Malawians suffering under DPP – Kabwila

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has observed that one year that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government has been in power it has proved to be a failed political project and a nightmare to the people in the country.

Kabwila:  DPP has been nightmare for Malawians
Kabwila: DPP has been nightmare for Malawians

MCP spokesperson Dr Jessie Kabwila said the DPP and President Peter Mutharika’s one year in office has been a failed take off of a five-year term of office.

“Major indicators is how people are suffering in the country,” Kabwila, a former university of Malawi lecturer turned politician said.

“Corruption levels are very high and many Malawians are struggling even to have food in their homes,” the MCP spokeswoman commented.

In the quoted attributed to her in Daily Times, Kabwila continued: “The DPP administration is even failing to create job opportunities for people so that they can be financially stable. This is a nightmare for Malawians and I do not even know how to rate DPP.”

Kabwila also said health and education sector in the country are collapsing and the Peter Mutharika administration is failing to address their challenges.

She also raised concerns with the rising crime and banditry.

MCP spokeswoman said the economy is ailing, accusing DPP of being off the road to recovery and failing to win back donor confidence.

On corruption, Kabwila noted that the cashgate shenanigans are still operating and wearing different robes.

Former ruling People’s Party (PP) Publicity Secretary Ken Msonda said the first year of the DPP’s rule has been “miserable.”

“The executive has failed to deliver to people’s expectations because most of them have stayed outside this country for the better part of their lives, they are ‘matchonas’, hence they don’t have an idea on what people want on the ground for them to respond.

“The DPP government under Peter Mutharika has failed the nation big time, they have nothing to offer”, said Msonda.

But DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila said the opposition cannot appreciate government, saying “they will always look for the dark side of us.”

Kasaila, however, conceded there are many challenges in the country, promising that DPP government will strive to address them.

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6 years ago


6 years ago

Nthawi ndiyo imatha zose,bora muzilankhula zimene zikuchitika coz analipo azanu ena anazisiya.Kwenikweni inu oti dziko silikufunan munalowera pa window,muzilankhula mukuyang’ana amalawi.

6 years ago

To say the truth,No Afican Country can operate with donor funds.Ngati pa RSA pompa amalandira chuma from donors ,what is Malawi.Mr.Viswaswa osatichitsa manyazi.

Kabwila Msonda
6 years ago

Kabwila should know this: MCP will never and I repeat, MCP will never rule this country again and if it does I will remain not to be a Christian because by then Chakwera will have faced the sharp arm of the Lord. Muhinya uyu Msonda alibe manyazi popeza sakudziwa kuti chimene BJ wachisiya ndiye kuti ndichowola. Joice Banda will be in Malawi to answer cashgate charges. Take my word!

6 years ago

Wea is DPP tekn us 2? Why commercializing evrtn? I neva xpectd dis Zero Burget 2 resurfac again coz wen i luk @ [email protected] happenned 4 yrs ago,under de sem regim,it teks m 2 dos 1980s weaby grandpapas used 2 slp in cold bushes shunin 2 pay tax.Indeed,dis is a misery & a nytmare 2 evr patriotc Malawian

6 years ago

Iwe kabwira, sidze zodulazo, ukuona ngati kuti mcp italowa mboma anthu sadzavutika. Iwe woipa zimene udapanga ku Ntceu Mulungu adaona

6 years ago

8th paragraph ”. Mutharika has failed to win back donor confidence” So Kabwira , a former university lecturer wants Malawi to be still donor dependent, my foot. This is what wil make mcp NEVER rule my Malawi again. MCP, party without vision. Nawo che Msonda asalamo okha mu PP kudya ma orange owawa. Practising ndale zoti bola ndidakakhala ine.

6 years ago

The chewa is a hopeless tribe talk something constructive 4 today only

District Council
6 years ago

samala Kabwira udzaluza 2019. Mungoyerekeza kuvomereza ma loan athu a K5million ndipo makhansala tonse tidzawina u mp.
Ma mp ambiri alibe chitukuko.

6 years ago

Malawians failing to read a B in a cow’s hoof.kodi DPP yapanga chani apart from a full year of planning session? Planning even to sale MSB, raise surtax and buy maize at a lower price thru Admarc. Mumuona VENDA wayamba kale kutakata inu mukupangabe mapulani. What a failing state in southren Africa.

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