64 Malawians denied entry into South Africa: 20 detained in Zimbabwe

For failing to produce 3000 South African Rands at the border post, 64 Malawians were denied entry into South Africa as the authorities in that country demand that someone entering their territory should declare as having such an amount.

Desperate lives ... a woman flee across the South African border

Desperate lives … a woman flee across the South African border

Malawians continue to trek to South Africa for economic reasons

Malawians continue to trek to South Africa for economic reasons

Nyasa Times understands that it is however 34 that have returned home with the remaining 20 being kept in Zimbabwe detention centre awaiting repatriation, as they have no valid travel documents and cash.

The 34 people, according to Malawi Immigration authorities had valid travel documents and had money on them to sponsor themselves their way back home, which made their life a bit easy for return.

Malawi authorities have confirmed that 34 people, all from the northern district of Mzimba were indeed released Friday by the Zimbabwean authorities.

“They were arrested on 29th August 2015 after they had just crossed Beit Bridge Police Check Point as they were attempting to enter South Africa.

“The South African government handed over the people to Zimbabwean government and since August they have been on remand in Zimbabwe, and as we are saying others would be repatriated again as soon as the Zimbabwe government finds funds for the exercise,” Mwanza Immigration Boarder Post Spokesperson Pasqually Zulu said.

With or without proper documents, some Malawians trek to South Africa to look for jobs

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53 thoughts on “64 Malawians denied entry into South Africa: 20 detained in Zimbabwe”

  1. Zanga Phee! says:

    This is Pathetic,seriously something must be done.The Main problem is poverty of course but then some of Malawians are too ambitious.Even if they got money enough for capital but they are still going to South Africa,I can also agree with the guy called waku m’mawa Mario. Malawians in South Africa they are known with good hospitality at the same time they are going for cheap labor.95% of shops in south Africa, Malawian paid R250.00,R350,R380,400 per week.

    They need to pay rent 400 per space in the room of R1,400.00.To accumulate that amount of the room you need to stay in a group.Now in that group you also give schedules for cocking once a day that is night meal only.If you found eating out side anything on your own you regarded as hard wear .Mbombo but you must bring to your friends weather its banana ,apple,orange and all that.

    Within the group others they got bad attitude like hiding things but you are s till forced to coup up with them.There are people who are owning shops from Countries like Somalia,Ethiopia,India Bangladesh Pakistan,They all just come just like Malawians does but within a period of six months you will see the one who was working as a shop attendant is owning his own shop.

    Malawians are known to be in South Africa.Without proper papers, even corps takes chances of asking them making plans.Making plan meaning you must give them money for them to leave you because it is obvious you don’t have papers they have mandate to arrest you as I regal
    immigrant.Now to survive you need to pay R100.00 it can be done even for three times making plans to different officers.Malawians also known with stealing in shops called kutulutsa,for you to survive like sending money home to your family you must find other alternative of to save your weekly incentives.

    That is why Malawians steal things from the shops they are working to survive.It is hard for a Malawian to tell his boss like, would you please increase my salary due to poor back ground of education to put verbs in order that’s a challenge.

    Malawians are well known in giving out good money if they happen to fall in love with South African young ladies and Zimbabweans.As i am wring Malawians are regarded as good caring boyfriends without fighting harassing partners.

    Now it has reviewed that they pay more when it comes to pocket money.Now ladies especially from Zimbabwe they utilize these chances in saving their money they earn and send it home and use that money from Malawian boy friends for airtime rent food and buying cloths.There is also Malawians who are calling themselves G UNIT they team up.Organize robberies to their fellow Malawians as well.At certain point it is hard for other Malawians to find a job due to poor communication instead they need to be connected with relatives sometimes friends to market them.It is going worse at this point now as a tendency of selling jobs is on the rise.

    For example if somebody told me find someone but good one to work for me.Then if i know someone it means he or she must Pay me for that post maybe double of the amount he shall be paid so it means his first salary will be given to me.If he regard himself as clever without paying the a greed money then i can tell lies to that boss then he can be fired.

    Life is hard in South Africa if you are not organized both school back ground and busness oriented, but when you tell Malawians at home they think you are lying.
    The other big problem is Bus companies in Malawi,Besides Intercape,Monorama,Goal liner Mazmeal, Nkhudzi there are other briefcase offices in Blantyre who are lobbing people who are ignorant about the whole journey to south Africa.It is my preasure that measuresare being taken to curb this problem believe me.See my name.I hate Chisomo Bus service one day guys you shall pall all expenses you are robbing people.See my name.


    mmmmmmmmmmh this is quite bad, lets ask allah to assist them accordingly.

