Africans know their problems better, JB tells ‘ReelCause Inc’ launch in US

Former President of Malawi, Joyce Banda, has said some international organisations go into Africa thinking they know how to solve problems there when in fact Africans themselves know how best to solve their problems.

Joyce Banda delivering her address at the Realcause launch in New YORK

Joyce Banda delivering her address at the Realcause launch in New YORK

Banda with Realcause officials

Banda with Realcause officials

Former president Banda with other officials during the Realcause launch

Former president Banda with other officials during the Realcause launch

Banda was presenting a Keynote Address at the launch at the ‘ReelCause Inc’ official launching ceremony at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York, recently, where she shared her experiences and challenges she faced in fundraising which are common in the developing world.

Reelcause is a breakout force in the crowdfunding/fundraising industry, structured to leverage emotional and thought-provoking videos and images to incite action.

Through the use of high worth incentives including discounted retail purchase certificates, random prizes and multiple recognition opportunities, Reelcause channel holders and interactive participants are enticed to not only give, but also spread the word to their business and social media networks. During the UN launch, national and global powers exchanged ideas, made plans and set goals.

In addition to a dynamic presentation by Reelcause’s CEO Michael Jacobson, the afternoon featured an assemblage of dynamic speakers such as United Models for Peace Director of Communications, Courtney Hejl; CEO of the Brewer Group, Ambassador Jack Brewer; former NFL greats Drayton Florence and Tommie Harris; Immune Therapeutics’ CEO Noreen Griffin and former president Banda.

In her address, Banda observed that in her 30 years of philanthropic work around the world, the culture of fundraising has changed.

“Donations to NGOs mostly come from a limited number of sources such as high net worth individuals, foundations, private sector, government agencies but it is now obvious there is donor fatigue on the part of international donors particularly into Africa.   All these funders have one thing in common; they will demand detailed procedures, financing circles that are dependent on Board Meetings and approvals,” she noted.

Former President Banda said that even the latest traditions of walks and galas, such events have a high cost of time, treasure and talent.  Statistically the net return is about 50 percent.  Oftentimes, the collateral damage is donor and volunteer fatigue, she observed.

According to Banda, the challenges indigenous organisations and NGOs face are the institutional and human resource capacity to effectively change the lives of the people they serve.

She said that her work has taught her that there is good leadership on the ground in Africa and that what brings about better results is when international organisations forge smart partnerships with indigenous NGOs to address any identified cause.

The former President cited examples of Joyce Banda Foundation International’s work with Newskin of Utah who support the feeding of 30,000 orphans each day by providing high nutritious food packs; the partnership of Jack Brewer Foundation and JBFI in Malawi to educate girls, provide sports equipment for the youth and medical equipment and medicine for Malawian hospitals; and JBFI’s partnership with 100x to provide scholarships to Malawian girls to study medicine in American Universities and Malawi School of Medicine.

Banda congratulated Jack Brewer Foundation for the launch of ReelCause Inc as a modern way of fundraising using the internet.

“It is, however, important for the developed world to understand that there are low levels of access to internet by most African countries.  It will be sad if they will be left behind while these revolutionary ways replace the traditional ways of fundraising.  This makes the promotion of Smart Partnerships even more crucial,” she said.

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kanthu nkanko
Iam agree with madam Banda,becouse Africa we use like chicken always,not like an Eagle.That’s why is very easy to provocal problems,but we don’t know to solve proble.Especially Malawi until to day we don’t know that why we suffer?for we don’t know the source of our problems.But we dealing with out ret,insteady to dealing with can’t heal the river to end of the River,without heal the source of the River:2Kings 2v19-22.rRemember Kamuzu was leading this country with vision,look the first term of Bingu,remember two years of JB,but this man problems after problems,in few moments increase themselves salaries,no corncen with their… Read more »
This is real talk. The international world is slowly getting donar fatigue. Much as we need to diversify our mode of resource mobilization from donar funding to self funding, we need to recognise donar fatigue and explore other resource mobilization agencies on top of the existing donars. I agree, it is high time the whites consider us unwise. We are good enought to know our problems and how to deal with them. Let them donate according to our proposals and not theirs. In that way, we ll be assisted. Good work Amayi, keep it up. This is not time for… Read more »
Imraan Sadick

Amayi Lutepo akuzunzika ekha Mpakana pa wheelchair amangwetu?

Anthony Kawinga

Jb can you came back home please? People want to see you walking hand in hand with Richard to clear your mess. Its long time. Kapena basitu mayi munathawiratu!


Africans don’t know their problems let alone how to solve them! Look at this website. To read the comments, go to the bottom of the page to read from the earliest. Once you have read them by going up the page, you have to go back to the bottom then the same happens on the next page. This is typical of the inability to see the problem.


There is nothing new in what she says that we didn’t know. It is time she returned home and lead her party. It is shamefully leaderless. If she continues to remain in exile, her party will be totally dead if it is not already dead.

As for cashgate, only the courts will judge whether or not she is guilty.

Msangaambe Phiri

Indeed we know our problems better,but the problem is corruption.Influential figures take advantage of the poor to enrich themselves.The channels in which some donations are directed are controlled by Government,hence the public are denied access to imformation.I suggest NGOs can do better than Government to transform the nation,bcz they are not as power hungry as Government officials.


JB is my president for life. She is worthy of high class, world-level leadership that wise people must be proud of. Wherever you are Dr JB know that we, your people in Malawi, are very proud of you and wishing you the best of luck. Continue staying over there for a little while longer because the president of the Malawian Lomwes (most of them are Mozambicans) here in Malawi is a Satanic (like all the Lomwes anyway) and wish you harm.

precious Lameck kalua

Its true Africans knows de solution of deir problems but fear,uncourage downgrade deir wisdom & capacity of standing. Even resoources discourage deir potentiality of contribution.


JB ndi deal osati zinazi. Kuno kumudzi anthu atsegula nanu ndi m’mimba. Mama kuno tasowa MUDZI TRANSFORMATION TRUST yanu.

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