APM bails out needy students: President orders board to approve loans

President Peter Mutharika has directed treasury to release additional resources that will accommodate the needy and deserving public university students who were withdrawn or were on the verge of facing the chop due to non payment of tuition fees.

Chipungu (second from left) announcing good news to needy students from President Mutharika

Chipungu (second from left) announcing good news to needy students from President Mutharika

The President has also ordered National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) to approve all applications of loans from students who withdrew from public universities due to lack of fees and upkeep.

Students Loans board chair, Geoffrey Chipungu said this in Lilongwe on Monday during a news conference.

Parliament approved K1.5 billion to carter for the 2015 to 2016 loans scheme and for the establishment of loans board secretariat and the management of its operations.

“Whilst 10,355 students applied to access the loans, the board reached out to 4,663 public and private university students using a cost
sharing mechanism meaning that no student was granted 100% loan as applied for,” said Chipungu

The President’s response comes at the back of substantial withdrawals of students from the country’s public universities.

Last month Malawi News reported that over 300 students have withdrawn from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar) due to lack of finances to support their studies.

In addition, it has come into light that some students on campuses are spending time trading goods to raise money for upkeep.

A student from Polytechnic made headlines weeks ago when he was pictured selling beans on campus to make ends meet.

In trying to reverse the anomaly President Mutharika has ordered that all withdrawn students be given upkeep and stationery allowances immediately to allow them resume studies as soon ad possible.

Chipungu has since appealed to all the withdrawn students to go back to their respective colleges and register their names with their
University Registrars.

According to Chipungu more than 285 students will benefit from the presidential directive window.

A coalition of citizens and civil society groups locally known as Citizen Alliance recently called upon  Mutharika who is also the Chancellor of the public universities to intervene and fully guide process of bailing out the needy students so that they complete their tertiary education so that they are able to become independent and productive citizens for the country.

Citizen Alliance Chair who is also executive Director of the Eye For Development, Edward Chileka Banda said it is unfortunate that most young people are dropping out of University due to school fees.

“We recommend that University Loan scheme should primarily target applicants from public secondary schools the majority of which are from the less-privileged families and that Government should recapitalize the Education Loan scheme so that the needy students should quickly access the facility,”said Chileka Banda.

Banda said the drive to recover university loans must be sustained and supported by all.

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25 thoughts on “APM bails out needy students: President orders board to approve loans”

  1. BigMan says:

    As long as they pay back the loans. Unfortunately they will all happily default.

  2. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:

    May the Heavenly Father Yahweh God bless you for this move. Let’s pray that the students will catch up (knowing one month lapse is quite a long time for them if they weren’t in touch with their classmates!!!!) Let us also pray they will catch up on the continuous assessment assignment grades they surely might have missed so much by now!!!!!

  3. Chipalamandule says:

    keep it up Mr. president

  4. HELLO!!! says:

    Piece of advice: The students need to re-enroll next academic year because they have missed alot by now. Their colleagues are now going into the second half of the semester hence it will be difficult for these students who dropped on financial grounds to catch up with their friends who have been learning all along. If they start learning now, chances are high that they would not perform well in their exams thereby ending up being weeded.

  5. Mphongozidana Ndau says:

    Inu Board Chair wa Student’s Loan Scheme ndi Chris Chisoni osati Goeffrey Chipungu. Unless mwasintha.

  6. osatiiwala ifeso kuno kuchanco, tikukhalira bured komaso sitikudziwa kuti tiipeza kuti tuition fees ya semster ikubwerayi,,,

  7. odomondo says:

    This president is useless people,I do not really know how he reason together with hie dunda heads of kaliatiz……you introduce a system for sure are not aware as to how best to run it…..useless try and error type of government

  8. Dayo says:

    what kind of a government is this? you introduced this stupid system thinking that it would work? look at this, you are now failing to help us all. why cant you bring back the old system? you are failing to manage your own new system and as you can see it has brought an increase in problems related to higher education access. this only shows how weak minded you are. your change is nothing but a bunch of problems to us. you suck……….we are not happy with this

  9. nkhoma says:

    Well done.

  10. lollymantis says:

    timadana nzopusa mwamva! we ewant the old system back !l

  11. Jahan says:

    Is it not pathetic and such a shame that people are giving a thumbs up for mediocrity? Whose money are we talking about here? APM’s? Where was this money when people were dropping off school? why does this gvt always have to be a reactive gvt on everything it does. Why not for once, plan to avoid problems from happening instead of running around trying to look “cute” after the fact? And we have these headless chickens who are clapping hands for such “gestures!”. Such a shame! Someone using YOUT own money to pay for your cost and you thank him?

  12. Jahan says:

    It’s just pathetic that everything has to have his stamp to operate per normal! As if we are talking about his pocket money here! It’s our own money you idiots! So the money was there, they just did not want it released! And you call that a caring gvt! Pisses me off!

  13. therere says:

    2019 BOMA , that is welcome development mr president

  14. Trendex says:

    how sustainable is the directive? Don’t just raise thumbs up!!

    1. me says:

      It is sustainable you moron. The money will be given as loans which the students will pay back once they start working.

  15. Big news, Thats APM

  16. peter says:

    This is a good development. However, all people in leadership positions serving the public should always remember that empowering the youth is not an act of a favour; leaders are obliged to empower the youth as most of the loans we are getting now will be paid back by them! So, I applaud the president for deciding to do the right thing but the youth should not be begging from us for empowerment when we know they are the ones to pay back all these big loans we are incurring!

  17. Chimuduli says:

    Its a good development dat finally u hv com to realiz yo duties. Late though , coz doz hu withdrew on financial grounds will hav to report to there respective colleges next year as per da rules v unima.Increase da funding& ds tym do ur work tym ya bho..

  18. That’s my President! Big Up!

  19. same people says:

    malawi shall remain the same

  20. patrick says:

    Well done APM, please assist who are doing accountancy and other foreign courses frowho have to write exams from abroad, as due to kwacha depreciation i cannot afford to pay for examinations. This kwacha depreciation is threatening my education please save and help us

  21. Kenkkk says:

    Welcome news indeed. No one should drop out of the university because they are poor and can’t pay tuition fees or living expenses. The country will be losing the future intelligentsia because rich students are in most cases not as academically gifted as the majority from poor families.

    Well done apm for intervening, a leadership of concern for the good of Malawi.

  22. Matombodya says:

    We thank you brother Peter for this kind gesture. Any Malawian of good standing will applaud this. Happy for you!

  23. Ande Mpokosa says:

    Umaitha APM

  24. John Chuku says:

    Thumbs up your excellency

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