  3. BOBO says:

    In Malawi, its not only the problem of leadership or poverty but there are also very serious problems which many cannot see.Our way of thinking and living is the serious problem in Malawi and it cannot been seen and many cannot agree because this problem has become part of life and it has long background history.This problem generating so many other problems like of leadership and the belief that only educated and rich people can solve our problems. We educated people or the rich have their own problems.So, the solution is not to run away from your homeland God has given you. Let God find us here and bless us here,the land he has allocated us by birth. Just believe in Him. Malawi is our land by birth. If you leave Malawi you leave behind your blessings which will taken by foreigners like indians or Burundians.

  4. Vwapuvwapu says:

    It is bad, ku mudzi njala ndi kusowa ntchito sopano titani. Boma ligwepo kkkkkkkk

  5. wakum'mawa mario says:

    Yes, Malawi is poor but we are still living here.vuto la enanu ndi kuthawa school nsanga ndi izi lero chilichonse mungotukwana boma kaya zanu izo ife tili konkunobe.

  6. nkhakamila says:

    a derek what is wrong with malawi government on u paying money in mozambique,zimbabwe,south africa.u go to south africa on ur own will ndi kusaphunzira komanso umbuli wanuwo.ndalama zili konkuno koma vuto amalawi fe sitiona patali.tinakula mopepera,thats why ma nigeria amatilemerera kwathu konkuno ife tili dyoooooooo.

  7. Faith says:

    Going to work in private sector to become rich as per say. Unemployment

  8. mwachaje says:

    Mtumbuka1 Did I see you write that Zim is broke therefore MG should repatriate those stranded?
    Well I thought MW is the only broke country in the world.
    I have many poor relatives and they are in my village. They are not attempting to illegally cross borders of other countries.
    Guess what! They live in a border town.

    Malawians are naive and believe jobs fall like MANA in SA. Reality is that SA has its own social economic problems.

    If Malawi was that poor and therefore economically unattractive, how come we have Burundians,Nigerians, Pakistanis, Chinese,and even Zimbabweans successfully doing business here. In fact they come here with nothing and we see them getting rich before our very own eyes. Funani zina zonyozera boma ndi atsogoleri anu.

  9. Mwenye says:

    Levelheaded you are quite right there are some people who think they are intelligent to publicise everything for our beloved country not knowing that you are making stupid of yourselves.Malawians let us know that we are spoilling our own country. Please let us go to school to develop our country . UN cannot come and develop Malawi.

  10. malani says:

    Shame. ……?…….

  11. Kusamvetsa tathaudzo la ma 3000 chifukwa cha tomwefe zikativuta timkasowa kolowela ntchifukwa boma anaganiza kuti tizikhala ndindalama yoti titha kugura chakudwa komaso malo ogona abale anu atakudzimitsilani ma phone inu mkusowa chochita dziko laweni zimangivuta koma dzothandiza musaloze munthu chala vuto ndi family back ground yathu mkona tikukhala osauka its not peter or bingu what u should know is that no person 100% right let’s wait 2019 ur votes will speaks to you but remember even the one ur surpoting he gonna be warse than may be the one u call a fool

  12. Phillips Chisambo says:

    it means luck of support from our gvt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. levelheaded says:

    Most of the malawians who go to south Africa are unskilled. Look AAT the quee at beitbridge you can easily tell the one for Malawians. Anthu osasamba, owonda ,okwinimbira zochititsa manyazi. Don’t say it simply means Malawians are poor no no no. I’ve been to several African countries in Africa and due to the nature of my work I live in very rulal areas. As am writing am in marupa, niassa province in Mozambique. Inu amene simunadziwe umphawi mukadzafika kumudzi ngati Juno ndipamene mudzadziwe kuti Ku malawiko simukuvutika. The problem with Malawi is that we publicise everything.

  14. dereck says:

    Amalawi tilipamabvuto ndichipresident chosava,,amalawi zinthuzatibvuta kwambili mongandikunenapano ahome affairs akukana kupeleka chikalata chonkhalila kwaokuno chikalatachoti adandipangisa ndioo koma chikulephelakutuka kambaka chipresident chosakonda anthuakechi. Pobwela tibvutike ndi overstay mmaborder ose 6 popitapa tibvutikeso ndi R3000 Mmozambique asilikali atilande ndalama, apolice nawoso atengeko, mapassport officer ndiyeosalephela. Tichoke pamenepo tikalandidweso kuzimbabwe maborder ose awili, thawizonse timafikakumzi opanda chilichose atalanda ndalamazonse. Boma ililatikwana palibe chomwechilichabwino tibwele pamwanza atikololeso munthu watenga kabulangeti kakunyumba akutindalama tipasen tithawilakuti abaleee!!!

