Airtel testifies Kumwembe, Pika were in Malawi before and after Mphwiyo’s shooting

Mobile telecommunications operator Airtel Malawi gave testimony in the shooting of former budget director in the Ministry of Finance Paul Mphwiyo on call logs which showed that shooting suspect McDonald Kumwembe was within Malawi before and after Mphwiyo’s shooting on September 13 2013 contrary to his passport details.

Manondo:  Airtel says he was in Malawi before and after Mphiyo's shooting

Manondo: Airtel says he was in Malawi before and after Mphiyo’s shooting

Furthermore, the testimony from an Airtel Malawi official also shows that the third suspect, Pika Manondo, was in the country after the shooting, contrary to a position made by the defence.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mary Kachale asked the court that the identities of the Airtel Malawi witnesses should not be mentioned in the media but rather that they be identified by their employer, but presiding Judge Michael Mtambo did not make any ruling on the matter.

In its testimony, Airtel Malawi indicated that Kumwembe was in contact with Manondo.

In addition, the Airtel official told the court that prior to the shooting on September 12 2013, Kumwembe travelled from Bvumbwe in Thyolo through Zomba, Dedza then Biwi Triangle in Lilongwe.

Said the official: “Our system is able to trace the call from where it is calling, how long the call was, despite the caller using a different line. We just trace the serial number on the phone [handset]. Using our towers, we are able to even follow the caller.”

According to Airtel Malawi, Kumwembe’s call log, whose mobile number is 0999226214, cell towers recorded that the suspect was around Bvumbwe in Thyolo on September 12 but moved from there to Lilongwe via Zomba road.

“My interpretation of the caller records show that the owner was in Bvumbwe during the morning of September 12 and was in Lilongwe in the evening the same day. Our towers detected calls made around Namadzi in Zomba and also calls made around Dedza and later in the evening another call was recorded by a tower around Biwi in Lilongwe,” said one of the witnesses.

The call logs also show that Kumwembe was communicating with mobile number 0999918198, which according to court records, belongs to one of the suspects Pika Manondo.

Airtel Malawi’s testimony also cemented an earlier deposition by lead chief investigator, Kankhwala Chilinda.

Mphwiyo’s shooting at the gate of his Area 43 residence opened a can of worms into the plunder of government resources at Capital Hill in what has been dubbed Cashgate.

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40 thoughts on “Airtel testifies Kumwembe, Pika were in Malawi before and after Mphwiyo’s shooting”

  1. Jst investgate those pple fairly

  2. chilungamo says:

    well organized theft. i foresee wakuba kulipilidwaso. Ralph ndimuntu wamkulu pa law. mlandu umenewu pa court sangamuthe. kaweruzeni amfumu mwina

  3. kela mwampita says:

    Was in court. Manondo s call logs when mphwiyo was being shot shows he was in area 47 silver stadium tower.
    Kasambara area 3 market tower.
    Kumwembe left his phone with his girlfriend who travelled frm bvumbwe to meet her hubby in dedza on his return.
    There is no case here. State will lose, trust me on that

  4. Zaidi says:

    DPP verify with banks ngati sanachite any withdraws kuma bank account awo matsiku amenewo. otherwise mutha kuona ATM camera itawajambura penapake.

  5. kelvin says:

    anthu amenewa apangidwe investigate

  6. Namiasi says:

    Vote 4 MCP to avoid all this nosense.

  7. tchaka says:

    God is good

  8. Manyasa says:

    What more evidence do u want?? These thieves must face the music

  9. shaaaa!!! a Airtel mwatigwirisa mwala tizi user tnm basi.

  10. Feranji says:

    Music to my ears in my years!Mulungu alipo ndipo!God will make those who made Malawians stagger as if they drunk.Stagger Isaiha chani amene uja?

  11. Majoti says:

    enanu mungoti bo bo bo, bwata bwata bwata, fwi fwi fwi! nanga a airtel atati aulule content ya zomwe amalankhulanazo, mungatani?

  12. Tawamangani anthuwa adzikaseva life improsnment, mwayamba lija mkale kuwanyengelera. Mangani anthuwa. Mukuwanyelera bwanji? How com? Zikundiwawatu. Anthu amilandu yochepa akuseva mma prisonimu why r u delaying thz worst thugs? Mbava zachabechabe, dzingawenga. U courts, tikukuonanitu.

