Angels ‘appear’ in church, Prophet Bushiri tells congregants

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri told congregants at this Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) in South Africa to see live the Angels appearing in church during his sermon.

Prophets Bushiri tells church: See Angels appearing physically

Prophets Bushiri tells church: See Angels appearing physically

ECG church 'angels appear'

ECG church ‘angels appear’

ECG members  erupt as 'Angels appear physcially'

ECG members erupt as ‘Angels appear physcially’

The vastly rich Bushiri who boasts of a private Jet and numerous mansions in Zambia, Malawi and South Africa explained that in he spiritual realms, demonstration of power is so vital especially to all the doubting Thomases and that biblical Elijah is the spectacular example among them all when he demonstrated the power of God before the prophets of Baal.

Congregants erupted as they appeared seeing “ Angels in white” flying over the attendant crowd in the house of prayers.

The service which was aired live on ECG channel, provided another startling sight leaving the crowd in complete awe.

The Malawian prophet, the ‘Major 1 Papa’ who has become mega popular in South Africa and other parts of the world over recently performed two miracles – walking in bare air and capturing a remote person with an iPad – both of which stirred controversy and mixed reactions.

Coming back to back, the miracles have created a persistent whirl of extraordinary aura                while stamping his heavenly-backed authority.

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185 thoughts on “Angels ‘appear’ in church, Prophet Bushiri tells congregants”

  1. Michael kauka says:

    Is it true,we are indeed Thomases of doubts, hw i wsh i experiencd

  2. bertha kuyokwa says:

    miracle, how l wish l was there nkanakhudzidwa mavuto kuchuluka, malawi chitipa

  3. R.H says:

    May the grace upon this man of God abundantly reach me with my family.We love you major 1.You’re my life inspiration.Since the time I started watching prophetic channel,everything with me has completely changed.Now working to become a Poster.

  4. bangalabangala says:

    may the angels of God appear to me and heal all of my diseases and give me a job in Jesus name

  5. Munazolowera says:

    God Of Major 1 Is Real Iyeee

  6. daniel says:

    Enanu mungoona kunyoza mtchilitchi mwanu mukabwera zodabwisa ndi wamisala kapena zinyau basi amzanutu angero,kusirira bwanji?

  7. i am overwelmed.The God of major 1 is a miracle working God.i just received my blessings through this story.God is surely great.

  8. Micheal chisanga says:

    Fake posts dont the bible says dont touch my annointed

  9. Biscent Manthalo says:

    May God b with u papa in the name of Jesus. am Malawian

  10. VICTOR MWILA says:

    May GOD protect u papaa for what the miracle performed through you in Jesus name amen…………..victor mwila from Zambia home city matero, Lusaka.

  11. Mzika says:

    Bewere of christanism!

  12. wai says:

    May those angels appear in my room to nyt& oparate on me, heal all ma desiease in jusus name .

  13. wai says:

    May those angels appear in my room to nyt& heal all ma desiease in jusus name

  14. wai says:

    Go deeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Concerned citizen says:

    Lets just pray for those who are easily taken up with these miracles which are meaningless and un helpful

    may he the Lord help us

  16. Funzo says:

    Where are the angels? This is just mass hysteria.

  17. wawa says:

    When you go to church seek Jesus, not pastor or prophets God can provide what ever you want on your own if you can pray whole heartedly… weigh everything and chose what is Good

  18. daniel says:

    Amkolimbo apa ndiye mwatayayatu nenani zoona sda ndi charitchi kapena chinamwali kungokondera church chifukwa amalora chigololo?
    SDA si mpingo ngati musanapeze wina pezani ndithu baba

  19. Jj says:

    Kkkkkk, koma ine sindinaone anthu zitsiru like evangelical Christians! I did not realise how easy humans can be fooled! This kind of foolishness actually proves humans are evolved animals bit even a chimpanzee can be fooled like this….. It’s no surprise when people realised that religion is actually foolishness or self hypnosis to the extreme….

