‘Akweni’s mum?’ Trending on social media photos of Malawi minister a tomato vendor

She has spoken with verve and squeaking aplomb to promote the rights of women at various forums in the country. To many people, she is viewed as a gender-equality hawk who will always defend the vulnerable of society and will not hesitate to chew-out anyone seen to tramp upon these universal rights.

Kaliatis mother selling tomato

Kaliatis mother selling tomato

Kaliatis mother

Kaliatis mother

Many people who are fooled by this outward presentation would be gasp for breath if told that mother to the Minister who promotes gender-equality in the country, Patricia Kaliati, lives in dire poverty and lives on pitiful proceeds from selling tomatoes in the backwaters of Chiladzulu.

The Minister is a vocal advocate for the rights of women. It defies wisdom the Minister’s biological mother is languishing in abject poverty, living on selling tomatoes and vegetable.

She wakes up early in the morning at her home popularly known as PIM and walks long distances to sell tomatoes and vegetable in places like Nguludi Mission Hospital, among others.

The photos which have gone viral on social media have not been independently verified as a real mother of Kaliati and many Malawians commenting have challenged the vocal politican to come out in the open to deny if the woman in the picture is her mother.

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118 thoughts on “‘Akweni’s mum?’ Trending on social media photos of Malawi minister a tomato vendor”

  1. Meandering Road says:

    Family matters.

  2. Boazi says:

    But what is the real issue here?

    What if this is what she wants to do in life. I suppose it keeps her healthy and energetic. Let her do what she wants, she is an entrepreneur after all and its a business she can probably afford to manage.

    I would agree with this article if the journalist had gone further to interview the mother on her livelihood issues.

  3. Ford says:

    Nyasatimes —- please please please ————– VERIFY THEN PUBLISH!!! Why would you publish something that explicitly unverified!!!!!

  4. Umunthu says:

    It’s very unfortunate to see ur mum like that, our parents are very important it’s a must that thy need special care at such stage Patricia think twice. You have money u can easily give your mum 50 000mk every month for her to earn a living sungavutikeso. Enafeso titengelepo chitsanzo.

  5. Njoka Saweta says:

    Agogo musasiye kugulika matimati, zitheba komanso muonjezere chomolia.kkkkkk

  6. Abale let’s not beat about the bush if this is true, then very sad!if the mother used to do that,there is nothing wrong but she needs to rest let her offsprings proudly care and work for her.Not like this NO PLEASE

  7. Wizeman Paul says:

    Mai anga amakakamila kukhala kumunda even kuli mitengo 5 ya therere ati kutetezera ku ziweto, kuyesa kuwaletsa osatheka, ndiye inu mukuti chiyani apa? My mu is very old than this woman.

  8. Chifundo Mwahala says:

    Patricia you dont have a heart
    Munayambana chani azimayi inu?

    Your mother seems to be hard working;
    Why not help her grow her business?

    At least she took care of you for 9 months, what happened thereafter should matter less

    To me this is a big story!!! Well done Nyasatimes!!

  9. Awile says:

    for those who have mothers who have been very active since they were young would understand this. My mum sells kaunjika i do not want her to continue selling but she insists. i know a certain man whose mother was killed while farming. She was insisting though her children were rich. Some of us do see any problem with kaliati’s mum because our mothers are into this

  10. mjiba says:

    This article confirms what is true of Malawians. Poverty of the mind. How I wish all of our mothers were like this lady(fending for themelves in whatever small way possible). This is her work, she will retire when she makes that choice, its not for us to determine what profession someone chooses. even if she were to be the mother of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malaw selling tomato SO WHAT???????????????

  11. Politics aside, if indeed it is true that this lady is a mother to a big rotten mouthed so called patricia Kaliati, then we have a problem. As for me with a little civil servant’s salary that I get I can’t allow my mom to languish like this. What was this minister made of??? Ntchito kunyoza anthu ena koma kukanika kusamalirira makolo anu. Mulungu sangakondwere nanu mai. Sinthani ngati izi ziri zoona. Ngati sizoona liuzeni dziko kuti amenewo simai anu.

