7 men harvesting albino human bones arrested in Mangochi – Malawi News Agency report

Police in Mangochi have arrested 28 year old Francis Kadammanja and Gift Kalua, 37, for allegedly possessing a pepper ball gun without authorization while Masuku police arrested seven men found with human bones.

Rodrick Maida Mangochi Police PRO -Pic Arnold Namanja MANA

Rodrick Maida Mangochi Police PRO -Pic Arnold Namanja MANA

Human body parts including a femur

Human body parts including a femur

Mangochi Police Public Relations Officer, Rodrick Maida said that the two were arrested within Mangochi Boma.

“During the night of Saturday March 8, police personnel were on patrol within Mangochi where they came across the two carrying a bag and the suspects started running away upon seeing the officers.

“The police officers therefore smelt a rat and pursued the suspects until they were apprehended. Upon being searched a pepper ball gun with one marble bullet and two masks were found in the bag,” Maida pointed out.

The publicist alleged that the items were intended for robbery within Mangochi Township.

Kadammanja hails from Mtumbwe Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kachenga in Balaka while Kalua comes from Ezondweni Village in the area of T/A Mthwalo in Mzimba.

On the other hand, Police at Namwera Township are keeping in custody seven suspects for allegedly possessing human bones.

Maida said the seven were on February 28 seen carrying a school bag which contained the human bones in a hired vehicle travelling from Chiponde to Nselema.

“On arrival at at Mulibwanji Hospital, the suspects failed to pay the transporter, indicating that a man from Nselema in Machinga would pay their fares. This made the transporter to be suspicious and tipped – off Masuku Police leading to their arrest,” Maida said.

According to Maida, 18 human bones believed to be of an albino person were discovered after searching the suspects’ school bag.
The seven will soon appear before court to answer to a charge of being found in possession of human bones.

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46 thoughts on “7 men harvesting albino human bones arrested in Mangochi – Malawi News Agency report”

  1. Vusumuz zikhali says:

    The world is endiing,now peole are heartless.

  2. lenjele says:

    Kulemela mwachangu Eeee

  3. myepa says:

    amalawi zovesa chisoni kulimba mtima nchochi bwanji ????????????

  4. zebron henry banda says:

    Just break their bones whilst they are still alive so they can test their own medicine.

  5. nneka says:

    ufiti bwanji,think utakhala iwe wina nkukutelo oloko m”bale wako kupangidwa chipongwe chotelecho ungamve bwanji, tiyeni tikondane amalawi. To rural people, mukapeza otelewa kumangophelatu cuz si abwino sakuyenela kukhala pakati pathu.kodi ku Malawi umbuli uzatha liti ndikunamizidwa ndi asing’nga.

  6. Tonto Jezel says:

    Its sad to note that the investigations of these cases are always unsuccessful, why !!!!!!!!!?why my fellow brethren!!!!!? Money ruling the world. Onse opezeka ndi ziwalo nayenso chiwalo chakecho chizidulidwa. Opezeka ndi mafupa nayenso achotsedwe mafupa omwewo kuti aziwe kuwawa kwake.

  7. Jonizio Luwizi says:

    That is very inhuman .How can a person do that?They indeed need stiff punishments.An apeal to our belove government to provide tight security to our friends and relatives ,because they ‘re not many .

  8. Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa . says:

    Anyapala amenewa, achawa , aphedwe ponyongedwa , bokoharam plz come to mangoch and beheading them now now .

  9. ian says:

    Koma why cant our police merge with the army patrolling in the rurals and cities/urban? I feel sorry kuti ma albinos akubisala mnyumba and some are not even going to school. Kupha mwa nkhanza choncho zoona? Amenewa akalondolele a police kwa singanga akumawauza zimenezi osawasiya.

  10. Cage Banda says:

    Anyongedwe,zinyalalazi zitayidwe basi

  11. inzo says:

    Malawi akupita kuti sopano

    1. ayaya says:


  12. tozer tsono says:

    In Malawi and Tanzania, it is very easy to see that Politicians are at the forefront of body parts business either tacitly or covertly. Either way, after so many reports of mutilation and brutalization of innocent individuals, you would think that the countries affected by such a pernicious act, sentence perpetrators (harvester/murderer or buyer/recipient of parts) to a mandatory life imprisonment or death penalty.
    When you invest billions in Armies and security forces to protect citizens, no one life is expendable just because they look different. This behavior is fit for a barbaric and failed Nation. Albinos were safer under your colonial masters! In case, you have forgotten, Evil when allowed to percolate a segment of society, it picks up steam to over run the whole society. Hitler’s Germany did it Jews, and soon the whole world was in flames. No one expected Hitler to try to over run armies across the World but he did just that.
    You need road blocks, assistance from trained dogs to sniff out body parts and set up traps to catch the culprits or wonna be traders

  13. apao says:

    Athu amenewa ndi gulu ndithu, amadziwika ndi dzina loti psalms 23, satana ndiye busa wawo sadzaopa kupha pofuna kupeza kapenanso kuteteza katundu wawo, alipo gulu ndithu, muwafufuze anena zambiri,

  14. Khwirimtoto says:

    Mafupa awanthu mdi owopsa ndiye mwapezeka nawo bwani?eeeeeeeee zowonadi mdalama inapereka mwana wa munthudi

  15. Wagona nkhule waliwa says:

    chisu ichi chipalapala masiku agha. Bwibi nabulosi bwinji fiyo. Kyala tutula twebanako.

