ACB to probe Malawi President top aide’s mind boggling wealth: Ben Phiri resignation neither here nor there

Malawi President Peter Mutharika’s long-time Special Adviser and Assistant, Ben Phiri, is facing investigations by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on allegations of wrongful self-enrichment after reports indicate that he has become an instant billionaire.

Special Aide Ben Phri speaking to President Mutharika; Resignation not official

Special Aide Ben Phri speaking to President Mutharika; Resignation not official

Phiri recently resigned from his position after being accused that he has amassed a spectacular fortune and property portfolio in one year being at State House, while earning a modest civil servant salary.

ACB Senior Public Relations Officer Egrita Ndala said the graft-busting body learnt about the Presidential Special Assistant’s alleged wealth through the media.

“The Bureau will review the available information to see if there is merit to warrant investigations,” said Ndala as quoted by the Daily Times.

The former presidential top aide said he had stepped down from his position to pave the way for people who have been accusing him of corruption to prove their case.

And the ACB is appealing for anyone who may have information regarding Phiri’s corrupt activities, to provide the Bureau with the information for it to take appropriate action.

“The Bureau investigates allegations of corruption based on information provided by informants or the media as long as that source provides enough information related to suspected corruption by public offers or any other individuals in accordance with section 10(1)(b),(c), (d) (e), (g) and (h) of the Corrupt Practices Act,” Ndala said.

Senior Advisor to the President on Strategy and Communication, Bright Malopa, was the first to raise an alarm as he reportedly wrote President Mutharika informing the Head of State that his youthful PA was corrupt.

Malawi is reeling from a mass corruption scandal christened as Cashgate which London based auditors Baker Tilly revealed about K13 billion was lost from 2012.

About K92 billion was lost from 2005.

Meanwhile, State House through director of State Residences Peter Mukhito has clarified that Phiri never resigned, confirming assertions by critics that the resignation was a political stunt simply aimed at testing the waters on how he is rated.

Phiri, a strongman in the Mutharika government, is dubbed “Prime Minister”. His resignation letter indicated that he would resign effective June 1, 2105, apparently he wanted to write June 1 2015.

The Special Advisor to Mutharika said he was not ready to discuss the matter further.

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41 thoughts on “ACB to probe Malawi President top aide’s mind boggling wealth: Ben Phiri resignation neither here nor there”

  1. Ethurama says:

    Thieving Malawians,where Is Mwansambo’s Open Case

  2. Koma ya, choipa chitsata mwini ndithu. Zibwenzi zija zitithandize apa

  3. Mr ska says:

    ACB &DPP dont cheat us do watever u can do but time wil come when justice wil previel among u

  4. Yesaya Dziko says:

    Tilibemau, Timpuza issue does not need the whole ACB to investigate. MBC at fault. How could they continue to pay a ghost worker? Transactions can be investigated by just internal auditor and not ACB.

  5. Moses Makoko says:

    Akuti mkazi wa ndani?

  6. Mafuta says:

    Shouldn’t ACB be investigated? It seems it is not impartial

  7. Bulutu 1 says:

    Atleast every1 knws what politics dpp is playing is all about.

    Stop all those stupid nonsense because ACB is for Opposition.musatiputsitse

  8. ndadabwa says:

    Ben Phiri will never be probed because all what he ha is for Peter Mutharika and Getrude Mutharika. ACB is the most corrupt organisation in Malawi

  9. Tilibemau says:

    you completily failed to investigate Timpunza Mwansambo who was drawing 2 salaries and you want to cheat malawians that you can probe Mkazi wa Peter.ACB is another toothless organisation and cannot arrest DPP Sympathisors mlandu sugona.Time will come.God is watching.

  10. BigMan says:

    Barking, barking, barking, and barking some more….. for nothing!

  11. CHEJALI says:

    Kkkkkk ine chifukwa chokhalila ndi ACB kumalawi sindichiwona coz chimalimbana ndi osauka basi ndiye or bungweli litatha palibe vuto.

  12. Alex says:

    The government are masters of deception.

    The ACB is ‘probing’ Ben Phiri.

    Meanwhile, the fact of whether he has resigned or lost is lost in all this distraction of ‘probes’ and ‘there was a typing mistake in the letter’ !

    Good God! A typo in a letter a reason to ignore the intent of the letter?! What an absolute joke.

    Such ridiculous jokes of stories are deliberately manufactured by the government to distract the people from the on-going corruption by the government and its members.

    And the media plays right into the government’s hands by publishing such ‘fake’, distracting stories.

  13. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    A dpp nchifukwa ninji mkuvutitsa mdala wanu kumayankhula zonama kutundu wa malawi. Where is a functional community technical college in Nkhatabay? Hon Musa plz tell your president the truth and only the truth on z ground. Nothing is showing at Tukombo

  14. Viva says:

    ….yaaaawn…! No wonder the best brains leave Malawi. The only time we had hope as Malawians was between 1994 to 1996. Since then, we have watched helplessly as people loot our taxes. As a result, people stopped working hard a loooong time ago- why work hard when some people get money without sweat. We have become a country full of thieves- tonse tidzingoba basi nanfa titani

  15. vera says:

    the puppet can’t run the nation without the puppet master.

  16. captain says:

    This ben phiri is building flats in area 43/10 and one of his sponsors is karim of CORI cooking oil, they normally meet in area 44 at Chimwemwe chipungus house, basi mufunanso umboni wina? Mxiii fake ant corruption bureau

  17. MALAWIAN says:

    ACB nchowopsyezera ana. Muja anayambira za cash gate taonako zeni zozizitswa? Koma tawafunsani ndalama zimene zawonongeka pofufuza kokha. Musadandaula ikudza nthawi onse akubawa adzasiya okha.

