Africans know their problems better, JB tells ‘ReelCause Inc’ launch in US

Former President of Malawi, Joyce Banda, has said some international organisations go into Africa thinking they know how to solve problems there when in fact Africans themselves know how best to solve their problems.

Joyce Banda delivering her address at the Realcause launch in New YORK

Joyce Banda delivering her address at the Realcause launch in New YORK

Banda with Realcause officials

Banda with Realcause officials

Former president Banda with other officials during the Realcause launch

Former president Banda with other officials during the Realcause launch

Banda was presenting a Keynote Address at the launch at the ‘ReelCause Inc’ official launching ceremony at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York, recently, where she shared her experiences and challenges she faced in fundraising which are common in the developing world.

Reelcause is a breakout force in the crowdfunding/fundraising industry, structured to leverage emotional and thought-provoking videos and images to incite action.

Through the use of high worth incentives including discounted retail purchase certificates, random prizes and multiple recognition opportunities, Reelcause channel holders and interactive participants are enticed to not only give, but also spread the word to their business and social media networks. During the UN launch, national and global powers exchanged ideas, made plans and set goals.

In addition to a dynamic presentation by Reelcause’s CEO Michael Jacobson, the afternoon featured an assemblage of dynamic speakers such as United Models for Peace Director of Communications, Courtney Hejl; CEO of the Brewer Group, Ambassador Jack Brewer; former NFL greats Drayton Florence and Tommie Harris; Immune Therapeutics’ CEO Noreen Griffin and former president Banda.

In her address, Banda observed that in her 30 years of philanthropic work around the world, the culture of fundraising has changed.

“Donations to NGOs mostly come from a limited number of sources such as high net worth individuals, foundations, private sector, government agencies but it is now obvious there is donor fatigue on the part of international donors particularly into Africa.   All these funders have one thing in common; they will demand detailed procedures, financing circles that are dependent on Board Meetings and approvals,” she noted.

Former President Banda said that even the latest traditions of walks and galas, such events have a high cost of time, treasure and talent.  Statistically the net return is about 50 percent.  Oftentimes, the collateral damage is donor and volunteer fatigue, she observed.

According to Banda, the challenges indigenous organisations and NGOs face are the institutional and human resource capacity to effectively change the lives of the people they serve.

She said that her work has taught her that there is good leadership on the ground in Africa and that what brings about better results is when international organisations forge smart partnerships with indigenous NGOs to address any identified cause.

The former President cited examples of Joyce Banda Foundation International’s work with Newskin of Utah who support the feeding of 30,000 orphans each day by providing high nutritious food packs; the partnership of Jack Brewer Foundation and JBFI in Malawi to educate girls, provide sports equipment for the youth and medical equipment and medicine for Malawian hospitals; and JBFI’s partnership with 100x to provide scholarships to Malawian girls to study medicine in American Universities and Malawi School of Medicine.

Banda congratulated Jack Brewer Foundation for the launch of ReelCause Inc as a modern way of fundraising using the internet.

“It is, however, important for the developed world to understand that there are low levels of access to internet by most African countries.  It will be sad if they will be left behind while these revolutionary ways replace the traditional ways of fundraising.  This makes the promotion of Smart Partnerships even more crucial,” she said.

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80 thoughts on “Africans know their problems better, JB tells ‘ReelCause Inc’ launch in US”

  1. Iam agree with madam Banda,becouse Africa we use like chicken always,not like an Eagle.That’s why is very easy to provocal problems,but we don’t know to solve proble.Especially Malawi until to day we don’t know that why we suffer?for we don’t know the source of our problems.But we dealing with out ret,insteady to dealing with can’t heal the river to end of the River,without heal the source of the River:2Kings 2v19-22.rRemember Kamuzu was leading this country with vision,look the first term of Bingu,remember two years of JB,but this man problems after problems,in few moments increase themselves salaries,no corncen with their Country,they love money not country.