  12. tiwonge says:

    A Kaliati kuyelekedwa konsekuja kulephera nkuwasamalira mayi anu,zomvetsa chisoni. Ntchito matama pamisonkhano basi mukhale pansi muganizepo mofatsa.

  13. Shekman says:

    Its Good That This Old Mother Of Ours Is Trying To Fetch 4 Herself In Selling Tomato But Its Very Important For Those Of Us Who R Better Off Or In Influencial Positions Ro Use Our Resources In Improving Bzneses Or Lives Of Our Relatives Or Friends So That We Shld Reduce Dependency Syndrome Ngati Mmene Amapangila Anzathu a Chimwenye Amakokana Thats Y Saonekela Ng’amba Ku Mw Kuno Koma Kwaoko Ovutika Alipo So If Indeed This Mum Is P Kaliati’s Mother To Me I Think She Must Not Stop Her Doing This But She (kaliati) Can Upgrade Mother’s Bzness to A Certain Level Koma Ngati Si Mai Awo Ndi Udindo Wa tose Kuti Azimai Achikulire Olombikila Ngati Awa Tizichitapo Kanthu Kukulitsa Ma Bzness Awo Osati Kumakawagawila Ma Blanket Ndi Ma Bale A Sugar Adya Lero Mawa Adzafunaso Thandiza( Ma Bungwe Ngat Finca, Ma Bank,Andale Komaso Tose We Shld Fight 4 Better Mw 4 Evryboody

  14. Fat K says:

    Ngakhale ndili ovutika komabe singingalore kuti Mayi anga afike mpakana pamenepa kangachepe komwe ndimapeza ndimayesa kuchitapo kanthu, So sad.

  15. Fat K says:

    Ngakhale ndili ovutika komabe kangachepe komwe ndimapeza sindingalore kuti Mayi anga achite kufika ngati pamenepa abale, so sad.

  16. VIYAZI TEMBO says:


  17. mapapaya says:

    ine sindinamvepo kuti Kaliati ndi wa ku PIM.koma ndinamva kuti ndi wa ku Nsoni.Pochoka ku nsoni kupita ku Nguludi anthu samadzera ku PIM ndiye ndi kondivuta kukhulupilira nkhaniyi.Wasowa cholemba mtolankhaniyu.

  18. If this is true then i,m very disappointed with Minister Kaliyati. Madam isn’t this embarrassing? I am not that rich but I never allowed my mother to suffer when I can afford three to four beers. Please do something for your own good.

  19. Jelbin mk says:

    I think we have a problem in Malawi that will never end one unprofessionalism to the side of journalists who air stories without a thorough verification and commentators too are missing the point because if the lady portrayed here is really a mother to a cabinet minister then a problem is there. Some are defending this injustice with petty facts such as”if one is rich you expect him/her to take care of every member of the family?” Is your mother everyone? No she is very special so is your father because you can’t have two of either. Once you lose one you don’t get another in anyway hence the need to be taken care uniquely especially in their old age. If it is really true then the minister’s advocacy is not heart felt but just to fulfil her ministerial duties. More over we are talking about a whole minister sitting on a hefty salary of not less than a million kwacha a month plus the salary she draws as a member of parliament which is also close to a million kwacha making her salaries together with allowances close to three million in a single month minus cashgate of which we all know these thieves are good at and are architects of it. Even if my mum would like to keep going with her usual life she brought me up with I would instructively differ with her that for the sake of my career as a politician an MP and a cabinet minister she should take an indefinite leave from her usual life style because as a public figures that would be a liability to my career and would definitely damage mm y character and image. I don’t think a sober parent would object this if a son/daughter has a good relationship with his/her parents which should always be in good shape. Of course I don’t expect to provide everything for every family member but for my parents without a good employment background I feel obliged to discharge my full support so please don’t defend the indefensible for the sake of politics and be careful how you think because your life is shaped by your thoughts.

