Activist trashes presidential jet donations

Rights activist Rafiq Hajat has described as sick suggestions by a Malawian to solicit K12 billion in donations to buy a presidential jet for Head of State, Peter Mutharika.

Hajat: Why not contribute to buy medicine

Hajat: Why not contribute to buy medicine

Hajat joins hundreds of other Malawians on social media who have condemned businessman Sydney Ndembe for calling for the donations for the luxury of the President when Malawian patients cannot have a meal in public hospitals.

“This is sick, inconsiderate and inhumane,” said Hajat after Ndembe put paid advertisements in newspapers for the cause after State House operatives released a photograph of Mutharika at an Italian airport waiting for flight connections to Malta where he attended the Commonwealth summit.

“You cannot contribute for the luxury of one person when millions are suffering,” said Hajat.

He said instead, Malawians should contribute foe the suffering of other Malawians who have no food.

In his advertisements, Ndembe said the US$20 million presidential jet should be the asset of the state.

Mutharika has been chartering presidential jets until civil society organisations and the opposition severely criticised and condemned him as the country is facing huge economic problems that have forced the collapse of most social services.

President Mutharika on Monday said the release of the photograph of him waiting for flight connections was not intended to win public sympathy for government to buy a presidential jet, saying the government is not buying a presidential jet.

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40 thoughts on “Activist trashes presidential jet donations”

  1. watcheya says:

    a bale umphawi mukuchita ku wufuna chitukuko sikudya simankhwala kaya jet or no jet Malawi need something to show off as a country zinthu zikugawidwa muzipatalamu never ever seen kuti zinakwana development is paramount for someone to see in future munagulisa ndege jet anagula bingu show me tangible thing today from the outcome a Malawi kulira ndimikonzoyako yomwe sheet are you telling me mayiko ochita bwino abive njala sakusowa mankhwala umbanda kulibe kutukuka ndikatundu a hajat don’t buy sympathy for the sake of kutukuka yet you show off kuti kuganiza kwanu nkopepera mungayendera buble shape car inu monga a hajat what more your president mufunemusafube he is the president of Malawi and he needs dignity


    It is with great concern and shock that the president was fouled to lie so down low and display how silly as a president he truly is.

    As a VVIP, the president is not meant to queue as any ordinary person is meant to. It is a great demonstration and illustration of how badly the president gets misled by the so called advisors, ministers, in this case the minister of foreign affairs . Worse still, the presidential publicity team is even not fit for purpose to expose and intact take these demeaning pictures.

    It is quite clear that the officials did this to personally embarrass the president himself. The great question is “where were the protocol official?” It is one of their diligent duties to arrange for Diplomatic VVIP passes for the president. However, the president himself must be questioning himself if really his advisors are actually leading him or misleading. You do not not a degree, a master to decipher this silly unjustified PR error. Where was his personal assistant? Ben Phiri?

    Now another silly Mlomwe is suggesting we contribute to get another Official Jet? You bootlickers when shall you learn that ” we will never be taken for granted again?

  3. male pipo says:

    Ine ndekha sindingapereke dalama kuchipatala a Hajati. Kumeneko ndiye kumaonongekera ndalama. Amangogawana mdzina la ma arrears ndi maintenance of vehicles. Ngati simuzitsata angotulani pansi udindowo.

  4. Kola says:

    Kodi mukuti ndani chitsiru chotheratu m Malawi muno. Makutu a Mai ako wamva pamodzi ndi ka hule ka mkazi kako mxxxxiiiiiiiiii. Iwe ndiwe chitsiru zinangochitika kukhala ndi chuma ulibe nzeru wayenera chuma chako ndi cha mafupa a ma Albino, Ndiwe galu fisi, nyani dyabulosi

    Ukankhala wanzeru ukananena zoti tisonkhe zogula mankhwala kapena chakudya kuchipatala. Iweyo nditakhala nawe pafupi ndikhoza kukuchita chinthu choti sudzaiwala. Chitsiru a Mai ako akanakuphera mchikuta mxxxxiiiiiiii. Umadya materwera iwe