  15. Mirella K says:

    Can somebody depot Pasqually Zulu please. This gal surely belong to Kwazulu Natal and not here!

  16. Controlled Immigration says:

    It’s simple border control policy. Due to lack of visa checks at South African Entry Points for those holding SADC passports if you don’t have prior residency or work permit you enter the country by default as a visitor or tourist and as tourist you must be able to sustain your welfare for the duration of stay in South Africa and you must show that you will go back home. 3000 rands for a tourist is on the low side. it’s normal for countries to ask one to declare the amount of funds they are bringing into the country. A guy treks from Malawi and doesn’t seem to know anything much about South Africa, the only way you can make sure he will go back home or not cause trouble is if he has enough money to sustain himself for whatever period he says he will be there typically 3 months max for visa free entry. One problem with unregulated migration is crime of you let people with insufficient funds into a country they may not get the life they dreamt for and to survive as well as return home better than they left they engage in criminal activities. It’s a matter of resource control and security. South Africa right now is experiencing economic troubles and to have uncontrolled migration added unto that it wouldn’t help.

  17. Andy the president is not stupid but u are. Azikamba ndi mzuma zautsiruzo? Munathawa kwanu ndikumakasesa, kutchetcha, kuchapa mapanti prezident wanzelu sangachite zautsiruzo. Ena inu mwakhalirako kuba akuthamangitseni basi. Kulephela kukhala ndi 3000 rands! Your a shame azikuthanyulani kumeneko ndithu

  18. Its hi time malawians must learn. Sikwanu koma inu kukakamila basi. Aphyoteni atibuleni azimayiwo agwilireni anthu osamva. Bwelerani muzizalima iya mbuzi

  19. colman says:

    The reason is malawi former president kamuzu banda was a best friend of. Apatheid in RSA so other things showing that they don’t respect us and they don’t care of malawians because kamuzu was asting white government in RSA so is there turn to do what they want look zimbabweans they don’t show the that money R3000

  20. Asant'e says:

    @ Bwande. That is bullshit!!!!!!! If that was ur plan with Bingu to make pple suffer!!! To HELL all of u!!!!!!!!! Why only Malawians should produce a R3000 at border???? Bingu was to punish pple that is why he went to HELL!!!!!

  21. nyapapi says:

    Which government in the world that governs its people by providing basic items though handouts? Please work hard and create worth yourself. Look only one tribe in Malawi is suffering by going to RSA if it is suffering. Mtumbuka ndi mbuzi ya munthu basi. Ku cahgate he is there, xenpphobia in RSA he is there,cheating in exams he is there, monopolizing space in UNIMA he is not missing on the list.Look at the alongosi in the picture crowing like a soldier or snake or snail.Mtumbuka is everything in one zonse momwemo basi.

  22. Kanyimbi says:

    You fail to meet the entry requirements and then you are insulting the president? Some people from a certain district are fools. They know nothing. If they claim that they know then they must follow travel requirements.

  23. Surely most of african countries r in rsa but its only malawians who strugle most to travel or even getting work permit its very difficult coz of our stupid leader come on mr professor save ur pipo

  24. Shame malawian president iz suppose to kum n speak to rsa president to end this shit of showing the money at border coz its human abuse

  25. Bwande says:

    Here is a group of Malawians who broke a clear rule and condition of entry into a foreign land and you are barking. Each country has it’s own rules. Whether it applies to specific target group or not. You can’t say other are not asked to show R3000 and there Malawians are victimised. No. It’s rule for Malawians. For you to go to Europe you need a Visa. Others don’t. Those are the rules. And Malamulo samangobwera pachabe. Anawona kuti a Malawi ambiri nkhani ndi kupempha. You cannot just walk into a foreign land ulibe kanthu. You need to prove that you will be able to sustain yourself there. Otherwise you will engage in something criminal kapena mukavutitsa anthu. This nothing about rights. You just have to follow the rules. But the problem with us Malawians we want to bypass the rules in anything. Even kukhala pa mzere kumatikanika. Olo queue ya fuel imakanika. kufuna kulowerera ndi galimoto olo chikulirenji! Until we learn to follow the rules, izi ndizomwe tiziyembekezera basi

  26. GUMGUM says:

    is this a police report or a news item written by a qualified mtolankhani?