  16. Patrick Majoni says:

    Investigate them.They must be rich in important information about tension exerted on the innocent lives of albinos in Malawi.Iwe ukulimbana ndi alomwe iwe dziwa kuti ukulimbana ndi ntundu odalitsidwa.Why can’t u just coment on the issue at hand?Machende ako wamva-bulutu iwe!Wangozolowera tsankho eti?Matchaba ako.

  17. MBACHI says:


  18. Djomba says:

    This is indeed a poor country where people still believe that they can get rich by killing others. They look at fellow humans as wealth if slaughtered. What a shame. We need to preach Christ so that people’s hearts are liberated…… Lord help Malawi.

  19. win says:

    Let court punish them

  20. Zayambika says:

    A mafuna kukabawo ndi achewa ?kapena kaluwa ndi kadamanja amachokera chigawo chapakati ?

  21. Khongoni Boy says:

    Kuba Plus Ufiti Nokha Alhomwe Zitsilu Za Anthu

    1. ine says:

      Nanunso inu tamachenjelani pali za alomwe apa…..zaziiii

  22. HILL says:

    Umenewo nde uchitsiru. Boko halaam and ISIS related behavior. Reminiscent of chizilamu

  23. Mtunga says:


  24. Bro @mfula pliz be Civilized this has nothing to do with any religion,iam sure you refering this to Islam because it has happened in Mangochi but im telling you that islam does not tolarate these.Islam means peace.

  25. Atonga says:

    I wish those seven people should while they are stil in police custody because what they have done is very satanism at it’s best.police muwa sinesine kaye kwambiri.

  26. Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka says:

    Zifinyeni mfitizi. Mutiuze maina awo. A mfuti ndi wakummwera ndi wakumpoto.

  27. munyapa says:

    achinyamata ulesi wachuluka. mapeto ake mudya nazo matewera amwana.

  28. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Disgusting! Evil children of the devil.

    Mukangowatulutsa then our Police is to blame if anything happens to brothers and sisters.

    They know how deep we are hurt with their behavior.

  29. Nkalapwaga says:

    Paja mangochi is an islamic state.let the culprintsbe hanged -Sharia at its bes.

  30. Yankees says:

    Pin them, they are going to tip U where they sell these Albino bones, muwagwila ambili mbili, nanunso ma Jurge give them stifer purnishments to deter wouild offenders.

  31. Stanley says:

    Plz put stiff punishment to these monsters.

  32. FT says:

    Brilliant reporting osati zina timawelengazi

  33. nabanda says:

    Malawi akupita kuti? Lord Jesus have mercy upon us!

  34. Munyalika says:

    zizimba za APM ndi Atupele

  35. mbani says:

    They have to be killed right away very bad pple

  36. Bigdwag says:

    Problem is our laws! When such ppl are caught, they are given very light sentences not befitting the crime committed. For example some dunderheads were caught with such bones and were given 10 years if not less. This ought to be murder! Coz how does one get bones from a person and that person still leaves? Life sentence basi if not execution!!

  37. Nobody says:

    Lord have mercy on us poor Malawians.This evil and filthy practice is bringing curses to our beloved nation.

  38. Charles symon says:

    Very shame.

  39. brutsha says:

    There is nothing like, “we need prayers here” the ultimate solution is DEATH PENALTY TO ALL FOUND RED HANDED LIKE THIS. You know our society has so much been infiltrated by foreigners some of them coming from countries with well known moral turpitude. Every department that is supposed to safeguard the lives of innocent people is corrupt in Malawi. In the event of such society’s moral decay, the only timely solution is to hang those caught in the very act. When that is done you will see trickle down effect. One thing we need to know as a nation is that, fear and respect are not the same but they have synergistic effect when executed simultaneously. What I mean is that when death sentence is implemented it will inculcate fear in the would be offenders.Simple! Whosoever opposes capital punishment could be one of those perpetrators of such heinous acts.

  40. Eeee nothing to say

  41. Kasinja Mfula says:

    Lord have mercy – I regret why our country traditionally happened to have people belonging to this evil ‘religion’. I knew when it started in Tanzania that if this voodoo thing were to come ro Malawi it would appear first in these two districts – Mangochi and Machinga. We need strong prayers.

  42. Issa Kabudula says:

    Uwu ndiye ufiti owonekela. What is this Malawi?

  43. womenslib says:

    Disgusting witches. This is why Malawi will never develop. Backward villagers.

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