‘Akweni’s mum?’ Trending on social media photos of Malawi minister a tomato vendor

She has spoken with verve and squeaking aplomb to promote the rights of women at various forums in the country. To many people, she is viewed as a gender-equality hawk who will always defend the vulnerable of society and will not hesitate to chew-out anyone seen to tramp upon these universal rights.

Kaliatis mother selling tomato

Kaliatis mother selling tomato

Kaliatis mother

Kaliatis mother

Many people who are fooled by this outward presentation would be gasp for breath if told that mother to the Minister who promotes gender-equality in the country, Patricia Kaliati, lives in dire poverty and lives on pitiful proceeds from selling tomatoes in the backwaters of Chiladzulu.

The Minister is a vocal advocate for the rights of women. It defies wisdom the Minister’s biological mother is languishing in abject poverty, living on selling tomatoes and vegetable.

She wakes up early in the morning at her home popularly known as PIM and walks long distances to sell tomatoes and vegetable in places like Nguludi Mission Hospital, among others.

The photos which have gone viral on social media have not been independently verified as a real mother of Kaliati and many Malawians commenting have challenged the vocal politican to come out in the open to deny if the woman in the picture is her mother.

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Meandering Road

Family matters.


But what is the real issue here?

What if this is what she wants to do in life. I suppose it keeps her healthy and energetic. Let her do what she wants, she is an entrepreneur after all and its a business she can probably afford to manage.

I would agree with this article if the journalist had gone further to interview the mother on her livelihood issues.


Nyasatimes —- please please please ————– VERIFY THEN PUBLISH!!! Why would you publish something that explicitly unverified!!!!!


It’s very unfortunate to see ur mum like that, our parents are very important it’s a must that thy need special care at such stage Patricia think twice. You have money u can easily give your mum 50 000mk every month for her to earn a living sungavutikeso. Enafeso titengelepo chitsanzo.

Njoka Saweta

Agogo musasiye kugulika matimati, zitheba komanso muonjezere chomolia.kkkkkk

Thomas kamoza Mtonga

Abale let’s not beat about the bush if this is true, then very sad!if the mother used to do that,there is nothing wrong but she needs to rest let her offsprings proudly care and work for her.Not like this NO PLEASE

Wizeman Paul

Mai anga amakakamila kukhala kumunda even kuli mitengo 5 ya therere ati kutetezera ku ziweto, kuyesa kuwaletsa osatheka, ndiye inu mukuti chiyani apa? My mu is very old than this woman.

Chifundo Mwahala

Patricia you dont have a heart
Munayambana chani azimayi inu?

Your mother seems to be hard working;
Why not help her grow her business?

At least she took care of you for 9 months, what happened thereafter should matter less

To me this is a big story!!! Well done Nyasatimes!!


for those who have mothers who have been very active since they were young would understand this. My mum sells kaunjika i do not want her to continue selling but she insists. i know a certain man whose mother was killed while farming. She was insisting though her children were rich. Some of us do see any problem with kaliati’s mum because our mothers are into this


This article confirms what is true of Malawians. Poverty of the mind. How I wish all of our mothers were like this lady(fending for themelves in whatever small way possible). This is her work, she will retire when she makes that choice, its not for us to determine what profession someone chooses. even if she were to be the mother of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malaw selling tomato SO WHAT???????????????

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