  27. kaka says:

    Chozivutotsira ndi chiyani mayi okongola ngati ameneyu.Just remain in Malawi and engage in farming activities.You will get raped in RSA.You are beautiful and suitable for marriage down here in mW

  28. Gonani says:

    This is the assignment for Dr Chaponda. He should find out why Malawians show R3000 at the border while other SADccountries do not. But he sits phwiiii!!!! Just travelling!
    It is also sad to hear that Malawians were detained in Zimbwabwe since August and yet we have the Malawi Embassy in Harare. Here is the corruption, Immigration Officials at Mwanza and Dedza are bribed by these travellers for easy passage. They know the racket. They know some people travel to RSA without documents. Money speaks. Where is Dr Chaponda?

    1. Gas Machine Head says:

      Did chaponda ask them to leave Malawi? Is Malawi at war? Ulendo wopanga plan wekha, wagwidwa wekha and then you want Malawi to use our tax-payer’s money to take you back home? Uchikape basi. Ludicrous

  29. jk says:

    Atumbuka khalani kwanu ku mzimba. Bwanji kodi?

  30. Nkhosa says:

    As others continue enjoying our money instead of creating jobs

  31. His Excellency the Life President Wolemekezeka Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:


  32. mtate mike rsa says:

    Malawians we must tople this government of muthalikas they are only good for stealing government money

    1. Gas Machine Head says:

      Ku South Africa kwadzada atonga aku Nkhata-Bay, Mzimba tumbukas and anasala ojandula aku Mangochi. Onsewa mbuli zokhazokha anayamba kupita ku SA kalekale and then you are saying Mutharika is to blame. Zanu izo. Akuphani ma Xhosa ndi Ma Zulu kumeneko. Mukhalila yomweyo. Working and enriching the Afrikaner Boer.

  33. Unfortunately Malawi govt is busy with useless and idiotic activities instead of aiding its own ppl who are suffering in order to better themselves ..plz work up officials and help the ppl concerned..

    1. Gas Machine Head says:

      Just go back home, go back to school and join the community technical colleges and then create your own jobs

  34. mtate mike rsa says:

    A malawi okha nda amene amawonesa ndalama pa border chisilu muthalika ndamene anasayina zimenezi ife kuno ku rsa ku office ya home affairs kunayikidwa board yayikulu yofotokoza zimene chisilu chaku malawi chidasayinila.WE REGRET LOSING OUR MAMA WHO WAS FIGHTING FOR MALAWIANS FREEDOM HERE IN RSA FOR US TO BE GIVEN WORKPERMIT UNFORTUNATELY MALAWIANS WE ALLOWED SOMEBODY TO

    1. Gas Machine Head says:

      Bwelani kuno a Mtate Mike. Nanga chingelezi chimenecho simukungogulitsa masamba pa Parlk Station inu? Akuti still an election>hahaha. Still an election, what’s that? Just come back home bro. Kuli ulimitu kuno. Dzaloweni nawo ma factory akupanga mango a mzitini atsekulidwa ku Salimawa. Mukhalira yomweyo, the Malawi High Commission in Pretoria has better work to do that follow up on za 3,000 rands ya pa border. Uchikape basi, Ulesi. Come and join technical colleges that have just been opened here and create your own jobs than work for the Afrikaners. The problem is ambiri kumeneko ndi midyomba ya ku Mangochi ndiye school inavutirapo. Koma kuloweza madrassa basi. Mutipeza titapereka zimimba kwa azikazi anu munawasiya kuno aja.

  35. mtate mike rsa says:

    That is how the dpp government
    govern its pipo,the problem started with the late mathanyula
    In 2011 bingu signed adocument with the south africa govern to say if a malawian be found in rsa they must be arrested and jailed for nothing and upon entre into rsa at the border they must produce 3000 rand wat is that,here at the border for rsa its only malawians who are forced to produce that money all these it is bingu wa mathanyula who told south africa home affairs saying malawians are running away to work in minning is there any meaningful mine in malawi motherfucker muthalika family

    1. Gas Machine Head says:

      You have a problem. You left for South Africa way back before the DPP came to power. In fact you might have left during the time of your fellow Mdyomba che Eleson Bakili Muluzi. So do not blame the DPP for your current mess. If you had completed real school osati za madrassa zanu zija, you could have been part of the job creators in Malawi. But yanu ya utelala inja kenaka kupita ku Joni. Atonga a ku Nkhata-Bay and Mzimba Tumbukas mwangodzadziratu ku Joni kusesa mma nyuma a ma Afrikaners. Ena mpaka mukumagulitsa masamba pa Park Station, Nkumati muli ku Joni, kumakanika kugula ngakhale choval cha mu PEP ku South Africa konko koma kumakagula kaunjika. Kaunjika woti anthu akuda anzanu ndi amene amutaya ku ma charity shop. Kuno ana anu akukulererani anthu ena. You must ashamed of yourselves. Mumva m’mbebe ndi ma new South African immigration laws. Come back home, Kamuzu once said “chuma chili mnthaka” osati mnyumba mwa mzungu watsankho waku Joni