  20. el- Chapo(small in stature. big in mind ) says:

    Mayi munatibelekela njoka, pano ndi iyo ikuwetedwa ndi a president. Pathetic indeed.

  21. Nachanza says:

    Comment reserved

  22. atonga says:

    Noble? This is not noble this is poverty,eish koma ma handclappers sazatheka,shame on you Kaliati,I can’t allow my mum do this. Its a shame

  23. sympathiser says:

    i wonder of all good and educative stories that you can tell us you are busy going into someones personall family story life? Nooo! this is not good at all! after all selling tomato is a very viable business, I personnally salute you mum for doing that business! this means that you are not used kupemphapempha!!!!! and kaliati is not supposed to be blamed. Being a minister does not mean everything is ok, iyenso kaliati alindi mavuto ake period!!!!!

  24. kanyimbi says:

    The mother is a hard working person. She managed to pay for Kaliati’s school fees through selling tomatoes. So we must learn that you can make your child to succeed even if you are poor only hard working like this mother is needed.

  25. Uchite,usachite Malawians will always find something to talk about.Poverty we have is becoz we spend most of our time focusing on on others instead of doing our things!

  26. ade says:


  27. Emmatuwa says:

    Koma kulalata KWENI amayi ako akubvutika zedi mwayi ulibe KWENI

  28. ade says:


  29. davie john says:

    so whts wrong if she is selling tomato?mumafuna azigulisa magalimoto?zazii

  30. Charter says:

    That’s a good jab on Akweni Nyasa Times! She has become a hawk who will take any opportunity to attack men as if she does not have a man at home!

  31. Mulomwe weniweni says:

    Hiiii kani akweni kukamwa munatengera amanu kkkkkkkkkk

  32. shame says:

    Akweni’s mum passed away several years ago. This story is therefore not true.

  33. kaDinduli says:

    kugulitsa matimati.So WHAT?? kuzolowera kulondana mapazi eti? ulembe zimene mai ako amachita osati uzilemba za ena.kupusa eti?

  34. Mathanyula says:

    Jessie Kabwila. Stop bringing your fellow woman down. This woman is helped very well but she choses to do this on her own. You behave as uneducated savage why. That’s why there is no difference with the way you look with the tomato seller. Shame on you lady.

  35. lover of malawi says:

    The society is really very cruel. If this so called Honourable Minister’s mother was found in a mansion and driving a vw amarok, everyone would be on kaliyati’s neck for cashgate allegations.Now that she chose to be noble you still are not satisfied. What is wrong with our society??? Lets learn to respect other peoples choices. If she (the alleged mom) chose to be independent so be it. Akadzamwalira casket ya golide adzagonamo atatchena. Thats how life is.

  36. kamchacha says:

    …i dont think i would let my mum do that ine ndkuswa ziboda….c” mon r u telin me kut if kaliati was takinf gud care of her mum, her would stil go out and look for a 5 hundred kwacha profit from that tomato buzness?? dpp nd zigawenga izi…y doin that to ur mum iwe uli busy kulimbana nd abusa?? ds z cruelty i tell you!!

  37. mbwiyache says:

    If it’s true that the picture shown here is Patricia Kaliyati’s mum, I don’t see any problem for her to moving around and sell tomatoes in different market places and/ offices.

    This is perfect and the woman is very active, mumafuna azingodya then go to toilet osapita kumunda kumangokhala?

    Inu amanu kwanu amatani?

  38. Tengupenya says:

    Respect work guys! The woman is working and that is a noble activity. The reality of our economy is that available work for most folks is agribased, in either producing or in selling primary products from the gardens. Did you Akweni to go cashgate to provide for all her clan without them working? There are no rights against work!

