Analysts give DPP ‘average mark’ one year ruling Malawi

Malawi President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) chalk one year in power this week with political analyst rating the administration .on an “average mark” due to a myriad of social and economic challenges bedevilling the nation.

Kalua: Recommendations are rarely taken on board

Kalua:DPP has not performed well

University of Malawi political science professor at Chancellor College in eastern city of Zomba, Blessings Chinsinga, gives President Mutharika’s performance an “average mark” due to his effort in stabilising political atmosphere while he has not performed well on the social and economic aspect.

“I am of the view that the country’s political environment has stabilised during the one year period that the current administration has been in power.

“This is because may be due to the fact that the President has not been responding to some provoking statements from other political sectors a development that could bring instability in political sense”, said Chinsinga.

The politics lecturer however attributed the impact of cashgate corruption scandal and flood disaster to have partly contributed failure to perform well in providing social and economic needs of citizens.

Mzuzu University based economist Dr Collen Kalua believes that government has not performed well as expected as there is nothing developmental that can be proudly shown to have been implemented on the ground.

“You go around the country and check for developments in the past year that this government has been in power, you will see that there is nothing. What we have heard those in government celebrating are ongoing projects that started during the Peoples Party regime.

“So you can see that it has not been rosy socially and economically as well because people have complained of poor social services delivery due to lack of government resources, you talk of drugs in hospitals, delayed or non-paid salaries and leave grants for some public workers, you talk of cries from the private sector of their arrears in billions, so there are a number of issues that still linger to be corrected to grade the government’s performance”, said Kalua.

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42 thoughts on “Analysts give DPP ‘average mark’ one year ruling Malawi”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    Could I waste my time calling Blessings Chinsinga a professor? If so what kind of a professor who can give APM an average mark on his performance? What kind of an institution that can bestow a professorial degree on Chisinga who is himself below academic level? Bakili Muluzi performed better than Peter in his first term before he was attacked by the malady which destroys African leaders: The stench of corruption.

  2. Man awa atakugwira ukuchinda mkazi wao ungangozipha wekha basi ndithu.

  3. Truth says:

    Guys if you put partisan in ur comment I think u are out of the subject even the way Dr kaluwa has said I don’t think a well educated person can say that, as if the pp government had any project apart from distributing mbuzi,chimanga etc.Now as a malawian the Dpp government has done its part I don’t think a complete human being can rate someone negative in everything as for me this government its in a right direction un like the cashgaters and all those who are good at critising even they know that something good has happened
    If you are wise enough tell the government the solution the those problems u seee

  4. Tangotipatsani ma K5 million athu a loan ife makhansala tikonze zinthu chifukwa ma MP akulephera kuchita chitukuko.
    Ndalamayo itithandiza kuchitira kampeni yoti tidzagwetse ma MP mu 2019 electons.

    Ma MP ambiri anthu sakuwafuna chifukwa alibe chitukuko ndiye ndalamayo mukatipasa tichita kampeni yamphamvu mpakana tiwagonjetsa 2019.

  5. magaula says:

    leave pp alone public funds looting started with bingu ndipo ankangopenya thanks to jb and pp ponjata mbava u can see how dpp is stealing mudzafa imfa yowawa anthu akuba inu

  6. MABUMBU says:

    Chilungamo chilungamo koma chimawawa

    Chimawawa koma ndi chilungamo basi !!

  7. yaki says:

    Iwe Kalua ndiwe mbuzi kobasi JB anayamba chitukuko chiti muno mdziko apart from kuba ndalama apa ndiye wanama bola chinsinga has given fair comments and reasons for failure. ukagwere uko Kalua