  20. For there is no wonder for Satan himself appears as an angel of light.Jesus said false prophets in the later days shall work many miracles,they will pray for fire to come down from heaven.
    By their fruits u shall know them.
    Having the form of godliness but denying the power thereof.
    The purpose of which Jesus established the gospel was and still is to warn the people that the should repent for the kingdom of God I near at hand.
    In the closing of this earth’s history the gospel ought not to change .that’s why in the book of revelation the same gospel is being proclaimed with much vividness and the warning is being given by the merciful almighty .the warning reads thus:
    BUT IF ANY MAN worship the beast and its image and receive its mark on his hand and forehead the same Shall drink the wrath of God unmixed with HIs mercies .Read for youself revelation 14 vs 11 downward.
    The present truth is to teach to know the definitions of the following:
    What is the beast which are worshiping?
    What is the image of the beast?
    What is the MARK of the beast?
    Each and every true child of God shoul learn and teach this truth.yes to take people out of spiritual darkness which is so heavy even upon the most honorable men of this world.
    So calle miracles and wonders if not go hand in hand with the proclaimation of the present and the last warning from God,it will never accomplish its course.
    Let us take it from miracles performed by Jesus himself ,one of his miracles He bade those present to tell no one tha He rose a young girl from death.Why ?
    When ever Jesus was healing He firstly said your sin are forgiven rise and go and sin no more .Why?
    And JEsus said freely you have received freely give .Why?
    Go ye therefore and teach all nations and the believer baptize them and teach to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you.that is the commission ,the test of true discipleship.
    True prophets warns people of the impending doom and show them the God given way of safety,as did Noah,Elijah ,Nehemiah,John the baptist and Jesus Christ himself just to mention a few.
    Miracle is not tlhe test of true discipleship.

  21. Yes its satan at work! satanism will not help any. But will bring misery to one in it.
    Tidzapindula chiyani titanyengeza anthu, kutchuka ndi kupeza ndalama?
    Ndilikulila chifukwa anthu anzanga mwataika.
    Mphoto ya tchimo ndi imfa! Jamna (Jahena) alibe pang’ono. Its same.
    I declare destruction & fire of the Lord Holy Spirit on any confusing people saved with Christ’s death there on the Cross.
    The devil is not your freind. You will regret.

  22. Alole says:

    What to say !that is great!

  23. 2 lost Decades says:

    This is total rubbish and bullshit,i wonder why Africans we are this stupid to b hoodwinked by these tricksters

  24. Prophet Bushiri is a man after God’s heart. He says what God tells him to say and does what God tells him to do. He is surely a Prophet of our times

  25. A fellow conman says:

    Kodi angelowa Bwanji anthu sakuwayang’ana. If Angels came wouldn’t you be focusing on them. Instead you show us Footage of people falling down in awe without showing us what they’re looking at. Next you show the Angels so that we should be deceived into thinking that they fell at the sight of the Angels. Koma when the Angels are shown, people who are standing next to them don’t seem to be paying any attention to them.

    The video tells us that this happened in September. Bushiri loves attention. Why didn’t he announce this all this time? Why is he talking about it now? Is it because he was trying to doctor the video to super impose these weak ass fake ass unimpressive ghost image “angels” on the recording?

  26. kardinal says:

    this is a real demonstration of adaemone powers

  27. Elinah says:

    Guyz open ur eyes and c kut we are in the last days. Go into the bible and read Mathews24 u will get the truth abbout this

  28. Holdah says:

    I believe.

  29. abraham says:

    People beware of this kind of miracles for they are telling for what told in the bible concerning with the last days

  30. abraham says:

    People beware of this kind of miracles for they are telling for what told in the bible concerning for the last days

  31. laxi says:

    I stand here .those don believe in Major 1 are witches n they mothers.great is He who works in Papa prophet S Bushiri Major 1.l now know Jesus thru Major 1 .Ayeeee POWER!!!

  32. kayirawakayira says:

    Only God knows the truth bcoz everthing is from him.

  33. Ingangasyungu Yunyeghela says:

    The Bible says the false prophets will perform great miracles so as to deceive people. Take care!!

  34. kk CG says:


  35. bk phiri says:

    Before I joined Bushiris church I used to congregate at one of our traditional well established church but I saw a big difference the moment I followed Bushiri’s prophetic church. Here is a place where the bible has become live, where what the bible said would follow true believers is visible: the sick getting healing,the blind their sight, the dumb hear, those on wheel chairs walk and even the dead coming back to life.If I were you I would ask why these things are not happening in true churches of yours but only in satinic churches? Yes the bible talked of signs and wonders done by false prophets but it doesn’t say true churches would stop functioning rather the bible says those who pray in truth these signs would follow them. If therefore your churches are true why not even a single of such signs Jesus talked about are happening.

