ACB freezes Bophani bank account with his gratuity in it

Former Malawi Police Deputy Inspector General Nelson Bophani Standard bank account which had his pension money has been frozen by t he Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

Bophani: Bank account frozen

Bophani: Bank account frozen

Bophani was also chairing the Investigation Committee, a multi-agency special unit that initiated the probe on the “cashgate” scandal, a systematic looting of public money.

ACB arrested him last month on ‘cashgate’-related charges.

As soon as he was arrested, government through Head of Human Resources Sam Madula posted him to the Office of the Director of Public Procurement (ODPP) and later to Escom as security advisor before he was forced to retire.

His gratuity was immediately processed and wired into his bank account only to freezr it before he could access the pension.

ACB Public Relations Officer Egrita Ndala said she needed to cross check with the operations department before commenting.

A senior official at the graft busting body but asked for anonymity confirmed of the freezing of the account.

“What happened last week is part of our investigations. Whenever we are investigating people who are connected to cases, we freeze their assets fearing for the disposal and movement of the same,” said the source.

Bophani was arrested on October 23 and charged with misusing of public office contrary to section 25 (b) (1) of the Corrupt Practice Act and Conspiracy to defeat justice contrary to section 109 (a) of the penal code.

Over 70 civil servants and businessmen are currently in court answering ‘cashgate’ charges ranging from theft, theft by public officers to possession of  property suspected of having been stolen, fraud and money laundering.

Former Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Theresa Senzani was first to be convicted in ‘cashgate’-related charges. She is now serving a three-year jail term.

On Tuesday an Accounts Assistant in the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Natural Resources, Victor Sithole, was also jailed nine years in the ‘cashgate’-related charges.

An independent report into the scandal by Baker Tilly, a British accountancy firm, describes the scale of the theft and how it operated.

Drawing on a sample of 501 suspicious transactions between April and September, the auditors found that around 6.1 billion kwacha ($14.5m) had been paid out to 16 companies for services that had not been supplied.

Payments with no further documents accounted for a further 4 billion kwacha. The bean-counters also found that supply contracts had been inflated by 3.6 billion kwacha.

All told, about K20 billion went missing during the Joyce Banda reign from April 2012. Probably another K90 billion went missing over the eight years of the presidency of the late Bingu wa Mutharika.

In total, about 30 per cent of the country’s budget could have been looted over a decade – almost as much as donors have provided Malawi over the same period.

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42 thoughts on “ACB freezes Bophani bank account with his gratuity in it”

  1. Chintengo says:

    Amenewa anjatidwe kumene. Mbava zotha ntchito.

  2. mr chimbwititi says:

    mumva ntedza, illovo kuti nong’onong’ono.agalu, anankalizi olumila ku nchira oipa ochinda anzao pakhongo ngati tombolombo. analikomkhwilo, zimbalangondo.

  3. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    this is political do you expect his family to survive..????ndale zolandana chuma ndizachikale kwambiri..kuchita nsanje ndi gratuity ya munthu inu a DPP??

  4. vitumbiko mwakipuyi says:

    Komadi a sam madula ali mugulu la kashigeti awa asatinamizepo apa,asaaa! Anayamba kuba kalekale mpaka kumanga mansion ku area 12 , asaa! Akukanthani Chauta mtheradi, mufa muzisiya muona! Ask Bingu, anatolera mkuzisiya wautali no return!

  5. M23 says:

    ACB, please freeze all late Bingu’s accounts and assets until they are fully investigated and cleared. I propose the government to set up a commission of inquiry to look into how the late president acquired his worth within a short period of time.

  6. Yobe boo says:

    Corruption of Justice, away for Political persecution, for the survival of corrupt Politicians. Revenge at its best.

  7. njati osusana ndimalamulo ndiyo ntchito

  8. Abiti Mtila says:

    Bophani paja unali body guard wa Lutepo eti?kikkkkkkkkk! Dyera amayi akupweteketsani! Iwo ali pheee akungodya Casgate yawo kunja! Amayi sanabe nawo iwo amangolandira. Wolandira ndiye kuti waba nawo ngati? Koma wotengayo eti???

  9. Malawi Wa Dzana says:

    And yet the same ACB is stalling Muluzi’s case with alot of funds, imagine MK1.7Bn and what’s your justification, ACB?

  10. salimu says:

    Number 22 you are an idiot Bophanis gratuity was not processed by Madula but the Police and there was nothing wrong. Nsanje basi why dont you investigate the MK400 million which has now come to more than MK 1 billion. Mtundu wosasamba always thinking you deserve better. Kodi kopanda Muluzi agologolo inu mukanalamula inu.

  11. clement says:

    Oh! well- done ACB.These people must pay back the money at all cost.The poors are starving to find medications in gvt hospitals coz of someone who doesn’t care about the poors,what the shame.Freeze their accounts and keep it up ACB.

  12. Mashonchimta says:

    Tieni nazoni kumakazeweza kumaula

  13. vitse says:

    Cashgate extends to District Councils. Please investigate

  14. Andrew phiri says:

    U ACB will compensate diz guy heavily. Is it an offence 2 serve de Govn of de day?