  36. mtochi says:

    Its not only that some some buses which depart from Warehouse in Bt felly some unsuspecting passengers only ending them up in the bush where they are handed over to an old man who speaks broken chichewa.Majority of these passengers are snatched of their R3000’s,some raped,some murdered,lucky ones are escorted thru unchartered routes some 100kms to Messina thereby bypassing beitbridge.Its a hell of a trip especially to women with children.

  37. SONG says:

    Zuma said that those countries whose citizens are running away from their country should ask themselves why and to sort out the problem in order to return their citizens stay in their respective countries.

  38. Exiled Soul's says:

    That’s the result of the country living in denial,the government needs to talk with their south African counterparts in how to document and handle the people who are looking for greener economic pastures,otherwise ordinary people pay the price and deepens the cancerous wounds of corruption that exist in the border post and immigration office
    Make these process affordable to the citizens coz u a dealing with fellow Africans and not Europeans here. Those ppl were just unlucky on that day and am pretty sure that they won’t be deterred from trying again it’s funny how the Malawi government is willing to invest huge amount of money to prevent ppl from going out instead of putting the money for meaningful development within the country. Galu amalonda komwe amamuponyera chakudya

  39. The Analyst says:

    Rules of Life – The Analyst

    If we don’t have money (to show at the border), we borrow from friends or relations and repay/send back upon earning our salary. Other have-nots ask the haves (in the same bus) for their money just to show the border guys. And you chose to ignore the rules? Now listen . . .

    If we ignore simple and clear rules and regulations, life will be hard for us. Because life is a game of rules and rules are good for sanity and order.

    i wonder when I hear somebody say “koma nde ndili mmaluzi bwanji” yet the person literally sagwira nchito iliyonse or kupanga kenakake mmoyo. How do you expect to not be mmaluzi when you do nothing; yet kukhala maluzi when you do nothing, is a rule of life?

    If you are a cheater, chances are your marriage will be ruined. If you don’t study hard, chances are you will fail exams. You fuck somebody else’s wife, you will be beaten up. If you fail to satisfy your wife/husband in bed, he/she will leave you (if u are poor) or just cheat on you (if u are rich) . . . If you are a vision-less leader (opposition or ‘real’), you will be bartered by criticisms.

    Rules, everywhere!

    And you chose to ignore the rules and are miserable and would want me and other sensible Malawians to sympathise with you? My grandmother’s foot!






  41. Kanonono says:

    It is basically about the quality of the school of ‘schooled’ Malawians who are trekking to South Africa. Most of the people exported to South Africa do not have what it takes to live and work in a foreign country. It may be painful but it is the gospel truth. If these class eight countrymen and women were to remain in Mzimba, they would still make a good source of manpower in the ailing agricultural sector. It should also be a question of whether the government is creating the necessary climate that can keep such half-schooled fellows. Is it true that these people cannot engage in other productive undertakings right in their own country? Who is responsible for the creation of such an environment? What are the kids taught in school? Are they taught to grow up and go to RSA? Does any one take trouble to let them see/smell/know the massive opportunities surrounding them? Will you blame South Africans for denying people of this calibre entry into their country?

  42. Sapitwa says:

    The challenge is that there are many graduates in RSA that are also jobless. To add to this, High School leavers are also many unemployed all together 26% of SA population.

  43. mtumbuka1 says:

    The zim government is broke and you are saying when they find the money they will repatriate the guys home. Tell your useless president to sort out the shit in his country before the country turns into some Zimbabwe or shit like that.

  44. Mr Pheee says:

    Koma zovutatu zimenezo,kodi akamatuluka kuno kwathu anthuwa amadutsa kuti? kodi ma border athu samafufuza kuti aone ngati anthuwa ali ndizowayenereza kupita the other side? something here is not good,thats why akukanzunzika ku Zimbabwe mmalo moti anthuwa akana bwelera asanalowe mbali inayo.

  45. Oliver Twist says:

    Something needs to be done between the two countries! We know that other countries are much favoured up to the point of being given work permits as an exercise by the Government of RSA. We cannot deny the fact that we are economically poor. But this style of behaving like all is well by our government will not take us anywhere. Sooner or later we are going to face an economic explosion! Graduates have no jobs, crime levels are rising. Work up Malawi.

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