Albino attacks continue in Malawi: 17 year-old hacked in Phalombe

A 17-year-old boy with albinism is currently in pain at Holly Family Mission Hospital after he was brutally hacked by unknown assailants in Phalombe district.

The attacked boy

The attacked boy

The victim, Alfred Chikalo of Mnasi village T/A Mkhumba, Phalombe was rescued from the attack by well wishers on the night of Sunday 29th November, 2015, police have disclosed.

The attack has occurred at a time Malawi is about to join the rest of the world in commemorating International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3rd December.

Phalombe police Publicist, Augustus Nkhwazi told Nyasa Times,  Chikalo
was attacked while he was fast sleep in his house.

”At around 11pm unknown thugs broke into the house with panga knives and started hacking him. The victim cried out for help and well wishers rushed in to help,” explained Nkhwazi.

According to Nkhwazi, the assailants managed to escape as people came
to the victim’s rescue.

”We have instituted intensive investigation into the matter to apprehend the assailants and establish the reason behind the attack,’’ he added.

Once arrested, the assailants will face charges of unlawful wounding.

Police officers who rushed to the scene of the incident found Chikalo in a pool of blood. He was rushed to Phalombe Health Centre.

Meanwhile, Chikalo has since been referred to Holly Family Mission Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

He sustained deep stab wounds in the head, both arms and on the upper part of left leg.

According to the victims’ grandmother, Lydia Petulo 65, the victim was putting up in a separate house (gowelo) when the incident happened.

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37 thoughts on “Albino attacks continue in Malawi: 17 year-old hacked in Phalombe”

  1. Mwalusya kuvotera wamama winu....kkkk says:

    Amene wapanga izi ndi azinzake ozungulira nyumba zakezo and they know kuti amagona take the whole village to police and question them.

  2. Nana says:

    End of tyms

  3. wokwiya says:

    Shoot to kill all abino attackers

  4. STIGMA says:

    Palibe ndalama apa.Osaphuzira okha amamangidwa pa khani izi

  5. Inok says:


  6. 091212 says:

    Arrest all the boys in that area and question them ,I believe that by the end of that group you’ll get the answers.

  7. patson says:

    Public execution is the only remedy for the offenders

  8. Kawonga says:

    So sad, find another means of ending poverty than leaving a fellow human being in deep pain like that.

  9. nambewe says:

    we condem apartheid

    we condme racism

    what makes us think this allowable?

    Strong legislation against these acts is the answer!

  10. nambewe says:

    we need legislation! urgently! to prpotect these people! malawians are savages! why vicitmise people who already have problems!

    Lets have very strong punishment for anyhbody who des this to a fellow human being. nobody is alubino on own volition!

  11. Pokuti tchimo lawo ndi lalikulu kumwamba, ambuye akhululukireni,chifukwa sadziwa kut zomwe anchitira mnyamatayi ndizoipa.amen

  12. spoken Word says:

    mchiyani kodi aMalawi!!?!!!?!!!

  13. obednyirendA says:

    evil riches has got its own ending ,why hurting an innocent soul mathero ake muwawo

  14. WOKHUZIKA says:


  15. Eugene says:

    Barbaric nonsense. And you want the world to take you seriously?

  16. Julius says:

    This is inhuman. How can a normal human being act that way…i mean how the hell can they harm someone in the name of chasing money. I really feel sorry for the innocent guy. zokhuza bwanji

  17. Bwemba Sodyeramchere says:

    Lord have Mercy this is very bad. Why should our own people live in fear like this? What wrong have did they do to be treated like this? May God punish all those behind this evil and those still nursing the desire to kill and treat our friends with albinism. Please tiyeni tikhale ndi umunthu.

  18. Mmmmmmmm kwathu kumalawi mwatani anthu anga.ndili wamanyadzi koopsa poona nkhani ya dziko lakwathu ikuulutsidwa pa wailesi ya kudziko la chilendo lomwe ine ndiri eish shame on u Malawi. Chilungamo chija chidapita kuti?,mukafuna ndalama pitani mumaiko enawa kukagwira timaganyu thn tizakabwerere tizakhala ngati tiliko ndikampamba than killing our be loved Albino people eish Malawi wakhala Tanzania tsopano. Kodi olamuliranu mukutipo chiyani musakhale muli inu nomwetu plz?.Nanga akuphanu mukuganiza bwanji taonani alimwana wanu kupwetekedwa r kuphedwa mungamve bwanji?,ndikupempha Mulungu kuti yense akuchita idzi abeleke nawo mwana wa Albono kuti anzanu azamuphe then tidzaone kuti muzamva bwanji m’moyo wanu kapena muzamupha nokha?May God bless my home Country Malawi n make those who hv this Evil mind to stop imidtely

  19. Mlomwe says:

    Ndizintchito za alomwe zimenezo

  20. Chifundo says:

    This is very bad. However I feel the mother was stupid somehow. She knows very well how albinos have been targeted of late. How could she let the boy be isolated from company? If I were an albino, I wouldn’t find a moment to be alone. No matter how safe it feels. Ndipo mvula yagwayi musayelekeze kumayenda madulila nonkha muchimanga, mutha muonanso.

