Chitheka’s illness is ‘punishment’ from God, claims Pastor Salanje

After bragging for his wealth and posh cars, South Africa based Pastor Hastings Salanje has once again stunned the public with his claims that Apostle Enesia Chitheka’s illness is a punishment from God.

Chitheka: underwent an operation for kidney failure in South Africa.

Chitheka: Underwent an operation for kidney failure in South Africa.

Salanje: It's punishment

Salanje: It’s punishment

Chitheka of the Chitheka family musical label is battling with kidney failure and struggling to foot medical bills at one of the South African clinic.

Last Friday renowned local artists teamed up and organized a Phungwe gospel show at Comesa Hall in Blantyre to raise funds for ailing Apostle.

But Salanje, founder of Wells of Revival Ministries, alleged that Chitheka snatched another woman’s husband and rebelled against her father as such God decided to punish her.

Salanje observed that some sickness do not need prayer or medication but reconciliation.

“What am about to say now may not be good to some people but the truth must be told, some sickness sometimes do not need prayer or medication but reconciliation ,and these may be can help in the case of our sister.

“I don’t know how truth is it, but i was told that the man our sister is living with now, was not her husband but a husband to her best friend. Now if this is true then it can cause a big damage to her life.

“Think if it can be you, your best friend comes into your house and snatch your husband or your wife, how can you feel? That is what the other woman felt, think of how many sleepless nights she went through ? What about her kinds ?

“Our sister being a daughter to the bishop (pastor) she was in better position to know that that was a terrible sin. Secondly I heard that she recently rebelled her own father when she was starting her ministry, this is another terrible sin before God if this is true,” said Salanje on Facebook.

He then warned people that “whatever we do today we will surely pay tomorrow”.

“So if this is true then I humbly ask my sister Chitheka to look into these things and sort them out, who knows may be God will have mercy on her,” he advised.

He also said there is nothing he can do at the moment because God has not revealed anything to him over Apostle’s sickness.

On calls that he should financially support the ailing Apostle, Salanje said men of God do not follow the wishes of the people but rather the will of God, who is yet to reveal to him next cause of action.

“Our sister is sick and what she needs now is healing, whether it comes from doctors or by prayers, and by the grace of God, God has given me both, I can pray for her, or finance her treatment, but the problem is that God hasn’t advised me to do one of the two.

“So it has been a matter of concern even to me, but I cannot do things on my own because the money which i have do not belong to me and the healing gift do not belong to me either; but since people you have been talking a lot, I started asking myself questions ,questions like why God is not concerned either ?” asserted Salanje.

He said this should also serve as a lesson to others.

Apostle Chitheka came out of hibernation early this year to launch the latest album titled Yehova Nyansadabuza. This was after Chitheka Family had stayed for years without live performances.

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Mike Majiya

ASalanje inu munacimwa kangat nde munalangidwA kangat? Watchout!

Faliza stambuli

Salanje muli ndi vuto kwabasi

Reuben phiri

Aliyese ndiochima let’s pray for forgiveness that’s all asalanje satanic inawapweteka nkana anathawa dziko lawolomwe


No matter how much we sin, our God is loving and God of forgiveness. We are not Angels and we are surverving because of his mercies .


Tonse tinachimwapo. Mulungu salanga munthu ai, koma adzalanga pamapeto pazonse. Mai Chitheka siochimwa chifukwa sanafe, amakudula kumpingo lero koma Yesu asanakudure, komanso mbusa omapanga condemn anthu aaaa! zokaikitsa izi.


Kodi a Salanje so omwe aja anapezeka ndi ziwalo za anthu? Kodi tsinde la chums Chao ife tikulidziwa? Kodi anthu a Mulungu omwe achitapo zimenezi, woyamba ndi Chitheka? Kodi ngati makolo akuoneka kuti akupereka ulangizi wosocheretsa, munthu nkofunika kungotsatira poti ndi makolo?

henry likhawa

cholungamo ndichowawa. man of God salanje more fire

Madalitso mathuwa

Nomatter that she did that but it is my Prayer to God to show mecy on her & i am asking God to 4give her.

box13 bilila NU
It’s true Mr salanje, the right time and the right method of bringing chitheka sister back to God was when u heared it.u could quickly and humbly approach her with scriptures exhorting her as a pastor.not blaming her but condeming the sin she has associated with I think by so doing you could win her soul back to God, but now how you are handling it in public via a worldwide social network I don’t think u pity her but you are celebrating her sin and sickness, let the me put it to you thus:you are sounding like a worldly… Read more »
White Thamanga

Yankho Msukwa can u stop posting his man on nyasa time plz we are sick & tied of his your uncle.

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