  8. Leoplant says:

    Chisinga cud have lebbelled this government under the wise &dynamic readership of Arthur Peter Mutharika MERIT’ Mark,but he feared giving this dpp government Matama…& I can understand him beta.. .
    1.the issue of ’provocation’-true .the president is @low pressure
    2.disaster -has also affected our economic plan hence no concertration to safe guard lives of our relatives..this also another sot of development apart from the infrastructure
    3.Xenophobia ;Repatriation of our relatives in south Africa has also affected this government’s economic & social welfare of citizens
    4.Fuel, forex availability. ..wen w refer Malawi & Nigeria we alwez know kut Nigeria z a well to do country than us & luk now thee z fuel shortage for the past 3 weeks. ..o in o this government z trying level best. .talk of forex Nde sinkhan Lero. so to my understanding
    maintaining our economy wit the so called zero deficit budget z another development. ..after a little while we will get used & develop our nation.
    let’s give Dpp tym to show up in last 4yrs it gonna be in POWER. ..
    koma kunena mosakondera Mr kaluwa alowesa zifukwa coz a doctor can not stand tall on his feet & say DPP led government..z continuing development started by PP- its a blue lie. we what development if I made s the ask?
    give Merit to wher it z due

  9. Peter mutharika,kulamula dziko kwamulaka,

  10. mbadwa says:

    mbuli zonse zikutsutsa zomwe kaluwa ndi chisinga anena,u hand clappers cant u see that this not the period priotise politics than development? mbulinu tatchulani chitukuko chimene wachita chaka chimenechi.muzilitsata dziko osangoti ndwiiiiiiii ngati mukumetetsa.zachamba

  11. BigMan says:

    Kalua is a clown! surely an academic doesn’t talk or look like this brute.

  12. Chikopa says:

    Guys we need some urgent handwork on Dr Kalua – so we need grinder, two hammers, six rolls of sandpaper and turpentine. Perhaps after a thorough handwork on his face he can see things properly and be able to give meaningful analyses.

  13. male pipo says:

    Iwe Kalua kuchedwa kwasalarykwake kuti? Ndinu adokotala musamenene zinthu zochitsa manyazi. Mavuto ameneo adali ndi amai anu aja.

  14. madala says:

    tumudziwa joyce uyu ndi kumpukwe kuba basi

  15. Ine says:

    All we are completing was started by Bingu, bakha wako uja amangoononga dziko ndi Cashgate, kugawa zingwe, kudzalala minyala, kumapha anthu through mafumu nothing sounded developmental and constructive. If u blindly support PP, sorry Dr Kalua, it’s not true what u are saying. Much as I concur on silence by Peter on noisy topics n doing nothing on development PP did nothing too. Our hope is in the next party not the current or PP.

  16. Madziakaphwa says:

    And you call these pipo analysts? Zoona? No!!!! find a good name for them. How can you claim that everything that the govt is doing was initiated by PP, zoona? Analysts hahahahahahahah

  17. Mbanangwa says:

    What type of leadership is DPP displaying?Laissez Fare

  18. Kukongola nkhope ndi kwa mkazi,Mwamuna amakongola mthumba/wallet.Mwamuna aziopsa kumene.

  19. Aristotle says:

    APM will bring change to your lives just watch the space! 4years of milk and honey!!!lyo!lyo!lyo!lyo!

  20. Says the truth to shame Devil says:

    running a govt is a serious business which needs sharp brains.

  21. iyawm says:

    ngati munthu wakuda chonchi ali Dr. nde makaladi titha kuwatchula kuti machani kaya?

  22. Wids says:

    The opposite iz true

  23. iyawm says:

    kungoona chimkhope ndi kuda I knew that the statement that was to come from this rather suspicious face was not only going to be bad and retrogressive, but also containing a tumbuka accent

  24. Mlakho says:

    God created man in his own image. Wash out.

  25. He looks like he wants to beat up the DPP for average performance. Nkhopeyo kukwiya kumeneko eh eh. You wouldn’t wanna anger this guy.

  26. nthandalanda says:

    Iwe chikopa ndiwe chikopadi. Mbuzi yamano pansi. Which project initiated by Your bubu in the last years budget had come fruition? All are just noisy songs. Stupid, bullshit. Galu iwe owuwa. Hu hu hu hu! Osadzalembanso nyasi zakozo.

  27. Mugonapamhanya says:

    KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Mwati nkhope ngati chiyani? Kabudula olimira? Abale musatiseketse. Kabuduka waka wa alluminium.

  28. Biyisikolo says:

    When rating an individual one takes alot of factors into account. What these two gentlemen are saying are their opinions which are valid in the eyes of the poor average Malawian. Look last year they were allowed to tell us trash on why salaries could raised in October but now they talking of December. Why when they had enough time? Bola JB AMAKWEZA PANTHAWI YAKE. Amuna boma lawakanika awa.