  21. Goliati says:

    Akubwezera zake kwa lucifer uyo adamuyika pampando mathanyula. Inu mumati ndi chani, ndiomwewo a DPP motsogozedwa ndi chief satanists kaliati, chilima, mathanyula,atupele, Bakili ,Malawi mukapanda kudzuka muli pa vuto zedi,

  22. Man of God says:

    Tsankho aliyamba ndi makolo ake. Let’s not deny this: there are such brutal people in our society. Then why letting this boy sleep all alone? We must jealously guard such people against attacks like these.

  23. wakumalawi says:

    izizi kuti zithe dearth by firing square pa chichiri stadium..PERIOD!!!

  24. Truck says:


  25. njolomachipilingu says:

    This is brutality at its best.How can somebody do that to a fellow human being?Ngati imamvetsa chisoni nyama ikamakhapidwa what more with a person?Ooooh No its so sad that we have people living amidist us with such evil behaviour.One only gets rich through hard work and not silly beliefs

  26. drogba says:

    I can’t even read the whole story, I can’t even look at this innocent boy again, teardrops sob sob sob!!!!!!!! A Malawi, tatani kodi abale anga??
    To me, I feel the government isn’t doing enough, just talking basi. Ban all traditional doctors, hang anybody found guilty of killing or even trying to kill these innocent brothers n Sistas of ours. What crime have these people done please?? Ignorance will surely kill us all one day. God, please have mercy on us

  27. soha says:

    Pliz anthu nonse muli ndi abale,ana,sisters, brothers alubino, don’t leave them on their own , be with them all the times , share accommodation with them, go to the market,church,school and etc with them I doing that azikhala wotetedzedwa!!

  28. Eeee koma alomwe kufuna kulemera kumeneko???? A professor sanakugayireni MK577 bn, angodfya okha???? Koma simunati muthana ife kwathu nkungopenya.

  29. Agagi wamoyo says:

    Don’t you read the scriptures,in the last days people will betray and hate one another even kill,keep on watching.

  30. The Analyst says:

    Now this is very sad . . .

    The only sin he committed is being born an albino? A thing he had no control of? This is sad!

    Memories are still fresh of people being hacked, that Mozambican being stabbed and others burnt to death in South Africa. The sin they committed? Being foreigner.

    We people should kneel down and thank the Almighty everyday for whatever we are and whatever we are not; if whatever we are or we are not runs us parallel to such calamities. Some of these blessings we take for granted, when we shouldn’t!

    If we listen to Jim Reeves’ song “We thank Thee” we will realise that even for the little, small unnoticeable things we take for as granted and given hence granted for; we should thank the Almighty for.

    This is very sad!
    To the police: The charge is close to “murder” or “attempted murder” not unlawful wounding. Kodi bwanji? Sukulu yanu munapangira kuti? Mukutidabwitsatu!

  31. SONG says:

    Poor governance of this country.

  32. Chenda says:

    May our Heavenly Father, our God help the injured boy and rescue us from such barbaric acts in these end of times.

  33. Gadabwali says:

    U call ths unlawful wounding? Whch wounding is lawful? Apolice, shupiti zanu. Ths is outright murder not even attempted murder. Charge sheet yanuyo muisinthiretu musanawagwire or else as commander-in-chif of both the MDE and MPS, I will….

  34. Gadabwali says:

    U call ths unrawful wounding? Whch wounding is rawful? Apolice, shupiti zanu. Ths is outright murder not even attempted murder. Charge sheet yanuyo muisinthiretu musanawagwire or else as commander-in-chif of both the MDE and MPS, I will….

  35. Victor Jumbo says:

    This is a very bad news and to know that there are such kind of brutes and evil people amongst ourselves is very disturbing. This should be stopped immediately and the people in our respective communities should be helping out the police in putting to stop this cruel activities. It’s not right and non of the albinos chose to be albinos. You can not in anyone’s right minds kill innocent people for their colour for business. If you want to be rich, work hard and be honest .
    Victor Jumbo.

  36. Redeemed says:

    Eee koma aMalawi mwawonjeza, We understand the economic turmoil is at its peak how ever it should not be used as a scape goat for or the barbaric actions of this nature. I refuse to believe that poverty can drive people into such uncalled-for behaviour.

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