  18. Alex says:

    All these supposed ‘probes’ are rather futile until the media, journalists and so called ‘civil society’ learn to ask the really hard questions.

    These kind of allegations all get brushed away with ‘they’re just being negative’ or ‘jealous’.

    ‘These are just profits from his hard work and business”

    Of course no one asks why all these politicians and civil servants, and their relatives, so often seem to get successful in their business when they start having connections and influence in government.

    Surely they don’t use their connections and influence to boost their business (!)

    These so-called ‘businesses’ are usually things like timber, construction, supplying government tenders.

    Does no one think to ask how these ‘business men’ make so many millions and billions when other people in the the market are not so successful?

    How high are their margins? How do the treat their employees? Do they pay their taxes? Surely we can get their tax records and accounts from MRA, which they are obliged to submit by law.

    In the interests of accountability and transparency.

    Of course – we know the answer. The whole government is corrupt from top to bottom.

    The media – more than half of their advertising comes from the government. They’re not going to do anything to endanger one of their main sources of revenue.

    The rest of the Malawians – are you still sleeping?

  19. machika says:

    Onsewa ndi mbabva

  20. ujeni says:

    Until he resigned if at all he got the job by interview, investigation will be a shame

  21. khuere says:

    that is true Mbendela is happy on what is happening on poor malawians money GOD WILL hear all this cry for MALAWIANS.

  22. truevoter says:


  23. MANYUCHI says:

    FBI and CIA are paid by US taxpayers to further US law and order and US strategic interests not Malawi’s. carry your own cross. you are what you are. a complete failure.

  24. viyazi tembo says:

    hey Britain, adopt Malawi as a colony again.

  25. CHOKO says:

    Koma Mbava zimenezi

  26. Merlyin Mwapasa says:

    I am compelled to provide my comment on this subject because when I have time I do read online news posted on Nyasatimes and others. It is not my habit of providing comments because I have noted that in most cases, I read comments that lack objectivity. But on this issue, I thought I should engage the brains of bold thinkers only on the purported resignation of Ben Phiri. From what has come out from today’s Daily Times, especailly with regard to the statement alleged to have been made by Mr. Mukhito, I feel very ashamed to be called a Malawian. In the first place, where on earth can a PA for the State President write a resignation letter in such a very unhourable way (i.e. wrong date, poor English, etc.) and even confirm through the radio about it, only to hear the State House not taking the issue seriously? Even if he was testing waters, the President should have dismissed him right away for bringing shame to the revered place. Is Ben so indespensable to the State President that he cannot run this nation without him? Folks, let us be serious as a nation. Some of the disrespectful remarks directed at the President is inept is the State House in dealing with serious issues affecting the State House. I have personally respected every President this country has had – may be because I am a Christian and I believe that no one ascends to a leadership position unless God allows it. Even now, I have high respect for Prof. APM – but there is need to bring sanity to the State House otherwise all Malawians will be taken as merely jokers!

  27. Mike says:

    This corrupt Prime Minister must be asked , how much money did he receive from Rak Gas ,then you will see the truth , very corrupt , why is APM still supporting this corrupt person , Maybe APM is hiding something more corrupt ???

  28. ujeni says:

    As long as he hasn’t resigned, the investigation will prove nothing, just some stunt. The fact remains ka Ben Phiri has stolen a lot.

  29. Emdeez says:

    FBI or CIA kodi’ that sound nice.

  30. inayakeinayake says:

    If you want to probe Ben Phiri. Start by establishing how he earns an income. Then check if he was remit ting tax. Definitely you’ll find that he has amassed so much wealth with paying taxes. Start there. I am not jealous of the young but truth be told they is no fire without smoke.

  31. How do u understand by the word “INVESTIGATION?”

    Kusowa chochita guys, mukufuna mumutape mwanayu eti?

    Msiyeni palibe chimene walakwa kkkkkkkkk maluzi ku ACB

  32. fight says:

    It is very sad to note that our neighbours like Zambia ,Tanzania Mozambique are far much better than us WHY???? Does it mean that all the PRESIDENTS we elect HAVE PORRIDGE for brain.Compare Zambian Kwacha with our Kwacha SHAME!!!!!!!

  33. Mbewa ndi nchira says:

    Don’t investigate him. Ben should just declare his assets and salary.

    ACB kapitirizeni kukambirana za ma salary anu. We don’t need you.
    Very selective in tackling cases,ineffective and disjointed organisation.


  34. Malawi says:

    Mulli was for Bingu, Ben for APM kutakata without mercy as cashgate continues. Thanks to Mbendera for ushering them in. Am sure he is the happiest citizen seeing what these pole are doing to the poor and weak defenceless pple.

  35. Andy moses says:

    Kikkkkk kaya mweeee?

  36. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi a failed state.

  37. kuno kumpoto says:

    Ben Phiri katundu muzito. let the stupid critics prove their case otherwise they are fondly jealousy of this young man. to hell with all those that hate ben and bravo acb for probing the matter.

  38. point Blank says:

    The ACB is not competent enough to handle such cases. We need FBI or CIA otherwise this won’t take us anywhere. Its a waste of public funds to have an institution like the ACB because it doesn’t have the teeth and capacity to investigate cases.

    1. arkmm says:

      Point Blank @1, I 100% agree with you. This ACB thing is just too useless to ever exist on Malawi. Better we use FBI or other international, able bodied organization not ABC which only acts depending on the political atmosphere

    2. KENYATTA says:

      Mufuna mukapangane ‘pansi mtedza?’

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