  39. Kachipapa says:

    I have always wondered why malawi remains the poorest country in the world.. this article has just given me one reason. Mr mtolankhani.. do you want to tell me that if you were appointed minister today, you will tell all your relatives to stop earning a living and then you will be their bread winner ? Or if your uncle became minister will you stop working for nyasatimes ? Kuganiza mwa umphawi kwachuluka pa malawi. For your information the old lady whether she is patricias mum or not is contributing to the country’s economic growth and GDP. Having a huge idle population results in low GDP… mbuzi ya mtolankhani…

  40. Nyoninyoni says:

    Koma polembapo umaganiza ungaphwese akweni anga? Ukunama iwe, akweni osabwerera mbuyo tiye nawoni muziwepalapasa mpaka agonja. Olemba iwe ukawajambule amako, galu iwe uli pafupi kufa..

  41. nkasimunguya chinankasanganye says:

    @ Bonka. You are right but you should reverse that statement ” mbuli”. We Malawians have a problem, we do rash to pass judjement before knowing the case we are passing judgement for.
    It might be true or not. Kumalawi kukonda kuipitsirana mbiri.

  42. Decent Citizen says:

    The issue here is not about Akweni’s mother.Thabo Mbeki’s mother had a small shop despite a son being a president of SA.Some people do not like staying idle.They always like keeping themselves busy.What we hated from her is from being obsessed in using foul language to Chakwera.Chakwera is not a president of Malawi.All the problems Malawi is facing is because of the failed leadership of Pitala Mutharika and Dpp.We would have loved if she came up with better solutions for the impoverished Malawi than keeping reminding us that Chakwera is a Pastor who abandoned the bible for politics.Why do presidents and ministers use a bible when taking vows after earning their positions in a crooked manner?Malawians are fed up with politics of castigating people.Ndi politics yachimidzimidzi.She has alot of an assignment to do for her job to improve the failed Malawi than wasting her time reminding us about Chakwera.

  43. Think Tank says:

    Judging from the number in the defence of the Minister,it looks there many out there who dont care about their parents nor relatives. If you can look after your mother,who are you going to care for? Let us not back cruelity on political basis. Even the Bible says “dont abundon me in my old age”

  44. jumbe says:

    The mother to the minister selling tomato I wonder if any fully grown brains and senses can defend that as a social justice if it’s true I will open a case against her for parents negligence contrary to what minister her self is advocating that life to mother is not equal at all,if this is true then really wonders shall never end

  45. chefourpence says:

    mumafuna azigulitsa mu Shoprite? What do we mean when we talk of independence? What do we mean when we talk of small bisinesses? Inu azimanu amatani kumudzi? Zikanakhala zimenezo kumpoto kukanadzadza mu superette. Or I forgot, paja mumasamuka ndikudzakhala ku south. By the way, do u mean all tomato vendors are a shame to the country?

  46. jumbe says:

    The mother to the minister selling the fully grown brain and normal cannot defend that notion if it’s then shame to the minister really wonders shall never end.

  47. BONKA. says:

    Utsi sufuka popanda moto. So u nyasatimes guys go and verify this story, light away from places named, and from chiefs, elders and relations to her. Journalism has scientific connotation hence always verify a speculation wheither is true or not. At end publish proved stories. I will comment later specifically on Patricia and her mum. So do u all whom u r taking side in commenting, comment wisely. Except those whom hav started commenting with ‘if its true…’, zikungooneka kuti so called few malawians whom are accessing internet in Malawi ambiri ndi mbuli zotsaganidza. Am saying becoz alot hav commented as it is proven and are using strong words either supporting Patricia or against her.

  48. mbodzole says:

    mbuzi za anthu a chamanu mumwasamala bwanji only a few care for their parents, sometimes are them(mother) who does not want to be idle

  49. Malawian MomS says:

    The real ujeni,

    Azimayi ena ndiolepheleka. koma sapato yokha bwezi akuwamvela. I lost my mother, Can I adopt her to be my mother.