  5. Has wa a Phiri kwa Chapananga, Chikwawa says:

    Inu a Moses makolo ndiye anthu amene mukuwononga dziko. Apa simalo onyaozana kapena kutukwanizana ayi. Kodi mukunenea kuti a dpp anagulitsa, iwo anagulitsa chifukwa inali itagwira nthcito nthawi yaitali. Monga pano helicopter ya president yayenera igudwenso yanyowani ija yakalamba. Tadziwani ichi bwana Moeses kuti ndale zathu tisamale nazo. Dzikoli ndilathu, aliyense ali ndizofowoka ndi zolimba zake. Amayi A Joyce Banda wokha pa press conference ananena boma lawo inachita survey ndipo anthu 75 mwa 100 aliwonse anati jet ija isagulitsidwe chifukwa adawona kuti poyambapo zinachitika pandale komabe adatemetsa nkhwangwa pamwala kuti iwo agulitsabe ndegeyo chifukwa anazolowera kukwera za matola. Tsopano mutha kuwona kuti sikuti ndi boma la Kamuzu, Bakili, Bingu kapena la Peter lomwe imamva zalokha ayi. A Joyce Bandawanso anachita motsutsana ndi a Malawi wochuluka(75%). Choncho ndukulangizeni tiyeni tilemekezani wosati kunyozana wawa. Inu ngati muli ndi DSTV kapena GOTv you pay for it and you do not make any profit at all. Do you mean should be taken out of your house? Obviously No! why becoz u get entertained so lets understand these things my friend. I love you we will meet one day so lets respect each other mudzadzimuka muli a sewere anzanga. Kikikikikikikikiki C u in the next issue.

  6. Has wa a Phiri kwa Chapananga, Chikwawa says:

    Tiyeni ndale tiyke pambali kodi ngati Director sakwera minibus amakhala ndi galimoto lake what about the president? The President deserve a jet. Truly speaking out of my conscience am not saying this because Peter is there NO! even the time Joyce Banda used to board passenger planes i was not happy at all. Malawians lets understand this: A presidential has total security bcoz no intruder is allowed while the passenger plane its easy to have alshabab’s there who can bomb it.

    Inunso a opposition(MCP) do you think u can be happy to A Chakwera boarding passenger planes if ascends to presidential office? Kodi a Malawi Kamuzu used the jet for 31 yrs, came Bakili for 10 yrs lero zatani kuti mude the Mutharika’s. Nkhani ili apa mukuyang’ana mtundu or banja where these ppo are coming from. Bcoz i wonder ppo say imatiwongera ndalama kodi during Kamuzu time simatha ndalama? what about Bakili’s time simatha ndalama? where were you who are making noise today?

    In conclusion am challenging u today in such that “everyone who has a phone must destroy it” why? because you do not make any profit out of it. Consider the amount used to buy it and compare how much airtime it has consumed? it’s more than the amount for the purchase but why do we still have them? Its becoz it easy communication betwin two entities. So u can not say the jet was expensive to manage but looking at convenience, integrity it would provide to the state president(any) then we deserve it. Kodi a Malawi mukufuna kudzalira maliro alshabab waphuritsa president wa dziko?

    Finally but not least inu amene muli against kusonkha za jet khalani ndi ufulu wanu ife tisonkha ndipo a boma organize more tea parties fr this purpose we will support. Koma inu amene mukuti ayi yambitsani program yoti tisonkhe kaya ndi yamakhwalayo ife tikuthandizani. Mnyumba ukagula TV sikuti flask njosafunika?

  7. Blossom says:

    I though Mr President boasts of being a rich man let him buy his jet with his own money like others do – our focus should be on the poor the helpless the sick the old the disabled etc not matofutofu a muna

  8. Blossom says:

    Nonsese what is waiting at an airport for a plane when the Tanzania President can go as low as cleaning the streets touching rubbish with his bare hands – u president umatha ask Joyce Banda then what ndegeyo mudzikajwekera popita kuti kuka seeka asylum?????

  9. Choonadi says:

    This is an analyst with politically tainted analyses. And by the way where is the analysis here? Are the suggested contributions forced on anyone? Let people ignore the call on there own. Sometimes learn to be wise in silence.

  10. Double VIsion says:

    The problem with us Malawians is that most of us, including those in Government, lack vision. We dont know what we want for our country. We have so many educated Malawians with Masters and phD degrees but Malawi is not developing! Why??? NSANJE. We are greedy people who like criticising simply because we dont like somebody, not because they are not perfoming well. Decision are made based on who is in the office at present, if that person leaves the office, the decision is rescinded or deemed ‘wrong’. Malawi needs a presential jet (full stop) But it is absolutely nonsense to say people should make contributions to buy the Jet. If another President comes into office and some of the people who contributed towards the purchase of the Jet are not happy, we will want to sell it again (being Malawians). This is ridiculous. It is actually better to ask multi millionnaire Prophet Bushiri to donate one of his Jets to the Presidency!!!! Stop the rubbish! Change the attitude! Stop being greedy!