  29. GONANI says:

    Dr Kalua is 100% correct. President Mutharika is very calm right now, one thing which is contributing to political stability. Other than that he is just too passive to deal with destructive forces within his government. There are still a lot of people who are corrupt and they might be destroying his good intention to deliver.
    He needs to clean out all manifestations of cashgate and corruption. Then things will show up

  30. Zebede says:

    The govt. roads in most rural areas have remained ungraded for many years now, making mobility very difficult.

  31. Abk says:

    Hahahaha, one of the hardcore criminals at large! I guess he is the professor of criminals bambo kaluwa. Nkhope ngati kabudula olimira.

  32. Chikopa says:

    Bambo kalua project yomwe akumaliza peter ya pp ndiye iti? Bingu stadiam kkkkkkkkkkkk musandikumbuse change golo , ziko livuta kutukuka chifukwa cha ma analist ngati awa okhala ndizi pani zomwe amasapota

  33. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Please, may someone just tell us the developments, so that we rate our president fairly.

    Even if you say bad things about Kalua, that will not make the president performer. Neither does it make you beautiful or handsome. OK is Dr. Chisinga good looking? Mutu bwa?

  34. Kadakwiza says:

    The only project our president have done very well is offering Malawians traveling passports. Otherwise he has done completely nothing. No jobs, everything is expensive. The whole government is busy after internet. Shame.

  35. nYAU SITHOBWA says:

    A DPP ayesetsa MAKOBIDI POSEPO—————–Lero Chimanga ponseponse njala yatha-Misewu ponseponse———MSB tigulitsa———92 Billion ziro————-44 Billion subsidy zikulowa mmatumba athu—————–2019 tikuwina komaso Saulosi Tikumuchotsa tikuika atupele mutichani ife alomwe

  36. Suzgo Ngwira says:

    Mwati aphunzitsi othimbirirawa amaphunzitsa kuti? General outlook is despicable, one would think he is on the wanted list by the MPS as another paedophile. Set good examples for your students in everything ie dressing, general health, kumasamba etc. Is he implying that the current government hasn’t carried out any development projects because kugawa dziweto ndi nsapato sidzikumvekanso? Koma akulu amenewa bvuto lawo nd Chani kweni-kweni?

  37. GIGS says:

    Commenting boz its not face to face with Kalua otherwise akuopsa

  38. True Malawian says:

    In fact, there is no true branding of our president, APM. At least, JB was associated with visible projects like “Mudzi Transformation”, “a Cow a family” , Safe Motherhood with T/A Kwataine as the Ambassador on the same, Two Crop per Year, Bringing back of Donor Confidence though short leaved, revelations of the Capital Hill Cashgate and so on and so forth. Late Bingu, The Ngwazi Two, Ntchito Za Manja Anga Zindichitile Umboni with clear sense of direction on Infrastructure Development of roads, hospitals, schools, stadium etc. Come to Dr Bakili Muluzu, we remember him as the best joker of the century, the political engineer without boarders on privatization of public companies in Malawi.

    With the current sitting president APM, its difficult to follow him. We can hardly understand what he is doing and which direction is taking Malawi to. You hardly understand what he says when he speaks. He hardly gives direction on issues of national interest for example MBS Saga. Here there is an issue of Mk92 Billion Cashgate that has repelled donors of good intention and will to Malawians he remains mute on such a bomb shell.

  39. Youn says:

    Boma lakwaniritsa kupanga maphwando omangira ma hositelo a atsikana, thats kumbali yachitukuko. Ku ndaleku ndiye sitikudziwa bwino chifukwa chete ameneyu could mean alot. Kumbali yachitetezo ndiye musova nokha a Malawi. Kumbali ya masewero ndiye eeehhh!!!!

  40. francis Chitembeya says:

    Ndale kumalawi

  41. mbuzi iwe says:

    This Kalua guy seems to be living in another country and not Malawi. For goodness sake, which project was started by PP that the DPP has finished and is celebrating about?
    All I know is that all the projects being completed were started by Bingu.

  42. namarokoro says:

    mukuti amenewa ndi ndani? Atoopsyatu

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