  50. Abu Bin Josolo says:

    nde mwati first of all Akweni ndi akuti paja. ndipo mayiwa imeneyo si poverty ayi chek bwinobwino kuti munthu akamati he or she is in poverty zimatanthauzanji. ndisathe mau apa olembawe unprofessional and supiti unaphunzila kuti journalism galubwako

  51. Achogamata says:

    Alipo ambiri akhalidwe langati la Patricia losalemekeza makolo awo.Inu musadikire umboni wochokera kwa Patricia ingoyang’anabi zipumizo basis muziwa kuti awa ndamache enieni.

  52. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    It seems like the article has backfired on NyasaTimes. Judging by the defense of the rights, in the broad sense, of the “mom”; defense of her rights to choice as to whether she wants to be semi-independent, rather than be dependent on others; doubts about the authenticity of the article, including the picture; an apparent ambush at Akweni, based on her politics and personality. The list could go on, but this is enough: you get the point.
    Please, let’s learn to respect others for who they are, and based on credible evidence of their deeds. And let’s reject petty jealousy permeating into the media like this. Shame on this website.
    Akweni (and Azina) will not be stopped by this trash.

  53. nganga says:

    Asinthe u minister.

  54. futuristic says:

    Amalawi anzanga if one person has done well in the family we shouldnt expect him or her kuchotsa uphawi wa wina aliyense within the family that tenderncy encouradges laziness, perfect example ndi Aid from the west lets learn to work hard and achieve our dreams .If indeed she is the ministers mather lets give her a big thumb up she is the perfect example to other parents dont just expect everything from your children, time will come where by you will need every penny from children do your part while you can once again big up mama .

  55. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    If this proves to be false, NyasaTimes should be taken to court for peddling in falsehoods. Asa!
    Tarnishing someone’s reputation, flasely, should have consequences. Apparently Akweni’s detractors have failed thru legit ways; and now they resort to dirty politics! Unacceptable.
    Moreover, even if this were true, there is nothing wrong with the whole scenario. Maybe the “mom” prefers her lifestyle? Maybe the lady likes to make her own living, rather than depend on others, including her own children. Good for her: a unique personality in this country full of ndithandizeni (gimme) tradition.
    This “mom” should be celebrated, abale. She doesn’t seem to feel sorry for herself.
    One more thing: Where is this “mom’s” voice? She should have been asked her views regarding the “situation”. The “reporter” seems to consider her a non-entity. Shame.
    Akweni will NOT be deterred by innuendo, or backstabbing: She sees her path as a staunch defender of some of the under served groups in our country. And good for her.

  56. Pichi says:

    whats wrong a mum being a tomato vendor. Character assassination iyi ndiye ayi ndithu.

  57. ChizaLi says:

    Come on Guys, Please give a woman a break, its her life, please post a picture of your mothers and lets see how they look. Its not proper taking a picture of an old lady posting it on the net without her consent. Nyasatimes c’mon.

  58. bwanasaidi says:

    Shame kodi akati nduna mesa ndi nthawi yoti amayi aone kusintha mwatani akweni kkkkk

  59. Wapaphata says:

    No problem in selling tomato iwe walemba izi amako amatani? Iwe sudya tomato …is selling tomato mean suffering?

  60. uchindami says:

    You are the one that was supposed to verify before coming on air, thats your responsibility… Inu mungolemba nkhani musanasimikize kuti ndi zoona kapena ayi, akakusumilani kuti ndi bodza muziti a boma akutizunza… Utolankhani wa mtundu wanji umenewu… Anzanu amanena kuti malinga ndi kafukufuku amene tapanga tapeza kuti… Osati za inuzi zongotengeta social mefia ngati simukudziwa zimene zimachitika pa social media… Anthu amafalitsa ma uthenga amaliro abodza pompo

  61. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Koma ziliko

  62. Sapitwa says:

    Have you really done your research to determine that this lady is suffering by virtue of selling tomato? She looks as a grower than a vendor and enjoys this despite her daughter being a Minister.There are many such parents who can not change their lifestyles when their children become rich. You can try to change them but will never change. Ngati amaluka nsengwa amapitirizabe ngakhale atakhala ndi ana omwe ndi ma Professors, ma Ministers etc. I believe she is this type of parent.