    Kale tinkamva kuti catholics could pray for a tree and a tree could instantly dry up. Were catholics using satanic powers or heavenly powers. There was bishop Miringo of RC in Zambia who could deliver and heal enafe though not catholics believed that he had that gift from God but what happened to him. Was he not fought within and should we say he was satanic? Will miracles stop being satanic when they are done by you?

    ECG members are not trying to force anyone to believe what is happening in our church and for your information angels appearing in our church is not a strange thing. We receive these heavenly beings quiet often but what has been strange is how God has allowed it to be captured on camera. I wish you met those who were in the fourth overflow to narrate what they experienced mwina the Thomas Didimo spirit ungakuchokereni!!

  36. khwelero says:

    The Lord will judge

  37. MTCHONA says:


  38. DADA says:

    I see them, hymmmm!

  39. peace Botha says:

    Praise God

  40. Zai says:

    Hmmmmm. Ambuye zibwelani.

  41. Eugine Hamoonga says:

    Psalms 50:15 says call call unto to me in the days of trouble I will deliver you and you shall glorify me. Why shouldn’t God hear the prayer of Major one when he speaks everything in his name. People will always criticise others when they have a better standing with God let’s just pray for them so that their eyes can open for them to see the glory of the almighty God. May God forgive those that speak evil of his anointed. I believe in Major 1’s teaching

  42. nanenso ndalowa za bushiri, nanga angelo phwamamu chonchi?

  43. malawi dziko says:

    Are Angels lifeless. Why were they not flying around .

  44. Michael Ouedraogo says:

    Major major major iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  45. Okonda Malawi says:

    I am shocked that most of Bushiri followers commenting here either love Bushiri so much or threaten those who don’t believe what their prophet is doing. Do not threaten people because they are opposing your prophet. Jesus was humble under the sun and did not profit from any man. Jesus healed many poor and rich people without fees. visited a lot of people under the sun without any registration fees. you use your resources to gain more money. that is pure business in the name of Jesus Christ. Many people are doing church business because it is the only way of running away from taxes. What were the purpose of those angels in the church? Mr. Reporter you have failed us on the purpose of the angels. What were the angels saying to the congregation? just floating between the VIP section and the congregation?????? Angels for show only?????? MAT 7: 15 – 23 Jesus said it all.

  46. Nkuruzinza says:

    The people he is addressing to see Angels are in church while the so called Angels are on open ground. This looks like a cheap technological trick. It’s amazing how dull and blind people can be to believe in this nosense.

  47. fred says:

    if you are a believer,you’ll believe this but if your not a believer nothing you can gain in spiritual things.this generation is a very hard generation that does not even believe in the word of God….Africa how many prophets u’ve?,but ur still surfering because of ur un believe….miracles or no miracles this man is the man of God…


    I dnt blv wat the prophets say,,, bt i only blv wat z wrten n the HOLY BIBLE!.

  49. Jesse says:

    To the people out there I want to tell you that the God of Major1 is alive believe in his God and you will see things changing in your life everything will turn around and you will move from a glory to another glory in Jesus name I Jesse believe in the God of Major1 and he had changed my life if he can change my life how about yours in Christ we can do all things nothing is impossible with our God may God give Major1 more life to change our lives and set as free from evil keep watching prophetic channel to remain protected shalom

  50. Pwiya wa Pwiya says:

    While not disputing what the man of God is doing, but I just pray that he should and must avoid conning the poor followers. I do not doubt that the appearance of angels and indeed any heavenly entities can not appear upon demand by any other person. May the grace of God the almighty open eyes of the believers of this prophet.

  51. Boakye Philip says:

    I pray for those speaking bad against people of God believing Bushiri. But my advice to u people is that, never again should u talk evil against annointed man of God.
    Those following Shepherd Bushiri, u r not lost, u r in the right place, God bless you.

