APM appoints Guard Commander Mwapasa as Malawi Police deputy chief

President Peter Mutharika has appointed former presidential guard commander, Duncan Mwapasa, as Deputy Inspector General of Police Responsible for Administration.

Minister of Information, Kondwani Nankhumwa said on Thursday that the appointment “is with immediate effect.”

“Mr Mwapasa replaces Mr Lexten Kachama who was appointed as Inspector General of Police and was confirmed by Parliament in his position on Thursday, 18th February 2015,” Nankhumwa.

Another deputy inspector general of police is Rodney Jose responsible for operations.

Apart from serving President Mutharika as Guard Commander, Mwapasa also was at State House on same role during the reign of late president Bingu wa Mutharika.

He was removed from State House and posted to be Officer in Charge for Rumphi police after Bingu wa Mutharika’s death in April 2012.

Mwapasa was interdicted from Police after he was arrested together with Mutharika on treason charges.

Meanwhile, Police Southern Region has a new Commissioner, he is George Kainja (PhD).

Communication from Southern Region Police Headquarters indicate that Commissioner Kainja once served as Director of Planning and Police Reforms at the National Police headquarters.

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28 thoughts on “APM appoints Guard Commander Mwapasa as Malawi Police deputy chief”

  1. peace says:

    Posachedwapa the president appointed Mr. Medi from Nkhotakota as Chief Immigration Officer. He also appounted Mr. Lextern Kachama from Lilongwe as Inspector General of Police. Why are we grumbling when he appointed Mwapasa from Zomba. By the way Duncan Mwapasa is a yao not lhomwe.

  2. Patriot says:

    Mulakho gouvernment
    Mulakho Police
    Malawi will remain number most poorest country in the world.

  3. mmihavani says:

    Why are you guys so evil? So you mean anybody from South is not fit to be appointed? SHOULD ONE SUFFER BECAUSE HE IS FROM SOUTH? When Peter appoints people from centre you celebrate. By the way Mwapasa is a graduate of Chancellor College duly selected by first choice. Not ma qualification azigamba zigamba a ku Skyway, Trade Fair, Shareworld Open, ESAMI ayi. The Mwapasas I know are very intelligent people; all are highly educated. There are chartered accountants, economists and medical doctors amongst themselves. Enanu kwanu kulibe olo graduate mmodzi or even wa ku Nansawa technical or TEVETA kulibe.

  4. joseph says:

    Mwapasa thrives on miseche and kuipisa anzake sakhululuka komanso akazi kwambiri ameneyu.wrong choice for DIG

  5. Onyex says:

    Good works Duncan!

  6. master says:

    mwapasa is never a tumbuka name and will ever be as such, speak truth, he is from chirazulu, learn to be objective, do u know why Malawi is the poorest country in the world???????? because it spends most of its energy analysing names of its citizens instead of analysing the poverty for its a citizens wat a shame

  7. Mmtumbuka opusa says:

    I thought Dinky is from Thyolo, together with Dr victor mwapasa and Evelyn Mwapasa!

  8. rebel says:

    Tiyeni tizingogawanapo chumachi. Amene amugwire ngati abale athu ali ku ndende aja zawo izo. Koma tiyeni tithandizane kugwetsa boma.

  9. rebel says:

    Civil Service Reform? Why launching it so quickly? Chilima and the entire commissioners cheated us.

  10. ujeni says:

    Another Lhomwe

  11. aphiri says:

    He was promoted from deputy commissioner few months ago to full commissioner and in few months DIG. Oh so fast hey. Wat about the long serving commissioners? . He is a mukhito boy. So mukhito wants influence in police to undermine kachama. Mwapasa and chisale are some of the people who were removing Bingus properties from the state house.

  12. chingolopiyo says:

    Duncan, congrats , you are humble and hard working you deserve it. Wasala ndi Gunbdaphiri. Ambuye akutsogolele .

  13. McGoodson Ngoma says:

    mwapasa is from south not mzimba osanamizapo anthu apa

  14. Mr. Kachama watch out. You come from Lilongwe and the Mlakhos are not happy. They are selfish.

  15. mzimwale says:

    with such appeasament appointments. What should we expect from the public service reforms?

  16. Born Politician says:

    Mwapasa frm Mzimba???? i thought frm Zomba.

    1. special advisor says:

      It doesn’t matter where it comes from. What matters most is whether he is qualified for the job and has competencies for him to be effective, to deliver results.

  17. Kafuwefuwe says:

    Arther G M Mtambo Mwapasa is another lomwe from Chiladzulu Nyungwe to be specific and the mother is from Domasi. Do your research before cheating the country.

  18. Mnngulu says:

    Malawi Malawi. We are in for ridicules on public sector reforms! Merit, professionalism and experience are just political gimmicks. As docile as we are politicians keep on fooling us. There are more senior, professional, experienced and deserving police men than a guard commander. What messages Mutharika is sending? That this country is a lawless country – suspects have free ride and can retaliate – o yes those that arrested him, APM, midnight six, Goodall are they safe? Malawi wake up and rise to protect the innocent.

  19. Congrats a Dinky. Mwa inu tikondwera.

  20. Fathara says:

    So still appointing?. appointing close cronies for big positions. What has happened to the Chilima Project ( Civil Service Reform)? . I thought Chilima project talks about competitive process of promotion. Ndiye ma recommendations a Commission iyi aiwalika nsangatu. Zovuta kwabasi. .

  21. ngangaube says:

    so we have all traffic police officers at the helm of the Police Service. Kachama and Mwapasa were together as traffic police officers and Mwapasa used to help late Bingu when he used to run his minibus. DPP woyeee

  22. Winford.kayange says:

    Dont fogot me mr president i assisted u to get out from cell at lumbazi station.

  23. Bonny Musukwa says:

    congratulations boss

  24. Bright says:

    @ Kadakwiza its news to us from the ngoniland to learn from you that Mr Duncken Mwapasa is from Mzimba.We don’t know which part of Mzimba please school us otherwise he is the right material for the post.

  25. Kadakwiza says:

    At least this time the President has appointed the new Deputy Inspector General of Police, Mr. Duncan Mwapasa from Mzimba district and not another lomwe. At least the President is trying to bring Malawi together. Thank you Mr. President for remembering Mzimba district.

    1. mbwaxe says:

      Ur are very stupid!!! This idiot is from lomwe land!!! We dont have mwapasas in mz!! Pa thako pako

  26. KODI OSAUKAWA AZINGO SAKAKABE???????????????????

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