  2. Malawi says:

    This is real talk. The international world is slowly getting donar fatigue. Much as we need to diversify our mode of resource mobilization from donar funding to self funding, we need to recognise donar fatigue and explore other resource mobilization agencies on top of the existing donars.
    I agree, it is high time the whites consider us unwise. We are good enought to know our problems and how to deal with them. Let them donate according to our proposals and not theirs. In that way, we ll be assisted.
    Good work Amayi, keep it up. This is not time for you to be busy with nosense politics.

  3. Amayi Lutepo akuzunzika ekha Mpakana pa wheelchair amangwetu?

  4. Jb can you came back home please? People want to see you walking hand in hand with Richard to clear your mess. Its long time. Kapena basitu mayi munathawiratu!

  5. Funzo says:

    Africans don’t know their problems let alone how to solve them! Look at this website. To read the comments, go to the bottom of the page to read from the earliest. Once you have read them by going up the page, you have to go back to the bottom then the same happens on the next page. This is typical of the inability to see the problem.

  6. Kenkkk says:

    There is nothing new in what she says that we didn’t know. It is time she returned home and lead her party. It is shamefully leaderless. If she continues to remain in exile, her party will be totally dead if it is not already dead.

    As for cashgate, only the courts will judge whether or not she is guilty.

  7. Indeed we know our problems better,but the problem is corruption.Influential figures take advantage of the poor to enrich themselves.The channels in which some donations are directed are controlled by Government,hence the public are denied access to imformation.I suggest NGOs can do better than Government to transform the nation,bcz they are not as power hungry as Government officials.

  8. dadaboma says:

    JB is my president for life. She is worthy of high class, world-level leadership that wise people must be proud of. Wherever you are Dr JB know that we, your people in Malawi, are very proud of you and wishing you the best of luck. Continue staying over there for a little while longer because the president of the Malawian Lomwes (most of them are Mozambicans) here in Malawi is a Satanic (like all the Lomwes anyway) and wish you harm.

  9. Its true Africans knows de solution of deir problems but fear,uncourage downgrade deir wisdom & capacity of standing. Even resoources discourage deir potentiality of contribution.

  10. acn says:

    JB ndi deal osati zinazi. Kuno kumudzi anthu atsegula nanu ndi m’mimba. Mama kuno tasowa MUDZI TRANSFORMATION TRUST yanu.

  11. baggio says:

    its trul jb akunenazoona mavuto athu tikuwadziwa ndisanje minthulo kut ndichitebwino ine ai koma wobwera ndiye kuimbira manja ana ajokana inu

  12. Funzo says:

    There is little evidence that Africans do know how to solve their problems. Even if they do, governance is such that any funds raised will be stolen by corrupt officials.


  14. yeah! its really true that we need JB here in Malawi now. Can,t you se that Lutepo will be dying of stroke now…

  15. sayin it like it is says:

    hahaha Africans know their problems as an example know your problem of facing jail time so you escaped the country and staying in the land of the whites was your solution..good job madam wish we could all steal money and run away like u…that’s the best way to solve the problems tht we have …u are a sad person who has no joy when goig to bed at night…may the people tht are suffering from the money you stole haunt u when u sleep in your luxury hotel..may their cries disturd your sleep..may their hunger spoil your appetite for food..tabwelani muzalawe ndende kuno mesa unaba wekha?

  16. peter says:

    Are there problems in Africa?

  17. beayilaman says:

    Mayi weniweni malawi ayika pa malo bwino osati zanuzi kulephera kulankhula mpaka bwaaaaaaaaaa ndani kodi amayi basi odiii ukooo

  18. Zathu says:

    Amai mubwera liti kumudzi? Mwakhalatu koyendako. Zinanzi mukuchita kupemphatu kuti ndiitaneni ndidalankhuleko kuti a Malawi tiziti you are still busy. Kodi anyamata awo akulandila daily external allowance nthawi yonseyi? Cry my beloved Malawi

  19. manyasa says:

    Mubwela liti kuno kumuzi, Cashgate is waiting for you – 300 Cars you bought

  20. Anjimir says:

    Kodi subwera ku Maliro?