  11. pitala joni says:

    The president has never paid tax in malawi, then why bother buying him a jet

  12. kingsley chiziko says:

    Goat of people(mbuzi za anthu)

  13. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Ngati Mulli,Viola ndi Mungomo akukana kusonkha nde, ineyo ndingasonkhe? Anenelatu atatuwa kuti zomwe akunena Mr.Ndembe ndizopusa zedi…sindikudziwa enawo komwe ali akukamba zotani.May be the likes of Jappie, Obama, Nankhumwa, Akweni can contribute just to save their positions. Pomaliza ndikuti Ndembe ndiwe opusa, chizete,chiselekwete……

  14. Moses Makoko says:

    Imra, macsize mbewe and sapitwa, I think u r Sydney ndembe himself only writing under disguised identities if not then Ur prospective patients to zomba mental hospital! The concerns raised by Hajat in this article are those that could be raised by any sober and sane malawian, no need for any university certificate!
    I know u were not in malawi wen Bingu bought a jet only to be sold some few years later by dpp team b (pp) if malawians buy a jet today, Blv me, it will be sold by dpp team A1 (udf) or or team c (party X that will born from current dpp in 2018) so u min malawi as poor as we are, we should be busy buying and selling jets? Is that not a definition of stupidity?
    Guys, are we really using heads or something else wen thinking,? As far as I am concerned only mad people can happily contribute towards the purchase of that jet unfortunately most of those people are in zomba.
    We know the whole trick here, in 3 months u will come back thanking malawians for contributing generously but in real sense it will be money stolen from government coffers paja inu ndi osamva tisaiwale. Suja munasintha flag anthu akukana kuika chiflag cha paint wa white! Kenaka kugulitsa bank anthu kukulesani osamva! Inu ndi ovuta basi.
    Sonkhani kaguleni ndegeyo, Ine zisandikhudze after all ndege sinnakwelepo! Zopusa

  15. Truck says:


  16. mumu says:

    Mukuliranji a Malawi munakana Chakwera nokha.

  17. Kuperewera kwa nzeru kwa NDembe

  18. Kenkkk says:

    Please ndembe don’t start another cashgate for this jet. You will only raise the k12bn through stealing our own money in cohort with the these dpp thieving thugs. Don’t blind us with the so called fund raising pretext.

    It just shows where this govt’s priorities are. A jet is totally an obscenely wrong priority when there is hunger and shortage of medicines.

  19. Moses Makoko says:

    That’s madness of the highest level! I am already paying a hefty tax almost on every purchase l make no matter how small. Today if u have K1000 just know that over K300 to K400 of it goes back to this clueless government in form of tax. Nde ndiziperekanso dollar ya chani? ?? Zopusa! Ngati akutuma akupusitsa big tym!
    Don’t disturb me, am busy repaying ngongole ya K26billion ya ma tractor anabedwa aja! A malawi ndife omvesa chisoni kuba kopanda nako manyazi! Usonkha ndi anako zimenezo. Ndege ndege yamthebwe!

  20. Toshi says:

    zopusa bodza basi president angaime pa line waiting his turn dont cheat us mwanama amangofuna zogula jet basi ndalama zilipo kale akunamaso kuti tisonkhe koma DPP. ziyambeni muona.

  21. padoko says:

    For sure this man called Ndembe needs a psychiatric review. How should we contribute for someone who boosts of having millions of dollars while everyone is complaining of hunger, lack of medicine as well as food in our hospitals? Peter does not even pay tax yet my meagre salaries is full of tax holes. Ndembe together with Bingu can go and request for one from Bushiri who has two. As for me and my reasoning country men, the answer is NO!!!!!

  22. Tina says:

    Just travelling from Blantyre to Nsanje, Blantyre to Zomba, Blantyre to Lilongwe, Lilongwe to Mzuzu. Anthu kumvetsa chisoni m’miseumu umphawi. First two hundred Thousand to assist most needy. Koma mituyi bwanji?

  23. Mugonapamhanya says:

    The activist and all who think like him are missing the point here. Malawi has a myriad of problems that need to be addressed by Malawians themselves. Different Malawians will address different problems. Those who feel like addressing the presidential jet problem let them go ahead. Rafik Hajat and others will contribute toward meals for patients while others will contribute towards flood victims so on and so forth. The business did not force anyone to contribute, did he. Why do you want to be clever out of nothing?

  24. Mateyu says:

    Analyst you nailed it.buying a jet may be easy but are the well wishers going to maintain it?

  25. Robin Hood says:

    “Rise and Rise Again Until Lambs become Lions”

  26. callen says:

    i totally agree with the activist – why should Malawians contribute towards buying a luxury jet only to be used by No 1 person when we have no drugs, our hospitals are failing to feed patients?

