Activist authors book to stimulate ‘healthy’ debate on homosexuality: Malawi to hold public inquiry

Malawian activist Lyson Sibande has for the past few years spent time on research and studies that has now borne a book whose sole aim is to stimulate a healthy debate on homosexuality issues in the region.

Sibande: Book will stimulate healthy debate

Sibande: Book will stimulate healthy debate

Solicitor General Kanet Chikaya-Banda: We want to hear the views of Malawians on homosexuality laws

Solicitor General Kanet Chikaya-Banda: We want to hear the views of Malawians on homosexuality laws

Homosexuality remains a controversial topic in Malawi. Despite tumult by activists, the law in Malawi subjects people engaged in the acts with a minimum sentence of 14 years imprisonment with hard labour.

The first public gay engagement was between Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steve Monjeza which invited local outrage.

The two were arrested but were later given a suspended sentence after international rights groups intervention.

In his book,   ‘Homosexuality in Africa: A Political, Religious, Cultural Dilemma’,  Sibande argues that Malawians have been so sensational about the issue.

He said people in the country misunderstand the homosexuality thing.

“In the book I am attempting to resolve a dilemma between politics,  culture and religion which has risen following the gay rights movement,” Sibande told Nyasa Times.

He said there is need for objective and sober perspective and the filling of the ignorance gap to facilitate a healthy gay debate.

Sibande said: “I strongly feel that people need extra knowledge and facts if they must handle the gay rights debate intelligently and meaningfully.”

The book will be published by Distinction Media,  and Sibande is expected to make a presentation at the Centre for Development of the People (Cedep) tenth anniversary in Lilongwe on December 10.


Meanwhile, Solcitor General Janet Banda has confirmed that government will conduct public inquirires into whether  the country’s anti-homosexual laws should be repealed or not.

Banda said government will solicit views from Malawians but will not call for a ballot, saying it is not a referendum.

According to Banda, state-funded Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) will conduct the public inquries on the homosexuality issues.

“We want to find out the views of the people on the issue and whether we need tpo change the law as it stand today,” Solicitor General Banda said.

MHRC executive secrtary Grace Malera said they will soon invite stakeholders to discuss the format of the inquiries.

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6 thoughts on “Activist authors book to stimulate ‘healthy’ debate on homosexuality: Malawi to hold public inquiry”

  1. Chibalo says:

    Sibande! We dont need any book in Malawi to conduct what you call health debate on issues of Gayism. I want to tell you that you have wasted alot of time writing your book which as Malawians we dont need.Truth be told,when you mention gays or homosexuality issues in our Society, trust me young but wasted man,there is nothing like a “Healthy debate” infact the debate automatically becomes very unhealthy and dangerous to our already burdened society with pertinent problems of poverty, hunger,unemployment,Lack of medicine in hospitals and bed space.

    You know Sibande,the Black outs that are seriously haunting us and our future.The serious shortages of water both in the Villages,where up until now thousands of Malawians are fetching bad water mixed with animal dung are some of the things we are greatly bothered with.

    Do you think we need what you call a healthy debate on gays, when our people are dying in hospitals? Why for Gods sake should we really waste our time debating on homosexuality issues which are very minor and irrelevant to us when the Malawi government is failing to fight Corruption which has robed us of our destiny-at least going by what our president said two days ago that Cash gate will affect us for the next decade?

    Almost all our Public Universities are closed and are seriously struggling financially and that a good number of Students are also failing to pay School Fees due to Poverty.Have ever visited any hospital Sibande to appreciate the gravity of bed space-thousands of our people are sleeping literally on the floor my friend and you want us to leave behind all these problems and debate on Gay Rights?

    You are alone boss and we will never be there except those very few who are rich on donor evil money.As for us, we will be either crying and whining at home or better talk to God while we try to overcome some of these burdens.

  2. Maunits says:

    We Tongas are beautiful mwana. Look at her how beautiful she is.

  3. Delilah Samson says:

    Beautiful lady

  4. Prophesy Says says:

    This is a good idea. Let MHRC do this and put the matter to eternal rest.

  5. Harawara says:

    There is nothing new in the book. There are two groups on the matter those for pro-gay and those against it. If democracy is the rule of the majority then those against homosexual have it. America, the champion of rights and democracy rejected leaders who support gayism and abortion. We can do the same here. Faithful christians and moslems can NOT vote for leaders who support what God forbids

  6. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:

    Woe to you who calls evil good and good evil! Repent as soon as possible, for Jesus Christ is coming soon to judge this wicked demonically oriented world of Antichrists and New World Order evil minded satanists and illuminatis false apostles, false prophets, false christs, false evangelists, false teachers, who think worldy wisdom is still better than the simple and straight Word Of God, WHEN GOD HAS CLEARLY SAID THE WISDOM OF THIS WORLD HAS BEEN MADE FOOLISH BY GOD HIMSELF- 1 Cor 1:20!

    You lovers of money and human praise! Don’t you still know that the love of money is the root of all evil! And that the love of the world, its, deceitful and harmful lusts, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of this life make us enemies of the Living God, Yahweh, who created us and put us in the earth to do ONLY HIS GOOD AND PERFECT WILL!


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