  21. nenazako says:

    Good presentation Mama, we are proud of you. Keep up the good work.

  22. Akulisinga says:

    stay where you are my mom and former president. you see malawi politics, if the incumbent fails the blame goes to former president.

  23. Kakha Erutu says:

    Kuchoka kwanu amayi tapuma. Fungo latha. Khalani konko musabwelenso kuno. Tizakhala okondwa mutafela konko.

  24. Anjimir says:

    Ukunena zoona ndaonera Peter kulamula dziko opanda donor aid osati uchitsiru umapanga iwe uja kumangoti azungu andituma

  25. Joyce Banda says:

    Mbuzi iwe si iwe umatiuza kuti azungu a ndituma lero Ndiye ukuti chani wanya ife tikuyendesa boma opanda azungu akowo. Ubwere uzaone

  26. Anjimire says:

    Za ziii chitsiru cha munthu. Waiwona kuti amalawi anakukhaulisa ndi uchitsiru wako omangoti azungu andituma ndie uzikhala ngati uli ndi mzeru. Mbuzi ubwere kuno uzamangidwe wamandasi iwe. Unathawa chani? Bwera akukufuna kuno anthu akokoloka uzawapase mbuzi ndi abakha tisanakimange. Mbuzi ya President ngati Iyi siizapezekaso pa dziko lapansi. Umaona ngati a Malawi ndiopusa kuti azianjenjemerera azungu. Waona amzako without aid mmene akutendesera boma. Zimafunika sukulu izi osati mandasi ndi mabulutu ako anakuzungilira Aja. Kaya unkakawatenga kuti kaya. Usachenjere kumeneko ngati uli ochenjera bwera kuno ukuopa chani. Chitini chopanda kanthu mkati ntchito Phokoso basi. Ndi kwa TB Joshua Komwe waleka kupitako bwa? Azungu akulesa?

  27. Malindima says:

    Nanga bwanji unaluza?

  28. kanchenga. says:

    How is my tumbuka.

  29. Trevor jere says:

    So all u hv heard it wht she is doing osamangoti she is on the run.Ukufuna abwere azizango yenda mmaukwatibasi.No mama keep up the good work

  30. Jose' says:

    JB, you are good at talking. If you are worth the waters that be, come back home and contribute to the development of your country. In your presentations, be practical, Joyce. Tell the world what you did for your country given the stint chance you had as president by fluke in the past 2 years

  31. Chrispine Salanje says:

    Thats good presentation Dr Joyce Banda not what we have at the moment mavuto apresident in the name of Peter Muthalika,planning to go to Mozambique while people are suffering home

  32. You guy, don’t talk rubbish like that let her stay there,are you sure that she is spending your money?do you mean that she din’t have money before she was a president ? don’t just point finger before you think. we don’t want politics but development.

  33. Angozo says:

    This is what we call high level presentation, congratulations madam former president for a nice presantation. Ithis the only wise talk you have made since you left the country some months ago.

  34. Masoapatali says:

    ‘Amayi’ or ‘mama’ whatever u call her ndi amayi anu kodi? You foolish people. This woman is a thief! Interesting some sit down and listen to her rhetoric. Why is she not in Malawi? Why did she move out soon after elections? She is on the run. Akuthawa chani? Fotseki

  35. yohane says:

    Hahaha I don’t think am part of it. You mean in Africa we know the importance of using toilets? The azungu are telling us kuti muzigwiritsa tchito chimbudzi in this era! They are even telling us now kuti anthu akumudzi need good water supply and we claiming kuti we our problems. If we know better Malawi, unemployment can be solved, drug shortage can be solved, quality of education can be improved, road can improved, energy can be improved. Most challenges can minimised. But eeeeeeeh one leader get rich out of leadership

  36. Pichi says:

    If African solution to African problems are in Africa, what are you doing there?

