America’s biggest black legistaltive caucus honours Malawi President APM: Muluzi cabinet inclusion hailed

Honours seem to be competing for the Malawi President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika on his tour of duty at the 71st General Assembly of the United Nations in America as America’s largest black legislative caucus; the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus has passed a resolution to salute Mutharika for his leadership.

President Mutharika and Minister of Land Atupele Muluzi: His inclusion in cabinet hailed

President Mutharika and Minister of Land Atupele Muluzi: His inclusion in cabinet hailed

Chairperson of Georgia Legislative Black Caucus the Honorable Dee Dawkins-Haigler presented the certificate of the resolution to President Mutharika at the St Ragis Hotel in` New York on Thursday.

During the same ceremony, the African Leadership Magazine honored President Mutharika with the African Leadership Award and inducted him into the African Leadership Award Hall of Fame.

According to the certificate of the resolution, members of the Legislative Black Caucus of the Georgia General Assembly resolved to salute President Mutharika’s leadership for among other things including a candidate he defeated in an election; Atupele Muluzi, in his own Cabinet.

While recognizing the contributions of Arthur Peter Mutharika at the international Forum On African Leadership, the honor also pays homage to Mutharika’s illustrious academic and political careers.

The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus has a membership of 60 African American state legislators and is registered as an independent nonprofit, charitable, nonpartisan and educational organization.

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11 thoughts on “America’s biggest black legistaltive caucus honours Malawi President APM: Muluzi cabinet inclusion hailed”

  1. Gogodasi says:

    Tangowasiyani adzingowaphabe. Kukanakhale kuno ku Africa bwenzi akumati “genocide”, koma kwaoko akuti “black lives matter”. No matter whether black lives matter or not, by American standards a black person is a slave and must not eat from the same plate with a white person who is considered superior or king.

  2. winston msowoya says:

    It is pathetically hypochondriac that the America’s biggest black caucus honours President Peter Muthalika for destroying our mother Malawi.i wonder whether these brothers had done their homework properly hence,this misguided rhetorics.Do these American African brothers know that millions of Malawians are struggling to feed their families while Muthalika and his cronies fill their foreign Bank Accounts with millions of dollars stollen from government coffers,most recently,several patients died in surgery rooms that had no power,few months ago when people were demanding food from their government due to torturous shortage of food,Muthalika told them to eat grasshoppers and mice,crime in the country is the highest in Southern Africa,corruption has reached unprecedented proportions on par with Nigeria,India,Pakistan and China and yet,Malawi is at the bottom of the Africa’s ten poorest countries.Malawians in diaspora urge the American brothers to apologise to 16 million suffering people of Malawi due to Muthalika’s precarious leadership.

  3. Chikadza Kuwani says:

    Do these jokers carry out serious research before awarding these ‘honours”? And oh, by the way, Atupele Muluzi will join any sitting government in Malawi on any given day. For him its a matter of personal economic survival.

  4. be humane says:

    A MCP Simudzatheka and you will not understand it because you will never rule Malawi again. Awards are given sometimes for efforts being made or unique sytle and decisions not eradicating the problem entirely. MCP poverty was not created by Peter Mutharika. Poverty was created by azungu and nursed by the Late Ngwazi. We are just suffering from their greedy structures but you speak as if poverty was created by APM. Musayiwale kuti mu nthawi yanu osauka amalephera kupita ku chipatala, kusukulu, ngakhale kumunda kumangobisala mnyumba chifukwa alibe ndalama ya khadi. and this made Malawians too poor

  5. Charly says:

    Corrupted blacks

  6. The Commentator formerly known as Obanda Joyce Nti says:

    60 mediocre MPs awarding a mediocre president. Being honored by Akata legislators is about as precious as quenching your thirst with hot air- useless. Those coons haven’t helped create any laws to protect their own people. It’s 2016 and blacks are still treated like second class citizens in the USA and these 60 idiots are partly to blame

  7. Mchemo says:



  8. Harawara says:

    Before such honours/dishonours are given appropriate researches must done in country to justify them. Kamuzu, Muluzi, Bingo, Joy and Peter all got awards which had no positive social or economic impact on Malawians. Poverty and corruption are on the rise. Those giving awards must come and see the hell that Malawians are going through because of bad leadership.

    1. Kanchenga says:

      In a democracy bad leadership is brought by foolish voters. So APM should be honoured because he is a true reflection of a Malawian. Lazy greedy and careless. eEPuG

  9. Gogodasi says:

    Stupid Americans. Does the ruling party in America include members of the opposition in the cabinet? Who doesn’t know that what Mutharika did is a strategy by the DPP to weaken the opposition and such dull Americans are praising this undemocratic move – stupid. Mugabe and Tswangirai were in a government of the so called “national unity”- did their marriage of convenience last? I wish they just kept quite other than say this nonsense. Let it begin with Americans and then they can talk about African issues, otherwise Africa has woken up and will never be fooled by a few undemocratic and failed Americans. You are the ones igniting political problems in Africa because you are used to regime change replace the leaders you don’t like with puppets. Go to Zimbabwe if you will ever attempt to say this nonsense.

    1. Chembe says:

      The answer is yes…it’s not uncommon for cabinet to have a visible and revered member of opposing party. The reason behind is what differentiates btwn Malawi and America. As a quick note in USA cabinet is not drawn from legislative membership and at no time the opposition is weaken thru such appointments

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