  52. Negash Kebele says:

    God is always in heaven on His Throne and hearing the prayers of His servant. Papa (Major 1), I love you deep in my heart for the relationship you have with God. This is because, God hears them that He knows and hears. Please don’t be troubled for them that look the glory of God I watch here as the fake, because yet they have not experience the right answer from God almighty that they can experience the supernatural on this Earth. they are all under supernatural. Papa, I love you so much, I love your God forever!!!!!!!!!!

  53. sain it like it is says:

    how blind or stupid are you people?do u relally believe these arew angels?do u even notice tha those are 2 different venues/the first one he is praching in has black curtains/walls…while the other has white walls…and if angel appeared in a room u were…would u still be looking at the stage instead of the angel…and why is it the angels are like the ones from the hollywood movie?no one has ever seen a real angel to know what it looks like..stupid headless followers…mostly tumbukas for tht matter atumbukaa kusamvaaa

  54. preshapresho says:

    I don’t believe #Miracles for #Nothing. I don’t wanna be heretic.

  55. Pastor RR Mash-Ka Mazisa says:

    Major I is Man of God, SA we are blessed to have him

  56. levelheaded says:

    This is hologram 100 percent. I was one of the people who watched notorious Big performing at Madison square using this technology and the beam of light proves beyond any reasonable fought. Hologram is mostly used in Hollywood to feature immaginery creatures like anacondas,dragons,angels etc. My question is why do people chose to believe in these things? Why is it that God has chosen to perform miracles that only aim at backing his ministry and not doing any good to human beings? Of what importance is the appearance of angels? Of what importance is walking in the air? Of what importance is catching images on the iPad?
    Fellow human beings, there shall be no any possible answer that God can give us than our brains. With this brain you can become millionaires, with this brain you can chose who true God’s prophets are and even Bushiri is using the same brain to establish his ministry.
    The only challenge is that some can not use it efficiently.

  57. MAENDAENDA says:

    Koma Major 1 sidzamwana amwene!! Yes!!

  58. Martha nekir Yerga says:

    Praise God , please pray for me

  59. kondwani Gonani says:

    Holograms maybe? Very smart.

  60. Yusuf says:

    I din’t see the Angels in the video

  61. Papa please come to your country especially blantyre so that we can get the blessings too.

  62. James says:

    You may have unjustified hatred against the man of god but atleast believe the his miracle and Jesus Christ

  63. Oluchi Okpara says:

    Good evening papa.papa please l want u to pray for me please Daddy things is not going rigth with me please Daddy helpe me have lost all l have on my hand please Daddy need helpe l leave in USA my name Oluchi Okpara

  64. Limwado says:

    It means he prays to the true Lord

  65. Joku joku says:

    Koma this is playing with the almighty God , kaya zako izo bashiri / al bashar. There will be one day for all this to turn down

  66. daph says:

    God is still speaking today

  67. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:


  68. Nkolimbo says:

    It depends which of two groups of angels appeared between Yaweh’s holy messengers and the demons that fell to the earth together with the devil.

    Without ignorance, I can tell that if indeed the so called angels appeared they must be the demons. No holy angel will appear just to prove a point to a “doubting Thomas”. Come on, God strives to save us from sin, He has no time for trivia as the Bushiri’s would want to portray it. These are false prophets in the last days as we reach the climax of the great controversy.

    For want of not having somebody’s blood over my head, I would ask those that are serious with the salvation of their souls to try and learn from the Seventh-day Adventists wherever they may be found. Truth is truth, it is independent of personal opinion or feeling or liking, and the truth is that the SDAs have the truth about God and the plan of redemption for a sinner. I was a verhement hater of the adventists out of ignorance but now I am mind blown though I havent yet made the decision whether to join them or not.

    Friend, you lose nothing by merely gaining knowledge. If anything the knowledge causes you to wear more flesh when it comes to mega deceptions like this one about demons appearing in a church service. Ndangodutsa sindinathyole mnkhwani.

  69. Nansani wa chingoni says:


  70. kambobwe says:

    its all the work of Hologram technology where images can appear in thin air in 3D. google how Tupac performed after his death using the same tech….again if you watch the video u will see how the angels appeared, huge light came down guin up thats magnifying the image and thats how it works.

  71. busisiwe phakathi says:

    Papa I have been looking for a job for 2years now I don’t get any luck please major I have 2childrens and I need to support them and my family please papa sent your boss God to give me a job and I have interview on 10 January 2016 please major one,I receive in the name of God

  72. Ronnex Ted Kayira says:

    don.t illtreat people you will be bunt to ashes wait you goner se????