  37. hotlips says:

    This is not new. So many African leaders have said exactly the same before; but which African leader has ever used an African solution for and African problem? Your guess is as good as mine.

  38. kingston says:

    Kodi chinsaluchi cha pamphewachi simunachisiyebe?

  39. Alungwana says:

    What a great reality from a great woman. Africa needs to be treated like people not like animals who have no choice. We are the ones who knows our problems.

  40. Conssent says:

    mwayakhulakotu za nzeru amayi a PP!

  41. Mwama Du says:

    Good presentation!

  42. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Well spoken. All the best. One of the best leaders in the world she is. If only she would reduce petty non-stop traveling and delegate handouts when she was a president – she would be more focused and would not bore people to the point of losing.

  43. MCDON says:

    Mama JB you are a star and a model to many, timakunyadirani mama ,koma mwasowa , keep up , never think backward ,God bless you greatly Mama ,mwaaaaaaa!!!!!

    1. Roy says:

      Mumuuze azagawe ng’ombe ndi abakha mmizimu

  44. Overseer says:

    Why making noise while in foreign country? come back home; why are you on the run? oipa athawa yekha mmesa umati sukakhalisa. our big problem here in Malawi is you. you stle public funds and you are enjoying the money out there while we are helpless here in Malawi and you claim to sympathise with us you hypocrate

    1. kanchenga says:

      Imwe namwr mukhoza soni chomene.Ndalama zinabene Lutepo mutondekelachi kupoka. Nanga mama wangiza no vichi imwe mungachita kwambula umboni.Vyantondani waka. Pwerelani waka babale winu yawa chiuta Wakuwalanga Chifukwa cha kubila mavote WA means WA chiuta. Mupfwenge mose alekani muone.

  45. big mac says:

    bweranikoni amayi. ana anu tili ndi njala. azungu si anthu abwino

  46. James Phiri says:

    There’s good leadership in Africa but there’s also corrupt leadership which fails to recognize the conflicts of interest when a head of government is leading a Foundation. We’ve seen that conflict of interest when Joyce Banda uses her Foundation for political campaigning. There’s no clear differentiation between government resources, party resources, foundation resources and personal resources. Presidents don’t declare their assets at the start of their presidency so no one can tell how they personally gain from being in power. Unfortunately Joyce Banda failed Malawi because she never declared her assets, and she fraudulently used donations of food to the people of Malawi for political campaigning. Even more unfortunately we have had a change of government but still the same story. We have a President that is yet to declare his assets and already we have the scandal of NAC-gate where the First lady’s foundation is benefiting from resources intended for the national HIV response. Heads of Government are meant to focus on leading national government efficiently and effectively and their spouses should focus on being good wives/husbands and stay in the background.

  47. hfty says:

    Odi uko indeed. It is donor people (business men) and gullible Africans like joyce who are underdeloping Africa. bakhalani konko mudzidyako mahamburger

  48. vyasuzga says:

    Mayi bwanji osakhala panyumba kumasamala Ana kumangovakacha mtown? Zaziii! A good leader must be patriotic and pathetic with his or her country.

  49. Rift Valley says:

    Mukhale komweko kumanamiza anthu ndikupitiliza kumanjoya cashgate

  50. Chechala says:

    Amayi amayi achiyani fodya eti.

  51. Am not a PP fun koma kunena zoona JB ndimakusilila heavily..

  52. Big brain says:

    Zimuvelani ameneyo akubelani

  53. opportunist says:

    Mum u always inspire me. All the best in your endeavors

    1. Roy says:

      Chakupangani inspire chani pamene pa za ziii. Bulutuyu

  54. nyaphaphi says:

    Nosense are you our spokesperson?

  55. mzamba wamkulu says:

    all the best mama

  56. lalirani says:

    Free masons!

  57. Kipingo says:

    There is good leadership in africa but the donors come with their strategies how to solve african problems they do know know better.
    Africa knows its problems better therefore only african knows how to solve, just help us your money and we will strategise how to solve the problem.
    You talk sense here ma’am.