  13. Phodogoma well explained but please lets just teach these people like Eye witness the real justice for them to understand don’t shout at them remember we are not Mafias are our way is true

  14. Hahahahaha i think airtel has done their part its up to dpp cardets to give theirs

  15. duntu says:

    Ndikutha kuona vacancy kumaula prison pa post yauja wonyonga anthu. Oti anyongedwe akubwela pataliiiiiiiiiiii

  16. Evidence is categorised in so categories but this evidence is called Incriminating.For your information this evidence is to the effect that the accused were around or the shooter was in A 43 on the night of the fatal shooting and not in Mozambique as the defense lawyer said it full stop. I wonder what it will be like when what these Gentlemen were discussing is put before the court.I can guess the questions that the so called wise Lawyer will try to ask on cross examining although in his wisdom he failed to figure out that these plans are not for lawyer to devise but well trained security personel like the Mosad of israel who can take 2 year to put such a plan and execute it using codes even the names of the ones to execute the plan (This is not taught at chancellor college)
    First question on cross examination
    1) You airtel officials is it possible for a phone to call a wrong number? Yes it is
    2)Are you stupid? No we are not
    3)So you airtel people don’t think you made a mistake on 13th the night of the shooting in recording your results
    Ans:We do not record sir like writing exams its the machine that is 100%accurate evenairplanes use autopilot to trace their route using similar machines
    4)The identity of the accused you think your staff are 100% wright in linking the ID of the accused and the accused when entering their data at the time of registering a phone number?By this time defense will have tried to produce a fake licence for the accused at the Road Trafic or immigration.No sir such mistakes are rare as each application is dealt with singularly and the face on the ID is similar to one of the accused
    5) Airtel staff you are dull you haven’t heard that people are born in doubles?Thats not the accused don’t you know

    This is how the revered counsels will go it am sure

  17. Phodogoma says:

    EYE WITNESS # 14 just shut up your mouth if you dont know how phones operate. Airtel can not accept to act as witness for such a serious case without considering your immature thinking. When you are answering phone calls the memory of Airtel gudgets show where the caller and the answerer are. Be mindiful before you show ignorant you are. You are a fool.

  18. Boyd Kilembey says:

    This is damning evidence. Assume the phones were stolen, did they go and buy another phone the next day? Did they report the matter to the police. Did they buy new SIM cards. Are these the type of people who would not miss a phone? And why did the merc got parked at a strange place? All happening in a day when Mphwiyo was shot.
    Only a crazy judge would belive the defence. Too many coincidences.
    And what about the passport stamps that can be cross checked and the names are not in the immigration book? Can we go to Zobue and check if these people reached the Mozambique side.

    1. Nanncy says:


  19. Vichende says:

    Joyce, it is your time now to testify. Please my dear mum come and reveal these murderers. We rely on you as a final witness.

  20. rajab hassam yazeed says:

    Waiting to hear from the otherside

  21. EYE WITNESSES says:

    That’s not evidence enough. The phone was in Malawi and not the person. Is a serial number of the phone the identity of the owner or the phone? Hahahahahaha

    1. sekelera Mpini says:

      Kumwembe ngati akukana atha kutiwuza kuti phone yo anamusiyira ndani? Amene anamusiyilayo ndi amene angatifotokozere bwino za kuwombeledwa kwa Mphwiyo.

  22. Makiu says:

    What coincidence that whoever stole the phone or the said wife decided to use the phone around area 43 and had to contact all the other accused. then after stealing and using the phone restored it back to the owner. this evidence by airtel and the housemaid will hang RK

  23. john says:

    This now vindicates JB when she said she knew who shot Mphwiyo mwina she had intelligence report but didn’t want to disclose.Apa game yagona

  24. Edie says:

    Yadya galu.

  25. Oyamika says:

    Koma ndiye mumva madzi. So onse anawaisyila azikazi awo ma fone mmene amachokamo?

  26. NANYATI says:


  27. luso says:

    Cheat will prosper but not so long.muba muzaba koma tsiku lina mudzagwidwa

  28. God's Favour Ministries. says:

    Truth shall remain thruth even if it is oppresed and Lie shall remain Lie even if it would be done by the kings.
    They are involved and need to be punished.

  29. Nkhoma wa a Mlauzi says:

    Mwanyanayo anyamata.

  30. Mbanangwa says:

    This Airtel evidence is weak. Pika will tell you that his phone was stolen, he can as well tell you that his wife uses it for business. This is no proof at that the culprit was in the country. Lawyers will punch a million holes in that evidence. Back to zero.

    1. ahoy says:

      Good deeds trust. Evidence is weak? It will be too much coincidence that who ever may have stolen or may have had access to the phone is phoning kumwembe or any other suspected. Is there any record phone was stolen?

    2. Dr says:

      dd he report it to police?

  31. peter muthanyula says:

    Just send these guys to jail. Bwanji mukuononga ndalama za boma kodi? This is a waste of time and resources, we know they shot Mphiyo. We also know Mphwiyo stole billions of Kwachas. Whisk all of them away to Mikuyu Prison please

  32. powder says:

    maumboni okwanira! amanamiranji? these ppo are bad! they wanted to kill mnzawo chifukwa cha ndalamba arrest them! life imprisonment with hard labour. do not evn save kasambara the worse curprit.

  33. Gadabu says:

    Handsets are interchangeable

  34. Good Deeds Trust says:

    In cross examination airtel has accepted that call logs cant be evidence if kumwembe was the one using the said phone during that time.

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