  73. Nangozo says:


  74. Finda Saffa says:

    You are appointed prophet of God greater things. Will you do.the later rain will be greater them the former.I worship your God Major 1

  75. Atate says:

    may be my eyes are not strong enough to see what is claimed in this ordeal

  76. Madalitso says:

    Am madalitso Gondwe,am looking aplace at this two univesty DMI and CUMA so i want GOD to direct me in every thing,so help me to pray.

  77. issah wilson says:

    This is a work of adevil this so called prophets are confusing people of God there will never be onother prothet after muhammad PBUH dis is adevil at work

  78. kunta says:

    Africans please wake up! This impostor must not fool you he is after your money! Read widely, invest wisely and save what you have to achieve good life. Can you borrow a leaf from most white people? They are advanced simply because they don’t pay attention to such nonsense!

  79. Ronnex Ted Kayira says:


  80. kunta says:

    This is bullshit I can’t fooled by this con artist!

  81. Presh nzuza says:

    It is written dat believe in de prophets and u shall prosper..never judge any prophet God is de judge of all dis..

  82. matokoso says:

    The last days indeed. What about all those ladies he impregnanted?

  83. allan says:

    These disciples of devil will read many people into destruction follow them at ur own risk

  84. Emmanuel Chibwe says:

    Just wait,soon we will hear that God has appeared,….mmm

  85. chimanyisko says:

    Joke of the year 2015. We expect more and better jokes nxt year papa

  86. Eugene says:

    Ndiye tikufuna kuti other cultures to respect us? Chamba basi

  87. mau akuseri says:

    Angels?Next time we will hear of Jesus,Elijah etc

  88. Emmanuel says:

    This are the days of His Power. God be praised.

  89. Davie Phiri says:

    That’s my Papa, my Prophet , Major 1!
    In ECG we enjoy heaven on earth. Angels are there to minister to us! And we see them very often

  90. Richard says:

    To all my fellow Christian please don’t be deceived by any evil spirit, taste it first if it is from God. Remember we are in the last days.

  91. Stanicious says:

    Father in heaven deliver us. u alone is God and Jesus is the only bridge that one passes to where u are. These are the last days as written in the bible send me your holy spirit that will surely justify what these prophets claim. I don’t want to let a dark cloud of false prophets distract my faith in you. If I lose you then I will lose everything I have and the reason of existing too

  92. tumisang kenosi says:

    I saw them…..i want to see more in jesus name of jesus

  93. Albert says:

    Please use English. We SA don’t use our languages on this.

  94. Elopee says:

    If you listen to Bushiri preaching, he uses the name Jesus and he usually says its not Him but Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit working mightly through Him. Unless you know Bishiri personnally and understand Him in your own way, i choose to vehemently disagree with you. Bushiri is if at all he is, a creation of God and is not in anyway the Son of God. Putting him in that state equates Bushiri with God. May God forgive you for all the insults you have uttered unto Him. My prayer is you live to witness the power of the ressurrection of Christ Jesus. I am so angry and dissappointed with you, whosoever you are. The grace of God is still sufficient for you to receive Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour, believe that Jesus is indeed the son of God and confess with your mouth. God shall welcome you into His courts and there shall be joy in heaven over your soul being saved. The choice is yours sir.

  95. pakufunika kusamala 2016 ikubwerayi chifukwa apa ndiye tinamizidwadi walking in the air, capturing in the spirit zonsezi zikuwonesa kuti ndimatsiku osiriza ndithu chomwe mungaziwe ndi choti mulungu samagwira ntchito mwamtundu umenewu awa ndi masewera

  96. A major1papa mwakssrz kals kumwamb ngafi eliyandi yesu….. Awesoms evsnf it must havs been, lookz whsn jssus comes next soon we will se him in tv ipox anx taeetter…eeti! A ntasatimes tCunzani ka Zibuz ndi ma papawa? Mainafu D sera kale

  97. Amalawiopusa says:

    What a conman. Bushiri is still a conman that is tricking sleepy Africans.

  98. manjolow says:

    wow Major 1!!!! You are the True Messiah not that feeckle, weezle, weird, gay guy who lived thousands of years ago called Jesus Christ.
    Major 1 is the true son of God!!!