    1. wovinidwa Ine says:

      …that is if the story, as reported here, is correct. This may be just an attempt to trash Akweni’s reputation. Because nothing based on substance has worked so far.

  63. chongolopiyo says:


  64. gogoda says:

    Akweni nzoona kuti ndi amai ako awa? Shame to you!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. kabalide says:

    Look at Obama’s mother and where she live. U yo ndiye kape wama Ministers.

    1. wovinidwa Ine says:

      Obama’s mom passed, man. Do some elementary research before before hitting that “send” button.

  66. truth says:

    mabodza awa, Kaliati simmumdziwa, mayi ake amakhala kwa Mkando with a descent house, and ndi mayi odyerera, ozitsata, ocenjera ngati Patricia yemweyu, ndi mayi osangalala ndithu. Kaliati kwao simungamuthe, apa angokusekani nkumakumverani cisoni, is is fake.

  67. caze says:

    Anduna achizimayi ndi ana…koma kutukwana anzanu basi ziti izi nanga honerble member…if thi is true then its a shame do something mayiwa akula sono, and iweyo simphawilerolino akulimawa mavuto sikufuna ayi,paja mwati yesu azakupezani muli pasanja ndi apitala mukubera amalawi ,komatu mayiwo avala korona kapena mwakwiya nawo nkhani yampingo mesa inu simunati kutembenukabe

  68. ndagoma ndidziko says:

    I dont believe this is true. However I feel this business lady that is selling vegetables to meet her daily needs is a very respectable lady. The media have now demeaned her and her trade. Shame on the media

  69. icon says:

    My housegirl comes from the same area and knows her. apparently she refuses to quit her business and just sit home phwiii waiting for her daughters help. Her daughter has on several occasions tried to dissuade her from the tomato selling business.

  70. Zondiwe says:

    Unfortunately, Kaliati is a very talkative lady.
    If it is true that she ignores her mother like this, she must step down her ministerial position. She is a hypocrite and double faced.

  71. Du wa bayous! says:

    The village idiot has nothing to say but to produce abusive language.

  72. njolomachipilingu says:

    Number 4 or whatever you.are, yiu should be a very stupid and narrow minded fool.Do you really think it is right for a mother to the whole minister to be selling tomatoes.?If she wanted her to engange in some activity she could have sponsered and set her a real business.Do you know what it takes for a tomato seller to make aprofit of say 5000 kwacha

  73. baba says:

    Inu mayi kaliati. Oooooooooooooooooo ndiwona zimenezi

  74. Ngumbi Potuluka says:

    A Malawi, let us focus on issues of National interest. What is wrong with the father earning her own income? Also, who has told you that akweni does not support her mother? How many of you who have commented negatively actually support your parents or siblings who are are in need? Finally, do you know the relationship that exists with her mother?

  75. Pp yanyamuka says:

    Sakuyankha bwanji kaliatiyo??? Kapena sanaiwone article yi??? Amene mukumudziwanu tamuwuzani kuti timve ndi pakamwa pake!!

    1. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

      Ayankhepo chani apa? zopusa izi. Akweni ali busy ku nchito ya boma ndi chipani cha DPP.. Jelasi inu apa baasi!

  76. Big brain says:

    There is nothing wrong with her selling tomato.

    We need such enterprenuers in this country

    Those who are saying woooo do u want her to be sleeping

  77. Mumaganidza bwanji says:

    So what??? How do we think as Malawians. Does she need to stop working as her daughter is a minister???? I am sure that perhaps this keeps her physically fit, Who knows???