  15. chilungamo says:

    Malawi this is serious. Am one of the retired who has not received even one tambala from my gratuity. Am so angry to learn about this. Am languishing since I retired and have to the Accountant General many times. We were told there’s is no money. In room 35 there our files cannot be traced. This is evil and I have never been so hitter. Pensioners let us fight this injustice.

  16. Charter says:

    Ma junior ayima kumbuyowo akumanga bwana!!!!

  17. Mabomba says:

    Why was his pension precessed so quickly when others wait for so many years? Sam Madula is also a cashgater.Chech his house in area 12, inu alomwe chotsani mchawa uyu ndipo muoza zambiri.

  18. America says:

    anthu omwe amaba 90 billion amaba mwa nzeru siza jb kuba mosazindikila six month 20 billion wat abt kuti athe zaka eight aba ndalama zingati??

    1. Wawa Phumisa says:

      There is no intelligence in theft. Why do idiots fail to reason sensibly? Theft is theft no matter how it is committed.

    2. Central says:

      Only those who have no morals like you can stand tall and praise thieves!! How can a normal person waste his time and energy to be seeing strengths in evil deeds in the plunder these idiots have done!! Whether K20b or K92b they are all idiots and need no praises!! God have mercy on mother Malawi!

  19. Pkamlomo says:

    How come come senzani’s account was never frozen?

  20. Kafere says:

    Wonse alowe komaso alandidwe ndalama zathu oyipa anthuwa

  21. mjiba says:

    Bophani clearly will be exonerated of this

  22. salimu says:

    Bophani was never posted to ODPP but ESCOM. In addition, he was posted before he was arrested. Once you are arrested you are interdicted you therefore cannot be reassigned any other duty until you are cleared. It may also interest you to know that Bophani’s arrest has nothing to do with cashgate. Ask OPC they will tell you why.

  23. tonde says:

    Misplacement of justice. What has his pension to do with freezing? If he stole money, you should freeze the account where the stolen money was kept. ACB is there just to victimise and shame for Govt loyalists.
    Mumadzifila mukamamanga anthu when you are corrupt too.

  24. ziko ndilokondera, wina 20billion kuvutika nayoee anthu mabwalo a court otsaachoka koma winayo banbo 92 billion bambo,kuliziiii.tikukuonani anthuoyipa ngati inu.

    1. nachilomgo says:

      Wa 20 billion analimba bwanji mtima osamanga a 92 billion during nthawi yake? Akudziwa kuti palibe umboni kapenanso iye anali mommo. simple!

  25. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Either aphedwe or athenedwe with blunt pliers. No chisoni on these thegs , pilizi chonde. These motherfuckcers have caused a lot of misery to lots of malawians. Malawi courst, anyongeni anthu awa!!

  26. Ndalama za pension zokhazo mpatseni azimwa tea wache panyumba!!!

  27. Evance Billiat says:

    they should be given tought sentences,we are facing problems because of them

  28. Easy Banda says:

    Pension money is not cashgate money. how is he going to survive?

    1. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

      He will thrive on prison rations! Asa!!

  29. The world is Round !!!!!!!!

  30. Peter says:

    Something is not adding up here. Did Bophani benefited from proceeds of cashgate or he wanted to use his position to obstruct justice? Otherwise all people including those from ACB who were members of the investigation committee Mr Bophani was chairing should also be investigated in the same manner Mr Bophani is being investigated. Otherwise moto udzatsata kumene kwatsala tchire. I doubt the independence of ACB and I just pray that the new guy at the helm is not closing up his future destiny by allowing a few remaining selfish crooks who have been destroying our country for a long time now to dictate him. People are becoming cleverer each passing day!!!!

  31. Nyapapi says:

    This guy is an epitomy of evil, he should just be shot!

  32. Malawi gold magazine on facebook says:

    Ingoyatsani mbaula pafupi ndi bank accountyo,,.isungunuka

  33. big says:

    koma guys, akulu awa akundimvetsa chisoni. sanadye nawo bho bho money inaphwekayi. simungangowasiya ayi? hehehehehe! ndikunama

  34. Eliam k says:

    Vuto anthu amawadandaula bwanawa ukali ndi zina zotero,tsopano nthawi zina MULUNGU amapanga zodabwitsa.chonchobe wishing him well

  35. Blessed Banda says:

    May be Bophani actively worked with JB when the mid night team was being arrested and they want to persecute him through this. You mean you arrested him before you finished investigation? I thought its now time for trials in the court to prove that ypu have acase against him? You arrested him, his pension was processed after you had already arrested him ad then you frees his account in which the money has been deposited after he was released on bail? Ironical.

  36. Nambe says:

    hehehehehe…kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!shaaaaaa Bophani mumati kujijilika kutumikila Big fish trying to fool Malawians(hiding the truth) ndi izo mwathela nazo ku Public Procurements…he he he he. unatizunza ndi boza man iwe….kkkkkkkkkkkk

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