    Hail to the new Jesus – even angels bow to him in Pretoria

  99. Peter Moses Kamanga says:

    Brethren, do not just believe every spirit but test the spirit!!!

  100. Amalawiopusa says:

    This explains why Africa is still the poorest continent on earth.

  101. Sion shindondola says:

    How do I get to met the prophet? Pls I need to see him. That my 2016 resolution.

  102. angelo says:

    kkkkkkk.Koma abale zinazi. Tortoise like a stone! Mwati Angelo ati.Nde amati chani angelowo?

  103. Rev. Asaana Frank A.A says:

    Thanks be unto the Almighty God

  104. matthew says:

    Papa your God is too much papa. I receive the same grace. This has proved true the biblical saying that Elija opened the eyes of his servant to see the angel that were on their side against the syrian army. It is still happening in our days. Jesus the same yesterday today and forever

  105. Mfumu Tumbwe says:

    angels does not and can not appear in the sight of Human beings!

    1. Boakye Philip says:

      Shine ur eye my brother, don’t be deceived, we even speak with Angels.

      Bushiri chat with them like his colleagues, I know where I’m speaking from

      1. vinyakwa says:

        even Satan has Angels .Even the herbalists speak with spiritual beings ( demons ) .you may call them angels

  106. blackberry says:


  107. God is using prophet Bushiri so mightily.I bless God.

  108. The Analyst says:

    . . . Many religious people consider miracles to be proof that their particular brand of religion is the true one or that a particular religious leader is an authentic representative of God. Miracles convince followers that God is validating their worship and devotion.
    . . . However, the bible makes it clear that God is not the only one who works miracles. Satan can also perform supernatural signs and his miracles will be a major part of deception in the last days.

    “False christs and prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive . . . . ” Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:24, see also verses 4,5,11).

    Thus, signs and wonders are not a sure sign of God’s activity.
    Some believers have decided that since Satan will work miracles at the end of time, the safest plan is simply reject all miracles. This may not be a good idea coz you may fail to believe that which is of God.

    “In my name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues . . . . ” – Jesus Christ (Mark 16:17,18)
    All in all, whether you believe or don’t believe in the miracles, its nobody’s but your own business. The choice is yours. After all, when time for death comes, you are the one to die and whether you inherit paradise or hell, it will be you. Just pray hard so that you may not be deceived n thus make the right choice, coz . . .

    “It is our choices . . . that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – Albus Dumbledore (in Harry Porter and the Chamber of Secrets)

  109. I would like to meet this Bushir guy and tell him in the face that is fake

  110. Magreth Lyimo says:

    we need PAPA to visit Tanzania

  111. meriam says:

    Very powerful indeed I believe

  112. Douglas D. Koyiri says:

    This was the manifestation of the Glory of the living God to those who believe not and to further strenghen the faith of those who believe.
    Even the Prophet himself after what had happened, has been taken aback as to what has happened and he will be more strenghened to do more exploits.
    Even us who believe and have seen this possibility are strenghened and are happy that one of us through his anionting God Almighty can move Heaven to earth because of one man’s faithfulness.
    Nevertheless, through what has happened, it is no more a secret.We too have had hope that God can also use us to do more than this if only we will believe.
    I decern that it was a true manifestation of the Glory of God on that faithful day in Jesus name.

  113. tupele says:

    Holy always

  114. Lloyd says:

    Glory be to God so may wonders appear in our lives

  115. JJ King says:

    I am disturbed by what this man is doing. I wish I could meet him so that he proves himself to me.

  116. BMW says:

    Why are the “angels” just staying in one place away from the people doing nothing? Why are the “angels” overcrowding themselves along the aisle? Why are the angels not ministering, I thought they are called ministering spirits in Heb 1:13?
    Could it be because the “angels” are being beamed from a projector?
    And just in case some of you doubting Thomases don’t believe that a projector can do this, please enjoy this performance from a dead Tupac performing live with Snoop Dogg
    The graphics are way better than this Bushiri crap

  117. Said says:

    Go deeper man of God! Major 1

  118. Zangakwithu says:

    Major 1, man of God timakunyadirani ngakhale muli patali. Tipephereko kuno ku malawi zinthu sizilibwino.