  78. BigMan says:

    Malawians, we are surely obsessed with trivial nonsense. You mean this is a story worth reporting about? Firstly, who gave you the right to snap a picture of this innocent old lady and use it to play funny political games on the internet and social media? What about this old lady’s right to privacy regardless of whoever or how poor she is?

    We as a people lack ethics, we lack standards, we lack exposure. And unfortunately our so called journalists are at the forefront of fanning such total and utter rubbish.

    A whole nation just endlessly barking, barking, barking and barking some more…. for nothing!

  79. Keyboard Analyst says:

    She is the one, I personaly know her. Patricia is a woman who doesn’t even care about her relatives. I know one of her sister (Rose Botoman) who sale matemba from lake chilwa at nkando trading centre. I also know her step daughter (Doreen Botoman) who is struggling with poverty at nkado without anything to do. Yet she preaches about women empowerment. One thing I know is that charity begins at home.

  80. wales banda says:

    Useless people,zoona mai anu mpaka pamenepa, shame on both of uuuuu

  81. ine says:

    Shameless woman ndalama kuthera kuphoda I dnt think you came out of the woman ndithu..hw I wish my mother was alive eish hw I wish

  82. sir bentby says:

    shameful and disgraceful,

  83. mchombolende says:

    Iwe patricia ngati nzoona ndiwe opusa kwambiri. Umalongolola ngati uli ndi nzeru. Amayi choncho. Mlomwe ndi galudi eti.

  84. masa masina says:

    Earning an income by selling tomatoes is not degrading. it is a sign of independence. This woman is her own boss.

  85. sir bentby says:

    its shameful, for someone to neglect her parents in such manner, in fact at this age her mother is supposed to be enjoying the fruits of maternity, over more the minister is also apparently teaching her kids to treat her the same when she become edged. nipake kumangokhalira kutukwana anthu osalakwa, nzeru alije Patricia

  86. phanana says:

    She’s really her mum,let’s see what she is going to say.please Akweni take care of your mum.

  87. finathole says:

    Patricia! Patricia! Patricia, politics aside, charity begins at home – to the extend of your mother kuyala pasalu can’t even afford a decent mate for her wares. Be the doers of the word and not the talkers. Your mother is your second God, even Christ when He was on the cross the last person He looked for their welfare was His Mother, He valued his Mother’s welfare to the extend of telling His beloved disciple to take care of her. John 19 vs 26-27 ‘ The Son cared for His mother even after His death to the extend of delegating His beloved disciple to carry on taking care of His earthly mother – Patricia chonde, chonde, please take care of mother, I am saying this because I know how it feels to be neglected with your own blood and flesh who you assisted in this worldly life for I am a mother as well and have been dumped by my rich child, but the good part with me is I am educated and have own resources from above.

  88. Chipeyero says:

    Whatever we do in life, one day it will follow us, no wonder her mouth is following her.

  89. JJB says:

    You have known Kaliatis mother today?

    The reason we do not live long is because we believe riches = laziness. If you are not active you die.

    Besides nobody knows zakubanja kwao. The mother might have dishoned her.

    You want her mother to be rich so you can say she hides her stolen money at mothers.

  90. munthu wamkulu says:

    so akweni kutukwana konsekuja amanu simuathandiza kukhwimaaa chani?so how can bring development in area yet your real mother is living in a poverty line.azimayi anzanu mukuwaonetsa chitsanzo cholakwika.kaliati is just used as a political weapon kutukwana anthu ophunzira basi coz her mouth is rotten ati minister zakuthako basi.kudziwa kuphoda basi ngati nyau ya kang’ing’i

  91. Zanga Phee! says:

    Was she adopted or what real Mum nine month in her womb she wouldn’t treat her in this way,other wise other there is resistance from other parents you can give them transport money but they end up of working using short cuts then use the money for other purposes so AKWENI CAN BE ON THE BEST PLACE TO EXPLAIN THIS!

