malawi Army has a mandate to act upon threats on the Malawian Border as well threats that threaten the sovereignty of the Republic of Malawi. For us to send our Military to Mozambique will uncalled for and will be a breach of Mozambiquan Sovereignty and it will be seen as an act of aggression against the Mozambicans. In the end the entire SADC/UN/Americans will be against us we already have economic issues no need to senselessly attract more burdens through sanctions. Meanwhile a step to take would be to summon the Mozambican High Commissioner to State House and ask him/her to explain how his/her government is planning to deal with the issue because Malawi we rely on Mozambique for our petroleum products and that will have a knock on effect on Malawi economy. Then prepare tonpresent a resolution at SADC or the AU to see how as SADC or AU with the Mozambicans can best deal with this issue diplomatically instead of a solo military mission it’s not only Malawi that relies on Mozambique for ports Zambia and Zimbabwe do too. A few burnt trucks are better than a full blown war between Malawi army and Mozambican militias.

      1. JAMES CHIMBALANGA says:


    2. Vincent says:

      Busy womanising at Bwandilo, busy catching the virus, busy kulanda makala and they call themselves Malawi Defence Force. They should rename them to Makala Defence Force. Shame!!!!!!

    3. Kanchenga says:

      Why Malawi army? Don’t deliberately misunderstand the situation. These people are fighting among themselves and the best we can do is stay clear. Let them sort out their problem the best way they know how.

    4. Chikopa says:

      Ambwiye, Malawi Army cannot go into Mozambique. The choice is ours to stop passing through Mozambique or using the dangerous route. The Army could have been handy if the bandits were crossing into our country. Titomvanapo apa?

    5. what do you want Malawi army to do?

    6. maluza says:

      To do what?

    7. True son of Malawi who is a political says:

      Gringo Malawi army cannot just go there alone. The procedure is like the president as commander in chief has to inform the parliament his intention of deploy troops outside Malawi in particular Mozambique and parliament has to approve that. Again for malawi to deploy it’s troops in Mozambique there should be a formal agreement between Malawi govt and Mozambique as you might be aware both Malawi and Mozambique are sovereign states there by one country cannot just deploy it’s troops into another country. …that will be violating sovereign integrity of that country . So the problem needs the head of state to act swiftly to avoid further loss of property and life.

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