  119. ndumiso says:

    I’m still in shock about what I saw that day.

  120. UNECA says:

    Nyozani momwe mungathere koma muziziwa kuti muhmmad ndi m’neneri wa mulungu.

    1. A fellow conman says:

      Usatinyase msilamu iwe tazingotewesa kumeneko. Muhammad, Yesu. Onse mbuzi zokha zokha

  121. William Deng Pouk says:

    Thanks you very much for sharing this important eveny with us. I do believe that angels of god can appeared any time when man of god requested them to solve the problem.Angel appeared to me in December 1993 and I was save from my problem

  122. Limwado says:

    Angels appeared in Church

  123. BMW says:

    Mxiiiii. ZAUCHITSIRU

  124. UNECA says:

    Buchir moto ukukudikira ulape ulowe chisilamu.

  125. Gerald says:

    Jesus said you WILL host Angles – this is only the beginning.

  126. UNECA says:

    Ife asilamu sitinyoza m’tumiki wina aliyese chifukwa timadziwa kuti mulungu adatumiza aneneri ambiri ena sitikuwadziwa ndiye tikhoza kunyuza mneneri wamulungu ndiye mumanyoza prophet muhammad muli ndi umboni oti iye sadali m’tumiki achristu onse ndiwakumoto yesu sadabwere ndichipembedzo cha chi christu ngati muli ndiwumboni bweretsani lemba lokamba zoti yesu adabwera ndi chipembedzo cha christu.

  127. Malinga Silver says:

    Amen And I recieve them in Jesus Name

  128. jacobs says:


  129. malebogo says:

    My God is higher them all! I beliv what is n the video! Bilv it or not this man is true man of God! And more is coming to happen! Glory to God! Father continue to bless this man major one! I can see the devil shaking iyeeeeeeeeeeeeh

  130. malebogo says:

    Dear fellows n egc team! I believe what I see in this video! This man is true man of God and I hav strong faith in him for his God made me a miracle turning my 5years suspension from getting into southafrica to 2months only by usin lion of judah! More is coming to happen just b connectd to him

  131. UNECA says:

    Yesu mumangolimbana naye iye adali m’silamu.

  132. Sandrine says:

    Waoooo God use me as an instrument of your glory.

  133. UNECA says:

    Papa wanu wakulamulirani kuti muzinyengana kuthako chipembezo chanji chimenechi ndiye ndikumati ndikalowa kuwufumu wakumwamba he he dee.

  134. chimangenI says:

    Its good that Satan too has engels! The bible says “a freshly body cannot see a spiritual body”1 corinthians 15vs50-54, how come paople were able to see Angels if I may ask? How come an angel,if it is real, can be capture in an eathly CAMERA? Wake up people!!

  135. Elvis Makhuvele says:

    To our prophet Bushiri, do not stop doing a great work, people can talk negatively against you but dont stop doing a great work; whetere they like it or not. Remember even Jesus Crhist de world did not welcomed him, they hated him also, so Man of GOD keep on doing a great work, we get blessed when we watch your chanel. We love you

  136. UNECA says:

    Amene amalowa mu church kuthako kuli manyi osatsuka ndi madzi mulungu sangalandire mapephero ake.

  137. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Those are demons, only gullible black people can believe that…………

  138. chimangenI says:

    Its good that Satan too has engels!

  139. GOD IS STILL SPEAKING THROUGH HIS SERVANTS ,PROPHET SHEPARD BUSHIRI aka The Major one is indeed one among the chosen one and God is glorified through him….Oh God bless us in this end times ,let your glory come upon us and our family in Jesus name . Amen

  140. Sylvester Gough Sr. says:

    I love what God is doing! Gold dust, supernatural transportation, holy laughter! Heaven is manifesting on earth! Hallelujah!!

  141. Elvis Makhuvele says:

    I receive Angels in my house, work, and every where i go in jesus name Amen, i pray may GOD bless me and help me to get money to run my business, i have started a business but dont have money to buy computers in ordore to teach people, is a computer skul. Forstly i need prophet to pray for me i need GOD to use me, to change me and do de ryt things all de time, i need GOD to show his work trough me, i need GOD to Anoint me and help me to have a spiritual eyes. May de LORD GOD reveal my gift in order to de my mission in dis world

  142. danny chomba says:

    I need player so that my job and everything am doing to go in a good way

  143. David baraza says:

    may God of major 1 forgive me am sinner

  144. David baraza says:

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  145. In the last days magicians will come in the form of fake prophets!They will conduct magic in church and call that as miracles.All the magicians have come to churches in the name of prophets.