  27. Orange says:

    This gov is taking Malawi forfools . Let me remind you Peter 1 you stole the election, 2 being a president means you are employed by Malawians, 3 you are a foreginer you doesnt know anything about Malawi l saw it on hardtalk. You must know is us Malawians we can kick you out before 5 years. Palibe chomwe ukupanga cha nzeru.

  28. Dolo weni weni says:

    This Muntharika declared his wealth and its millions of dollars! Why should I take from my little pocket to add to his luxury? He can buy with his money if he is bored with hitchhiking and take it when leaving office. Moreover, these guys have already enjoyed a lot of money from public coffers!

  29. Makonokaya says:

    Ndembe you have a right to raise funds for the country’s presidential jet. The jet will be for Malawi and not for Peter. Those that do not want should remain put. Some of us that see sense in this will contribute. No problem

  30. The Analyst says:

    . . . Its quite a wonder how people cant hesitate to celebrate their stupidity, let alone in public. This Ndembe is not only a complete definition of a foolish fool but also an idiotic idiot; a daft nicompoop, a nong and a dunderhead!
    . . . How could he just solicit the K12bn for acquiring the jet n forget to solicit monies for running n maintaining it?
    . . . And who has already forgotten that the Malawian dictionary’s definition of a well-wisher is nobody but a thief who takes money from government?
    . . . Why not solicit the funds not just for drugs in hospitals (where they will be stolen) or for food (which will be consumed and forgotten); but for a revolving fund for the rural or urban poor to borrow and do small-scale businesses, among other sensible projects?
    There are many ways in which one can register their insatiable desire to be considered for a post in govt but this Sydney Ndembe has gotten it all wrong!

    “Its just a pity that stupidity is not painful.” – Anton La Vey

    Otherwise, he could have felt the pain, and forthwith stopped this nonsense!

  31. choka phiri says:

    Sapitwa and Irma what kind of country are u living in? People like u should not existerar in poor Malawi. APM said he had his own money why can he buy one? How long shall he be president. Hej stole votes 2019 he will not.if there are Malawians who want tog donot do so. But dont force Asian businessmen as the case is. U call Them wellpapp wishes. When u havet force us and threaten our businessmen. This started with Bingus wedding and still going on. Make us wellpapp wishes by force. Who in the world can donate millions of businessmoney tog a leader? Where does it happening?

  32. Macsaizi Mbewe says:

    Hajat leave the one who is fundraising to go ahead, he has a right to do so and he is not forcing anyone to contribute. Hajat are you yourself not using expensive cars because there is no medicine in the hospital. What have you done yourself, have you fundraised to turn the situation. Remember there are many rich people here in Malawi even though the majority are poor. A reminder, do you remember that Bushiri and others has jets and why not the president. Let those who are able contribute towards the buying of the jet. Remember you can not force them to contribute towards the buying of medicine in hospitals if they don’t want to. Remember nobody is being forced to and its for the betterment of the nation if the president will have a convenient mode of transportation. This will save time and resources which is being wasted when the jet is hired

  33. Change says:

    The works of Mutharika. He is playing Malawians the game. Please fundraise for food and medicine in the hospitals.

  34. kambindingu "hard & low" says:

    This guy called Ndembe is the dumbest person this nation have ever produced. I believe he doesn’t have the brains at all, if anything he thinks using his scrotum.

  35. tchama says:

    kkkkkkk presidential jet 4wht???? anthu tusowa chakudya can we b able to contribute even a cent??? my foot

  36. JB says:

    It was released to buy public simpathy you think Malawians are stupid . Am rich I have my own money then buy your freaking on Jet if you think you are too porsche to fly commercial. Mxiiii

  37. sapitwa says:

    Hajat, every Malawi citizen has a democratic right to do what is lawfully correct and this is also lawful. If there is a call to those who would wish to contribute to purchase of a jet for Mutharika and many are willing to pledge, you have no right to violate such individual peoples’ rights. Do you have any mandate to stop those who would wish to do so? This is about the jet and not an everlasting hunger year on year in this country. Leave those who want to do so to exercise their democratic right. You will be shocked to see people purchasing the jet for APM to your surprise.

  38. imra says:

    Hajat, have you decided to come back critizing DPP? Have you finished your ban? Becareful my dear. You were highly respected when you closed your mouth.Mind you this is not Israel at all.

  39. Benjones says:

    This guy ndembe wadya sikono. He better not appear in public places or he will face mob justice.

  40. Nyenyezi says:

    If APM did not want to buy public symphathy, why posting the picture, zaumbuli basi well done Mr Hajat you are exceptional not among handcrappers

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