    1. Roy says:

      Waziwa liti zimenezi amenei. Suja ankangoti azungu andituma

  58. atate says:

    Mubwele Amayi muzidzachokela konkuno

  59. Yankees says:

    Malawi kuyiwala msanga, tidamuluza munthu, uyu wa zero torerance uyu, kaya? Mama Africa, mama JB, tiona koma opapnda manoyu? Ah?

  60. What the hell is this woman doing outside her country all this time? Is she not ashamed? No wonder she failed to run this country. Peter Muthalika is failing to impress as well.

  61. Mmihavani says:

    Please come home and face problems head on. Loitering around other people’s homes and countries is inhuman. Don’t be ashamed mama you are not the first to lose elections. Men also lose ‘erections’ but they stick to their families. Please mama come, tizigawana nkhwani ndi bonongwe yemweyi.

  62. Prophet says:

    You are a goddess of speech JB,your presentations are always moving and issue based.I think you learned well from Atcheya.

  63. Michael Gama says:

    Womwa tea adzamwanso and woyenda pansi adzayendanso

  64. Katundumadzi says:

    Akamakhala aziziwa kut milandu ikumdikila kuno and asamaganize zobwera bcz akazangobwera kunyumba kwake sazagona mkomwe tizamangila pa airpot pomwepo.

  65. EYE WITNESSES says:

    mayi bwerani mudzaone ana anu akukokoloka ndi madzi

  66. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi need Joyce Banda. Amayi please come home.

  67. Malindima says:

    International Donors have lost confidence in Africa due to the likes of cas gate, maiz gate , jetgate etc. We apeal to these donors to get involved themselves and operate in the form international organizations operating at grass root level. Government, churches and other local organizations will assist you on critical areas where your help is needed. Caution! Don’t channel your donor funds through the likes of JBF; they are a bunch of thieves already tried and found untrustworthy.

  68. brutsha says:

    Granted! Sometimes it’s interesting that we Africans claim to know our problems better. But then I thought it’s a step in the right direction when one his problems and the next thing should be embarking on strategies on how to solve them? But what do we do? Is what we do (corruption ) indicative of a people destined for a bright future ? I strongly doubt . African must match rhetoric with action otherwise we will forever run in circles of poverty.

  69. chatty man says:

    Mama you are a star keep shinning. Luv yah.

  70. Kanyenda says:

    one a hustler always a hustler!! once a crook, always a crook!! we wish you well mama! we will help you steal money just like we helped in cashgate!! viva mama!! reelcause will soon become reelgate!! satanic woman on the move !!

  71. Aunt Getu says:

    Yes Imagree with you Madam President Banda, african problems can best be adressed by africans. You ae great leader. Just imagine as we speak the dpp govt stil uses same policies you introduced which they crushed during campaign. JB you are very special human being.

  72. Aunt Getu Onunkha Mkamwa says:

    Joyce Banda is an achiever. Lets face it, in just two yeas she showed the world that to have a woman president is a blesing for the countey. We just saw it. Yes there were negatives but they cant outweigh the positives. Joyce Banda tried her best. Today im not surprised that in whatever she does she is immensely appreciated by all people around the global.

  73. Gwanda Nguluwe Prudence says:

    What a humble servant you are. Malawians we have now realised we were given raw deal. This is not what we voted for. No wonder we have this calamity that has befallen us. It is for all of us to bear witness that we truly had a great leader who made things move for the betterment of our country. Malawi needs you now than ever before.

  74. Merry xmas from Prudence says:

    Keep it up Mama. You are all the country have at the moment. Keep on rising higher.

  75. amunabawa says:

    Amayi anthu takusowani however you still stand tall.. even international community knows this….you are a public figure indeed. odiiii ukoooooo!

    1. emms says:

      I always say and I’m saying it again… She is the real deal.. Wise, dedicated and poweful

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