  146. gabi ndaleni says:

    I just wish I can meet prophet Bushiri am in Durban South Africa I always try to connect with him but it not happening

  147. Yvonne says:

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  148. racket says:

    Heavenly backed authority. Amen papa! I believe in your miracles and blessings. You alone have been chosen by the heavenly father and son. People are getting rich and you are walking on air.

  149. I Love The Prophetic,how I wished to be Prophet of God to atleast me$my house,and atmost worldwide but i cant force it lest i be found aprophet of doom/baal. I Pray for the Spirit of discernment$wisdom in Jesus name.the world needs true prophets like you for Godly Counsel$ richly blessed Prophet Of Jesus Christ.

  150. Eye Witness says:

    Angels angels chani apa. Za ziiii

  151. Thats My Prophet Every Word Come True I Love You Papa I Recieve The Angels In The Name Of Jesus!! Am Pastor Of ECG Kapiri Mchinji Malawi, God Bless Major 1

  152. masego letoane says:

    Major 1 I love u papa

  153. pray for me i want to be a rich man i need prayers papa i need financial break through goodluck longlife and goodhealth send those angels to bring wealth for the rest of my life papa

  154. eneah kaunda says:

    He is a man of God

  155. Tally says:

    That’s the power of God upon
    Major 1!!!

  156. thinktankmalawi says:

    End times…..tricks disguised as miracles……just feel sorry for these inoocent souls who are genuinely thirsty for true gospel

  157. Patrick A Ramuhashi says:

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  158. Bob says:

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  159. Jerome says:

    I love you Pappa. Let Angels appear in my house in Jesus name. Father let the anointing that’s upon Prophet Shepherd Bushiri will follow me at all times.

  160. Nyonyo says:

    Adzaweluza yehova

  161. Malawian!!! says:

    Please Bushiri come back to Malawi, we greatly miss you.

  162. boba fett says:

    ma prophet aphana chaka chino sure. you can walk on air, bring angels etc etc. olo joshua sangathe zimenezi. pitilizani mani. malawi yadziwika basi

  163. christineideozu christian says:

    Pls am in Nigeria I need Angelic visitation in my life and my family to make every crooked path straight.especially in the life of my kids my career marriage finances miracle Job for my husband n I.our spiritual life etc.I will be grateful if I start experiencing a great turnaround in my life and family.pray for excellent spirit for my kids most especially Samuel my second son who had down syndrome.he needs to excel academically n interllectualy.

  164. cornelia says:

    Miracles do happen

  165. Ratanang Dipale says:

    Keep on doing a good Job Major1 and forever be blessed

  166. Umunthu Phiri says:

    Its amazing! Amen

  167. The real Ujeni says:

    Most of those who fight Bushiri are men of God with no anointing

  168. Boakye Philip says:

    Why doubting this end time prophet of God. I can mention the name of the Angels using him for this work. I know he’s truly a great man of God…

    Ask him of Angel Philip, Damascus, Isaac, Gabriel, he will ask u how u got to know. Try this b c.
    Be blessed

  169. prudence mpepele says:

    Papa. Has done it again God of Major 1

  170. Performance says:

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  171. mashudu says:

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    in ECG we see angels live on tv ..
    God of wonders

  173. DR.CASHGATE says:

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  174. Anzeru a ku m'mawa says:

    End times indeed!!!!! God should really help us

  175. Sibusiso says:

    For it is easy with God Almighty to say be healed for He is word so is was in the beginning he created heaven and earth. For he says live in me I will be with you. Epikaizo


    If you want the true message of God please follow the message preached by Myles Munroe. Forget about these false magician prophets like Bushiri, T B Joshua and others.

  177. thinktankmalawi says:

    Same old tricks…..why?????….to be famous??????

  178. kangandiwamba says:

    Glory be to God.Amen bushiri and the ECG congregants…!!!

  179. Truck says:


  180. opportunist says:

    Major one .Go deeper

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