ADRA-Malawi set aside K240m for flood victims: Usi condemns ‘floods-gate’

A local charity, the Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA-Malawi) says it has set aside about K240 million for relief aid distribution exercise that seeks to reduce the suffering of people who have been affected by the devastating floods that have hit over half of the country’s districts.

Usi: Those stealing relief items will be punished by God

Usi: Those stealing relief items will be punished by God

Adra supported these affected people of floods in Phalombe

Adra supported these affected people of floods in Phalombe

Deputy Country Director for ADRA, Michael Usi, told Nyasa Times in exclusive interview on Monday that the assistance is expected to reach 134,000 people who are in need of relief items throughout the country.

“As a partner of government in development and a friend of the poor we responded very positively to call by the state president to join hands to reduce the impact of floods in various parts of the country. We have so far mobilized resources in cash and kind. I would say that we are starting the distribution exercise in two weeks’ time,” said Usi.

However, Usi said ADRA Malawi has already reached to over 5,000 households in the districts of Phalombe and Mulanje.

According to Usi  the assistance has comes from different donors include its traditional donors like Denmark, ADRA Afro, ADRA International, Sweden, and World Food Program.

Reacting to media reports that many victims are not benefitting from the donations, Usi commended the media for writing more stories on how people are suffering from the impact of floods, he however cautioned the media against sensationalizing the relief aid distribution exercise.

“Let me take advantage of this interview that we been receiving information saying some organizations are plundering resources intended for the poor Malawians,  you know it must be applauded when our media expose these evil acts, but let me ask them that as much as we appreciate their noble course, they should move closer to actually where the dog is buried and make sure that it is exposed explicitly so that those civil society organization which are not to blame are not subjected to neglect by donors because of the blanket accusation,” he said.

Usi also condemned individuals who are swindling the relief items saying only God will punish them.

“If there is indeed individuals benefiting from these relief items it is evil at its best because if you look at the situation on the ground, people have no houses, people have lost their beloved ones, people have lost properties, now for one to be benefitting out of these devastated people, I mean that issue is not between man and a man but it’s between the man and God, that’s what I can say,” Usi said.

Usi also advised religious leaders to visit and pray with the flood victims “in this trying and solemnly situation.”

“You see when such disaster happen, there are a number of needs which can be addressed by resources like money food, but we should not forget there is psychological part of it where we need men of God to go and pray with people that have been affected, let them understand the situation they are in , help them to come back to themselves. So I call upon the men of God to actually go and talk to the affected people, counsel them, let them see God,” Usi said.

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24 thoughts on “ADRA-Malawi set aside K240m for flood victims: Usi condemns ‘floods-gate’”

  1. patrick Chikapaza says:

    Donation has come in time, thank you very much Mr Manganya

  2. Kamunthu kakafupi kadyera ngati aka, I’m surprised he is still working for Adra. Very selfish guy, maproject amazipatsa yekha

  3. kadamanja says:


  4. WINB says:

    Tiyeni tiphunzire kut tkapereka tisamalongolore…zomwe dzanja la manja lachita lamanzere lisadziweeeee…..
    God may punish both

  5. kanchenga. says:

    The advise to media is great. As for the thieving people let God’s will be done

  6. maxwell says:

    Well done bwana Usi. Koma kofunika kuwamanga odyela anthu ovutikawo

  7. maxwell says:

    Well done bwana Usi. Koma kofunika kuwamanga odwela anthu ovutikawo

  8. George Lihoma says:

    Mabungwe ena akuluakulu chonde taonelani zimenezi.

  9. edward mitala says:


  10. Chinthu says:

    Those who are stealing relief items will be punished by God, what about those who are stealing money from NAC like Beam, Murakho and NIB? Shame on you Manganya

  11. Thank you! May God bless you and your organization.

  12. Hello says:

    Good advice, MIchael Usi.

  13. ujeni says:

    Bodza K240m set aside? you think we are all kids whom you can dupe easily? ADRA setting aside K240m? Malawians for once wake up from this deep slumber. This Usi need to be locked up for cheating the suffering Malawians and the entire nation at large. its time we stopped giving coverage to such clowns.

  14. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Just deliver your relief items, usandi bore.

    A tree is known by its fruits.
    You double standards person, what wisdom can you tell me.

  15. NKHAMANGA says:

    Kodi iwe Usi ndikumbwambwana kwakoko Mulungu unan’dziwira kuti? Ndakhala nawe muNyambadwe iwe. Chimene udziwa iwe ndi kuBonza ana aeni ake ndikupanga tizisudzo tako totchipato. Now you’ve scratched me where it hurts big time by monopolising ADRA national aid and using it to win simple popularity mileage in your Lhlomwe motherland. If you are sane enough and has the plight of the suffering at heart why did you not pilot distribution of the aid to the mostly hard hit land of the Sena people before cheaply bragging about it? KUKAMWA KONGA Nan’chidweko.

  16. opportunist says:

    Nanunso muli momo

  17. Chingolopiya says:

    This is the cso i know. osati zinazi busy finding faults. wake up you haters

  18. wagwanayo says:

    Zabwino Manga umaitha ndiwe big

  19. Bonzo says:

    Koma mwachewa, anzanu anayamba kale kale where were u?……dramatizing

  20. mavuto says:

    umenewu ndiye umalawi weni weni siza CEDEP CHRR FND MANELERA ndi MEHN omanamizila kukhuzidwa ndi mavuto a amalawi pamene akufuna kuzilemeletsa okha ndi ndalama za NAC pamene lero ali chete ndikukhulupilira kuti ali buzy kufunila boma zifukwa kuti apangeso mademo

    1. mondwe says:

      Mr oswadil

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