  92. zoona mayi a nduna kuoneka chonchi?ooh! shame on u! amayi anga ziliko bwino,koma osati awa ayi,very shame!

  93. popi says:

    I don’t believe it, Akweni can’t do this to her
    own mother, she is a serious and mature

  94. Sindinena chilichonse ndilakwitsa sizingatheke si amayi ake ayi ngati ali amayi andunayidi andilore akakhale pansi kwathu azikacheza ndi amayi anga sibwino choncho
    Winanawe sinduna koma mayi ako alibe bulengeti komanso akuvutika kotheratu inde nyumba alibe. Anthuni muzikhala ndi chikumbu mtima ndi anakubala.
    “Wonyoza Makolo ake afe ndithu”

  95. The real ujeni says:

    Mtumbuka sangapange zotele, serious that’s why I envy Atumbuka, it can never ever happen to Atumbuka never.

  96. Andrew says:

    Wat the fuck is this……wat do u want her to.be doing……just sleep……its a way of relating with people as the buys her tomatoz…….then if u r intellignt…go and feed her….!!!

  97. KALIATI PLEASE take care of YOUR mother one day you WILL miss her when she goes to rest.

  98. Mlangizi says:

    Knowing Pat, this must be an aunt – mai ang’ono and NOT “biological” mother.

  99. zibwente says:

    Ndiye kuti amene timagulisa Tomatofe si anthu ?

  100. If it is TRUE then Akweni simukuchita bwino.Can someone get a picture of the HOUSE ya MAI wa akweni. Go AND video tape her as proff.

  101. The real ujeni says:

    On another note Kaliati is Caucasian, white, the woman is black, no connection then.

  102. The real ujeni says:

    Whoever Cabinet Minister who is daughter or son to this woman should be fired and hang on shame, if he or she is failing to provide to his or her own mother how about serving Malawi public,. The cabinet minister has no morals’ neither fit to serve the Malawi general public. This is disgraceful as it can be. Kaliati should hang in shame

  103. mwinyere says:

    what does taking care of your mother mean to you. relocating them from karonga to blantyre? even ineyo, i send money everything month to my mother – but she insists she cannot stay without doing anything. she does some small businesses at home. the mentality of the author reveals how some people poorly understand the concept of development. so selling tomatoes means thats the only source of income?

  104. Mirella K says:

    You know how useless Patricia is and you expect such kind of people to develop Malawi? Ng’oooo…By the way, Patricia anali chibwenzi chamchimwene wanga koma anamudampa atamuona kuti ndi khobozi heve!

  105. captain says:

    Let her confirm. Kaliati and her brother Botoman (deputy commissioner of police) must take care of their mother

  106. Alungwana says:

    The display of Kaliati’s stupidity. Kumbukilani tsiku lija munkadwala lija mai anabvutika kukusamalilani pamene munkalila mai analila nawo. Ankakuchotsa matewela iwe Patricia, lero ungawanyoze chonchi amako iwe patricia?

  107. CHINGOLOPIYO says:


  108. Kodi kumweranso kuli amphawi nde mpaka amayi a unduna,lhomwe in that matter mpaka size imeneyi? Ine mkamati kumpoto ku ntchire ndimaona ngati 95% ya zanthu kumwerako ndopeza bwino makamaka azibale awo ali mndalewa, what a shame.

  109. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:


  110. sososo says:

    Ufiti eti?

  111. mbuyuni says:

    We expect such type of ministers to develop the nation

  112. The old one says:

    What is wrong with her mother working to fend for herself? Should she just sit at home and wait for a salary? Tell me if your own mothers do not go kukalima.

  113. zoonadi says:

    Zoonadi ndi omwewa.

  114. Charity Saiwala says:

    Koma akweni zoona zimenezi, mai anu mpaka selling tomato.You are disgrace

  115. skirt chaser says:

    Uhmm if tthis is true then its very absurd!

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